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1-20 of 674 total reviews
1-20 of 674 reviews
Favorite Mascara of All Time!

Customer review by OMGigi

5.0 stars 12/3/2013 by OMGigi
by OMGigi

My go-to mascara recommendation to everyone I know is hands down the CoverGirl LashBlast Volume. It instantly darkens, separates, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes. The formula and brush are a match made in heaven that make my lashes bold and big!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by 123jojo

5.0 stars 1/25/2010 by 123jojo
by 123jojo

I wanted brown mascara to bring out the blue in my eyes. I also wanted a thick brush that got all of my eyelashes. It doesn't clump or smear. For the price, it works amazing.

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Age:14 - 18
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
excellent mascara

Customer review by Fiberfreak

5.0 stars 2/24/2012 by Fiberfreak
by Fiberfreak

excellent mascara at dime store prices.I used to work in the high priced cosmetics business eons ago so I'm used to quality mascara. This puppy stacks up....thin mixture, no flaking, no burning or itching and doesn't end up under your eyes instead of on your lashes. The brown shade I purchased is nice for blondes. You can build several layers without it looking like spider legs. Quick like bunny delivery and I totally dig on the feature of letting you check on stock level and store availability....what a time saver!!!

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VERY dissapointed

Customer review by JoyBug

1.0 stars 4/29/2014 by JoyBug
by JoyBug

I LOVED the Nature Luxe Mousse Mascara and it was discontinued so I looked on Cover Girl site to find something similar. I purchased the LashBlast and hate it. It's bulky, awkward for me to use and it clumps. I would NEVER compare the two products:(

Crown Point
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by BethSwan

5.0 stars 11/12/2013 by BethSwan
by BethSwan

I LOVE THIS MASCARA! I love that it separates each of my lashes and with just two coats, my eyes POP! It doesn't clump or flake and comes off easy with soap and water. It doesn't smudge either! It does dry out quickly though, which is mildly annoying

Fort Worth
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not worth the hype or repurchase :/

Customer review by OhheyitsjustJennifer

3.0 stars 9/29/2013 by OhheyitsjustJennifer
by OhheyitsjustJennifer

Was excited to try this product since I Love the brand.but it's nothing more than average.didnt see any of the crazy volume it promised and if I layer too much it clumps so I have to use it with other mascaras to make it look good.not worth the price

Would recommend to a friend? No
Will not buy product again.

Customer review by 12GH1915

1.0 stars 12/15/2013 by 12GH1915
by 12GH1915

First tube of product was clumpy. I had to wash brush after each use because it was so clumpy.Then had to use q tips to get the clumps off my eyelashes. I purchased a second tube, to give the product another chance.The same thing as the first tube.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Does not clump if you rotate the brush!

Customer review by Klaudia

5.0 stars 1/19/2013 by Klaudia
by Klaudia

Despite some of the bad reviews on here I don't hate it!. When I first bought it and applied, it clumped, but then I found out that when I comb through my lashes and rotate the brush going root to tip, it separated, and did NOT clump, and looks full!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by hellokittyxoxo

5.0 stars 10/28/2012 by hellokittyxoxo
by hellokittyxoxo

This is an amazing mascara I have ever used, it does not clump my lashes together it leaves them flawless and volumized.The packaging is amazing because it is secured so that air does not get in and dry up the mascara.I would recommend this product!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Cheriot

1.0 stars 12/3/2012 by Cheriot
by Cheriot

Every day I use this I promise myself to write 1st ever makeup review to warn others. Flakes and clumps like nothing I've ever used, I've been using mascara MANY years. Even AFTER I comb lashes it somehow RE clumps, never stops flaking. HATE IT LOTS!

Cedar Rapids, IA
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by pinkraspberryrain

2.0 stars 10/17/2008 by pinkraspberryrain
by pinkraspberryrain

I found it to be a little messey just because the brush is so big. Even though I bought the one that was not water proof it was hard to get off before bed. I really don't love this product sorry. But I still LOVE all of the other Cover Girl products!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Attention Getter!

Customer review by TheEyesHaveIt

4.0 stars 9/16/2011 by TheEyesHaveIt
by TheEyesHaveIt

This is one mascara that will have everyone noticing your lashes! It works like a charm! It lengthens and thickens so well! I love it! My only complaint is that I feel like there's not much in the tube.. I buy it pretty frequently! It's great though!

Salt Lake City, UT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
one of the best drugstore mascaras

Customer review by MissPreggo17

5.0 stars 2/23/2011 by MissPreggo17
by MissPreggo17

I bought this on a whim & I hated it at first but after getting used to the brush, it works really well. I love how tapered the brush is for being rubber. the formula is sticky & sometimes smudges. also, if you don't put it on correctly it will clump

Pittsburgh, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
TOO Waterproof?

Customer review by mmkjess

1.0 stars 3/9/2008 by mmkjess
by mmkjess

This mascara is way too difficult to remove! None of my eye makeup removers, oil-free or not, could take it off! It flaked & smudged everywhere, giving me dark under-eye circles! I would NOT recommend this, & it's unsuitable for contact lens wearers.

Sarasota, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No
Pretty Good

Customer review by AlexLovesDance

4.0 stars 8/1/2011 by AlexLovesDance
by AlexLovesDance

I tried CoverGirl mascara for the first time with this product and it was pretty good. I got major volume but sometimes but sometimes it made my lashes stick together in clumps. I also noticed it is very similar to the Fusion mascara that I also own.

San Diego, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Different? Too wet, but still good

Customer review by lashblastveteran

4.0 stars 7/28/2011 by lashblastveteran
by lashblastveteran

People ask me what I do to make these lashes. LASHBLAST! It hasn't worked the same for me though. People complain about the formula being dry-for me its wet. I have to wipe the mascara off to get close to what I used to achieve. Wish I knew the catch

Baltimore, Maryland
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Simply Love

Customer review by Bri16

5.0 stars 4/9/2012 by Bri16
by Bri16

I love this mascara I have been using it for almost two years now and I have tried Rimmel london, mary kays volumizing, loreal and the extra volume one as well and I always come back to this orange tube. I apply at bottom and wiggle it upwards. <3 it

Franklinville, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by makeupgirl760

1.0 stars 7/7/2008 by makeupgirl760
by makeupgirl760

I bought this mascara thinking I would love it, because I love Cover Girl Volume Exact. This was a waste of $$$ for me. It is clumpy and messy. I have tried everything but this mascara gets everywhere when I put it on. This was a huge disappointment.

Palm Springs, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No
No Thanks

Customer review by MountainHighGirl

2.0 stars 6/3/2011 by MountainHighGirl
by MountainHighGirl

My biggest issue with this mascara, besides that it clumps easily, is the "brown" they offer is really more black. It looks brown on the brush, but when I applied one coat it's way too dark. I'll stick with the Professional All-in-One curved mascara.

Westminster, CO
Would recommend to a friend? No
Good Mascara

Customer review by Mesa

3.0 stars 7/15/2009 by Mesa
by Mesa

I have thin long lashes. Does make my lashes look longer and fuller. Goes in with a little clump so I use a clean mascara brush to remove get rid of the clumps (I tend to have to do this with all mascaras). Recommend curling your lashes before using.

Burlington, ON
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 674 total reviews
1-20 of 674 reviews