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1-20 of 118 reviews
Wal-mart is who claims it gives straight hair...

Customer review by jenge21

1.0 stars 1/7/2014 by jenge21
by jenge21

I was wondering why everyone was saying this shampoo was supposed to make their hair straight until I read the description on here. That's Wal-mart's fault, not the shampoo. The shampoo bottle says "Need something to calm down your strands? This lush formula lays down flyaways for silky-softness that's totally touchable." It's calls smooth because it is supposed to keeps all the hair together, not make it straight. No where does it talk about making your hair straight or that it is meant for people with straight hair. That being said, I still do not like this product. I think it smells amazing! But it has honestly made my hair worse! I have more floating stands than before and my hair is crazy with static now. I also have noticed that I feel like more hair is falling out and I have thick, long hair. I won't buy this product anymore, but I will switch to the long haired one in hopes that will be better.

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Gainesville, Ga
Would recommend to a friend? No
Usage:Every day
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:18 - 24
Good scent, but unsure of the rest.

Customer review by Cikayelle

3.0 stars 12/19/2008 by Cikayelle
by Cikayelle

After using Pantene for a couple years, I decided on a whim to switch to HE. The scent on this one is amazing, but I've found it doesn't really last on me (to be fair, I've yet to find a shampoo that sticks to my hair longer than the couple hours after a shower) but I couldn't really see the difference in hair texture. I have straight hair, but since my hair is shoulder length, it sorta curls at the bottom, and annoys me, so I was hoping that using this would make my hair stick straight, root to tip. It didn't really accomplish this... To add to that, my hair started falling out in large clumps. I kinda knew it was the switch to HE that was probably killing my hair, but their whole line of shampoos have such good scents, I stuck it out and am now trying the Long Term Relationship duo to see if it really is HE, or if my hair just needs some time to adjust to new chemicals, or what not. Hope it's the latter!

Long Beach, CA
Can't read the label

Customer review by WorkingWoman

3.0 stars 12/31/2013 by WorkingWoman
by WorkingWoman

I like this product and its conditioner partner. I like the pair together, as I do others in the same line of Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. I like how they work, and I like the cute matching bottles and how one is right side up and the other is upside down. What I don't like is the tiny print that specifies "shampoo" or "conditioner." I do not wear my glasses in the shower. I cannot read the tiny letters in the shower. I should not have to remember if the shampoo is in the bottle that is right side up or if it's in the bottle that's upside down. I should not have to squint and look for a beam of bright light when my brain is hardly awake in the morning. Clairol: PLEASE MAKE THE LABELS READABLE. I'm recommending this product because it works, but be forewarned about the frustration of not being able to tell which bottle is which when you're in the shower. More stars if I could read the label.

Olympia, WA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Length of ownership:6 months
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

Customer review by AmandaVballChick

5.0 stars 4/30/2009 by AmandaVballChick
by AmandaVballChick

i bought this at walmart b/c i though it smelled great. I also got the long hair one to use, but i gave it to my sister instead. this shampoo smells wonderful, and it makes my thin hair silkier and shinier than it already is, being so fine. It's great for fine hair. I have straight hair, but i wanted something meant for my hair type that wouldn't flatten it too much. it also helps with sometimes when my hair gets all bumpy; it makes it perfectly straight. i wouldn't recommend it to someone with curly hair, b/c obviously it's meant for straight hair. just because it says "want straight hair?" it's just meant for straight or slightly wavy hair, it doesn't make curly hair straight. well i love it but i can't believe they got rid of the hairspray and mousse. i still have some left in the bottles but they don't have them anymore boohoo. bring them back herbal essences!!!

Amazing Product!!!!!

Customer review by Pollywog794

5.0 stars 10/6/2010 by Pollywog794
by Pollywog794

I luv this product!!! I just started using it like a week ago and it's great my hair is naturally curly and i mean super curly so i was looking for millions of product to straighten it I used Zero Frizz before to eliminate frizz and it's great but when I found this I knew i had to buy it to have straight hair so i got the shampoo and conditioner the first time i used it, i did it really quickly i didn't get to lather well. But the second time was a charm, I lathered up twice with the shampoo, put on the conditioner put my hair up in messy updo and then washed it off and WOW!!!!! It's wavy and way less curly and there's this part in my hair that became naturally straight Yay!! and my hair takes about 10 minutes to straighten now so i would definitely recommend this however it kinda makes it a little frizzy when it's dry but other than that it's great!!!

New York,NY
A Misunderstood Shampoo.

Customer review by droppedpencil

5.0 stars 3/13/2009 by droppedpencil
by droppedpencil

This shampoo is very misunderstood by the label. It leads people to think that it will make your hair straight, and when they don't get the results they wanted, they give it a bad review. What this shampoo is meaning is that it's for people with STRAIGHT HAIR. People without straight hair can use this, but they won't magically have straight hair. It can help them have straight hair, by using this as prepping their hair and then straightening with a flat iron, and it will help with it to keep it straight, but it's not going to turn your hair straight just by using this shampoo. It will help make it straight, by prepping it, but won't magically turn your hair straight just by using this. On the other hand, this shampoo smells amazing and it's a great shampoo for when I want the best results with my flat iron. (:


Customer review by amberb

4.0 stars 8/27/2010 by amberb
by amberb

I have always wanted straight and non-frizzy hair. I would take a bath everyday and wait for about 2 hours for it to dry so I could straighten my hair. Then, I'd straighten my hair for like 1:30 hour and then 30 minutes in the morning again. I went on for about 8 months like this. It was a torture. I hated my hair. One day, my mom bought me shampoo. I was like 'Uh! Why doesn't she buy me the other one??' I tried it out and my hair felt softer the second I even shampooed my hair. I air-dried it and I ran my fingers through a few times and soon enough I went to the bathroom. absolutely NO extra frizz and my hair was straight. I probably will have to straighten two pieces of my hair that are still a little wavy but I LOVE THIS and I recommend it to EVERYONE who wants to get rid of that torture!!

