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135 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 129 total reviews
1-20 of 129 reviews
2nd oneOnly worked 2 weeks-Frustrated in St. Louis

Customer review by SherrieN

1.0 stars 2/5/2011 by SherrieN
by SherrieN

Right before Christmas I bought from Sams the 55" Vizio LCD-LED lit HDTV, Vizio BluRay Player, and Vizio Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer Model VHT210. Everything was wonderful and a great Christmas gift to ourselves. However, the soundbar went out after 3 1/2 weeks. After troubleshooting with Vizio on the phone for over 45 minutes they told us to take it back or send it in. I took it back to Sam's but they didn't have that Vizio Soundbar model in store any more,so I payed about $30 more and got Vizio Model VSB210WS Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer. It has lasted 2 weeks and it has gone out. Was on the phone troubleshooting with Vizio again this morning and they said the Soundbar is bad. They are offering to send us a new one, but now I have to decide whether to take it back to the store, or let them send us a new one, or buy a different brand. We love the TV and Bluray Player. Only complaint is that the remote is not compatible with Charter Cable here is St. Louis which we have a DVR box. Any suggestions ?

St. Louis, MO
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:45 - 54
Love it so far!

Customer review by JJinMD

4.0 stars 3/31/2011 by JJinMD
by JJinMD

Was initially concerned based on reading some of the reviews for Vizio sound bars, but after reading a LOT of them, I saw some common themes and decided to risk it....glad I did. Have had mine for over a month now with no issues whatsoever other than the remote sensitivity which a few of the other reviewers already mentioned how to fix with a quick snip of the grill underneath the black mesh...problem solved and you can't see the fix and works great! I did have some initial issues with the lack of instructions, but it is basically easy to plug in and go. I did find that I wasn't able to combine the sound bar volume with my vizio TV remote volume control. It just killed a LOT of the sound. I'm sure there's a way to remedy that and I'll probably research it more online in time. For now, just have to use the sound bar remote to control that volume and the TV remove for the TV speaker volume. A minor annoyance that will hopefully be remedied once I do the research. Very happy so far and so far the lights are still working on mine! Hope you find the same in your experiences.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Pros & Cons

Customer review by ChuckieEd

3.0 stars 2/22/2011 by ChuckieEd
by ChuckieEd

Both the Sound Bar by itself and the Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer got excellent ratings in Consumer Reports. I bought the Sound Bar with subwoofer because I felt it would give the fullest sound and the wireless aspect fit where I was going to place it. The sound from the Sound Bar is great; it significantly enhances the sound from my 52" plama TV. I had some set up problems which turned out to be my fault. Vizio customer support and follow-up were outstanding. The controls and indicators on the Sound Bar are somewhat confusing, but after you master them they do inform you. The Remote seems a little finicky, requiring several attempts to perform correctly. My biggest disappointment is the wireless subwoofer. The "line of sight" required to make it work makes its location extremely precise. It does nothing to enhance the sound of regular TV programming since it doesn't enhance dialog and most music. It is best for watching movies on DVD or programming with amplified bass response. I would have been just as happy with the Sound Bar alone and saved about 2/3 of the total price. In spite of all of the above I am satisfied with the product, especially the price.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Way better than I expected!

Customer review by SurryYadkin20

5.0 stars 3/2/2010 by SurryYadkin20
by SurryYadkin20

I purchased the Vizio sound bar w/ wireless subwoofer on 2/26/10 to go with my 47" Vizio VIA 240hz LED. I must say that it exceeded my expectations! It is much louder than I thought it would be, but there is no distortion at all, at least to my ears. It vibrated a picture off the wall if that is any indicator. My tv is in a small room (14x16) and the sound is excellent. If you have a big open floor plan, I'm not sure how it would hold up, but for my needs, it is perfect! I didn't want to run a bunch of wires and place speakers everywhere. My tv stand has a place made just for placing a sound bar, so it was an easy choice to make. I'm not so sure about the actual "surround" effects it produces, but the sound overall is great, at least an 8 out 10. The only complaint I have is that like others have said, the remote MUST be pointed directly at the right-hand side of the sound bar for it to work. Maybe Vizio should make a bluetooth remote for the sound bar like the one that came with my tv. Plus, the price was right ($50 bucks less than Wal Mart), and not nearly as expensive as other systems. If you don't want to run wires, then you should definitely try this one. Unless you're an audiophile, you won't be disappointed.

