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the right size

Customer review by newbarbarian57

5.0 stars 1/28/2017 by newbarbarian57
by newbarbarian57
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Verified purchaser
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the convience of the width appropriate size I like

Long Island New York
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Verified purchaser
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Customer review by Angieblevins

5.0 stars 12/22/2016 by Angieblevins
by Angieblevins

I purchased a vacuum sealer and many difficult vaccum seal bags. I love to garden, fish, and buy in bulk... An we have started saving money by sealing everything we purchase, catch or get out the garden. Before it was a waste of money because we were throwing SO MUCH AWAY, an now we dont. An if gardening is a chore in it's self I had more than we could eat or give away, an after all the hard effects of growing it, to just see it go to waste was upsetting. So between my dehydrator and my foodsaver vaccum seal machine I NO LONG THROW HARDLY ANYTHING AWAY ANYMORE... THANK YOU FOODSAVER!!! ANGIE BLEVINS JOPLIN, MO

Joplin, MO, United States
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My go to size for much of my preserving

Customer review by kittyt

5.0 stars 12/23/2016 by kittyt
by kittyt
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Verified purchaser
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I bought this when my last supply ran out. I love this size for the fact that I get to choose the size I need.

London, KY, United States
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Verified purchaser
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Greatest Product I've ever purchased

Customer review by WMS36

5.0 stars 5/13/2013 by WMS36
by WMS36

I've been using the Foodsaver for over 10 years. I have had 3 different models and all of them worked well. I didn't change because they wore out, I changed because I liked all the new stuff that was coming out. I gave the older ones to my kids. (all adult and married) They love them also. I use my Foodsaver every day, several times a day. I love the ease of operation and the way it keeps my foods preserved, seemingly forever. I have kept cheese which we have sliced off a chunk and resealed then opened several times and used more cheese, for about 3 years. The cheese was always as fresh as the day I purchased it. I use it for sealing all of my dried peas and beans in quart and pint jars. I use it for resealing cereals in their own packages, also cookies and anything else that we want to keep in the original container. I have recommended this product to all of my friends and they all (those who purchased one) love it. I have never had a negative comment, always praises and thank you for recommending the product. Am I sold on Foodsaver, YES......

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great basic bags work better than other brands

Customer review by rachiti

4.0 stars 12/27/2015 by rachiti
by rachiti

I've tried a few different commercial vacuum sealing bags with my FoodSaver. These basic bags are less likely to get a puncture while rummaging in your freezer than any of the other brands I've tried. They work as they claim keeping food freezer burn free for much much longer than an ordinary ziploc bag. Don't waste your money on pre-cut bags or those with the special absorbent lining - these do the job wonderfully on most items. If you have trouble getting a good seal on juicy items - freeze them on a cookie sheet first. Once they're frozen, put them into the foodsaver bags quickly and vacuum. You can also do a double or triple seal if they're still just a bit juicy. I would recommend the game saver bags if you're vacuuming anything with pointy bits like jagged-edge bones as I've had a couple of bone-in cuts of meat puncture the bags as items were shifted in my freezer.

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Big Bag For Big Items

Customer review by bbq4later

5.0 stars 4/10/2011 by bbq4later
by bbq4later

These are the only bags i use. I have a big family and I do alot of low and slow and some occasional grilling every weekend. I can cook extra brisket, ribs and everything else and seal up the extra i have cooked and have bbq anytime we want it. I also have alot of bbq ready for when we go camping for a week every year for our vacation. After you have smoked your brisket just seperate the point cut from the flat cut, seal them up and Put them in the freezer, (no more freezer burn)! You now have meat ready for sliced and for chopped bbq sandwhiches. There is no more all day cooking out at the lake!! All of that time is now for Fishing, skiing and other lake activities! I would love to get one of the game saver sealers but i will have to wait until that price is cut in half or more before i can even think about getting one. Anyway.................. HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!!!

Lake Texoma,Texas
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I use foodsaver, so do my son and son-in-law

Customer review by Rich66

5.0 stars 11/8/2012 by Rich66
by Rich66

I received the foodsaver as a gift three years ago. I was so pleased that I bought two more. One for my son and one for my son-in-law. They are now saving money and preserving foods that were thrown out prior to foodsaver. In addition, my son has worked out a program of shopping for the family that allows him to take advantage of quantity purchases with freezing the excess for later use that never was available before without the airless freezing capabilities of the foodsaver. We have been so pleased that several brother in laws have purchased foodsavers for themselves and their families as well. We even have shipped foodsavers to a family member who is stationed in Alaska and he has supplied us with frozen and smoked salmon for our effors. Foodsaver products are a great value and the service provided by on line ordering is terrific.

