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1449 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1449 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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On a diet

Customer review by JessXpress

5.0 stars 8/26/2016 by JessXpress
by JessXpress
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Verified purchaser
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This is the best low calorie Ranch I've ever had!

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Hidden Valley Ranch

Customer review by nantucketborn

5.0 stars 7/16/2016 by nantucketborn
by nantucketborn
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Great taste. Goes well not only with salad but also sides such as chicken nuggets, cheese sticks a dip for fresh vegetables.

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Mmmm . . Thank God for Light Hidden Valley Ranch

Customer review by RanchLuver

5.0 stars 2/24/2011 by RanchLuver
by RanchLuver

This dressing has put some joy back into my life! I (for medical reasons - not for weight loss) have been put on a calorie restricted diet. I need to eat lots of greens and veggies. Nothing is better to me than a packed salad topped with ranch dressing! However, with the severe calorie restriction, I haven't been able to have my favorite dressing, making my salads (now, a vital part of my diet) not so enjoyable. Never thought to check out the Light variety of Hidden Valley, until I saw it on the shelves, one day, last year. Ever since, I've had the joy put back into my salads! I can enjoy them again and don't feel like I'm missing out on flavor - anymore. My husband and I both enjoy this dressing and use it on our salads, in dips, and sometimes use it in sauces. I would recommend this dressing to anyone, whether they want to cut calories, or not. It's THAT good! Thank you Hidden Valley!

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Love me some Ranch!

Customer review by RanchTea

5.0 stars 3/14/2014 by RanchTea
by RanchTea

Title says it all, and this my friend is the best! I could bathe in it, wash my dog in it, eat with my cereal, I wish they made a Ranch coffee creamer #ranchcoffeecreamer #delish I honestly cannot get enough of this stuff, I tried to use the generic off brand kind after my wife lost her job down at the plant, but it's just not the same. This stuff is just so smooth and creamy and did I mention it's DELICIOUS?!? I also love that it is light, I've been dieting for about 8 months now (ever since I got put on disability for my weight) I love this light version because I can eat so much more and not feel so sad about where I am in my life. Basically I just love this stuff! #loveyouranch

Cleveland, OH
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Perfect Clone of the Original

Customer review by Gardener

5.0 stars 11/27/2013 by Gardener
by Gardener

I have avoided light products as they usually taste just as they say.."light" and not full flavored. Some have a strange aftertaste that really lets one know that it's not like the real thing. Well, in a hurry I unknowingly purchased "Hidden Valley Ranch Light" and when I got home and was ready to eat I had no choice but to use what I had brought home. To my great delight, I tried a little on the edge of my salad and found it tasting just like my original Hidden Valley Ranch and proceeded to drench my salad in this great tasting dressing. Thanks for the new and delicious light dressing......will continue to use.....

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Customer review by PKM2014

5.0 stars 5/12/2014 by PKM2014
by PKM2014

I buy this by the truckloads for my He eats it on EVERYTHING! He is 9 so he doesn't realize yet it's lite or what lite means but it makes me feel better. I can't tell the difference and don't believe he would either. However, if I ever try to sneak something by that is not Hidden Valley - he will not eat it. If we go out to eat - he has to be shown it's Hidden Valley or he's not going to eat it. Now I have to say, I'm with him on this. There is no ranch dressing that comes close. I find that quite odd, just what is the magical ingredient?

st louis mo
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Great tasting versatile product!

Customer review by Gallawdog

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by Gallawdog
by Gallawdog

This salad dressing is so rich, creamy and delicious, it is hard to believe that it is the light version. It's not only great on salads, but is a great veggie dip, and can be used in different recipes in various ways. It makes a great marinade for especially chicken, or you can dip the chicken pieces in the dressing and then in seasoned bread crumbs to either bake it or fry! Delicious! I have tried other fat free or light dressings from other companies, but Hidden Valley Ranch light and other dressings are simply the very best!

Port Charlotte, Florida
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Dieting can taste GOOD!

Customer review by EmmaRP

5.0 stars 2/26/2011 by EmmaRP
by EmmaRP

On my quest to lose 60# I knew I had to start eating better. That required that I start eating more salads, which was not something I was really very fond of. But I knew I needed to do it for my health as well as my well-being. I was already buying HVR for my family so I simply decided to choose the Light version for myself. What a lifesaver! It has the same taste as regular with fewer calories to help my 'bottom' line. I don't have a salad without HVR Light dressing. Oh, it helped me lose those 60# too!

Sandusky, OH
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Ranch House

Customer review by Saul

5.0 stars 11/29/2015 by Saul
by Saul

I definitely enjoy Hidden Valley Original Ranch Light's amazing flavor.I really recommend this type of ranch dressing. It has many uses in a variety of recipes. I use it and so does my family as well as my neighbors.

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Light Never Felt So Right

Customer review by MeganR

5.0 stars 12/21/2013 by MeganR
by MeganR

Not only is Hidden Valley a brand you can trust for quality, but I love that they work so hard to make even light ranch taste so great. I wouldn't necessarily say that it tastes exactly like the regular, but I still love how fresh and yummy it is. Hidden Valley Ranch is a necessity in our house, whether it's ranch burgers or ranch with pico and cilantro for dipping our favorite chips. I think it has just the right amount of creaminess and is consistent in quality. Light never felt so right!

