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Favorite Mascara of All Time!

Customer review by OMGigi

5.0 stars 12/3/2013 by OMGigi
by OMGigi

My go-to mascara recommendation to everyone I know is hands down the CoverGirl LashBlast Volume. It instantly darkens, separates, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes. The formula and brush are a match made in heaven that make my lashes bold and big!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome product!

Customer review by glitterSmitter

5.0 stars 6/27/2014 by glitterSmitter
by glitterSmitter

I love this Macara. I got it free from Influenster in my SurfsUpVoxBox. I love the how it volumizes and enhances my eye lashes. Great Product!

St Louis
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Covergirl LashBlast Love!

Customer review by Stef3106

5.0 stars 3/25/2016 by Stef3106
by Stef3106

I have been using the Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara, that I received free from Covergirl, for a little over three weeks now. I have really love how smoothly it goes on, and how it gives my lashes just enough volume. A few days ago I decided to use the mascara I had been using before I received my LashBlast in the mail. I figured now that I'm familiar with the LashBlast Volume it would be a good way to compare. I immediately regretted trying this little experiment on a work day, and considered washing my face and starting over this time using the LashBlast Volume, but I just went with it. I think the rubbery bristles of the Covergirl LashBlast Volume do a much better job, separating my lashes and making them thicker and longer, then the traditional brush like bristles of other mascara. It also goes on a lot smoother. I occasionally have to whip excess mascara off the wand before applying, but it looks great on my lashes so I don't mind. I would definitely recommend this product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Acton, MA
My new favorite mascara!!

Customer review by Frodge

5.0 stars 3/21/2016 by Frodge
by Frodge

I have always been sceptical of waterproof mascara because I always end up with racoon eyes. When I was given the option to try CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume waterproof macara I jumped at the chance. I really liked the fact the the tube was very easy to hold. Also the mascara went on extremely smoothly. I usually put on three layers of mascara but with CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume waterproof mascara I only needed to put on two layers. I really put the mascara to the test by going to the beach while wearing it. It lasted all day and I did not end up with racoon eyes! I am so excited about this mascara because I love in Florida and often go to the beach and water parks. I can actually wear eye makeup and not worry about looking horrible at the end of the day! I suggest that if you are looking for a great mascara that gives your lashes volume and is waterproof that you go with CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume waterproof mascara. I was given this product free of charge to try by CoverGirl. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Valrico, FL
Love this CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara Volume

Customer review by Bbean7

5.0 stars 3/9/2016 by Bbean7
by Bbean7

I wear makeup every day and love trying new products. I received this mascara as a sample to try (I love try before you buy anytime!) and I have to say "I love it"! It not only gave volume to my lashes but lengthened them, too. It didn't clump up (You know the kind, you look like you have four or five huge spiky lashes...grrr) It separated my lashes while giving me mega volume and length. It was easy to apply, though I did bend my brush a tiny bit to achieve a curl. I do not think I would wear this for more than ten hours, like from work to a night out with reapplying, but another great thing about this product is that it did not leave any smudges under my eyes after a couple of hours as I have experienced with other brands. There was no flaking and it really make my eyes pop! I would totally recommend this mascara to all of my friends and have already recommended to two other women already! I received this sample in exchange for my honest opinion of this product from Covergirl. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Middleburg, FL
A good product

Customer review by afbomze

3.0 stars 3/1/2016 by afbomze
by afbomze

I tried the Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Mascara. I am a woman who wears makeup, especially mascara every day. I have used this product each day for the past five days and genuinely like the product. The Mascara is easy to put on, the applicator allows for an even application and separates your lashes nicely. The black color is a true black, a nice dark color. The product's claim to be hypoallergenic seems to be on point. I often have an allergic reaction to certain makeup brands and i did not have any problems with this product. My only negative about the product is that it is supposed to be a volumizer, I did not notice any significant volume increase when applying the product. Overall this Mascara provides a nice black coating to my lashes, without any clumping, but did not make my lashes appear thicker - which is what I would expect from a Mascara that claims to be a volumizer. That being said I will continue to use the Mascara and would most likely purchase it in the future. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Commack, NY
Like to be impressed? Try this mascara!

