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Unique and FUN!

Customer review by DarthFish

5.0 stars 2/16/2009 by DarthFish
by DarthFish

This product is a very good product to add to any collection and is a very good play set. It is fun to build and is great to play with! Pros: *Comes with a rare Mace Windu Clone Wars minifigure *Comes with flick fire missles that are fun to play with *Easy to play with *Not hard to build but yet just difficult enough to have fun *GREAT present for any Star Wars LEGO fans! Cons: *Wings need to be administered individualy *Only comes with 2 clones (One being a pilot) *Cockpit can easly break, yet easy to put back on Everything Else is very good and can be a great birthday present I would give it a 7 out of 5, but it only goes up to 5! I have a lot of fun with this!

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Chicago, IL
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Awesome shuttle

Customer review by HLEGOMAN

5.0 stars 4/4/2009 by HLEGOMAN

This is a great lego to have and a great addition to your republic fleet. Not only is it a great lego, but it comes with Mace Windu AND his metallic lightsaber hilt. If you have read my reviews before you know that i have PROS and CONS. PROS: Shuttle has 8 rapid-flick-fire missles at the push of a button. Shuttle has smooth folding wings, instead of click-folding wings. Shuttle can drop 4 long bombs. Shuttle can open entire hull (topside). Shuttle comes with Mace Windu, clone pilot, and a clone trooper. Shuttle has a holder for 2 lightsabers (or swords/spears) and 2 guns at the same time. Shuttle has 1 cockpit that holds 2 clones. Shuttle has 636 pieces. CONS: The cargo hold only can hold 1 person (what I do is, I just remove the missles and put someone directly behind Mace Windu's seat. Try it. You can still do it with the missles, but the missles won't shoot.). So as you can see, this is a great and fantastic lego. This is the 2 and only 2 set that has the Mace Windu minifig. BUY!

North America
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Die Clankers

Customer review by Clone345

5.0 stars 3/15/2009 by Clone345
by Clone345

Awesome! It has missiles, bombs, lazers, and clones, but most of all, MACE WINDU!!! I love this set because it has Mace Windu. I missed the first one in episode 3 (Clone Turbo Tank) but that's all right because he had a light up saber, (yuck!!) In this set, you get a clone pilot and a clone trooper without having to buy a set and then having to buy another set to get a clone trooper. Now, on to the pros and cons. Pros: Mace Windu clonetrooper clone pilot bombs drop one at a time (or two at a time) missiles fire great one at a time (you dont' have to flick them!!!!!!!!) sweet ship wings unfold great the top latches shut, so you can carry it from the top Cons: needs more room needs one more clone (if they had room) needs another clone pilot (if they had more room for the other clone to sit in the back. I mean, what good is the clone going to be if the pilot passes out, but no matter. It's a great set! I would definitely recommend this set to a friend. Buy it! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Troy, OH
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Great Set but...

Customer review by Nirvanakkc

4.0 stars 2/25/2009 by Nirvanakkc
by Nirvanakkc

Its a great set, with a cool ship but like other star wars sets its $10 overpriced and is missing about 5 minifigs. for the price of this set you could get the Darwes mine which has 6 minifigs and a giant troll and a huge mine. comepared to this you get three minifigs and a decent size ship. the ship is good but again the clone troopers are only enough to man the ship and you get absolutely no extra clones. Oh and there is hardly any room inside the shuttle pros Mace Windu the shuttle Cons overpriced only three minifigs little room in the shuttle It might be redundant I think all the star wars sets have been overpriced and have lacked minifigs the past year its probably because it is a licensed them because you get alot more out of the other theme sets. It makes me think really hard about buying the star wars sets, a few years ago you got alot more for your money with them, any way decent set if your a pure lego guy like i am stick to the castle theme more worth the money

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Cool set! Good and bad as in every set...

Customer review by roxyoursox

4.0 stars 11/16/2009 by roxyoursox
by roxyoursox

Okay, so I'm not a reviewer that's gonna tell you EVERY SINGLE aspect of a set and make a review that will take a half hour of your time to read. I'm also not just going to say "BUY THIS SET NOW" like some. I'm going to give you the facts and let you decide whether it's worth your money: The good: Very cool rocket dropping function Great authenticity (looks like the one from the movie) Good quality New figs VERY COOL Extra weapons Laser mounted machine gun Good price per piece at an average of 9.4 cents per brick The bad: Laser mounted machine gun can malfunction DON'T DROP IT :) it breaks XD(so does every other set) Not enough figures, though they are cool The ugly: You have to take off one of the cockpits to put a fig in Hey, if you're reading this just know that overall this set is cool if you like clone wars. And also, if this helped you with your purchase show it by clicking 'Yes' on the 'Did this review help you' button. Thanks for reading this, have a great day, and thanks for the support!

inside a complex multicelled body
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Republic Attack Shuttle!

