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272 reviews | 4 out of 5

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Great product and FANTASTIC service

Customer review by margieKat

4.0 stars 2/4/2010 by margieKat
by margieKat

This is a wonderful printer and as others and stated, it's easy to setup and it just works. The print quality is great and it prints faster than I expected. I did run into a problem where my printer experienced a "general printer failure" and I could not resolve the issue myself using the website. I chose HP email service because I had used it previously for problems with another device and found it to be topnotch. I was again very, very pleased with the outstanding service quality. I was contacted almost immediately with very helpful advise and an immediate promise of a replacement printer if the problem couldn't be resolved. As it turned out, the problem was resolved and the service technician even asked me to please leave the problem open until I received my updated driver CD in the mail to make sure I didn't encounter any more problems. I worked as a customer service representative and then a software developer for a large software company and I can tell you that HP's service is tremendous!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The most amazing printer I ever have in a while

Customer review by InsaneMisha

5.0 stars 7/30/2009 by InsaneMisha
by InsaneMisha

After getting MacBook Pro and HP printer almost three weeks ago, it took me a while to set up this new printer to configure with my desktop PC and MacBook Pro laptop. I have owned HP printers in the past. This printer would be my fourth one even though my third one still works fine but won't work well with MacBook. The previous HP printers inks came in FULL, but this printer's inks came in HALF-FULL to my dismay. I wasn't too pleased because they should come in full. For wireless, it took me a short while to configure it. I tested it while I was in other room with my MacBook Pro laptop. Wow, my printer is full of surprises! It works so beautifully! I couldn't seem to get over how gorgeous the printing job on my work report. If anyone who is reading this review before purchasing this printer, be prepared to buy extra inks just in case they come in half full. I'd go with the ink, 920xl instead of regular 920 because they do last a bit longer. That's it. Insane Misha

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Bang for the Buck

Customer review by FrankinAlabama

5.0 stars 1/16/2010 by FrankinAlabama
by FrankinAlabama

I purchased my first Hp Printer (PSC 750) early 2001. That machine has far exceeded my expectations. No kidding, I have pushed that unit for years. So when I decided to upgrade to a wireless All in One..the only option was HP. I purchased my Officejet 6500 Wireless October 2009. Almost three full months in service and still learning ways this machine benefits our home. Affordable (especially ink cartridges), user friendly, versatile. This is an overall outstanding unit, I strongly encourage purchasing one. My personal favorite feature is when I have documents I want to scan, I insert them in the automatic feeder, select my computer shown on the printer's display, and hit scan. No need to do anything to my computer unless I just want to. It works with my computer and and automatically files the document in My Scans on my computer. I did not have to do some complicated set up for this. It's part of the initial setup that was step by step directed and easy to follow.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Well Worth Considering

Customer review by Adirondack

5.0 stars 9/3/2010 by Adirondack
by Adirondack

I've owned this all-in-one printer for about a month now and it's been so good that it surprised me. I'm NOT a "computer guy" but this machine has every feature I can think of: Wireless connection to the computer, duplex printing, fax, copier, scanner ... it does it all. Print quality is very good. Setup took me about an hour since it was a bit involved but each step was clearly described, very simple and it worked perfectly as soon as I finished the last step. Printing speed is reasonably fast as well. My only issue is the ink cartridge setup. I'm used to a black cartridge and a color cartridge but this one has a black cartridge and three separate color cartridges. Frankly, I don't know if this will save me money or not. The black cartridge comes in two sizes, a small one (that came with the machine) and a much larger, "extended" one that has been touted as very cost effective but it's too early for me to tell. If you're looking for a lower end all-in-one printer, I think you should certainly take a look at this one.

Upstate, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Be patient with this thing.

Customer review by Judelbug

4.0 stars 8/11/2009 by Judelbug
by Judelbug

Here's my experience: The wireless setup was trying and tedious. If HP had taken the simple step of informing that the router security phrase cannot exceed 10 digits, else the printer will not recognize the network, adding the printer to my home network would have been a piece of cake -- almost. The rest of the cake (after finally getting the printer on the network) was the fact that this printer is POWER HUNGRY! When I plugged it into my power strip, along with other gadgets, I got all sorts of error messages. But when I plugged it directly into a wall socket by itself, the printer was as happy as if it had good sense -- which it does -- almost. The printer is a bit slow and noisy, plus, paper jams easily unless you confine it tightly in the paper tray AND it has the strange habit of printing only half of the last line of a document sometimes, but perfectly at other times. That said, it's an intelligent printer and, once you get the kinks ironed out, I think you'll be glad you bought it. But be paitent setting the thing up!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
HP6500 All-In-One Wireless