Customer review by glamcat

5.0 stars 3/22/2016 by glamcat
by glamcat

I am a mascara snob. Through the years, I have tried countless brands and formulas, sticking with very few. What I look for is a mascara that I can get all I need out of. My lashes are naturally long, but not dark. I want volume without clumps. I want to be able to get the tiny corner lashes and have them look even with the others. COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume gave me all of these things. The brush easily runs through the lashes, coating them evenly. One coat is all that is needed, however, for a night look, I've used two. The volume is excellent, the lash line looking full and even, giving great definition and a dramatic look. I wear glasses, which has me very particular with how my lashes look. If it's not enough, my eyes sort of disappear, too much and I look completely made up. I prefer to enhance what I have naturally rather than not look like myself. A lot of products make claims, but this one provides results. I'm extremely impressed and think you will be too. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

La Quinta, CA
My new mascara!

Customer review by Kellip

5.0 stars 3/4/2016 by Kellip
by Kellip

I am a big fan of COVERGIRL products so I was so excited to try COVER GIRL LashBlast volume mascara for free in exchange for an honest review. I typically always buy the same mascara because I know I like it and it works great but I have to say that this mascara will now be the one I buy! The brush really did get every lash, I didn't feel like I had to keep applying it multiple times to get the desired effect. I feel like it really makes my eyes look so much bigger and brighter. As I walk past the mirror throughout the day, I keep catching myself taking an extra look and noticing the difference. Being a mother of a toddler and new baby, I dont put on makeup as often as I used to but just wearing this mascara alone has really made me feel better about my appearance! I will definitely start wearing this on a daily basis. I have included a picture of me with no eye makeup in the top picture and just wearing the LashBlast with no other eye makeup in the bottom picture. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Painesville, OH
Lashes and volume for days

Customer review by lkmaid

4.0 stars 9/21/2015 by lkmaid
by lkmaid

When I got this mascara I was excited to try it but a bit hesitant on its lasting power. Believe me when I say almost EVERY single mascara leaves me with panda eyes, no matter the price point. The brush size was also a bit scary, since I'm used to working with smaller less spiky brushes. Anyways, I have it a go and man was I blown away! It wa a super easy to put on, although I did poke my eye once(there's a bit of a learning curb if your used to smaller brushes). I got volume, separation and length out of this mascara with no clumping. The end result is beautiful and although not 'natural' it's not clumpy or spidery at all. So on I went in my merry way and lo and behold, 10hs later the mascara was still on with minimal smudging! Overall I'm super happy with this mascara, it's definitely worth getting especially at its price point. It definitely competes with higher end, triple-the-price mascara. So if you want lashes and volume for days and smudge-free eyes go and give this one a try :) (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Montreal, QC
COVERGIRL® LashBlast Voume Mascara - A Perfect Finish!

Customer review by Wrennie

5.0 stars 3/22/2016 by Wrennie
by Wrennie

I tried COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara, Volume, in Very Black. It's been really fun to see my lashes go from almost blonde and invisible to thick, full, and black! I really like the formula because I don't have to apply and re-apply and re-apply to build up volume. Just one good swipe over my lashes does the job, which saves me precious time in the morning. Also, the mascara lasts all day long without rubbing or flaking off, so that's a plus. Another thing I like is that it won't 'cry off' easily if my eyes tear up a little from seasonal allergies. At night when I remove my makeup it's very simple to wash off unlike some mascaras that take extra removers. I am easily able to remove this mascara with my normal face wash. Because my lashes are naturally blonde, when I wear this mascara I instantly look glamorous and a little younger too. Overall, I give this Volume formula five stars for being a good value, a great finish for any makeup look, and for ease of use. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Covington, WA
Good Mascara

