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1-20 of 302 reviews
Outstanding but takes some learning

Customer review by Canonlovinggirl

5.0 stars 2/2/2009 by Canonlovinggirl
by Canonlovinggirl

When I first picked up the 50D I was delighted with the beautiful LCD - instant want! Upon receiving the camera, I went out and shot quite a few pictures. Looked great. Then I started using under different lighting, uses, and became very unhappy. THis camera takes more learning than the 40D in my opinion. I actually use the custom functions on the 50D--never bothered with the 40D. Noise is definitely a factor here and I was unhappy until I realized I was causing the noise with my shooting techniques. The 50D requires you to actually use some skill. Great camera - focusing is exceptional, much better than my 40D. Image quality is outstanding. Love the way the camera feels in my hand; slight but important difference. LOVE the new LCD - for this alone I would keep this camera. Enjoy the added MPs to give me more cropping room. I have printed very large photos with satisfaction. cons: more noise if you do not use proper techniques; this camera shows up faults in lower quality lens.

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A Real Nice Step Up From 30D

Customer review by dhnieman

5.0 stars 12/7/2008 by dhnieman
by dhnieman

I have owned the D30, 30D and now the 50D and really am pleased with the 50D. The settings in view finder are easier to see and I like seeing the iso. The LCD display is bright and clear, the controls (Quick Control, Multi-Controller, the setting buttons) all act similar enough to the 30D that learning curve is proving to be short. I really enjoy the Live View for my stills, landscapes and architecture shots, especially the zoom manual focus for needle sharp focusing. (Live View does seem to really eat battery power). The 6 fps speed is wonderful, but the improved performance at high iso (1600 and 3200) is one of the biggest plus features for me. The 50D way out performs my 30D there. Picture quality seems great and the flexibilty to shoot different size raw files comes in handy when shooting sports or action shots where I take a lot of frames, this option saves CF Card space. The new menu structure seems easier and I seem to be using the Multi Controller button more effectively. Very nice indeed.

Buffalo, NY
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Customer review by US Patriot

5.0 stars 12/15/2010 by US Patriot
by US Patriot

After using friends' Canon DSLRs, I decided to FINALLY break down and purchase one. Having never used a 50D before, I was a little hesitant (used plenty of Rebels, couple late model Marks). Man am I glad I decided to grab it. Menu of course is intuitive, easy to use, and easy to navigate- of course it's basically the same as any other canon menu :) I generally shoot either in AV or TV (or manual when shooting macro) and the quality that I get is PHENOMENAL! Most of my "serious" shooting is either macro or landscape. The b/w shooting mode is superb as well and the photos need very little adjustment in post processing (I generally shoot in RAW). I really could go on and on, but you'd get tired of reading... I have nothing negative to say. To those who use cost as a con- price vs quality on this model is incredibly good. You get what you pay for, and in my opinion, the quality is more like what you would get if you spent double, if that makes sense. THANK YOU, CANON!!

US Patriot
Kansas CIty, MO
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Customer review by 1-under-71

5.0 stars 2/15/2009 by 1-under-71
by 1-under-71

This is an upgrade from a another upscale brand camera (not an SLR) that I bought when the 5 Mega pixels first came out. The best recommendation I can give is this--I showed my new Canon to my Brother-in Law, a professional photographer.--He had seen the 50D but was going to wait a while to buy one since he bought another brand camera a short time ago. After seeing mine...He ordered one over the internet within a couple of days. I have gone from 5 Megapixels to 15+. and that is just the beginning. I had used a pretty a decent nonprofessional type camera that was pretty slow in a lot of respects---and now I am using a very sophisticated Canon SLR that will run circles around the old one. I am a professional artist not a professional photographer. Even though I have only had the Cannon about two weeks and still on a huge learning curve--it is still simple enough to use the Auto and other features that allow me to use it with confidence while learning the finer points.

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Excellent Product

Customer review by Old Guy

5.0 stars 3/9/2010 by Old Guy
by Old Guy

As a retired computer dinosaur, I decided to return to a hobby I had as a teen. My biggest apprehension was the computerized digital age of photography. So far I have been very pleased with the instructions in the owner's manual, as supplemented by an after market book on the 50D and a 12 hour course at our community college. The 50D is proving to be fairly straight forward as I take small steps. It will be a snap for cmptr literate users. The camera produces outstanding results with the 28-135 kit lens and 70-200 2.8L. I purchased the camera primarily to shoot birds and wildlife as well as family use. The 6fps burst has proven very useful, as have the AV, TV and manual modes. I have taken 2500+ photos. The best have been amazing considering my inexperience. The substandard have all been due to poor technique. The large bright LCD is a big plus and provides instant feedback for corrections. My film SLR is Canon and I will definitly stay with Canon products.

