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89 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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89 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 89 total reviews
1-20 of 89 reviews
What happened to Fresh #20??

Customer review by Don't Like Change

5.0 stars 7/3/2012 by Don't Like Change
by Don't Like Change

I RECOMMEND THE ONE YOU DISCONTINUED, NOT ANY OF THOSE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE because I have used the Fresh #20 shade of this blush for years and LOVE it!!! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it in stores for some time now and hoped I could order it through the Neutrogena website, but it's not here, either. From reading other reviews, I'm not the only customer who loves the Fresh #20 and, like other disappointed customers who've used it for years, I can't find another Neutrogena blush that matches it. I've been scraping the sides of the last palette I have of it and would really like to continue using this wonderful product. It's upsetting to have to use an inferior brand when the Neutrogena one was perfect. I'd finally found a line of products that worked beautifully on my skin, and now am faced with having to replace at least 2 Neutrogena products (also have discontinued my favorite moisturizer) and dealing with the expense and frustration of trying to find something that works well and doesn't negatively affect my sensitive skin (when I already had the perfect product with Fresh #20!!) !! PLEASE bring back the Fresh #20!!! Why was it discontinued in the first place?? :(

Don't Like Change
Bunkie, LA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!

Customer review by Carol

5.0 stars 6/29/2016 by Carol
by Carol

Having a difficult time finding in the store, so I purchased 3 because I'm afraid it will be discontinued. Loved the Mineral Blush too, but cannot find in stores or on the website. Believe Neutrogena is too quick to discontinue product lines. I have used Neutrogena products for over 45 years and have always been happy with them.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
what happened to #20 fresh.......

Customer review by lsaberwolf

5.0 stars 6/26/2016 by lsaberwolf
by lsaberwolf


brookfield, ct.
Skin type:Normal

Customer review by iheartneutrogena

5.0 stars 12/23/2011 by iheartneutrogena
by iheartneutrogena

oh my gosh this is amazing! it wont clog pores and it looks like i have just spent an entire day at the beach!! and u dont have to use very much to get good color! I use the sunkissed color as a bronzer and it is amazing! and doesnt have much shimmer at all! (i dont like shimmer) could use as blush or bronzer. matches every skintone. im obsessed! my holy grail makeup product! if i lost this i would go get a new one right away! must have! by the way im 13 and have extremely acne prone skin! i have been to the dermatologist and am taking medication because my acne is so bad! and this has actually helped!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bring Back Vibrant - #24

Customer review by Blushing

5.0 stars 9/6/2012 by Blushing
by Blushing

This is, ehr...was, a great product!! The color...not too pink, not too orange, not too brown was excellent. What made this product special was that it blended beautifully even on my FAIR skin. Many blushes are too light or too dark and look fake....the secret must be in the SHEER factor. I live in Canada but ordered this on-line. Now I need a replacement and find out it has been discontinued! I have found a comprise by mixing two colors but they do not apply nor wear as well. When you have an excellent product like this and it is discontinued poor marketing must be to blame!

Alberta, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
It's good, but not the best.

Customer review by CiLady

4.0 stars 5/8/2012 by CiLady
by CiLady

I ordered this by mistake because actually I wanted to buy the "blush", not the "pressed powder". You better buy the "blush" one (not the "clean" one) because the formula is kinda light, cannot give you the full coverage and stay all day. The oily-control capacity is just so so. I still feel my skin is a little it greasy by the end of the day. Plus, the brush is way way too awful and super hard to apply on your entire face or even on your cheeks. I recommend you should use your own brush. But overall, this one is good because it didn't break me out. I give it 3.5/5.

Buffalo, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Perfect bronzer!

Customer review by healthynurse83

5.0 stars 2/15/2013 by healthynurse83
by healthynurse83

I have ivory colored fair skin. I like to use a bronzer to give me that healthy look . My cheeks are already pink, so I don't want to add pink to it. I have used bronzers before that were too dark or orange. Sunkissed is the perfect mixtures of colors. Goes on light-can be applied several layers without looking heavy. Has a slight peachy/pink tint which makes it perfect for fair skin. Does not look orange. Makes my cheeks glow without looking glittery. I use this every day and feel like that it makes me look healthier! :)

Hays, KS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
My Beloved Vibrant!.. GONE!!!! NOOOOOOOOO

Customer review by Vibrant Lover

5.0 stars 10/3/2012 by Vibrant Lover
by Vibrant Lover

This is my all-time favorite blush - I can put it on and NOT have to wipe excess off on something, and it doesn't leave much powder to make a mess in the compact (on my counter, car, etc). I was dismayed to find Vibrant is no longer made apparently!!! I tried a Physician's Formula one that seemed similar...NOT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. I am Mexican/Puerto Rican so have fairly dark, yellowish undertone skin, this color was perfect for me! Not too pink, not orange, etc... waaaaaaa (<- me crying) :(

Vibrant Lover
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Oily
Fresh 20 wins the race!!!

