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The First Years - miPump Double Electric Deluxe Breast Pump

The First Years - miPump Double Electric Deluxe Breast Pump

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<li> Comfortable flexi-fit breast shield ensures soft, proper fit</li><li>Simple to assemble and use</li><li> Includes two 5 oz. Breastflow bottles, adapters so you can pump directly into ANY bottle</li><li>Electric or battery operated (uses 4AA batteries not included)</li>
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Best $100 I've ever spent!

Thank you to the first years for making a GOOD pump that new moms can actually afford!! For me, buying the fancy $400 Medela wasn't an option even though all my friends recommended it. So I saw this cute mipump and decided to give it a try. IT'S PERFECT! Small, quite, easy and works great! Now my friends are jealous!

Great Pump

I bought this pump when I could not get my daughter to nurse. I think that it works great. I am able to pump 5-6 ounces in about 15 minutes. I rented a hospital grade pump when by son was newborn, and I think that this pump works just as well. I would recommend to anyone who needs to pump to try the mipump.

Easy to use, easy to put together and quiet

This is the first breast pump I have ever bought and I am very satisfied with it. It's easy to put together and take apart and it's easy to use.. also, it's quieter than I expected.

Good product, good price

My husband bought me this pump when I got tired of using the manuel Medela pump at home, and with the twins coming home from the hospital soon, I couldn't use the Medela pumps there. The product works wonders but it is not as good as a Medela. I got more milk out with a Medela but this pump was more quiet, small, and a way better price so it got the job done. Just use Lanolin cream anytime you become dry or you will be in pain. Very easy to clean and store. And it runs on batteries! So very useful when you're on the go.


This is a good pump if you only need it once in a while. I was away on a 3 day trip and needed to pump for all those days and by the end of the second it started taking an hour or more just to get out 3 oz. Its an ok pump just don't think I would recommend it.

For the Occasional User

I bought this pump to use when I need to travel, pump and dump or do extra pumpings to boost my milk supply. I think it does an okay job with all. Previously, I used a hand-me-down Medela which died a slow death. This was the most economical replacement. I found the material of the cups a little irritating compared to Medela cups. Put a little lansinoh on before pumping and it does the trick. I would NOT recommend this for someone exclusively pumping. It just does not have the suction power you would need full time. You get what you pay for. I give the cute bag it comes with 5 stars.

Horrible pump Great company

I got my first pump in October. I followed all the instructions & still it only worked about a month. One side lost suction but I could still use one side. Why have a double pump if you can only use one side? Then it stopped working completely. I called the Learning Curve company and explained & they sent me a brand new pump. I had to get a manual pump to use until my new pump arrived. I was aggravated when they did not rush ship it though. I found the handle awkward to use. The third time I used the new pump guess completely lost suction for about 30 seconds then came back on. now every couple times I use it it quits working so I called them again. This time I asked for a refund but they would not issue a refund until I shipped them the pump. That would leave me without a pump. They are now sending me a $150 pump for free. I just hope it works better. I wouldn't suggest buying this pump. The bag is great. I use it as a diaper bag. It's horrible but at least the company is helpful and works to resolve issues.

MiPump review

I have this pump and it is ok. It does not do as well as the Medela pump in style advanced I normally use but maybe I am just used to it. It is pretty quiet and it is a compact unit. The flexible shields tend to roll backwards while pumping and became quite bothersome. The handle is a neat feature. The pump assembles easily but I would rather have a pump with replaceable parts. I suppose you get what you pay for....IMO spend a little more money and get a better pump I could not see using this daily...........

Terribe product

I wish I would've read these reviews before purchasing the product. I got to use my double pump once before one side started sucking milk into the tubing. Then the 4 th time I used it there was so suction at all so the motor must've gone out. I was so disappointed. I would never recomend this product to anyone... I would've rather bought the more expensive pump instead of going for the cheaper one... I guess you get what you pay for.
I bought this pump because it was cheaper than other brands and had pretty good reviews. However, after several months of use it stopped working. The company did send me a full replacement pump, but I had to pay shipping to send them the broken one. Several weeks into my second pump, it stopped working as well. After buying a different brand, I realized that the suction on this pump was not very good, which may be why I had a lot of trouble with it leaking. I was able to get A LOT more milk with a more expensive brand.

Great Product

Love this pump! The price is great, it works wonderfully, the bag is very roomy & cute. I get 8-12 oz in 10-15 mins whenever I pump! Such a great product! This company also has great customer service.


I went through several other pumps that broke or would not work before buying this one. I even had a madela and it broke and hurt me bad! I love this pump! It is easy to use, the milk comes out just as easy as it does when my daughter feeds, It does not make anymore than a small clicking sounds, and I really can't say enough good things about this! It is so great I wish that I would have bought this pump in the first place! It would have saved me a lot of time and money! The price is great for this and I love the breastflow bottles and the cute bag that comes with it. It I could have given this a ten star I would have!!!!! Oh and someone else said that this is not good for women with a big chest but I have an E cup and this worked fine with my chest so I am not sure how big she was but I would say a large chest works just fine with this and a smaller chest would work just as great! Like I said before I can't say enough great things about this pump! A MUST HAVE!!!!!

Love It!

Very easy assembly. Even on the high setting its virtually pain free. I was having trouble with my son latching and had to pump to keep up supply. It was able to get something. Wasn't much so they had me try the Medela at the hospital. Didn't get anything. Glad I bought this. Oh and the handle is not handy if you are overweight but it does make use of itself. the only improvement would be easier labeling of the additional parts. You will hear it as it gets louder with the suction level, but manageable.

Gets the job done

This pump is pretty good & gets the job done. I like that it comes with a pump handle so I don't have to have two hands tied up. The pump itself is fairly quiet but does have an annoying click sound after each pump. The breast shields can be a little uncomfortable to pull off after pumping as they stick to your skin. I probably wouldn't use this pump until after your milk comes in & would recommend renting a more expensive pump to get things started. After your milk comes in this pump does fine. I also like that it comes with a tote & lots of other accessories.
Love this pump! I had a different First years pump when I had my son 2 years ago, and it was REALLY LOUD. This pump is VERY quiet.

easy to use and cheap

Works ok. Not as strong as hospital pumps but does the job well for the price. Much easier than manually pumping.

very portable

great product feels just like nursing a child.easy to use easy to clean and put together. just not good for some one with large breast. unless you dont mind holding the bottles. a little noise but over a good product gives it a thumb up.
Works well. The single hand pumping adapter is great. Love the breastflow bottles. Much louder than I expected or would like. It makes a loud clicking noise. The different suction levels are nice though the difference between some is minor.

Great product!!!!

I had teh Evenflow pump before and that one was just too loud to pump at work. This one is very quiet, and easy to clean and set up and use. I love it!!!

Do not buy this product!!!!

I can't tell you how much I wish I had not bought this pump. The first one I bought was incredibly loud, so I switched to this brand. On using it the first time it was faulty and moisture then milk went straight to the air tubing and into the motor while the suction was so strong I could not detach my parts from the cones fast enough (OUCH!). So we called the company and was sent a replacement since that motor was obviously not able to air out and work(which we tried). The replacement that was sent worked great..I lLOVED it. Having the single handle was great. I could do whatever(grab the remote, my drink, whatever) with the other hand and that was kinda nice. It is so quiet and discreat I was not the least bit nervous taking it to work to use. Until...only after two weeks one side has lost suction. Now I have got to get in touch with the company again since replacement parts are not available onteh shelf. You have to purchase a new machine or contact the company for a solution. 3rd time is the charm, next time I am switching brands completly.
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