Omaha, Nebraska
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These rolls are worthless

Customer review by UNHAPPYcustomer

1.0 stars 4/24/2012 by UNHAPPYcustomer
by UNHAPPYcustomer

Have owned various models of FS units over the years. The most useful one was the original version, with the manual (NOT automatic) locking tabs. My issue is with the latest version of plastic roll material. It appears to have become noticeably thinner over the years, and the last box of rolls purchased are WORTHLESS. Just threw out ANOTHER expensive piece of spoiled (freezer-burnt) meat from the freezer, this time a four-pound pork roast. EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FOOD sealed in this latest version of plastic has eventually leaked air. EVERY ONE. Items appear to be sealed, after much effort with the 'fully automated' machine, and just a week or so in the freezer, EACH item has 'breathed' and contains air. I would NOT recommend either these plastic rolls nor any FS vacuum sealer product.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Perfect for any size item!

Customer review by Alyce

5.0 stars 6/27/2011 by Alyce
by Alyce

I use my FoodSaver several times a day, from resealing cereals to saving leftovers in the freezer and most importantly, storing and protecting freshly purchased meats and produce. The 11" roll allows me to make any size bag I need, from a tiny one for chopped nuts for tomorrow's baking to extra long ones for my fresh baked french bread loaves! I often seal as directed, but open from the short end ... for example a pepperoni sausage. I make the bag so that it is a snug fit on the sausage and then as I open it, I cut the sort end and reseal the short end as the sausage gets shorter. I hope that makes sense ... I make a 4" x 11" bag and keep cutting across the 4" end until I eventually end up with a bag as small as 3" x 4"! Best product that does exactly what it says it will do!

Winter Haven, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love foodsaver

Customer review by 1man66

5.0 stars 8/2/2016 by 1man66
by 1man66
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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I finally bought a FoodSaver a couple of years ago and I have NEVER regretted it - It is harvest season now from the garden and I am REALLY giving it a workout !

New Castle,IN.
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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
flimsier heat seal plastic

Customer review by Rob3

2.0 stars 11/24/2015 by Rob3
by Rob3

With the new FM2100, we got some Foodsaver rolls. I ordered additional heat seal rolls, since it was harvest season for us. Unfortunately, the shipper sent us rolls which did not come in a Foodsaver box and did not look or feel like the rolls included with the machine. Instead of a smooth and a textured side, bot sides were textured and the plastic was flimsier/thinner. To me, they looked more like the inferior Seal a Meal type. I say inferior because thin plastics are frequently damaged in a deep freezer, as one digs around or reorganizes. Just a tiny hole will ruin the vacuum and odors can penetrate. I can't help but wonder if the shipper improperly sent us a substitute. We got 8 and 11 inch rolls of inferior sturdiness.

central Virginia
Would recommend to a friend? No
Unbeatable value

Customer review by Linda12

5.0 stars 8/17/2012 by Linda12
by Linda12

First of all, the FoodSaver vacuum sealer eliminates freezer burn which means that the food that you sealed tastes just like it did the day you put it in the freezer even a year later . I particularly like the flexibility provided by the full size rolls in that I can create just the proper size bag for the size item I'm freezing. I can prepare a large amount of meat or chicken and then seal the portion sizes I want for use at a later date. It does not matter whether or not the item I am vacuum sealing has been cooked or uncooked, it always comes out in the exact same condition as when I sealed it. The cost of the rolls are very reasonable and the sealer unit I bought years ago is still working perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

Prescott, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Don't waste your money on other brands

Customer review by Cindy1025

5.0 stars 12/29/2015 by Cindy1025
by Cindy1025

These bags are by far the most successful bags I have ever purchased. Don't waste your money on other brands trying to save a few cents. I recently found filled bell peppers that were frozen in the fall of 2013 fresh from my garden. There was not one bit of ice crystals inside the bag. I defrosted them and baked them as usual and they tasted just like they came out of the garden fresh. Yes the texture will change as with anything frozen but the taste quality still remains when you seal in these bags. I have never had one of these bags fail me. Thank you food saver, you have saved me hundreds of dollars over the years with your quality products.