Old Guy
Amarillo, TX
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50D Review

Customer review by MegaPixel

5.0 stars 10/29/2008 by MegaPixel
by MegaPixel

I've owned the D30, 20D, Rebel XT, 40D, XSi, 1D IIn and now the 50D. All were and are excellent cameras in my opinion. And each represents a step ahead of what was in the line before it. The image quality of the 50D sets it apart from any of the cameras I've owned before it. It's high ISO quality is outstanding and does as claimed, represent at least a full stop improvement over any Canon camera before it. It is very similar to the 40D in all controls, so it's completely easy to switch from one to the other. The motordrive is fast enough for action. The 'My Menu' is excellent for making quick adjustments to menu items that used to have been dug out of too many menu options. For instance, mirror lock up is very easily accessed now. The viewfinder seems very good. My only real complaint is the top control dial. It needs a lock to prevent it from shifting. Aside from that one small complaint, the 50D is an excellent camera in it's price range.

Whistler, BC
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Perfect for my needs

Customer review by Medic583

5.0 stars 10/13/2009 by Medic583
by Medic583

What a step up from my XTi, this camera just rocks. It doesn't feel like a toy, yet fits the hands perfectly. The accessory grip should be standard as the controls for portrait orientation feel perfect on the grip but otherwise... the camera simply has that great feel about it. I love the speed with the faster cards, love the 14bit files, love the fact if I'm in trouble or missed something the files can actually be cropped, love the LCD and the weather sealing. Things I don't like... AEB buried in menu and very limiting, a print button in this day and age (who prints directly from a d-slr???), the camera is VERY hard on non-L lenses whereas my XTi produces better images with the standard every day lenses and lastly is the Live View which I've never used but I use it on my point and shoot so maybe someone can find a use for it (I haven't on the d-slr but have on the P&S). No regrets, AWESOME camera and if the 50D had off-camera lighting controls like the competition had at the time (now Canon has it with the 7D) I'd be in heaven.

Dryden, ON
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No Regrets

Customer review by Nadh

5.0 stars 4/11/2009 by Nadh
by Nadh

This is my second DSLR and I really enjoy this purchase. I am blown away by the rocking performance. I started learning DSLR photography for about an year. Especially once I saw the pictures from this camera, I wanted to learn the photography to get 100% out of this camera features, amazing quality. My wife is using the DSLR first time and she feels very easy to take the picture with the standard functions, she loves the quality. Ofcourse she complaints the heaviness. I am using this for the fast two weeks, trying to learn the capabilities which are many. I love the resolution on the LCD and the fast FPS are great to capture my kids dances, sports and their each moment, particularly my little ones. Though it costs bit more, I never regret of this purchase. I am thinking to purchase the L series lens once I lget good hold on the camera features. I strongly recommend this product even for the starters (like me). It will rock, you love it .

Richmond, VA
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Just too much noise

Customer review by MW

3.0 stars 5/1/2009 by MW
by MW

The specs on the 50D look good, but after using it for a while now, it has been a total disappointment. The problem is noise. The 50D does not compare favorably to other cameras in its class or to its predecessors (like the 40D). The recent firmware release (version 1.0.6) seemed to help with a really severe vertical banding problem in low light situations. Until I bought the 50D I would not have imagined Canon making a camera with banding problems. My 40D outperforms the 50D at virtually all speeds and it is significantly better with noise at ISO ratings above 400. And my 30D out performs the 50D at ISO 800 and 1000 for noise (and yes, I recognize there is a big difference in pixel density,etc.). Unless you really have to have the 15megapixels I strongly suggest you buy the 40D. I also suspect the problems with the 50D are why the 40D is still being made and sold. I truly love Canon products, but the 50D just isn't worthy of the brand.

Northern Virginia
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Picture Perfect

Customer review by Cowboy

5.0 stars 1/30/2009 by Cowboy
by Cowboy

I have been using old fasion film for years and with all the advancements with the digital cameras now a days i looked into it. In my search for the one for me the 50D caught my eye instantly. Looks great gives you a fine feel of the picture. Live view is an advanced mode to help you fine tune the picture. People comlain about focus problems and digital noise, but with the 50D i experiance no focus problems and was extremely pleased with the accuracy and speed of the focus. I havent seen any noise yet and dont expect to. All my photos have come out clear and sharp with 15.1 megapixles i wouldnt expect anything else. My favorite charactoristic with the 50D is the simpicity. I had never used a high tech digital camera before besides a simple point n shoot. It took me about 15 mins to understand the camera. maybe a few days to get all the settings down. Canon did well with this model a lil pricey but in digital you get what you pay for.