Customer review by Boogieman746

5.0 stars 5/20/2010 by Boogieman746
by Boogieman746

Ever since I got this set I've been playing and building with it non-stop. It has a great exclusive Mace Windu and cool clone troopers. The sweet missiles and bombs work perfectly. Now, on to the pros and cons. Pros: A gnarly exclusive Mace Windu, The roof missiles work great and they are easy to use, The whole back hold of the ship opens up to reveal the weapons rack and a spot for Mace to sit, The clones are really neat, especially the pilot, The bomb function works great and it's really cool, The overall design of the shuttle is awesome, Cons: The clone's guns are short DC-15s, not the longer rifles There's only one clone to accompany Mace when out of the shuttle, That's about it! This is undoubtably the best Lego set I've ever gotten thus far. Mace Windu is the best and his clones are cool. I was so looking forward to getting the shuttle for a long time. I strongly recommend getting this set to anyone who's looking for a good Clone Wars Lego toy.

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Republic Attack Shuttle is on the scene!

Customer review by DarthTomeepho

5.0 stars 3/1/2010 by DarthTomeepho
by DarthTomeepho

This set is truly amazing. When I had finished building it I was shocked at the amount of features and weaponry on it. It is excellent. This set has three minifigures. A Clone Trooper, Clone Pilot and Mace Windu. The ship has an opening cockpit (to seat the Pilot and Trooper), unfolding wings for flight and landing and an opening middle to seat Mace Windu. It also contains storage for Windu's lightsabre and the Clone blasters. And now onto the weaponry. The ship has two laser cannons on the side of the cockpit, laser cannons on the front of the pieces connected to the wings, four bombs (released by a simple switch, one on either side. There are two bombs on each side) and of course, the auto-firing flick missiles. There are eight, and to fire simply push on the button on the back (with some force, obviously) and watch them fly. They are good for taking out groups of battle droids. For any Republic Army, this is a must have. Choose your side. Go and buy the set.

Manchester, England
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Blast the Separatists!

Customer review by wallyrocks24

5.0 stars 7/10/2010 by wallyrocks24
by wallyrocks24

I got this set at the lego store the other day, and i was excited because at every other store around i could not find it! It has many amazing features like moving wings, bombs, and a missile launcher. I do have to say that when some areas in the middle of the ship and the wings fall apart, it's almost impossible to put them together without another area falling apart. otherwise, the ship is very durable, which is good for me because I am using it in battles against my droid army. Now to the pros and cons Pros: figures- mace windu, clone trooper, clone pilot great bombing system moving wings opening cockpit launching missiles (when they work right) lots of laser cannons weapon holder Cons:missiles don't always work right passenger area should have more space As far as price goes, it may seem more expensive, but at under 10 cents per brick, it's great compared to other sets! Overall, I give this set at 9.5/10 Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to work blasting droids! they are no match for this ship!

In space, blasting the separatists
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A great set for any collection

Customer review by TheBionicleMaster

4.0 stars 1/27/2009 by TheBionicleMaster
by TheBionicleMaster

The Republic Attack Shuttle is an excellent rendition of a memorable vehicle. Overall, this is an awesome set. The build is satisfyingly long with a ton of neat details. The features are excellent--the semi-automatic flick-fire launcher is the best since the first flick-fire. The dropping missile function is great, and the colorful missiles are a nice addition. It also reloads the second missiles, making dropping them a breeze. The ship is definitly imposing on display or play, although it has an excess of gray. The figs are a bit of a letdown in number, but they are rare ones. Mace Windu is an excellent fig, the first one in years and only the second ever. The pilot is a good addition to any army, and the other clone is a good addition. The lack of figs can be fixed with a clone BP. But this is a really nice set, the best price-to-piece ratio, but a little lacking in figs. Anyone looking to add to or start a Clone Wars collection should buy this.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
look out droids!

Customer review by lukeskyawesome

5.0 stars 11/22/2010 by lukeskyawesome
by lukeskyawesome

this is a great set, it is generally sturdy, except the cockpit falls off easily, it also looks great on display, but the play value is also excellent, it does have a few cons, like that you really can't fit more than a couple guys inside, because the top closes so low, you have to make some adjustments to allow more than two guys to fit, the extra waepon and bombs are also fun, the (firing missles) do drop like rocks when you shoot them, but this dosen't really affect the play much, you really wouldn't try to hit guys without holding the missles yourself. it also should've come with some droids. pros: top opens wings fold smoothly bombs rockets just looks cool lightsaber/gun holding rack cons: rockets don't go very far no droids,(there should be more minifigs anyway) cockpit falls off can't fit many guys inside this thing has a few cons, but they are not very big ones, and there are not very many of them, overall, this is a great set to have.

echo base
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
not really a "shuttle"