Customer review by bluestargirl

5.0 stars 6/21/2013 by bluestargirl
by bluestargirl

I love Neutrogena Blush and have used it for years, but like all the others are saying, please bring back the Fresh 20 shade! As I get older the colors I wear on my face need to be more subtle and discrete otherwise, well, you know, I look silly, and over made up. And who wants to look like that?! So please give us back our colors. And we will continue to be loyal customers, at least I will continue to purchase my cosmetics and skin care Items, as I have for the last 10 years or more, from Neutrogena.

seattle, wa
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
Shade 22 Pure Blush

Customer review by charlee222

5.0 stars 7/15/2011 by charlee222
by charlee222

I have been searching for a natural looking blush that doesn't change color on your face or give you clown cheeks and this is it!! i have a slight pink undertone anyway so I have had a difficult time choosing a color. It's the perfect blend. I also love that there is no shimmer so it doesn't leave you looking shiny after a few hours. I also just started using the correcting stick with some mineral powder and all of these products create such a light natural look. Thanks Neutrogena!!

pittsburgh, pa
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better than sunlight!

Customer review by Neutrogenafanforlife

5.0 stars 8/31/2011 by Neutrogenafanforlife
by Neutrogenafanforlife

I love "sunkissed". I have a fair complexion and don't go out in the sun for tanning other than doing yard work or walking the dogs. So I like to give my skin a healthy glow without looking orange. This works perfectly! Nice healthy looking color. It isn't too orange or brown just a natural looking sunkissed glow. Also doesn't shimmer too much. I don't like the other bronzer from Neutrogena because it sparkles too much for my taste. Please keep making this!

Wichita, KS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love the look it gives my skin - just perfect

Customer review by MsMisty

5.0 stars 5/20/2015 by MsMisty
by MsMisty

I have been using this product in FRESH for a few years now and have really been so pleased with the perfect look it gave my very fair skin. I have been looking all over for my FRESH and was recently told that color had been discontinued!! I am devastated!! I'm hoping that Neutrogena listens to its customers and brings back my perfect FRESH. You're really disappointing many customers if you don't.

Houston, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
Bring back Fresh 20 blush!

Customer review by Fresh20

5.0 stars 6/12/2013 by Fresh20
by Fresh20

I absolutely loved the healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush in Fresh 20! PLEASE bring it back. Most of us with fair skin cannot wear the current colors, which are lovely but too dark for us, and we miss Fresh 20. It was my go-to blush, and it looked and felt great on my skin! I never used anything else after I discovered it. I don't want to use anything else now. Please, please bring this lovely pink blush back!

Columbia, MO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal

Customer review by faiza

5.0 stars 3/7/2012 by faiza
by faiza

we dont have Neutrogena cosmetics in Pakistan and my husband got Healthy skin blends for me from States a couple of years ago, and i love it!! it gives you such a beautiful array of colours! you can use it as a blusher, bronzer or even highlighter depending upon your requirement! Amazing product! highly recommendable...just one thing...i wish i could get it here in my country again because i am fast running out of it!!

Islamabad, Pakistan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bring back fresh 20

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 3/2/2014 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

This is one of the most natural blush colors I have ever found, so it is very disappointing to find out it has been discontinued. I see I'm not the only person who feels this way. I'm not sure why this decision was made, but my suggestion is that you bring fresh back and discontinue pure which I find to be less natural. Until then I'll be trying to find a substitute. So sorry to lose a good product.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great oil control!

Customer review by KWKelly96

5.0 stars 2/20/2012 by KWKelly96
by KWKelly96

I bought the pressed powder a few months ago and my skin feels like new! I have combination skin, and my T-zone gets especially oily, particularly after a day of school and P.E. This powder is great at keeping my skin matte. I originally used it to set my foundation, but I recently switched to a tinted moisturizer. Using this on my T-zone keeps my skin looking shine-free and healthy!

Ocean City, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bring "fresh" back!

Customer review by PinkLady

5.0 stars 12/21/2011 by PinkLady
by PinkLady

I used to have this blush in "fresh"- it was a really light pink shade and it worked perfectly with my ivory skin. I can't find it any more and I think they stopped making it! Please bring it back so I don't look like a clown wearing something darker! This blush is great though, and if you have darker skin than me then buy it! It blends in so well it's like you're not wearing it.

Chicago, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I want my Vibrant back!

Customer review by smee

5.0 stars 8/7/2012 by smee
by smee

I loved this product in the Vibrant color (24) but you DC'd it!!! This combo was great for mature ages, not too pink, not too brown. I often get compliments on my skin and makeup, making it look so natural,. Vibrant was my secret. I've been ordering left overs on-line but the stocks have dried up. You should have marketed this product better, you would have had better sales.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Blush, bronzer, and translucent powder

Customer review by SoccerMiniCooperGirl

5.0 stars 3/30/2012 by SoccerMiniCooperGirl
by SoccerMiniCooperGirl

All of the colors of this product are fantastic! They are mosaic so that they match your skin tone, no matter what shade! My advice? Use a different brush than the one give. It sheds, and with the bronzer, it can create a dark streak. I like fluffy brushes for a more even application. But other than the faulty brush, this product is so worth the money.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this product!

Customer review by osecanje

5.0 stars 6/11/2012 by osecanje
by osecanje

I have been using this product (shade 10 - clean) for years now and I LOVE it! Hope Neutrogena will never discontinue it. It is light, does not clog pores, does not make you feel like you have a mask on your face, but does the job! My skin is very sensitive with dry and/or red spots. It covers red spots nicely and does not dry my skin any more.

New York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 89 total reviews
1-20 of 89 reviews