Mount Airy, NC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
okay, for the price

Customer review by Snapealicious

3.0 stars 6/20/2011 by Snapealicious
by Snapealicious

Pretty easy to set up. RCA cable included, but no Optical Digital (best) cable. Instructions don't tell you that if using the Optical cable that you must turn off the TV's speakers in order for it to work, and that would've been helpful! Remote is flimsy, and you have to point it right at the IR spot on the unit to get a response. Sound is okay, loud enough, but I wish it did have more of a "surround sound" effect. I can barely hear anything out of the wireless subwoofer, not even at top subwoofer volume. I guess for the price it's alright. I may return it though, and save up for more expensive, but better sounding soundbar that I have heard while shopping around in other stores. Okay I guess, but I wanted more.

Menifee, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Poor Quality

Customer review by sad10

1.0 stars 1/13/2010 by sad10
by sad10

I purchased this sound bar on 12-28-09 and returned it on 1-13-10. Problems with the circuit board that didn't allow the bar or the wireless subwoofer to activate the sound system, it worked intermittently. Weak and broken sound when it was activated. Higher volumes of both speakers resulted in a "over current" shut down of the system. The instruction manual covers the reset for this problem.I contacted Vizio and was told to return it. Technical services felt the main circuit board on the sound bar was bad. The remote control is very poor and requires being very close to the speaker pickup to activate. After reading the other reviews, it could be we just purchased a defective product??

Would recommend to a friend? No
Completely incompatible with Dish TV remote

Customer review by ColtraneWasGod

3.0 stars 7/9/2009 by ColtraneWasGod
by ColtraneWasGod

This product works as advertised with a great big caveat: It's not a good match for Dish TV. Specifically, I wanted to buy an aftermarket sound system to work with my Vizio VX42L television (which lacks variable audio outputs) and my Dish TV receiver. My goal was to have a single remote control govern power on and off, volume up and down, and channel up and down, as my wife won't use a remote control that requires operation of anything more complex than that. There IS a way to map a device like the Soundbar as an AUX device on the Dish learning remote and then to have the remote control the Soundbar's volume rather than the television's. To do that, Vizio only would have had to provide a three-digit remote code. However, Vizio chose not to do so. (It does provide four- and five-digit codes for use with other remotes.) Further, the Dish TV's "search code" function did not recognize the Soundbar. As a result, we need to use two remote controls (one to change channels and the other to control volume) when using this product with Dish. Since no one wants to add ever more remote controls to the collection, especially just to control volume, this unit is a non-starter with Dish, and buyer beware if you want to use it with a Dish setup. If you are not a Dish user, it probably will meet your needs, with decent sound for a decent price.

San Francisco, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64

Customer review by PharmGeek

5.0 stars 5/14/2010 by PharmGeek
by PharmGeek

This sound bar fits perfectly around the base of my Vizio TV (VF551XVT2A) and really complements my family room. The picture on the TV is the best in the market and the sound coming from the sound bar is really good. It isn't as good if I was running 5 channels but it really does a good job of simulating 5.1 channel surround. For the price you cannot beat it and the bass module really puts out some lows - I even turned mine down. Great product, great price, highly recommend it to anyone looking to not spend a lot of money and having a great sounding home theater!

New Stanton, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Does Not Work !!

Customer review by EllisCat

1.0 stars 8/20/2011 by EllisCat
by EllisCat

I went thru two these. First one purchased had only the led white lights come on. Wireless subwoofer would not synch , and you could not change the input to optical, nor would the input button work at all. Remote did not work either. Thought I had a lemon and exchanged it. 2nd attempt was exactly like the first. Called tech support for Vizio and they walked me thru the obvious , power on and off routine, and then said it was defective and to return . No Kidding. Might be a good product for the money if you can get one that actually works.

St Louis
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:45 - 54
Really does the job!!

Customer review by BigA1

5.0 stars 9/11/2009 by BigA1
by BigA1

This set-up was great for me in the family room where I am using it. Even though its a very large area, this Sound Bar System really delivers quality sound with excellent power and control. Real Theater sound. I connected to the variable output of the TV and was ready to go. Setup of the wireless subwoffer is a snap. Maybe the best part is the ease of control of the main volume and subwoffer levels to obtain optimum sound for the area. I chose to allow the TV speakers to also play and it's very rich. I recommend it highly!!

Houston, Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Ecoptl

5.0 stars 11/17/2009 by Ecoptl
by Ecoptl

Bought the sound bar "in store". Would certainly recommend reading the instructions before installing. After unpacking, it took literally 5 minutes set up. The brackets (provided) enable you to wall mount, or it can sit infront, above or below the TV. Perfect sound and no cables to run for the sub-woofer (Wireless), just have to to the sound bar. Options for only 2 inputs though, would have preferred some more. All in all really pleased with the purchase of a quality product