Customer review by RustysMa

4.0 stars 10/23/2015 by RustysMa
by RustysMa

The LashBlast Volume Mascara says it increases the volume of your lashes up to 10 times. This was not true at all for me. It worked just as well as any other mascara I've used. I regularly use an expensive organic more natural mascara, and I felt both mascaras gave me the same result. The LashBlast Volume surely gave me darker, longer looking, and more defined lashes when compared to wearing no mascara at all; though I wouldn't say 10 times the volume. More like twice the volume. I did really like the wand, it was small enough to work with and I could get in the corners easily. I also liked how the mascara stayed on all day with no flakes (something my regular mascara sometimes does). Though it was still easy enough to remove at night without needing special makeup removers. All in all, I liked the Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara; though I wouldn't count on the volume it promises. I would recommend this mascara to a friend, though only if it was in the same price range as other mascaras. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

North Saanich, BC
Great for already long lashes!

Customer review by Aleigh13

5.0 stars 3/9/2016 by Aleigh13
by Aleigh13

I have been using this mascara for several years now and I absolutely love it! I recently received this product for free from CoverGirl to try. I have naturally long lashes already so I use mascara to define them more. Usually mascara just clumps because of my lashes but the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume doesn't do that! It goes on easily and separates my lashes well. Every now and then I will get a group of lashes that like to cling together but that is due to how my lashes grow and not the product. I have never noticed any flaking of the product unless I rub my eye or pick at my lashes. Sometimes this mascara works a bit too well on me because it adds length to already long lashes and can hit the lenses of my sunglasses! Also, cleaning it off is super easy. Facial cleanser and water is all it takes. I've tried the waterproof and I hated it because it wasn't easy to clean off but the standard non-waterproof is a breeze! I will continue to use this mascara and I hope they never change the formula. Great product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Mesa, AZ
Best mascara!

Customer review by Angie

5.0 stars 9/15/2016 by Angie
by Angie
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I have been using this specific brand for years. I love it and get compliments on my lashes!

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Awesome Mascara

Customer review by richermegan

4.0 stars 9/27/2015 by richermegan
by richermegan

So, I am a pretty boring chick when it comes to make-up; some cover-up, a bit of eyeliner and mascara, just to have a cleaner look. So, I am not too talented at putting mascara on (like I wouldn't get an award or become famous for my make-up abilities). Anyways, I am always looking for simple mascaras that won't look like my child put it on for me; COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara offers just that. If you are looking for volume, COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara is the route to go! It gives you a full looking set of lashes without having to pull out all those crazy contraptions to aid in getting the perfect lash. The only reason I am giving this a 4 star is because it does not give quite as much length as I would like, but really, that is not what they are proclaiming anyways; so maybe I should give it 5 stars? But anyways, COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara is definitely go to be my go to Mascara now, especially with how black it is; goes with every girls little black dress! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

North Bay, ON
Worth a try

Customer review by MrsKuhn

3.0 stars 3/3/2016 by MrsKuhn
by MrsKuhn

I recived the CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara free to review from BzzAgent It's hard to say I love this product but it's also hard to say I hate it. Compared to most drug store mascara's this is high ranking in my book, but I'm really particular about mascara. So let's start with what I like about this product; I like that it's easy to clean messes I make ( I can be in a rush and sloppy sometimes ) but I also found the bristles being smaller helps me make less of a mess. The formula doesn't clump up easily. I put on 4 coats to get the look I wanted and still no clumps... So bounus points. Now the things I didn't like; I don't care much for plastic wands. I find it doesn't give me the desired look i like. I also wasn't that thrilled that I had to do four coats and even then didn't really like the way it looked. I felt like it did more a spider affect and I don't care for that much. I'll continue to use this product mainly as a lower lash line mascara but I think I'll stick with my Better than sex mascara for my tops. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Los Molinos, CA

Customer review by Lasyjsmom

1.0 stars 9/2/2016 by Lasyjsmom
by Lasyjsmom

It's very sticky once applied. Makes my bottom lashes stick to the top. And it's hard to get the little lashes with the awkward shape of the brush.

