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1-20 of 2347 total reviews
1-20 of 2347 reviews
Color looks awful

Customer review by N Labels

1.0 stars 10/16/2016 by N Labels
by N Labels

I'm printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800. Nothing I do gives me black blacks rich colors with these labels. I can find no info whatsoever on what ICC profiles to use, so am left with the "trial and error" method which is a total WASTE OF MY TIME. Would it be so hard to include this info on the packaging???

N Labels
Would recommend to a friend? No
"going home" tags for Kindergarten Kids

Customer review by happyheartsranch

5.0 stars 9/5/2010 by happyheartsranch
by happyheartsranch

Our school has over 800 students and dismissal for our Kindergarten classes can be crazy especially in the beginning of the school year when some students still do not know their last names or bus numbers. I run name tags for all my students that include student name, teacher name and transportation home information. At the meet and greet the teacher day I give the parents a week's worth of name tags, one for each day of school. These tags not only help other staff such as lunch room and Specials teachers it makes dismissal very easy. The parents tell me they apprecdiate the "safety insurance" for their child. The kids like the tags because I always put a "cool" graphic on it and the parents reinforce the safety issues in wearing their tag.My co-workers call me a "label snob" because I only like Avery........but once they try them they join mein my opinion. They don't jam up when printing, the adhesive does not leave a filmy residue on clothing and you have lots of choices in size. Can't beat that!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Tammy N

1.0 stars 9/11/2016 by Tammy N
by Tammy N

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS LABEL. I used these with my laser printer to ship high quantities. But, the ink fades right off when touched. Even when its coming out of the printer the ink smears since my printer sends out the printed page with it faced down. And even after waiting to see if it was just not fully dry, 2 days later and when i run my finger across it the ink transfers right over.

Tammy N
Las Vegas, NV
Would recommend to a friend? No
Flexible Label Size, Durable, Reliable

Customer review by WAM3

5.0 stars 10/5/2013 by WAM3
by WAM3

Avery offers labels in a staggering variety of sizes but sometimes as a graphic designer I need to move beyond the more popular dimensions of pre-cut labels and produce a label that's truly unique either in size, shape or both. And that's why I use 5165. With a metal straight edge and a craft knife (or free-hand with scissors if you're more adventurous) you can create one-of-a-kind labels with 5165 that will stand the test of time. I say that because some of the labels I've created with it date back to before my son was 10 years old... he's 28 as I write this review and those labels are still 'on the job' if you get my drift. I could go on about this particular Avery product but instead recommend that you consider it the next time you want to label 'out side the box' as it is defined by the cut edge of popular or standard label sizes. The finish of 5165 is always consistent and not once has a label I've created with it ever failed to perform as expected.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by nannakaren

5.0 stars 1/28/2009 by nannakaren
by nannakaren

Excellent product. I mass ship on E-Bay and these labels save me so much time and tape

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Warrenton, Oregon
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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:11 - 12 months
Usage:Every few days
Great product

Customer review by 227trebor

5.0 stars 2/13/2010 by 227trebor
by 227trebor

I bought these to use with my kodak printer to print usps labels. They work perfectly with paypal and click n ship. I would highly recommend these labels.

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Atlanta, GA
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Shipping and so much more

Customer review by advocatemary

5.0 stars 6/21/2016 by advocatemary
by advocatemary

I buy the super big box of 2 by 4 white shipping labels because I use them for so many things. Today I'm printing Labels for Goody Bags for a Golf Tournament. The thing I like is that they really do cover the previous shipping information, and in our case, we absolutely have to cover up old shipping information. I work in a domestic violence shelter and when we send letters or packages back, we do not want them to be returned, so we really need that previous shipping information covered up.

Brownwood, TX
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Essential for my work!

Customer review by Sister Mary Archivist

5.0 stars 6/21/2016 by Sister Mary Archivist
by Sister Mary Archivist

I was so glad to discover the 2x4 labels with TrueBlock. They have become an essential part of my archival work. I can put enough information on my boxes in large print so that a user can easily see what's in the box, which prevents them from rifling in other boxes to find what they need! My job is made much easier by the use of this style label. Boxes look so much neater on the shelves by using these labels. Thank you, Avery! No tips. How can you improve on perfection?