Greentown, IN
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The accidental switch to Hidden Valley Ranch Light

Customer review by WifeofaRanchJunkie

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by WifeofaRanchJunkie
by WifeofaRanchJunkie

My husband is a ranch junkie and not just any ranch dressing only Hidden Valley. So when we go to family dinners our family knows to keep Hidden Valley ranch fully stocked. One night his grandmother realized that she bought the Hidden Valley Light instead of the regular and worried that my husband would pick up on the difference. Well he did, and he loved it! Ever since then we have all switched to Hidden Valley Light, my husband can continuing coating his food in a healthy ranch dressing!

Hershey, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best light dressing I've found!

Customer review by mrshunt88

5.0 stars 7/18/2011 by mrshunt88
by mrshunt88

My family has been a Hidden Valley only family for practically my whole life, but as my husband and I decided to try and slim up, we were very hesistant to make the switch to Light Ranch, despite the almost 100 calories/serving less. However, my whole family LOVES and eat the light just as well as the Original Ranch (which says a ton...I have 3 small children who love salad thanks to Hidden Valley, even with light dressing!). Great choice and a neccessity in our household. :)

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The only ranch my kids can eat!

Customer review by rayoffour

5.0 stars 5/22/2012 by rayoffour
by rayoffour

I dont know exactly what the difference is compared to the ingredients in other ranch dressing brands but Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing is the ONLY salad dressing that my children can eat. I have tried every other brand out there and they all cause an allergic reaction(their mouth and skin burn. literally). My kids love ranch on everything! So whatever you are doing differently Hidden Valley PLEASE dont change it, or else my kids will be without your delicious dressing:-)

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Is this LIGHT Dressing?

Customer review by justdebralee

5.0 stars 11/19/2013 by justdebralee
by justdebralee

I can't tell the difference between regular and light Hidden Valley Ranch dressing besides the amount of calories on the nutrition label! You can dip your heart healthy veggies in this ranch dressing and not feel bad about it! This is my family's favorite dressing. The only thing I don't like about this dressing is that the small bottles don't have a pour spout (Or small hole) to squeeze the dressing through like the bigger bottles do. Why is that?

Chickasha, OK
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The Only One For Us

Customer review by sryan29

5.0 stars 2/24/2011 by sryan29
by sryan29

I have purchased many brands of light ranch dressing and not one has the flavor and texture of Hidden Valley Light Ranch. It is the only one my family enjoys. In fact I sent my 19 year-old to the store for a bottle. I realized that I had forgot to remind him which kind to buy and to my surprise, he bought Hidden Valley Light Ranch. Even a 19 year-old, who really doesn't pay much attention, knows which the ranch dressing is the best!

Hyrum, Ut
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My favorite!!!

Customer review by NicoleB

5.0 stars 4/15/2011 by NicoleB
by NicoleB

I used to hate salads, but then I discovered if you find a good dressing they can really be delicious! The only problem was that many of the good tasting dressings were really high in fat. When I discovered that this "light" version of ranch tasted just as good as regular dressings, I was really happy and wondered where it had been all my life. It's been 3 years since I've been committed to this dressing, and I'm never looking back!

Los Angeles, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great for the diet

Customer review by lisainarkansas

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by lisainarkansas
by lisainarkansas

Let's be clear - I love Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. So, when I lost quite a bit of weight recently, I was so thankful I didn't have to give up my favorite dressing. The switch from regular Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing to the Lite version was easy as could be. I can't even tell the difference between the two. It's creamy, dreamy goodness! I use it as a dipping sauce as well as on low fat burgers and even tacos! Yum!

Little Rock, AR
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Light Ranch

Customer review by tashagirl10

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by tashagirl10
by tashagirl10

I am lucky that I have never had to force my kids to eat veggies. My daughter is on the track team and is watching her carb intake these days. Her favorite snack is Ranch dip with carrott chips and celery. I like to marinate chicken breasts in Ranch and toss them on the grill. It keeps them nice and moist. Thanks for a great product, Hidden Valley!! Looking forward to trying the Onion Parmesan flavor.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better than many other 'light' dressings

Customer review by sunkissed212

4.0 stars 3/13/2011 by sunkissed212
by sunkissed212

I find Hidden Valley Light Ranch dressing to be much better tasting than any other 'light' ranch that I have tried. I usually just allow myself to have the full-fat versions of dressings because usually the low-fat/light versions are barely edible. Not the case with this one, I actually like it just as much as the full-fat version and don't have to feel as guilty eating it! My husband approves too!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Delish and guilt-free yummy!

Customer review by SammyJ

5.0 stars 2/25/2011 by SammyJ
by SammyJ

As a middle-aged woman who is constantly fighting thunder thighs, I am always looking for ways to keep my diet as lowfat and healthy as possible, however, I hate sacrificing flavor for less fat. Luckily you all have saved the day with your Light Ranch dressing and I don't even notice I'm not being naughty! Thanks so much for offering up your delish, guilt-free yummy dressing! ;p

Woodville, Ohio
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1-20 of 1075 total reviews
1-20 of 1075 reviews