Seaford, DE
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Could not ask for more

Customer review by Sivispace

5.0 stars 2/10/2011 by Sivispace
by Sivispace

I purchased a 50D on the reccomendation of a close friend and I am enthusiastically satsfied. For starters, the body is built like a tank. This is a camera that will withstand harsh shooting environments. The 15.5 megapixel processor is fine for any normal-sized print up to and including poster size. The display on the back is fast and stays incredibly clean. Smudges just wipe off with a soft cloth. Don't use paper though, it will scratch the screen. The 50D also shoots fast enough for fast-moving events. The body is wrapped in a rubber compound that makes dropping the camera all but inpossible. The 60D has come out recently and I could have waited. But I don't care for the tilt-out screen on the D60 and the D50 actually has a higher burst rate. Lastly this is a professional's SLR. Regardless of your shooting style, the features and build of this SLR are more than any professional photographer could expect. It's just a great camera.

Portland Oregon Metropolitan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Camera!

Customer review by yota43

5.0 stars 11/26/2011 by yota43
by yota43

I've owned my 50D since Feb. 2010. It's my first digital SLR. I upgraded from a Canon 7e. I can't think of one con with this camera. It has consistently given me the best images that I've ever shot. I can't evaluate the fully automatic exposure modes on this camera because I don't use them. I've only used the AV, and Manual exposure modes. All of my exposures are made in RAW, and processed in Adobe Photoshop LR2. As long as I do my part this camera has exceeded my every expectation. This is a solidly built camera, and exudes a sense of quality. I also fitted this camera with the Canon BG-E2N battery grip. Since it holds two batteries battery life has never been a problem for me. I can shoot hundreds of images on one charge. I've never used the on camera flash. Instead I've pressed the Canon Speedlite 420EX that I purchased with my Canon EOS 7e into service with excellent results. I couldn't be more satisfied. Good job Canon!

Cape Cod, MA.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Canon for life!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 11/9/2009 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I remember back "in the day" when CANON was an inexpensive alternative to "real" cameras (35mm). Not anymore! Can you find a better camera? Of course! And if I wanted to spend 10X the amount I spent on my 50D, I could probably get a much better camera (though I don't know how - other than taking someone to follow me around and take the pictures for me). CANON is now a force to be acknowledged in the imagry field. This high quality piece of precision instrumentation is more than anyone could ask for. My experience after taking literally thousands of images with my 50D is that someone's going to have to pry my cold, dead fingers from my 50D in order to get me to drop it. Why, then, did I only rate it a "four" out of "five" stars? I figure that rating it a 5 on all counts would leave no room for improvement and while I can't imagine what that improvement would be, I leave it to CANON to maybe someday come up with something even better! I HIGHLY recommend this piece of equipment to anyone from rank amateur to professional on pretty much every level!!

An anonymous customer
Southeast Wisconsin
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Figment

5.0 stars 5/27/2009 by Figment
by Figment

I have owned many Canon's...T90, Rebel XT, and Rebel XSI. Replaced the Rebel XSI with the 50D. I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough gains to justify the cost...but I was wrong. The 50D is amazing. The autofocus is very accuracte...even in very low lighting. This was my main issue with the XSI. In addition, I have found the noise levels perfectly acceptable up to ISO 3200. At 6400, there is too much noise, although I haven't experimented yet with the maximum noise reduction feature at high ISO's...I have just used to Standard option. I have used this to shoot low light stage shows and the results are beautiful. I currently have the 18-85 and 70-300 lenses. I was amazed...but I felt as if I had bought new lenses....the camera made that much of a difference. I would highly recommend this camera. It was a little tricky to get used to controlling the various functions by either the jog wheel on the back or the wheel on the top....I sometimes still forget which one controls which function. This is certainly not a big deal...just a learning curve.

