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Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, -BH50010W

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, -BH50010W

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<li>Cordless Stick Vac </li><li>18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery </li><li>Cyclonic Filtration</li>
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Easy to use

This is my second Linx Cordless Vacuum cleaner. I had the first one for over 9 years and loved it, but the motor for the brushes was bad so I trashed it. I didn't know if the vacuum was still made but really wanted another because they are so handy and easy to use. The battery lasts a fairly long time before recharging unless it's getting old. Replacements are available. I would recommend this to everyone for a go to, pick it up fast vacumm. I love mine!!!!!

Wonderful product

This is the 3rd LINX cordless vacuum I have purchased, and I love them. I like its portability and quality. The second, and third, ones are quieter than the first one, which I like. I use the LINX for quick pickup in kitchen and bath, or wherever touch up is needed. I also use it on rugs (I have hardwood floors) as a "pre-vacuum" to get as much pet hair as possible before using my regular vacuum. Though it does a relatively good job on rugs, I use it to get as much pet hair up as possible, because it empties easily, before I use my regular vacuum cleaner. I have recommended this vacuum, and will continue to do so. I hope Hoover will continue to make this vacuum, and try for a longer lasting battery. The current one lasts much better than the first, and I hope over time they can make them last even longer!

Great vacuum

This is the second one that I have purchased. My first last it 5 years. This is a product that is used every day and sometimes even more. Being a senior citizen, this is the greatest thing to maintain the floors and rugs between deep cleanings.

It is very light ahd easy to manuver. However it needs .....

I bought this about two weeks ago because of the description and the fact that one of our friendes has one. It is very manuverable. It does need more suction. It kind of lacks that. I would recomend it to somebody that has wooden floors. However overall I give it 4 stars

LINX Vacuum

We love this vacuum. We have two of them. They are so easy to use, light enough for older folks who can't push a heavier vacuum. Also, we love the fact that it is cordless. Allows use in any area. Would definitely recommend for other folks.
Hi Chaslil, we're so happy you're enjoying your Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum! Thanks, Cierra

Great vacuum and easy to put together and use.

Love this vacuum, its light weight so easy to use, I have a two story home. so carrying to the other floor is simple. It was easy to put together and am happy I brought it. I would recommend it to everyone.

light weight

This is the second one that I have owned. My Mom and my sister got one after I told them about it they love it also, theirs are still going I just had replace mine But I liked it so much I bought another one!

Great power

I have been reading reviews for couple years and wished I had gotten sooner I hated getting corded vac out but now I vacuum more and no problem with cat and dog hair I like being able to get behind chairs etc without getting cord stuck opening the canister was a minor issue I thought the door would just pop open but you have to grasp around edge

Fast and easy

I have owned 4 of these vacuums. Two eventually died and I still have two. I just ordered this new model after my old unit quit. The suction doesn't seem to be very strong when you put your hand down to the brush but it definitely does the job. I used my new unit on a room that was 15 by 15 and the dirt cup was packed with fur, dirt. I did two rooms and a hall and had to empty the cup 3 times so it certainly does the job on carpet. I also use the unit on my wood floors. It does a decent job overall, sucking up cat fur and crumbs. Sometimes it won't pick up a heavy piece of debris and I have to place the vacuum directly over the piece of dirt to get it picked up. We have a roommate with 2 dogs and she is not inclined to vacuum. We were selling our house so we had to vacuum her room. After using the LiNX I noticed the cup was packed with fur. I emptied it and the vacuum had no suction so I took off the bottom plate and pulled out enough dog hair to stuff a pillow. Stiil no suction. Then I discovered the tube to the dirt cup was completely jammed with fur. I pulled out a huge amount of fur. I cleared the obstruction and everything was back in working order. I would definitely reccommend this vacuum as I have yet to find anything better.

Handy dandy cordless vacuum

I bought this little vacuum for the convenience of cordless and full sze. I needed it only for hard floors. I have my Dyson for the carpet. I really like the convenience of the battery but it does not last very long. I just ordered a second battery to have a backup. I ordered it from because it was the cheapest . Also since I only needed this for hard floors and mainly for dustbunnies and dog hair. I removed the bristle brush so that hair would not get clogged and twisted in it. It works much better for me because there is no blockage of section. It picks up just about everything from hair, dirt, grass, small bits of glass etc. etc. Besides the battery being a bit short it does have one big issue. I posted a picture to show the problem. When you pick up a lot of hair and dog hair the red cone becomes entangled with the hair. It may have been because too much there was in the pickup basket or this may be an ongoing problem. It has happened twice. I just wish they would come out with a powerful battery operated vacuum that is made just for hard floors similar to what Dyson puts out. But unfortunately Dyson only has corded vacuum cleaner. So over all I really like this vacuum now with the extra battery I can go even longer.

WAY Better Than Expected!!!

I asked for & got this as a Christmas gift. I was quite skeptical about pick up ability on area rugs & battery life, but upon taking it outta the box, thought I'd give it a try. After charging the battery, what started as a test run on one rug ended up being a whole house vacuum (1800 sq ft). I was shocked at just how good it picked up (possibly better than my Kirby?) & ease of use!! Instant convert!

A great piece furniture for the house

For last 10 years I've bought five this cleaner , I do enjoy cleaning my hard floor , The only problem is the battery is not last long enough , I hope can improve this !