Customer review by CommanderBly97

4.0 stars 7/13/2010 by CommanderBly97
by CommanderBly97

I like this set a lot, building it was fun and fairly simple, when finished it stays together pretty well, the wings stay on nicely and that was my only fear. The set is really fun to play with with it's many weapons, the bombs are really nice when you have an army of droids closing in on your front lines, just drop and BOOM they're all dead. The flick fire missle rack is nice to and works really well, they go far and there is never a jam. The characters are cool too, you get three; Mace Windu, a clone pilot(my personal fav), and a normal clone. The two clones sit in the cockpit while master Windu sits inside. The insdie is really big but and can only hold one ot two people in the center because everywhere else the ceiling would crush their skulls. I think this should have been designed so all of the inside could be used. I do like the idea of the hooks that hold down the ceiling in flight and then can be opened with ease when needed. In the end I would recomand this set to any lego collecter that wants to get a decent sized set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My Grandson Loved It!

Customer review by IHateBroccoli

5.0 stars 9/9/2009 by IHateBroccoli
by IHateBroccoli

My grandson loves Lego Star Wars. He just turned 7 last week and is putting together 8-14 year old lego sets because he is a spatial genius. The sets are very challenging and educational for him. Also, in looking for this set I saw that it was on sale at Target that week, but my husband found it on line at Walmart for approx. $9 less, not on sale! We do not have a Walmart really close to our home so now I am hooked on buying at the on-line store. Thanks, Walmart!!

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San Jose, CA
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Age:55 - 64
Mace Windu is on the scene!

Customer review by jahavix

5.0 stars 7/16/2010 by jahavix
by jahavix

At first I was sorta iffi if I should get this set But now that I have this set it is one Cool set. I really like mace windu and the clone pilot (dont see mmany of those) and a normal clone. It has 8 missles to launch them you have to push this button on the back and they fire out. It also has 4 bombs that drop when you rotate this switch on the back. It has some guns in the front and big wings. In the inside it stores 2 guns and 1 lightsaber and seats one person.It also seats 2 people in the cockpit .When you shoot the 8 missles the magazine falls out through the bottom. Well in my opinion this is a great addition to any clone army and its big so I would definitely reccomend this to a friend. :) Now onto the pros and cons.... Pros: -Mace Windu(clone wars style) -Clone Pilot -Clone -Purple lightsaber -Missle launcher -Size -Cockpit Cons: -Could have a bigger seating area Anywase aside from that con its a pretty good set :)

In an AT-TE fighting off sSeparatists
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
All Clones to the Attack Shuttle!

Customer review by Japamericanman

5.0 stars 5/1/2009 by Japamericanman
by Japamericanman

I think this Set is definitly in the Top 10 of the Clone Wars Sets! When I built it, about a month ago, I started playing with it ALOT... and I still do! This Set comes with 3 Minifigs (Mace Windu, Clone Pilot, and Clone Trooper), it has a small arsenal of Weapons (A Pump Activated Missile Launcher and a Switch Activated Missile Dropper), all of which are fun to use, but easy to lose. The thing that really got my attention (and that I didn't know about until I got this Set) is that Mace Windu has a Crome Lightsaber like the Old Jedi and Sith had. Pros: Comes with 3 Minifigs (Mace Windu, Clone Pilot, and Clone Trooper) Mace Windu has Crome Lightsaber Has 2 Functional Weapons Wings Fold and Unfold for Flight and Landings Cons: The Pieces on the Left and Right Sides (On the Inside) come loose easy The Door that lets you load up the Dropping Missiles can sometimes come off Loading Dropping Missiles can be difficult at times

Anywhere that I'm not at now
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pretty good...

Customer review by Starwarsdude22

5.0 stars 7/4/2009 by Starwarsdude22
by Starwarsdude22

I like this set a lot. many features... Pros: the wingspan is rather large Only set that comes with windu that is available 8 missiles the bombing system is excellent clone pilot and clone trooper are great lightsaber and gun holder are in the shuttle's cockpit the cockpit opens nicely windu's lightsaber is chrome many rare pieces and elements easily modified fun build Cons: The cockpit can open, but it has little support the wings are easily breakable the pilots come out from an opening top, not the front like in the movie there is one chair in the cockpit the gun holder takes up much space you can't put a maximum of 30 people in the shuttle like in the series if the bombing system breaks, it can be tough to fix the instructions are crucial and confusing the knob that pushes the missiles often gets stuck however, this set is amazing. it gives you tons of play. i recommend this set to anyone who's a star wars fan

atop the AT-OT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
What next??????

