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Superb Razor

Customer review by groomed

5.0 stars by groomed

I love this razor. Even though the cartridges are expensive it is a good value. Fusion, on the other hand, is a waste of money.

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Bronx, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every day
The best shave available.

Customer review by DAVID

5.0 stars by DAVID

Much better than the Fusion, whose blade face is too tall.

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M3 Power

Customer review by Joshua

5.0 stars by Joshua

I have been using it for a few years now and it hasn't let me down yet.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!

Customer review by howard

5.0 stars by howard

I have used this razor since it came out. It makes Fusion look generic. I don't get the fuss about Fusion. This is their best razor!

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M3 Power Razor - The Best Razor Ever!

Customer review by MISSINGM3PWR

5.0 stars by MISSINGM3PWR

After owning my M3 Power Razor for numerous years, it finally broke today and to my dismay, it is no longer available. Please tell me why the blades are still sold if the razor is no longer offered!. Gillette, you MUST produce this amazing razor again, as I cannot use the 5-blade Proglide due to my sensitive skin. Yes, you have a new Sensitive skin razor out; however, why produce something new when you had an amazing product. On behalf of men out there that owned and loved this razor, BRING IT BACK. Thank you!

Orlando FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best razor ever!

Customer review by Dale

5.0 stars by Dale

I received a Mach 3 Power as an office Christmas gift a few years ago, and WOW! Before I had it, I was using a regular Mach 3, which I considered to be incredible. But when I got the M3 Power, it was like night and day. This is the best razor ever. The only problem is, mine died a year or so ago. I have replaced the battery, but to no avail. And NO store around here carries them anymore! Everyone is fully stocked with the Fusion razors, which I honestly don't care to purchase, but no Mach 3s. I'm not a fan of the "more blades the better" philosophy. Guess I'll have to shop for one online. Gillette, can you make them available on your website? I really miss my M3 Power!

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Clean N clear

Customer review by Karen

5.0 stars by Karen

I shifted to fusion due to 5 blades after mach3 but the cleaning n clearing was difficult.....rather moving to m3 power which trimmed hairs and the cleaning was awesum....................

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The best ever

Customer review by ExpectMore

5.0 stars by ExpectMore

My M3 broke a year ago and have not been able to find another one. I even tried to get one off of this site and was unable to. Anybody know where I can get one?? I have tried many razors since and they do not compare to the M3...

Webster, Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
M3 Power

Customer review by Andrew

5.0 stars by Andrew

This is the best razor that Gillette has ever produced. I was fighting in Iraq early in the War, and most of the time, we didn't have much water... so it was no unusual to have to dry shave (Ouch!). Then my brother sent me the Mach 3 Power... Wow, what an amazing break through. I could shave with very little water or shaving cream. I am sold on this razor for life. I have a faily heavy beard, and I have tried the Fusion razor, but it clogs up vecause the blades are too close together... So I always come back to my Mach 3 Power. Please do not ever stop producing this razor. Some of us have too heavy a beard for the 5 blade razors.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by luvmym3

5.0 stars by luvmym3

I have owned this razor for over 15 yrs & it finally broke. Now looking to buy another & enjoy it!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This product is great for tough beards.

Customer review by Donald

5.0 stars by Donald

I have a very tough beard and the fusion does an excellent job on providing a clean, smooth shave.

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Gillette m3 Power

Customer review by Razor101

5.0 stars by Razor101

I have tried many razors the trac ii the proglide even the Proglide But I tried the Gillette m3 power yesterday and I love it three blades power button it truely is the best a man can get :)

Whitney Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I can not find this M3 Nitro anywhere .... !!!!!!

Customer review by Kuku

5.0 stars by Kuku

My old one is broke and I can not find in whole Canada , someone help :p Gillette should make this product soon and put out on store shelf Asap as I ain't gonna use proglide :p Thanks

Calgary , AB
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
What happened to this razor??????????????????

Customer review by bkpblx

5.0 stars by bkpblx

This was the best razor I ever used, even better than the Pro-Glide Power. The only problem is Gillette does not make it anymore. Could they at least officially announce that they have discontinued it or something, instead of mysteriously making it completely unavailable. Could you at least sell it on your web site????????? I guess they want to funnel every customer that wants a power razor to HAVE to buy the Pro-Glide. I would really like to buy another one after mine broke. Gillette still sells the mach 3 and the mach 3 turbo, also the sensor excel, and every other razor they ever made. What the heck is going on????????????????

Naples, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Just love it!!!

Customer review by maria

5.0 stars by maria

I'm an old-fashioned man, who does not like changes! When my wife bought me this razor as a present, 5 years ago, I was very skeptic. NoW, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Who shall I thank for? My wife? The Company? anyway, I'm loving it!!!! di Maria

New York, New York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by mondo411

4.0 stars by mondo411

great razor i love the 3 blades its more easy to claen after im done using it more than the 5 blades my hair to thick for 5 blades. it would be the best 3 blade razor ever if it had the single blade on the back. then i would give it 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
need more inprove ment

Customer review by ronald

3.0 stars by ronald

not what l thought it was. its missing something for you can get better shave

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nice & Close

Customer review by BUFF

3.0 stars by BUFF

The biggest problem is the battery. But as long as you keep it clean you shouldn't have a problem. Just as good as the Fusion, but less expensive - especially for the blades.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Is too bulky

Customer review by william

2.0 stars by william

You need to go back to the original design.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Not a big fan

Customer review by James1976

2.0 stars by James1976

I only will use Gilette razors but recently bought this razor and was very unhappy. It did not shave very well and left my face very rough. I will continue to stick to my normal razors from your brand. I hope others had better luck then I did.

Lake Mary, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 21 total reviews