Customer review by TexSecretary

3.0 stars 11/10/2009 by TexSecretary
by TexSecretary

I bought this printer because I do a lot of booklets and 2-sided printing and because this printer has a 2-sided printing option on it, as well as many other nice features. The salesman highly recommended it to me. However, the 2-sided printing will print one side w/print upright and the backside with the print upside down instead of upright, On booklets it gets pages printed in the wrong order, or a partial page on a page, or some pages not at all. On regular printing one time it will print page correctly, thenext time it will put a whole page on about 1/4 of a sheet in tiny print. Its frustrating and I end up wasting a lot of paper and ink. The plusses are that the speed is good and print quality is good, it makes nice copies and the scanner works well. Overall it is a very nice printer, but the fact that I need 2-sided printing and booklet printing, this was not a good choice for me as it just doesn't work properly for that. I ended up saving the text on a portable drive and taking to a different printer and the documents printed just fine.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nice machine, easy to install and use.

Customer review by susanshelit

5.0 stars 9/28/2009 by susanshelit
by susanshelit

I bought this to replace a 5-yr-old All-in-One that was still working, but I wanted to upgrade to wireless and get rid of the need for a desktop computer to be running as a print server. Easily connected to my home wireless network, installed the software on 2 laptops and a desktop, and was up and running in about an hour. Print quality is very good, speed is excellent (much better than the older machine, plus the wait time is almost zero.) Scans are beautiful, and the newer scan management software is an improvement. The fax was very easily set up as well. A nice printer and easy to install and use. Re the reviewers who said their printouts shoot out onto the floor: To fix this, just pull out the little extension shelf on the front edge of the output tray, and flip up the little catcher dam if necessary. The internal workings are a bit louder than the older machine, but not so loud as to be a concern.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Try it first

Customer review by itest4u

3.0 stars 7/31/2010 by itest4u
by itest4u

Yes this printer does all it says, but the design is terrible. There are no finger indents to lift top to use glass copy screen. You cannot see how much paper is left and when you remove paper tray cover, and the cover is hard to put back on, and again, no finger indents to get paper in or out. When changing from 8 1/2 x 11 to 8 /2 x 14 paper the printer memory does not like to recognize the change. Scanning is very difficult to edit on desktop computer screen and also the printer screen. The printer screen is very limited in choices. When printer turned off, it takes several minutes to start up again, and using a surge protector to turn off is a no-no. The printer is also much larger in size than older units. If I could, I would have purchased another one like the old HP I had, as it was much easier to use, but alas, it was not repairable, and this was the closest similar product I could find..

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wireless still has issues with Windows 7

Customer review by PaulH

3.0 stars 10/10/2010 by PaulH
by PaulH

Our Windows XP computer installed perfectly. The two Windows 7 32 bit computers accepted the driver downloads but will not completely install. The wireless printing function works but HP Solution Center, and thus scanning and fax functions, refuse to install. I have been through every diagnostic and help function on the HP website. Basically they all eventually tell you to reinstall the drivers (insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). I also tried the on-line and telephone support which were rather annoying because after you explain everything you have already tried they just robotically take you thorough the same HP website diagnostic and help procedures - we know, uninstall and reinstall the drivers. After 15 hours of fussing with this over the past two weekends, the Solution Center and a few other functions still refuse to install. However, the Windows 7 Fax and Scan function works fine. I suspect that Microsoft is blocking the Solution Center so that you need to use the Windows Fax and Scan which actually has more useful functions than the HP Solution Center anyway.

Bakersfield, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not compatible with XP SP3 on my machine

Customer review by tgsp

1.0 stars 10/21/2010 by tgsp
by tgsp

I purchased this printer a month ago. Installation failed in the final phase of the process. 7 hours of attempts to resolve the issues including 3+ hours on phone with HP resolved nothing. The bottom line is that the scanner monitoring software confilcts with the printer driver when using Windows XP SP3, causing the computer and printer to hang half way through the first page of printing. The only way to resolve the problem is to shut down the computer. Upon reboot, it prints the page. but then repeats the process on the next print job. Uninstalling the scanner monitor software solves the issue, but then the printer only acts as a printer, and will not allow desktp scanning.. Overall very disappointing, especially since HP has not offered me any solutions or replacement products. I was told that it is my problem because the printer only supports up to XP SP1.

