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26 reviews | 4 out of 5

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1-20 of 26 total reviews
1-20 of 26 reviews
I LOVE this product!!

Customer review by redhead4ever

5.0 stars 1/19/2010 by redhead4ever
by redhead4ever

I use to be a hair stylist but just recently stopped keeping up my operaters lisence & can no longer buy hair products & color at a "professional" supply house anymore so, I headed to Walmart & found this hair color. The color turned out exactly what was pictured on the side of the box (the chart). Not only that it smelled nice, was affordable & the quality of the product is just as good if not better than salon brands such as Matrix, Goldwell, Framesi, & Paul Mitchell. Red's are the absolute hardest of colors to keep in your hair as they wash out more easily, use a good shampoo for color treated hair & this product stays bright & shinier a lot longer. Whoever gave this product 1 star & said her hair turned out "burgandy" either picked the incorrect color for her hair or did something wrong.

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Green Bay, WI
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Age:35 - 44
I love it, even my hairdresser loves it.

Customer review by Ladyred497

5.0 stars 7/6/2016 by Ladyred497
by Ladyred497
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Been a loyal customer since Clairol dumped the Copper color. It brightens my coloring rather than washing me out like blondes and brunettes. Beautiful results, my hair still looks and feels rich and alive, not bleached out and dry. I have recommended it for years when asked. Most folks think it is my natural color. Mine is auburn, just a little darker than this color. Great price as well.

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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Uneven Coloring

Customer review by PineappleEyes

3.0 stars 1/11/2011 by PineappleEyes
by PineappleEyes

Pros: -The color is very red, as the box shows. I have asian dark brown hair and normally asian hair resists coloring, but this red worked better than most reds I've used. -Comes with an oil conditioner and a big packet of conditioning. -Does minimal damage to hair. Cons: -The product smelled toxic although they tried to mask the smell with "avocado oils" etc. -The red was very intense. If that's what you're going for, great. But I kinda wanted a more natural red. -I've used it for a week and already the red started to fade, although understandably red coloring needs good maintenance Another thing I've noticed is that, although I thought I spread it evenly throughout my hair, in some areas the red was very intense, while in other areas my hair was not colored at all (e.g. dark dark brown). You need to be careful with even distribution of the product.

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Age:14 - 18
Great for brightening red

Customer review by LaVozdeAlma

5.0 stars 5/10/2011 by LaVozdeAlma
by LaVozdeAlma

I have naturally ashy strawberry-blonde hair. This really brightened up my hair without looking too fake. However, if you have lighter hair check a strand at 20mins to see if you need to rinse. The first time I used this shade I left it on the full processing time and my hair turned crayon red. Otherwise, a nice switch from my usual color.

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Sacramento, CA
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:A few times per month
not what I expected

Customer review by AndriaD

3.0 stars 5/22/2012 by AndriaD
by AndriaD

I was rather disappointed with this shade, or product; it doesn't look any kind of natural, the color is too intense, too vivid. However, perhaps because of the intensity of color, it did a pretty good job of covering gray, of which my hair is about 25%-33%. So I will need to find a more subtle shade, with more of a yellow or gold sheen, than this very artificial looking red. I'd really like an auburn shade in the 70's range, but the lightest auburn you have is about 67, I think, and considering that this 76 is quite a bit darker on my hair than on the box, I fear to see how dark 67 would make it. Perhaps I should look at the other Nutrisse options. Also, for shoulder-length hair that is extremely thick, one pkg just doesn't provide full coverage -- some of my hair is very red, some is more reddish-brown, because it didn't get adequate haircolor applied to it; need about 2 more ounces.

Lawrenceville, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
this haircolor RULES.