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64

Customer review by BUBA

5.0 stars 8/22/2009 by BUBA

I am very happy with product but really think Samsung sound bar sounds much better, but Sams Club has really got the best service of everyone else. Just to bad they don't sell the Samsung sound bar. For the average person like myself i guess it is really pretty good, but you really need the APEX universal URC-R6 Remote at Best Buy for around $20.00 to really complete your system, We just need to get Sams Club to handle these products. But thanks alot for everything Sams Club.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Doesn't work

Customer review by jab9

1.0 stars 5/12/2011 by jab9
by jab9

This looks great, however it does not work. The white LED's light up but there is no sound. The LED's do not flash as indicators for volume or input. I tried all the inputs and nothing worked. I spent 30 minutes with Vizio running diagnostics, and nothing worked. They determined it was a defective unit and advised I return it to the store. I've seen quite a few reviews showing the LED problems, but nothing about it on the Vizio support web site.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great Sound

Customer review by gapch25

5.0 stars 4/16/2010 by gapch25
by gapch25

My husband and I brought this sound bar to go with our new 52" Philips HD TV. Although the tv had 4 speakers installed, we felt we needed more of surround sound. Man, do we now. This sound bar is definitely worth the money we spent on it. The sound is very clear and the wireless sub-woofer will rock your floor. There was one con: the manual needs to explain a little more as to selecting sources for input (mp3 player,other optional sounds).

Morrow, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Well worth the price!

Customer review by SteveE

5.0 stars 1/3/2011 by SteveE
by SteveE

As noted in my "cons", I had a hard time getting it working with my SPDIF (digital) audio. It took a few times of rebooting the TV & soundbar and cycling through the inputs. Subwoofer took about 3 tries to get it synced up properly. I only state these things because I'm a bit of a techie and had to scratch my head a bit while getting it setup. Also, when I took it out of the box, I heard something shaking around inside the soundbar. It sounded like a broken bit of plastic or something. Thankfully, it did not affect the functionality at all. The sound in movies and music is incredible! The subwoofer response is quick and accurate and overall sound reproduction is first-rate in this price range. If I'm listening to music & crank it WAY up, I do notice some distortion. Obviously this system has its limitations when compared with a more expensive setup, but I think it performs very well for what it is. Our home theater setup is very minimal. Cable TV box & Sony BPD-S570 Blu-Ray player, each with an HDMI link to a Vizio SV421XVT (42" TV). Digital audio out from the TV to the soundbar. This soundbar setup is everything we needed to give us accurate, room-filling sound within our budget. (FYI - our room is 16' 6" x 11' 8". Our subwoofer is located in the corner of the room, along the wall that the couch backs up against.) For budget-conscious consumers, this soundbar & sub setup definitely rates a look! By the way - I've only had this about 5 days, but I have not experienced the display LED problems that people speak of with the soundbar. Mine are still working so far.

Columbus, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Great Value

Customer review by KPerry

4.0 stars 3/9/2010 by KPerry
by KPerry

If you have a LCD or Plasma television and don't want to put out big dollars for a sound system, consider the Vizio 2.1 channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer. I would suggest purchasing an all in one remote, so when you power down the television, you are also powering down the sound bar and subwoofer. If you don't power down the sound bar you will hear thundering sounds from the subwoofer.

Washington, DC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Highly Recommend

Customer review by TechieSamsFan

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by TechieSamsFan
by TechieSamsFan

This system is part of our bedroom system (hd comcast/dvd player) and was a huge improvement over the tv speakers. I have it mounted on the wall under the tv, and I use a logitech remote to run everything. Of course it won't sound like a full surround system. But if your looking for a nice looking,great sounding, easy to set up alternative look no further.

Port Huron, Michigan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54

Customer review by KimC

5.0 stars 1/27/2011 by KimC
by KimC

I just got this sound bar for 5 days. The setting was pretty easy. Sound was good for my 47" TV and for the budget you can't bit that. The light from the sound bar still working as I heard most of yours aren't good. I bought a optical cable to hook it up with the audio out put to the TV instead use the regular cable, the sound would much better.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good addition to flat screen

Customer review by RoadKing

4.0 stars 12/17/2009 by RoadKing
by RoadKing

This was a huge upgrade in sound quality over the speakers in the 58" plasma television. I wanted 2.1 and was very pleased to find this. The only complaint, and it is aggravating, is that the remote is very sporadic in function. Many times I have to get up and move closer to the unit to use it. Not that it hurts me, but it's a "remote", right?

SOuthern Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Like it

Customer review by Tboy

5.0 stars 2/3/2011 by Tboy
by Tboy

Nice sound. When placed in front of my Samsung it blocked the remote sensor. Ended up placing the bar above the TV on a shelf and the sub below on the floor. The bar can be wall mounted. Only negative I have with this product is the remote. Works about half the time. I was able to program the sound bar to my direct TV remote. All is good.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 129 total reviews
1-20 of 129 reviews