Ontario Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
Beautiful but buggy

Customer review by Nyture

3.0 stars 5/8/2009 by Nyture
by Nyture

After trying out this printer for a week, I'm still undecided as to how I feel about it. The scan and copy qualities of this machine are excellent given the price range. Its not instant on the copies like a large-scale machine (Its actually "scans" to copy.) and takes some time, but its bearable compared to scanning->file->print. It comes with 4 InkCartridges (CMYK), which are a sample, so make sure to pick up extras if you do a lot of printing. The first day I noticed My Cyan cartridge was down about 20% (about 10 sheets borderless in blue were printed.) Thankfully, the inks are cheap and purchasable individually. The print quality is acceptable and readable for text, just not quite laser quality. Photo quality is par to sub-par on heavy weight matte paper (washed out look). May print better on photo paper. The only issue of concern is the automatic duplexing. The bottom line of text gets cut off and custom margins arent accepted by the printer when using this feature. The margins end up being odd all around. Overall, its a good multifunction machine, but It does sacrifice a small amount in quality for features.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
works great.... when it works at all

Customer review by Totoche

1.0 stars 10/24/2010 by Totoche
by Totoche

Extremely disappointed with this printer. I'm an expert PC/network guy, so I had no problem hooking this up to work with my wireless network - some stuff worked great, such as scans over the network, OCR, and printing is fast. As others have said, it's incredibly noisy, although if it worked, I wouldn't care. duplex printing is great. BUT my printer is now afflicted with the dreaded power-save problem that HP refuses to address. Yes, I've upgraded the firmware and the software - it just got WORSE. so now, to get the printer to work at all, I have to physically unplug it, plug it back in, and it works for 5~10 mins at best. My next home printer will not be an HP. I find it ridiculous that HP is well aware of this issue had has not resolved it. BTW - there's a lot of shill reviews on this site, from the "TOP contributors" : some of them are clearly cut-n-paste from each other! And please, people - don't write reviews if you "just bought this printer" - wait for 3 months and come back after you've dealt with the item for a while (and had to replace the inkjet cartridges for more money than you paid for the printer :-)

Would recommend to a friend? No
Too Hard

Customer review by TM7079

1.0 stars 1/23/2010 by TM7079
by TM7079

Nothing but problems. The box says Windows 7 ready. Called HP before I opened the box. They assured me that it was Windows 7 ready. The inclosed install disc will not run in Windows 7. It is 2 hours on the phone with HP to get it to run. Won't install with Windows firewall. Won't install with McAfree. No users manual in box. You can download it from HP. It is only 294 pages, unless you click on the highlights, then there's more yet. If you decide to print it, you had better buy more ink. (guess who sells ink?) The info in the box tells you how to get the wireless and fax set-up. Everthing else you have to figure out yourself. You better be good at computers or plan on spending alot of time on the phone or on the computer. I did get it to print a test page. If I knew it was going to be this hard, I would have bought somethig else. Good luck

Would recommend to a friend? No
Solid machine

Customer review by MrDave

5.0 stars 10/11/2010 by MrDave
by MrDave

I have had the machine about two months, mostly for home use, and have used all its basic functions--print, fax, scan, copy. Set up was easy. It is great having it stuffed away in a corner of the house out of site. I am impressed with the function where I scan a document into it and then walk back to my computer to find a window open with that document available as a PDF, which I can then email, or print and sign and then scan in again to send as a PDF to whomever I need to email it to. A problem I have had: First, sometimes paper sticks together so that up to ten sheets of paper are coming through it at the same time. HP helpers said to riffle the paper and then blow on the edges that feed into the printer first. I think my paper is too low grade--didn't happen with my older, lower level HP printer.

Redwood City, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Value

Customer review by ReallyBadGolfer

5.0 stars 10/8/2010 by ReallyBadGolfer
by ReallyBadGolfer

I initially had a problem installing the software for this item but I found that the problem was caused by incorrect entries in my registry. After going to and getting my problem fixed, the software finished the installation automatically. The Officejet 6500 was purchased so that my second computer, a notebook, could access the printer without going through the home network. This Officejet with the wireless feature solved that problem completely. The other features such as double sided printing, scanning forms so that they can be filled out in the comprter and the fax receiving and sending features save me time and paper. I really got great value for my equipment dollar. For my home office needs, the Officejet 6500 with the wireless option is exactly what I needed.