Harrisburg, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great camera

Customer review by Ezz

5.0 stars 2/16/2009 by Ezz
by Ezz

I am 54 years old and I have been using film SLRs since I was 15 years old, I started with a Petri and went on to using Nikons because they had the durability edge on Canon back then. I switched to Canon in the 1980s since they were now the brand to recon with, I later went on to Canon digitals in the 1990s, I started with the G series and once I learned digital I switched back to SLRs. I owned the 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D and now the 50D. I like canons because of the reliability factor, ease of use, light weight, excellent picture quality from the cheapest ones to the most expensive. When I travel I like to carry all of my gears - Sony VIO SZ-370 Lap top with external drive, Canon G7, Canon VIXIA HF-10 HD camcorder, Canon 50D, EFS-17-55, EF-70-200 F4 IS. I always come home with my vacation on video or stills with no problems. Does not matter what model Canon you choose, they all produce excellent picture or video quality.

Newburgh, New York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The best digital camera I have owned so far.

Customer review by ALL

5.0 stars 12/7/2009 by ALL
by ALL

I have been shooting with SLR cameras for 20 plus years, and this camera reminds me of my old all metal film SLR cameras (all of which still work perfectly). The 50D feels very solidly built, and I expect it will last me a very long time. The LCD is amazing compared with my last digital SLR's LCD. The inclusion of a PC terminal on an advanced amateur model DSLR was a nice addition, and Canon's menu system is extremely user friendly and comprehensive. Coming from the Nikon camp I was impressed with the usefulness of the quick control dial, and I find the quick control screen very useful. The only real complaint I have is I wish the viewfinder was 100% accurate, and I find no need for the basic shooting modes. I do realize these basic shooting modes are included to make the camera more marketable to beginners and ammeters, but in my opinion it would be better to have excluded these modes. I believe that without these modes to fall back on the beginner or amateur photographer would have to truly take advantage of all this camera is capable of. Love this camera!

Saint Paul, MN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Two Strikes

Customer review by chemist

1.0 stars 3/12/2010 by chemist
by chemist

I am a chemist by trade. I have been taking wedding and portrait images for 30 years as a side line. I also shoot quite a bit of nature and scenery. I was upgrading from 20D to the 50D, while waiting to see if the 5D would be upgraded to a Mark III. NY mail order 50D arrived and was compared to 20D image quality, which I am very pleased with. The very first image taken with the 50D I noticed seemed out of focus. Both cameras were set the same and the same 17-85 Canon lens used on both. All images taken with the 50D were soft, not nearly as crisp as the 20D images. More resolution on the 50D, but soft. Ordered a 2nd 50D. It tested exactly the same as the 1st one, with soft focus. Returned both. All the features of the 50D were great. I suspect Canon would be able to repair the problem with either camera body, but I was not willing to risk it. I will likely wait to see if a 5D Mark III comes out in 2010.

Wichita, KS
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great Camera for the price and features!