Customer review by KylKyl

5.0 stars 7/10/2009 by KylKyl
by KylKyl

First the Imperial Shuttle and now the more original version, the Republic Shuttle! Well also now there's the Separtist Shuttle! What's next?! The Jedi or Sith Shuttle???!!! Well this is a great buy but if you want a 2nd 1, well, it's kinda weird because then you have 2 Mace Windus but whatever. Pros: -New Clone Wars Series Mace Windu -Cool bombs that semi-automatically reload - Flick-fire missles on a rack that falls out when used up -Poseable Wings -Cockpit for 2 pilots -New Metallic Lightsaber!!!!!!! Cons: -No droids -Inside can only hold one minifig, it should hold more - No good places to hold the ship - only comes with 1 clone which is a pilot (which I use as an engineer [Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rated "T" for further info about the engineer part) Overall, I wouldnt recomend this set for play but, of course, definitly perfect for Movies Bye =) oh and b4 i forget, plz read my other reviews

My computer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
One of Lego's best sets!

Customer review by Skywalker1966

5.0 stars 6/23/2009 by Skywalker1966
by Skywalker1966

This is certainly one of the best sets lego has ever come out with! Hi, this is my first review and i am proud that this is the first set i am going to review! now for the pros and cons. Pros: Everything works as its supposed to, bombs, missiles, etc. good price to piece ratio. The minifigures, mace windu (He only comes in one set), the clone pilot (He is hard to find), and the clone trooper (He's a nice edition even though I already have a few. Mace's lightsaber: it's a nice purple and has a chrome hilt. Has enough blasters for everyone. Is very sturdy. Has a very nice build. Cons: Lack of place to hold, can get kinda awkward when you're trying to fly the ship and bombard the "clankers" (just some clone trooper slang right there) with missiles. Not very size accurate to the one in the show, the one in the show is actually bigger than the republic gunship. It doesn't have the troop capacity that the one in the show has (that's kinda unfortunate). Well there you go, this set is awesome! I would reccomend it to anyone! May the force build with you! Skywalker1966 signing out

Raiding your pantry
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Amazing Functions and Features

Customer review by Astrouranium

5.0 stars 2/5/2009 by Astrouranium
by Astrouranium

In the Republic Attack Shuttle set, there is so much you can do with it! Amazing functions work nice and smoothly. They feature dropping bombs that are activated by twisting a black lever. Includes four long colorful bombs. There is also the rapid fire missiles. They are activated by pushing a button and fires 8 missiles. Way better than FLICK fire missiles. It also features Mace Windu and his awesome purple lightsaber and one Pilot Clone and one Clone Trooper. The Shuttle also had collasible wings for switching to landing mode to flying mode! You can unlock the sturdy hatch to see inside and store equipment, such as guns and Mace's lightsaber. Mace can also sit in the hatch too! The cockpit can open multiple ways and seats two Clone Troopers. This set is very strong and stablized. The ONLY thing wrong is that the wings are floppy! Anyway, great and authentic LEGO set and is a must-have one too!

Menifee, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The Most Best Set I've Ever had!

Customer review by legodan5195

5.0 stars 3/21/2009 by legodan5195
by legodan5195

To anyone who likes sets that have a lot of weaponry this is the perfect set for you! It's pros are that it has very strongly constructed dropping missiles that are built on a rod, and also when you push the lever to drop the bombs it only lets to out at a time. The flick fire missiles are able to be launched a lot farther than being flicked with your own hand which kinda hurts. It has a three minifigures, Mace Windu with a chrome colored hilt( which is better than the gray ones, one clone trooper, and a pilot. The cons of this set are the wings are not very strong but sturdy. You can't hold the top of the ship where the missiles are.There isn't a place you can hold the ship specificly.And the ship is not completely to scale of the real thing in the movie which holds 12 men not one. But I strongly recomend that you get this set.The cons hardly ever bother you.So have fun with a st like this!!!!

Colorado, CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great! But even greater with some mods

Customer review by Pake

5.0 stars 11/1/2009 by Pake
by Pake

This set is really awesome, because every thing works! If pushed hard enough, the missiles can shoot over 15 feet! But after a while, the axel connected to the button in the back starts to bend if you push it as hard as you can. (Like me =P) So I put a brick above the axel, so it didn't bend, and it worked. If you remove all the junk in the inside, (and make the 2nd bomb holders smaller) and move the floor plates down, you'll have room for about 6 seats and a gun rack. Pros: Mace Windu and his purple lightsaber clone pilot (you can never get enough of those) auto flick-fire missile mechanism the bombs all drop seperately it's a little bigger than you think a bunch of trans light blue round studs lock that keeps the top from opening very accurate not too pricy Cons: a big waste of space in the interior some super battle droids would be nice to shoot down if held from the top, the bottom falls to the floor front guns are loose, but they stay on a little hard to get clones into the cockpit But those are little cons, so I'm giving this a 9.5/10, which is greatly excellent. =P uraw911

Above the Equator
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1-20 of 386 total reviews
1-20 of 386 reviews