Laveen, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal
I love Colorgilr but this is not their best

Customer review by Trish0102

3.0 stars 4/2/2016 by Trish0102
by Trish0102

I am a huge fan of covergirl but I was a little disappointed with the LashBlast Volume Mascara. I had a very hard time getting it to apply on my lashes. It took so many coats and then it never really was at a volume I would consider acceptable like most of their other mascaras I have used. It was almost impossible to get it to apply to my lower lashes. I felt very incomplete as far as my eye makeup went. Almost like I did not have any mascara on. Like I said, I love Colorgirl products as a whole but this mascara did not live up to their normal standards. It was much more smudgeable too. Seemed like it would smudge off if you barely touched it. I have never had to reapply mascara throughout the day but with this one I did. That was a hassle I do not need. I appreciate the opportunity that Colorgirl gave me to try their product for free but I have to say I would not use my own money to purchase this particular product. I will however, continue to use their other products as I have been using for many years. Thanks for you time!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Roseburg, OR
No wonder it's a classic!

Customer review by libbydib

5.0 stars 9/22/2015 by libbydib
by libbydib

I got to try the Lashblast Volume Covergirl mascara free through BzzAgent and was very satisfied! Before that, I was using the Lashblast Fusion mascara (got it free through a P&G sample offer), so I feel qualified to compare the two (very similar) mascaras. First of all, I like both of them. The formulas are easy to apply, stay on, and are not too "wet" of a mascara (which I personally hate, as wet mascaras go on too thin and make your lashes look stringy in my opinion). Both of them also provide a lot of extra length, despite only the fusion being marketed as lengthening. The only difference that I found was in how thick (or dramatic, if you will) my lashes look. Surprisingly, the fusion mascara made my lashes noticeably thicker, while the volume mascara was a slightly more subtle look. Both are good though, it depends on what you're looking for! If you want dramatic, go for the fusion. For my daily wear, I will definitely consider the lastblast volume in the future -- no wonder it's a classic! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Coquitlam, BC
Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Mascara

Customer review by Trishsal54

5.0 stars 3/3/2016 by Trishsal54
by Trishsal54

I was happy to be invited in this campaign, because I definitely use make-up. I won't leave home without it. Even if I'm going nowhere for the day...I still put a little lipstick and mascara on...just in case... This Lashblast Volume is the perfect color, lengthens,without flaking...and it adds volume. I am a subscriber to several monthly beauty boxes and have tried many very expensive mascaras that do the same thing...and I feel that Cover Girl Lashblast works just as well,if not better than the more expensive brands. I have been using this brand for awhile,but I prefer their waterproof version because I wear contacts and my eyes often tear up. So that I could use the nonwaterproof version of this mascara I have been using my waterproof Lashbast as a base coat and the regular Lasblast as the top coat. I've also saved and cleaned an old smaller mascara wand to get in the far corners of my eyes because the wand included with Lashblast Volume is a little hefty...however it works great on the rest of your lashes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Milford, OH
Very Nice Mascara

Customer review by NancyCatania

5.0 stars 2/29/2016 by NancyCatania
by NancyCatania

This mascara is really nice. I got it for free from Covergirl for an honest review. It has a cool orange brush that has nice bristles to really separate the lashes. You take off the cover from the bottle of the mascara, throw it out and put the brush into the mascara bottle and close it up. When you reopen it, the brush is filled with just enough mascara to make a nice application. It looked great all day, didn't flake at all, and removed pretty easily with eye makeup remover. The 'very black' was the perfect shade for me. This mascara comes in other formulas, Lashblast Crusher, Lastblast Fusion and this Lashblast Volume (this one, which is designed to separate and maximize every lash). The Clump Crusher gives you 200% more volume and no clumps according to their description and the Fusion, which is for volume and length. I really like the Lashblast Volume, but I'd certainly be willing to try the others too. Overall, I'm pleased with this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

New Hope, PA
1-20 of 3201 total reviews
1-20 of 3201 reviews