Customer review by PTNDSLR

5.0 stars 9/11/2010 by PTNDSLR
Top 25 contributor

I just received my new Canon 50D. I have to say that I am in love with this camera, no, it's not perfect. I would have loved to see a full frame CMOS sensor, but I can't have everything and price too! I find the images to be crisp and clear and the operation easy to use. I have shot over 300 pictures with this camera so far and I am very happy with the quality of images, especially at the high ISOs. I also gave it to a novice photographer to use on Thanksgiving and they loved it as well and had no problem operating the camera A couple of nitpicks - First, on the new CA mode, I completely understand the need for this setting, there are many people picking up these cameras who have never used an SLR before and don't understand aperture or shutter speed. However, this feature is only as good as the lens. If someone is using a lens that doesn't have an aperture of 2.8 or 1.4 then they won't get the background to be too blurred. Second, the exposure compensation is now on the rear dial, this is more a preference and I will most likely get use to it, in time :). ETA: Another thing that would have been nice is a video setting like the 5D and the Nikon D90. But again, you can't have everything. One of the most impressive things to me was how it handles low light situations. I shot at the full range of ISOs and liked how the camera handled color, sharpness, and tone. I see many reviews saying that Nikon or other cameras hold up better in low light, that might be so, but that doesn't make the 50D horrible or bad, it makes it different. I don't suspect that people are taking low light pictures at the ISO setting 3200 or even 1600 all the time, if they are, then I might recommend a lens change, something is wrong. And just a note -- to add light on the whole sensor/processor thing- look at it from this prospective film photographers will be disappointed because this camera wouldn't be able to compare against Kodachrome 25 ISO where you don't see grain at all or to the big bold grain of the Konica 3200 ISO - Nor can it fully replicate the Kodak/Konica infrared film where exposure was a best guess. So, in other words you can't please everyone. So choosing a camera body is like choosing film in the old days, each has their own uniqueness about it, but unlike film, you can't change easily. I consider myself a photographer having been shooting for well over 25 years, and have basically shot everything from 8X10 cameras to Polaroid Land Cameras (pull apart). I have used Holgas to Hasselblads. I have had access to some type of Digital Camera since Kodak came out with the Digital Nikon F3 with a top resolution was 1.3mp. I remembered when Kodak dropped the price of their pro-digital cameras from 25,000 to 10,000 that was something! Well a big woopie do for me, so, I have been around. The reason why I am telling you all this, is not to impress you, but hopefully you will listen to some advice. I wasn't only a photographer but I sold high-end equipment. In the end you have to feel comfortable with whatever you buy, and you have to ask yourself what are the pros and cons of my purchase, can I afford it, and what do I want to do with my equipment? These are all personal reasons and one persons reasons are as valid as anyone else's reasons. One thing about Photography that I learned early on, learn the basics. Learning basic photography before you buy the big wiz bang camera may help you understand what you want to do with the big wiz bang or that you might not need the biggest or bestest wiz bang thingy. A camera is only good as its lens, and with Digital you really have to *marry* both lens and camera. The one pitfall that I see people make is that they buy too much camera and not enough lens. In other words they run before they can walk. From my experience, with a few exceptions (like the 28 - 135 mm F3.5 - 5.6--I think that this is a good lens- or the 24-105 F4 IS), the kit lens, IMHO, are made for a single reason, for cost. They won't give you a bad image, but if great images are what you want, then the lens makes all the difference in the world. In the film days I would say the body doesn't matter (to some extent), buy the lens first and then work your way up to the bigger and better camera. It will help you, cameras with less features will help you understand photography more. Does this mean everyone has to buy a Canon L lens, no, there are some good lenses, but you have to research which ones are right for you. Lens - I saw many reviews about different lens how this one is better than that one. One person couldn't tell the difference between a *lens kit* and an L lens. I would say to the person, you aren't paying attention to the detail and you are paying too much attention to the subject. The L lens system is the best quality glass in the canon system; it's designed to be better than any other lens in the system. L lens are also designed for the working professional. It's made to last and they do. Lens that are in the kit aren't made to last and aren't designed with the working professional in mind, they are designed for people who want to keep cost down. The Canon 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 are, IMHO, the best prime lens on the market. They will give you the best image quality, period. As for the reviews on dpreview and image-resource, they still highly recommend this camera. Neither said that the camera was a horrible camera, nor did they blast it, they said that compared to others that certain features were better.

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Once per week
Top 25 contributor
Learn the cameras settings

Customer review by Thunder

4.0 stars 12/24/2010 by Thunder
by Thunder

I will have had this camera a year in January. I have been shooting for over forty years. I use mostly a 150mm macro in one to one and a MP-E65 in the five to one range. I have read with fascination the reviews that say the IQ of this camera is poor. Learn the settings! If you were not shooting 100 shots a day the first week learning how to set it up you have no one to blame but yourself, this is not an entry level camera. The images in the extreme macro shots that I take are constantly sharp, and I hand hold at 5 to 1. Work on your form, set the camera up properly and do the basic PP work, and you will find that your IQ troubles will vanish. Oh, and shoot in RAW if you are serious about your shots. And stop trying to compare the 50D to the 5DMKII. These are completely different levels of cameras. Semi pro vs pro, of course the 5DMKII gives a better picture, at a thousand green backs higher in price. The 50D is a good solid semi pro that has served me well for a year, and has produced pictures that have been published, and with the release of the 7D the price has dropped a bunch.

North East Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent Piece of Machinery

Customer review by kyler

5.0 stars 5/24/2011 by kyler
by kyler

This camera is amazing, even though I bought mine used. It has yet to fail me. Any problems with image quality are my fault with not being able to hold my hands still (not due to the weight of the camera). So if anyone has a complaint think about getting a tripod, or that if you have had this camera for a long time remember that cameras have shutter life, if you go over the set amount of shutter actuations your images will get blurry. Its like, miles on a car. I do rock climbing photography and I have to travel on long arduous mountain trails and its weight has yet to be a problem. Its built like a tank. PERIOD. I love this camera so much. If anything lacks color or sharpness then fix it in the custom picture styles. I couldn't have asked for better when I bought this camera, it was more than I expected. Overall epic piece Canon technology, performs amazingly and will get the job done.

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1-20 of 302 total reviews
1-20 of 302 reviews