Best vacuum ever

Love my new does a much better job then the high end vacuum I replaced....even my upstairs neighbor mentioned how great my carpets look now....

Better than expected

Bought a refurbished Lynx from Hoover but looked brand new out of box. Gave it a quick charge and proceeded to clean the whole house. Manuvers easily and really cleans. Very pleased and happy. Get one

Great cordless vacuum for quick pick up jobs

I purchased this cordless vac for quick pickup jobs. I have a dog who is a very messy when she eats her treats and leaves crumbs all over our carpet and hardwood floors. This cordless vac is perfect for picking up her crumbs and for quick pick-up jobs between more thorough vacuum jobs with my regular vacuum. It does a great job on carpets and hardwood floors, is easy to use on stairs since its so lightweight, and is good at picking up along edges, especially along the floor by the cabinets in my kitchen. The battery time is fine for quick pick up use. I think I vacuum more often now because it's so easy to use! My house is too large to expect this to serve as my primary vacuum. I've only had it about one month, but so far, I am very pleased with its performance!

Better than having Regular Vacuum

This is my second Lynx. I just bought a another one for my newly remodeled family room with wool rugs. I already turned others on to this unbelievable vacuum. I have all orientals and some wool rugs through out my whole house. I use this on my hardwood floors too even my HW kitchen floor. It has great suction. You can go just pick up or roller beater. I have fringe on some rugs ,so when I get to that I just do pick up not beater bar. I have stopped using my big vacuum because this is all I need. We are neat freaks here and this is a daily use for us. I don't sweep my kitchen floor I use I'm done. The battery is good being a lithium so you can just keep putting it back to recharge at any point so you always have a full charge. I do this so I have enough every use because you just keep going wanting to vacuum. No effort with this. Hope Hoover keeps this model forever and not discontinue it. I strongly recommend this! Stop shopping around I already did my homework and this is it!!!

It sucks

What can I say, it does a good job. We had a 12 volt before this one and it didn't suck, so that was the problem. This one does a good job and holds the charge for about 15 - 20 minutes. You have 2 settings, no spin for the hard floors and spin for carpet. We use it on the area rug under our dinning room table, I have a 4 year old, it gets used almost daily. It is also used on the area rug in our living room and the small shoe rug by the front door. We can usually get our first floor done on one charge, that is about 1000 sq ft. It does a good job all around, just wait for the food to dry under the dinning room table before you attempt to vacuum it up, this will make it a lot easier for the vacuum and you. I like the charger mechanism, it isn't a base that you have to stand the entire vacuum in. You simply pull out the battery pack and insert it into the charger, which can be plugged in anywhere, then you can stick the vacuum in a closet and pull it out as needed. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone that has a small space to clean up, it does a good job all around.

Hoover LiNX Cordless

It's not flashing like and there are no attachments but I still love this vacuum! We have primarily hardwood floors and rug throughout our upstairs. It does a great job. The LiNX rotating brush is easily turned on and off. Battery life is far superior to the Dyson V6. Additionally, the battery is easily removed. I highly recommend ordering the bundle and having a extra battery ready to go. Third, super easy to dump the dirt and remove the filter when needed. I owned a Dyson V6 for about two weeks: I loved the attachments but the battery life was really short. The whole unit had to be held over the trash to dump the dirt and for whatever reason quite frequently the dirt would randomly dump the dirt on the floor (possibly defective) which was not very convenient especially when the battery was no longer charged.

Almost perfect stick vacuum

This vacuum has great suction and power for a battery powered vacuum. I find it easy to use and very effective. There are only two reasons why I did not give it a 5 star rating. The collection area is fairly small, which is not a big deal since this is a stick vacuum after all and is designed for daily vacuuming vs heavy cleanups however, I have overfilled it before and the unit clogs from the powerhead to the entrance to the collection cup with no easy way to unclog. I had to use a coat hanger to break up the clog and then pull it out bit by bit which took quite a while. It should have easier access to areas that clog when over filled or better yet, some sort of notice/shutoff when the collection cup reaches maximum capacity. It does not have a detachable "hand vacuum" unit. It would be nice to have a detachable hand vacuum for furniture, stairs and vehicles but again, it is a stick vacuum so this might be asking too much of it, especially if adding a detachable hand vacuum were to reduce the efficacy of the floor vacuum. With the exception of these two minor issues, the vacuum is pretty close to perfect.

Great product for those who hate vacuuming

I hate vacuuming; I always have. Now that I am un-teathered to a cord with this wonderful little Hoover LiNX, I realize that it was the cord that made me hate vacuuming so much. The battery life, so far, has been excellent too. This vacuum quickly and effectively sucks up messes as I see them so I find myself vacuuming often. It lives in the mud room/laundry room which helps to keep dirt from coming into the house. It's so lightweight and easy to maneuver that I zoom around the house from carpet to hard flooring with it in one hand as I straighten up. I no longer own a traditional vacuum but I do have a Bissell Little Green Machine and a small shop vac. Between these two and my LiNX, I don't need a regular vacuum. Eventually, we will change the current flooring (white carpet and Pergo) that came with the house. Whatever we change to, the LiNX will work fine as my main vacuum. I did not purchase an additional battery and so far, I haven't needed another. I did a lot of online research before making this purchase and so far, it's a winner!
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