Mill Hall, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love It .. Love It!

Customer review by Meled1

5.0 stars 2/15/2016 by Meled1
by Meled1

Have tried all types of pantry and freezer storage containers but nothing can even come close to the food saver bags. There are only two of us in our household and I always thought this system was for big families but decided to try the latest version that offers the zip lock system. Love making my own bags now vs. zip bags. I always leave a little extra room when creating bags so I can cut open and remove pastries for example then reseal. Am sorry I didn't try the system before now and know that I'll never want to be without the system. Absolutely love it. All kitchens should have a food saver system.

South Windsor CT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Old Reliable, most used product I buy

Customer review by Joebird

5.0 stars 1/3/2016 by Joebird
by Joebird

I buy meats in bulk and cook entrees in bulk and then freeze for later use. This product has been my go-to as I find the pre-made bags not always suitable for what I am freezing. Some time ago, I brought a gourd of cheese home from Italy. I quartered it and kept one quarter for immediate use and put the other three in this product and refrigerated them. I used the last of it two years after bringing it home. Not a hint of mold or other degradeation to the last quarter. I also buy hard cheese like Pecorino and Parmesan in large blocks and keep them for long periods without loss, resealing them in the same bag as I use portions of it.

Hanover, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
These bags are tough and reusable.

Customer review by Angiekindness

5.0 stars 1/5/2015 by Angiekindness
by Angiekindness

I Have been putting portion sizes of rice, noodles etc. in these bags for convenience. It works nicely when I am tired at the end of the day. I also start the first portion with enough room to reuse the bag three times before it becomes to small, then I use it for spaghetti or udon noodles. I always use the bag for meat or fish last. One rinse with a little vinegar and I can switch foods. It works nicely with fresh vegetables. I just cut up double the amount I want to cook, put half of the raw vegetables in the Saver bags put them in the refrigerator. We don't like the same foods everyday so the bags keep the sliced vegetables fresh until I am ready for the next meal.

Dallas, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by Number67

5.0 stars 11/25/2014 by Number67
by Number67

I have used all types of Foodsaver Rolls including the 11' roll and even the canisters. I've not had a problem with any of them. We have saved a lot of money since buying the FoodSaver System. I know for a fact food keeps longer than even advertised. We've had a FoodSaver for years. We have one of the earlier model. I will buy a newer model when this one finally gives out, but to be honest, I don't see that happening for a while. The only thing I have ever replaced on this one is the gaskets. Yes I would recommend the FoodSaver system and the FoodSaver Rolls and canisters to anyone if asked. As my title proclaims the FoodSaver Sysytem is a "great product."

Ellwood City, Pa.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I love everything about these products!!

Customer review by manders5353

5.0 stars 2/22/2013 by manders5353
by manders5353

Foodsaver products are so convenient and easy to use and have saved me and my husband a TON of money and to make it even better, they're soooo affordable! Best investment I've ever made! I will be a customer for life and as far as I'm concerned all Food Saver Rolls and products are amazing and above all others! The only recommendation I have is to put more "Dashes" on the rolls so you can count them out to a certain size if you're trying to cut muliples of the same size bags or trying to replicate the same size bag you used in the past/trying to remember the perfect size you cut for your sliced ham, etc. But other than that it's an exceptional product!

Bark River, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Make your own

Customer review by Pbny

5.0 stars 5/15/2016 by Pbny
by Pbny
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Thought the rolls would be more economical than bags and I am right. I can cut the roll to the size I need. Extra small for 1 portion of sausage or large enough for a 6 lb chicken without extra bag waste.

NY, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
excellent product!

Customer review by sharbear61

5.0 stars 3/14/2013 by sharbear61
by sharbear61

My husband is our chef; there are only 2 of us at home now but he still loves to cook large quantities of food. Purchaching the FoodSaver was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Now we can freeze the food, in the FoodSaver bags, and whenever we want that meal again...we bring a pot of water to boil, boil the bag until the food is hot and voila! No fuss, no mess! We are campers...this works the very best when we're rv'ing. Can you imagine...the meals while camping are better than most get at home! We love this product!! Love, love, love it!! My husband especially thanks you for the convenience, I thank you because I eat like a queen....

Oceanside, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 618 total reviews
1-20 of 618 reviews