Customer review by oliviamarie

5.0 stars 4/6/2012 by oliviamarie
by oliviamarie

ive been box coloring my hair red for a few years now, trying out so many different shades and brands. all the colors ive used before were either too RED red or too brown for me. ive been searching for that perfect shade of orange, and ive finally found it. this haircolor is brilliant. its bright but not harsh or too intense. i try to only wash my hair every 3 days with cool water, and even though it has faded a bit, it's still kept a nice orange-y shade, rather than fading to brown like other dyes ive tried. i am absolutely in love with this color and will definitely be using it again. (by the way, i think the person who said this color turned out burgundy/purple maybe meant the R3 Light Intense Auburn color. i tried that one too just to see what it was like......not good.)

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Age:14 - 18
This product is not what was expected

Customer review by Kristen816

2.0 stars 2/9/2014 by Kristen816
by Kristen816

I will begin by saying I used to use a different brand, strawberry blonde, which has recently been discontinued... In my search for a new hair color, similar to what I had before, I recently tried Nutrisse 76. I was expecting a bit more red than I currently had, but nothing too bold. My hair has been RED at times in the past, and I loved it! But for now, I've been sticking to more natural shades, and strawberry blonde is what has suited me best. This color turned out to be almost the RED I had long ago. UNEXPECTEDLY. At first it was the surprise that left me disappointed, but once I had worn it for about a week, I felt at home again. Which was just enough time for this color to begin fading, FAST! Within 2-3 weeks my ponytail (I have about 2 foot long hair) was the strawberry blonde I had wanted in the beginning, and the 5-6 inches closest to my scalp was still the original dyed color. As for the product itself, because the color was so intense, I ended up needing a 2nd bottle to get everything even. I only use one for slight color changes or touch ups, but because it was so different than what I had anticipated, I had to purchase the 2nd. So, I guess I would say I was satisfied with this product for about a week. I am, though, still searching for my replacement dye... this was certainly not it.

Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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Awesome hair color.

Customer review by Ciara

4.0 stars 1/9/2013 by Ciara
by Ciara

I've tried several reds and never got the appropriate color. (From different brands) I had a few from different companies that looked just like this on the box, but came out burgundy in my hair. I waited till the last color I had faded out and I dyed it with this, and if you want red.. this is RED. It came out a more "true red" in my hair because it was dark brown, but it doesn't look burgundy in the slightest. I love it, and will continue to use it! It gets four stars because I almost cried while putting it on, it smells that terrible. But once it washes out it smells amazing. The conditioner is great too.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I love this color!

Customer review by crazeemom28

5.0 stars 7/19/2015 by crazeemom28
by crazeemom28

This is by FAR my favorite color. I have worn this for years and I always get so many compliments on my hair color. It has the perfect combination of almost natural but also bright and bold! The formula in this is also nice and creamy which also leaves my hair feeling nice and soft. The only problem I am having recently is that I can't find it anyway, so now I am forced to purchase this online, which makes me so sad!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Disaster! Didn't take...Color doesn't look natural...

Customer review by Georgiana

1.0 stars 4/11/2012 by Georgiana
by Georgiana

I colored my hair with 76 Auburn Blonde last night and the color did not take everywhere. I have some blonde hair and some red hair right now. And I do mean BRIGHT red. I am a natural medium blonde (8) and the previous color I used was 90 Light Natural Blonde. I am mortified!!! This is NOT my first time coloring my hair, I know how to properly do it, so I have no idea what went wrong, but DO NOT USE this color. I have used several of the blonde shades in the past and never had a problem, my hair is a REDish hot mess!

Cherry Point, NC
Would recommend to a friend? No
Perfect Shade, scent

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 3/17/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

So, I began to color my hair just after my 18th birthday. I really didn't know what to get, but I knew I wanted red. This brand was the cheapest I found and, after using, I fell in love. The color came out perfect, and what mostly keeps me going to this brand is the smell of the dye after it is rinsed out. I find the scent to be very relaxing for me. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that wants great looking/feeling hair that doesn't want to be overwhelmed by the harsh odor of other hair dyes.

An anonymous customer
Madison, IN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Is not what it appears to be on the box!