Sister Mary Archivist
New Mexico
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product

Customer review by Budsdaughter

5.0 stars 9/29/2009 by Budsdaughter
by Budsdaughter

I use these labels all the time for my e-bay business and buying them online from walmart is much cheaper than those office supply stores. They seem to be a heavier quality.

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The Only Brand for Us!

Customer review by Rebecca

5.0 stars 6/15/2016 by Rebecca
by Rebecca

Avery's labels are spectacular. I enjoy the templates they come attached with for intuitive mailing merge use. Incredibly helpful! The only improvement made is that the wording and margins on the far left of the sheet get cut off when printing. 3 labels are lost in this process, but are still mostly useful. This could be a bug in the template, however, no errors appear right before printing to alert the user. Overall, completely satisfied!

Simi Valley, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
These labels destroyed my HP printer

Customer review by jmm1947

1.0 stars 5/29/2015 by jmm1947
by jmm1947

"TrueBlock" labels are stiffer & stickier than most, perhaps why they peeled off inside my printer and jammed it in a way I can't clear. Avery's "Jam-Free Guarantee": Avery's CS supervisor explained that I had to take the printer to a repair station to document the damage & get a repair estimate ($50-$75 plus my time) before she could "escalate to [her] Management Team for review". She also hinted that I had used the labels in the wrong sort of printer, leading me to expect an unfavorable review outcome, at which time I would have been without a printer for weeks, wasted time, and more money. Not a very useful guarantee! So, I just bought a new printer ($150), which will arrive in a few days. If not too expensive, I'll ship the jammed printer to Avery, just to see how they respond. I'm betting on something like "sorry, but we don't have facilities to examine your printer". We shall see!

San Francisco
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great product!

Customer review by Ana

5.0 stars 6/23/2016 by Ana
by Ana

I use these frequently at work, but recently, I made take aways (party favors) for my son's graduation party. They were a hit because they were very personalized, and inexpensive, compared to the cost had I gotten these done by someone else. Will use them again!

Miami, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Avery Labels are THE BEST!

Customer review by Super Scooper

5.0 stars 6/20/2016 by Super Scooper
by Super Scooper

I use an assortment of Avery labels both for personal and business use and have for years. No other labels offer the quality or selection that Avery consistently offers. In the past, I've also used the Avery software which is very good too. I wish all business products were as good as Avery is every time!

Super Scooper
Neptune Beach, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pretty useful product

Customer review by AlexMan

4.0 stars 6/16/2016 by AlexMan
by AlexMan

I really enjoyed how easy it is to make your own design and then produce in large quantities. However, it did smear at least once per project (about three times) which seems like quite a high rate if you ask me. Maybe it's the printer, but we matched the product to the printer type, so it shouldn't have smeared that much. But otherwise very useful.

Austin, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Easy to use and awesome online help!

Customer review by Busy Bees

5.0 stars 6/22/2016 by Busy Bees
by Busy Bees

It was easy to find the labels online I had purchased to design labels for our small honey sales business.

Busy Bees
West Mansfield, Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Labels I Have Found!

Customer review by DocStrange

5.0 stars 6/22/2016 by DocStrange
by DocStrange

Love that I can put both "TO" and "FROM" on the same label! I also add the warning not to fold!

Garland TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Professional Label for folders 5264

Customer review by Water girl

5.0 stars 6/23/2016 by Water girl
by Water girl

These look nice in colour, enough room for logos and text.

Water girl
Ontario, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This label really delivers

Customer review by LINDA

5.0 stars 6/22/2016 by LINDA

When you need a label that gets the job done with the least hassle. This one is for you.

Katy, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Helpful for Meeting folder Labels

Customer review by Miss O

5.0 stars 6/20/2016 by Miss O
by Miss O

I love this product and I use if for Labels of Meeting Folders - I created a placing template and makes them looks centered and elegant.

Miss O
Los Altos Hills
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This label fit the bill.

Customer review by Sarjenjo

5.0 stars 6/13/2016 by Sarjenjo
by Sarjenjo

I liked these better than my local printers labels. I had an unusual use...applying translations for an international book project. The finish is perfect...the peel off back makes it very easy for volunteers to use. Printer feeding was perfect. Affordability was key for my project.

Greenville, SC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 2347 total reviews
1-20 of 2347 reviews