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8 reviews | 2.3 out of 5

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great product that works

Customer review by neicy

5.0 stars 9/14/2008 by neicy
by neicy

I spray the wrap lotion on my hair and comb it through. Then I spray the pantene oil sheen and blow dry. My hair is silky straight and manageable.

Great Product!

Customer review by Valbaby

5.0 stars 5/30/2009 by Valbaby
by Valbaby

I have found this to be a great product. It gives me hold that is not stiff. It does not flake. If it does, perhaps other users are using too much. The one problem I have is finding it when needed. I have not been able to locate a place that sells it in my area. I need it!!!

I get a rash

Customer review by jean

2.0 stars 9/30/2008 by jean
by jean

when using your relaxed products, I got a rash on my neck, everytime I used the products, can any one tell me why this happens. The relaxed produts is for women of color, it doses make my hair soft, and I like the produt , but the rash stops me from using it.


Customer review by Charka

2.0 stars 2/22/2010 by Charka
by Charka

I just recently started using the Pantene products. I was so excited to go out and get it because I need my hair to have the body and texture that I have always wanted. I loved the shampoo and conditoner, but when it came down tot he wrap lotion I was very disappointed after perming, and rolling my hair and getting under the dryer when i went to comb my hair out I got flakes everywhere I had to spray the oil sheen to loose everything up. I loved all the over products...

Horrible Product!

Customer review by Louisiana

1.0 stars 5/6/2009 by Louisiana
by Louisiana

My hair is very stift after I use this product and let it dry. When I comb it through, white flacks appear and fall all over my clothes. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The only good thing about it is it smells good.


Customer review by Shygirl

1.0 stars 11/11/2009 by Shygirl
by Shygirl

This product makes my hair very stiff and hard as it dries!!! Very hard to dry my hair under the dryer and very hard to comb out!! Very surprised because I love the other Relaxed and Natural products I have tried!

SOOOO Disappointed!

Customer review by ChicagoLady

1.0 stars 2/6/2010 by ChicagoLady
by ChicagoLady

I've been using the Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for almost a little over a year and absolutely love them both! Because of my happiness with those two products, I added the Daily Oil Cream about 4 months ago. Being so excited about the look and feel of my hair with all three, I thought I'd go for the gold and get the Set and Wrap Lotion to wrap/mold my short hairstyle. HUGE MISTAKE! My hair felt soft and silky when I was spraying and distributing the product throughout my hair, but when I finished sitting under my hooded dryer allowing it to dry, my hair was stiff, hard, sticky, and dull! I had a difficult time combing it out to begin the curling process and once I did comb it out my shoulders were covered in white flakes and residue. To further aggravate me, after using my curling irons, my hair was CRUUUUUNCHY! Not quite the look I go for! This product was a waste of money and time (since I had to re-wash and dry it). While I will faithfully continue to use the shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer, you can FORGET about me ever touching that spray again!

Epic Fail!!

Customer review by eSmilez

1.0 stars 4/30/2010 by eSmilez
by eSmilez

I just started using the Breakage Defense and thought I'd use this product too. When my hair dried, it make a terrible crunch sound and flaked. I love the line but this product has got to go.