Tampa, Florida area
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent choice

Customer review by tech1982

5.0 stars 8/14/2009 by tech1982
by tech1982

I've owned personal computers since 1982 and this is my fourth printer I've purchased in that time (all HP's except the 1st an atari dox matrix). Overall I'm very happy with the printer, it worked fine directly out the box. Installing the software was easy and there where no major glitches, although the process did seem tedious answering all the questions for setup. I am currently only using the wired portion, as my home is networked via CAT 5. I have it set as a network printer. Performance: Performance is outstanding, I printed a ten pg report and it was done in a flash, no ink smudges. I printed mailing labels every think was flawless, I gave four a half stars because the duplexing was slow. Features: I like all the features, my favorite is the two sided printing although I wish it went faster but I can live with it. Print quality: for black and white excellent, color is excellent for the small jobs I've done. I am reluctant to do any pictures until I get the larger ink cartridges. The ink cartridges that come with the printer are not full (only half samples), I gave four and a half stars because the ink cartrides where samples. Overall I would say this is an excellent product and it will not disappoint.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great purchase!

Customer review by louisea

4.0 stars 8/31/2010 by louisea
by louisea

I had previously reviewed the 4500 and said at the time I was very satisfied, because set up had been "a breeze". Boy did I have to eat crow! I worked with that thing for hours afterwards and could not get it to print envelopes; also it jammed on the second print attempt. It would NOT scan either. HP support said there was something wrong with my computer. HA! I took it back to Costco and exchanged it for the 6500! Love this machine! NO problems getting the software installed. It has an extra capacity paper tray when compared to the 4500, printed paper tray (although the printed paper tray could be a little longer to better accept 8 1/2" x 14" paper), excellent quality print even on "fast draft". I haven't had the opportunity to use the fax option, but if it works as well as the scan and print options, then I will be a VERY happy owner of this all-in-one. Also I was pleasantly surprised to find that it prints double sided. No more waiting for the first side to print and then reinserting the paper to print the other side! At this point I have had the printer for about 1 1/2 weeks. This was an upgrade from my 5610 all-in-one that I have had since 2007 because I needed a wireless printer to work with my new HP laptop.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good all around home printer

Customer review by Snerticus

5.0 stars 8/4/2010 by Snerticus
by Snerticus

I don't print too many pictures, but I do print, scan and fax documents frequently. This printer is good for all of these. The ink isn't too expensive either, but HP could still use more efficient (ie. cheaper. long lasting, yet good performance) ink cartridges. With the constant problems I had on my previous HP model, I wasn't going to buy HP anymore. But I am very glad I bought this printer last spring. I have not run into any problems with it yet, and the print quality is terrific. I would heartily recommend this printer to anyone, especially for it's ability to print wirelessly throughout the home. I don't have to keep my printer next to my computer anymore, and the wire mess that usually comes with keeping a printer near the computer is gone as well.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Machine with maddening flaw

Customer review by Chip3

2.0 stars 10/8/2010 by Chip3
by Chip3

Received this printer as upgrade from one I wanted because of availablity problems. Printer, copier, and fax all work very well. There were some issues setting it up but technical support was very helpful and problems were solved. One of fixes was very slow and when it was all said and done problem still exists. Equipment will lock up occassionally when left idle. My solution is to just unplug it and then plug it back in. I am sure technical support would solve the problem I just don't want to put out the hour or so it will take for the technican to go through the whole set up procedure then go on to locate a fix. I don't use the machine even once a week so it is not a major problem for me but someone who uses one a lot may want to look at another model.

Beaumont, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? No
Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Customer review by Sendai72

5.0 stars 5/30/2010 by Sendai72
by Sendai72

Worked simply right out of the box. Packaging was excessive, but very protective. Instructions were clear and simple to execute. Wireless almost set itself up "by itself!" I am very pleased. I use a MacMini and several MacBook Pro laptops. Each hooked up to the wireless network instantly. Now, I am looking for a place with a plug that I can simply place the printer and just not worry about it except for feeding it paper, ink and scans. The auto document scanner is wonderful. OH, little mention is made of this device's duplex capability. It duplexes wonderfully and even adjusts print speed to allow one side to dry sufficiently before printing second side. This is a wonderful tool this Officejet 6500 Wireless All-In-One printer.

Paris, France
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 252 total reviews
1-20 of 252 reviews