Customer review by redmarine09

1.0 stars 7/25/2011 by redmarine09
by redmarine09

Talk about the Worst Haircolor experience ever...My natural haircolor used to be close to this haircolor product but as I've aged I've become a strawberry I thought this color would be a good one to perk up my hair and get my old fiery red hair back..... Well unfortunately now I have flaming Red/Burgundy hair...BRIGHT FLAMING BURGUNDY RED HAIR...its gruesome..and I've dyed my hair loads before and I've never had anything quite like this...not only now do I have to see if there is anything I can do for it but I doubt I can go back to my old red again for awhile. All in all DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I speak from experience...Unless you really want flaming RED/BURGUNDY hair........

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The Perfect Auburn

Customer review by Zilk65

5.0 stars 11/13/2012 by Zilk65
by Zilk65

I don't know if anyone else here has super DARK brown hair naturally like mine (some people even have challenged me and called it black) so I always have to use two boxes just to give it remotely any color... Hear that Garnier? (btw don't feel bad it's any time I've used any color dye) BUT if you want to super charge your dyes for the dark hair challenged? <3 love you guys loved this product. It is my perfect dream red, nice warm tones no hint of burgundy tragedy <3<3<3<3<3

New York, NY, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Why I love this color!

Customer review by Brandi

5.0 stars 6/10/2012 by Brandi
by Brandi

I have stubborn naturally brown hair. It is very resistant to dyes, so I have tried many different brands, looking for a product that actually would holds its color. Nutrisse 76 Rich Auburn Blonde (Hot Tamale) is perfect! My hair came out looking natural, and amazingly red! The color is alive, full of vibrance and shine. I get compliments everyhere I go. And people think it is my natural color!! I give this product 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great color

Customer review by Rita

5.0 stars 2/17/2013 by Rita
by Rita

I love this color! Because I have naturally dark brown hair and did not bleach my hair the color is not very similar to the color on the box. I have tried many different reds and have found this to be my favorite. It is bright but not too bright. It is not too dark (I have found many other reds to be very dark and more of a burgundy).

Atlanta, GA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Review for #76

Customer review by LilChrissy

1.0 stars 10/1/2013 by LilChrissy
by LilChrissy

I will never use this again! This was nothing like the pictures! Also, "Hot Tamale" is only on the lid to the box, not on the front. I look like a hot tamale and my sister's wedding is in four days! Hope it dulls in a few days or the 'fix' Garnier suggested works. Wish they would bring back #94 or #67.

Frenchtown, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? No
Can't Find #76!!!!

Customer review by mea01

5.0 stars 6/16/2013 by mea01
by mea01

This has been the greatest hair color that I have ever used! But for the last few months, I can't find it at any of the stores in my area. And these are stores that always supplied "Hot Tamale". I've received compliments constantly for the past 4 years. Please help me. Thank you.

Daytona Beach, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this color!

Customer review by Xivette

5.0 stars 11/30/2013 by Xivette
by Xivette

I have very thick dark brown hair and it took perfectly. I needed two boxes because I have long hair and left it a little longer. Also with thick dark hair like mine you never start at the roots because then you'll end up with way lighter roots. Hope this helps someone!

Greenville, TX, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
the only one for me

Customer review by angelkitten777

5.0 stars 6/1/2013 by angelkitten777
by angelkitten777

I NEED THIS COLOR! Pleeeeaaaaaase bring it back! I received more complements on my hair when I used this color than I ever did when I was blonde. And now I have been having try the other colors and nothing is even close to it that I have found. I need my color.

Moore, OK, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by LISY

5.0 stars 3/24/2014 by LISY

I love, garnier 76 RICH AUBURN BLONDE is the best hair dye there, I have tried many brands, and fall very quickly, and do not cover completely gray hair, garnier completely covers gray and leaves your hair soft and very bright.

Miami, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 26 total reviews
1-20 of 26 reviews