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Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate, with Small Pet Door

Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate, with Small Pet Door

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We are owned by a large and powerful mastiff PUPPY. This gate fits OUR needs until he is out of his "training" stages. ONLY because he has been taught NOT to jump up on anyone or anything, for ANY reason. HOWEVER, if he did choose to jump on this gate, it would fall easily. The gate was easy and quick to assemble and arrived quick with site to store option. The BOTTOM portion on the pressure mount is great. The problem is the TOP pressure points. because of the gap in this gate to allow a walk through. u can only put so much pressure to hold it secure before u loose the option to open and close the gate. i added a picture to give u an idea of what i mean. u could make this work if u decided on screw the mounts tighter or looser before and after u needed to walk through each time. but thats ridiculous. in summary, i would recommend this gate to those whose dogs would NOT jump on this gate or who have the patience in tightening the mounts with each use.

Almost perfect

I'm using this to keep 4 cats out of a section of the house upstairs. The gate isn't very wide, but you can get an extension if needed. It's very expensive for what you get, but tall pet gates are rare. The only issue I had was that even though the bars are narrow enough to keep the cats from getting through, the 2 spaces on either end are much wider and I had to rig it with some additional wood strips. However, the ability to walk through it is fabulous.
full gatesection with added piece

gate to keep dog and cat separate

Saw this gate on a website somewhere and picked it due to price and height, i'm 5'10' and it's waist length. It's been working great, turns out my cat, who is 10lbs (maybe more?) can fit through the bars so I don't even open the cat door. The extension would have been good, but as it's all or nothing, it was about 1 inch too wide with the extension, so we screwed the cups in the wall and I feel totally confident with it. Occasionally the dog will put it's paw on it, but as not tried to do anything else (thankfully...and mostly he would be in giant trouble if he did). For someone integrating 2 adult (3 year old) pets who have not been around any opposite cat or dog before, this gate is awesome, the cat feels safe, the dog knows he can't go in the bedroom, which is also good bc he smells like a dog and has long hair. Pros - feels really sturdy -Cat can fit thru the bars without the cat door open -Great height -easy to open the gate to walk through -Good price Cons - the extension is one size, cannot be adjusted (still keeping it in case the next place needs it) but you can unscrew the grips pretty far and it still feels sturdy The picture is me at an odd angle, but you can see with the wrapping paper just how tall it is. And also you can see how the extension would have been nice, but not a big deal in the end. Definitely recommend if you are trying to keep a dog out of a space and if you are integrating new pets!!...if you are trying to keep a cat out, probably just want to close the door :)

Needed a Gate

I have a huge dog so needed a gate that will keep him in one area when he sleeps. Plus is nice looking as a divider. Well this gate does it all. Thanks hayneedle.

Very Disappointed

Although this could be a decent gate, and the bottom secures nicely, there's no possible way to get a secure fit across the top and still be able to open and close the walk thru door. We've tried everything...even making sure our walls were even. We ordered this gate because we don't want to screw into our walls, yet without screwing the "surprise" cups and screws that were included, it WILL NOT fit securely across the top. I feel the product information was misleading. The walk-thru door is also very narrow, making it difficult to carry much of anything through, and as many people have commented in their reviews, the cat door is way too large, allowing even medium sized dogs to pass through. This defeats it's purpose. I was looking so forward to receiving the gate, unfortunately I will be returning it. There doesn't seem to be many options out there for a pressure mount, extra tall, walk thru gate with a cat door.

Small door too large, nice gate

Excellent quality and price. Two issues: "Small" door is almost 8" wide x 10" tall. Won't work for our original purpose as "small" pet door allows our large sized (35 lbs) dachshund right through. We bought it to keep her on one side with us and to let our 6 lb Yorkie come and go. We need a gate with a small door. I would not want to tangle with the "cat" that this door was sized for when they made the "cat" door. 2nd issue - The unlatch and lifting process requires either a very big hand to reach across the latch to slide the lock, or, two normal hands to open as well as securely close the gate. Unless the locking step is taken when closing the gate, the gate is not secure and can be bumped open by a pet. While it is not a problem, be careful when installling this unit, the door opens ONE WAY so check the swing path before installing. Other than the size of the NOT small "small" door, I like this gate. Easy installation, easy to clean and the gate looks very nice. I may try to rig a header and weld it over the top of the pet door to make the opening LESS than 10 inches tall. If that's a cat door, I do not want to meet that cat!
This is a well made product, keeps our dog from going upstairs do to an operation he just had but allows out cat to pass through the cat door.

Good Construction

The construction far exceeded anything I expected. I purchased this gate to keep my pet cat out a couple of rooms. It didn't work; she was able to figure out how to fit between the bars (the space between the gate and the fixed section and also where the fence fit against the door jamb). It just wasn't narrow enough. My cat weighs 11 pounds so if you want it for a cat I recommend it for a bigger cat than I have. The description doesn't mention it but the gate comes with an extra 6" section. I did not use it but I did need the 4" extension which I had to order separately. Unless you permanently use the supplied "cups" and attach them to the wall or jamb where you are installing the gate, the tension at the upper part of the fence is insufficient to keep it in place if a dog or person pushes on the fence. The cups are screwed into the wall or jamb and the rubber tipped tension screws are placed into the cups to prevent the gate from shifting. I believe the cups are a must if you are using the fence for dogs or children. Overall a great product but not for small cats.

the best

Our Irish Setter jumps like a deer, when I was getting home from work, I'd find a mess in my bathroom, cat litter everywhere. Since I have had this gate I don't find any more messes and the cat is happy too!! He can also escape from the dogs. I am so happy with this product, Thank you Walmart.

Good, sturdy, easy to install gate!

This gate is made of good, sturdy material. It was very easy to put together and my order arrived in just a couple of days. The only draw back is that without the extension the side gap is large enough for my puppy to go through and with the extension it is about 3/4 of an inch wider than my hallway. This is ok, though because I just installed it a little lopsided, but it is very secure. The cat door is perfect. I am thinking about buying another one of these to use in another area of my home. A good buy!

Well worth getting, coming back for another...

We adopted a very strong mixed breed dog. He's about 60 lbs of all muscle. He was supposedly okay with cats, but in reality he was not happy with my two. I had a baby gate at my bedroom door to keep him penned in at night, but I know he only stayed in there because I was in there, as he jumped the gate with ease one day. I was able to easily install this gate (I did use the mounting cups). The dog is not able to jump it or push it over, and the door is easy enough for my 5 yr old to come and go as she pleases. I am purchasing another today to replace the old swinging baby gate in the stairs. *As an aside, I am working with him daily towards desensitizing to the cats using positive reinforcements, gates are needed for the safety of all involved. *Also, I think the other reviewers complaints about the cat door being too big are ridiculous. The cat door is great.

very nice product

I bought this gate to keep my cats out of the kitchen and dining room. I tried everything but they always managed to get over or around it, so I figured they couldn't get over this gate and we would be able to walk thru it, and it worked. My cats can't get through it except one little cat that can fit through the bars but she is the only one, all the rest just sit there and look in. Thank goodness.

Best Doggie/Kitty Door EVER

This gate with kitty door is purrrrfect! Keeps my doggies out of the side of the house they should not be in when I am gone but lets the kitties easily access their kitty boxes. I was a bit confused at first because I assumed that the long screws ("spindle rods" as they are referred to in the instructions) should screw into the sides. However, they are NOT supposed to screw in. The screws just slip into the holes on each corner and the adjustment wheel is what screws in and out to adjust the tension. Maybe I should have read the instructions before trying to install it! I feared the kitties would not go through the small door. So, I put the gate in place & let them sniff around it a few minutes. Then I shook their treats while on the other side of the gate & they ran through the small door without hesitation. It was easy. I did leave it up a few hours while I was home to make sure they would use it to access their potty box. This is so wonderful that I am ordering another one for the vacation house.

Gates are far.

I bought two gates. The gates keep the Lab puppy out of master bedroom and laundry room but allows my cat to go in and out.

perfect dog gate

This gate is very durable...enough to withstand both of my dogs! My dogs are 65 lbs. and 40 lbs..they both have jumped up on the gate, but failed to knock it over, and the gate is tall enough so that they can't get over it..I haven't even screwed the braces to the wall yet..I might not have to. This is a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone!!

This Pet Gate is Pet GREAT!

I was moving into a new place and wanted to keep my two boxers from roaming free throughout the new condo. I needed something tall and durable since anyone who knows the boxer breed knows they are jumpers. I also needed something to with stand them jumping up on their hind legs and putting their weight on the gate with their front paws. This gate does both! It fits most all my common "door" spaces and the height is PERFECT. I also love that it has the walk through door so I don't have to constantly take it off and put it back on the wall. This makes my life easier! I don't have a cat so I'm not quite sure how workable the small door at the bottom is. But the dogs don't even notice it and neither do I. Worth the buy and the online price you just can't beat it! Most pet stores sell similar products for over $100 bucks a pot! And I also know this gate has extensions which you can purchase separately if you need to gate off a longer space!

Do Not Recommend

I ordered this gate and received the smaller gate. When I requested an exchange I again received the smaller gate. Order was not filled as requested.
A sturdy, well-designed product with good instructions.
Sturdy and tall it will do the job and not mess up the floor, walls or paint. Good thing they put a note about the gap in the door latch or it would have been sent back.

Should Have Bought It Sooner

Wonderful. I have a bright dog visiting me who sees the room with the carpet in a way that is naughty. This gate is metal except for latch, and 40" tall, which keeps the dog from chewing or jumping it. It has a very nice swinging door to pass thru with a latch that's almost incomprehensible to open unless you know how. The gate even has a kitty door in the middle at bottom, so the cat can come and go; it can be shut closed. Installs pretty easily with four pressure pads that screw out to brace against the sides of the doorway. I had to use one 'cup' for keeping pads from slipping, and a longer screw(provided screw was too short) to insure the gate would not budge once installed. Extra metal panel provided for larger opening door way. This is my second Carlson extra tall gate, and this is by far the cheapest I've found it. HIGHLY recommend this gate for anyone with large dogs they want to keep out of a room, etc. You probably WILL have to drill a hole or two to properly secure it so keep that in mind. I did on both gates.
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