New York, NY
Delicious In Every Way Possible

Customer review by thextink3r

5.0 stars 7/18/2009 by thextink3r
by thextink3r

For hair that is; My hair has been notoriously known to take to products really well, especially when it comes to curling and straightening. I've had problems in the past with shampoo being awful to my hair, leaving it disastrously damaged, and after having permed my hair almost four years ago and not being able to get rid of it [because i don't want to cut my hair], I've looked for other ways. This product is great in that department, I straightened my hair less and was left with beautifully straight hair. Which is great, because with thick hair that has been treated with many different things, the shampoo not only cleaned but it revived, as did the conditioner. I definitely love this product, all Herbal Essences products smell really good and feel great afterwards.

Campton, KY
Together Forever

Customer review by LaLaLotaHair

5.0 stars 8/3/2009 by LaLaLotaHair
by LaLaLotaHair

I LOVE this shampoo ! I already have really straight hair but on humid days ( which are most days where I live ) my hair can get wavy and thats where this awesome shampoo comes in . I think that this is the best shampoo I have and ever will use . When I first used it I didn't think it could get any better but then I added the Dangerously Straight Conditioner and that really helps to pull the whole thing together . And I love the scent if that shampoo was edible I would eat it !!! And it helped to repair my hair after all the highlights I did . Well, I don't think I will be using any other kind off shampoo until Herbal Essences makes another straightening shampoo as great as this one ... Doubt It ! Until next time, LaLa Lot-a-Hair

A nice product.

Customer review by beautyfever07

4.0 stars 1/25/2010 by beautyfever07
by beautyfever07

This is the first product by herbal essences that I have bought. I have used some of my mom's products, and one of the first things I noticed was that the smell was not quite as strong as some others. It has a sweet pair smell. If you only buy herbal essences for the smell, than I would not recommend this one for you because it is not very strong. I have wavy hair that takes a while to straighten. But I noticed after I started using both the shampoo and the conditioner, that straightening my hair started to become much faster and easier. It does not make your hair 100% straight, but it does make it shinier and smoother and makes a noticeable difference after you start using this product.

Doesn't do what is promised.

Customer review by longhairdontcare

3.0 stars 6/21/2010 by longhairdontcare
by longhairdontcare

First of all, let's talk about the good things: both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing! They also leave your hair soft and silky, which is good if you have dry hair. However, the product is supposed to make your hair straighter, which it doesn't (for me at least). I have wavy hair, and I still had to flat-iron my hair in order to make it straight. The shampoo and conditioner didn't even make it easier than it usually is to straighten my hair. So if you're looking for a product that smells good and adds a soft silkiness to your hair, Dangerously Straight is for you. If you're looking for something to make your hair easier to straighten, you might want to try something else.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Customer review by lele

5.0 stars 5/16/2010 by lele
by lele

I've always referred to my hair as naturally bushy... its not straight, wavy or curly, it's just BIG! In my life I've probabaly spent thousands on products that promise to straighten with no success. I am a licensed hairdresser with access to the top "professional" brands but, I love this product!! I bought it on vacation in Orlando after the hotel shampoo stripped all my color in 1 wash, after using the herbal essences though, my hair felt great and better yet it withstood the Florida humidity!!!! Its been great with all my color adventures, i haven't noticed the usual build-up issues common with drugstore buys. I even tell my clients to use it! (don't tell my boss!)

New York, NY
Love It!!

Customer review by Lindsay

5.0 stars 7/19/2010 by Lindsay
by Lindsay

This shampoo is absolutely amazing. It smells great and it works too. People on here are saying it doesnt straighten your hair at all or it leaves it frizzy, however, this product is genarally used to make it easier to straighten your hair when you use a flat iron. It makes it easier to go over and can actually cut your time in half. Before this shampoo and conditioner, it took me 45 minutes to straighten my hair. Now that i use this, it only takes me 10 minutes. Once again, only professional shampoo can straighten your hair, this product makes it way easier to flat iron your hair, and it helps to maintain shine and strenghth. I really suggest buying it!

Doesn't do what it says...

Customer review by Rach18

1.0 stars 7/21/2008 by Rach18
by Rach18

Of course, I wasn't expecting a shampoo or any other hair care product to magically change the way my hair is, but I found that while I was reading what the product said on the back of the bottle, it was really exaggerating everything...this product does not flatten your hair. But, I did find that it helped me somewhat while straightening hair because it was flatter, but that's because of all of the build-up from the product. I don't recommend this product to those who have very curly hair and want it to be straight...perhaps it would work best for those who have straight hair with some little waves here and there. It smells great though!

Really Amazing

Customer review by monica

5.0 stars 3/19/2009 by monica
by monica

I didn't expect this shampoo to straighten my hair, but what it did do was make my hair really shiny,smooth, and smell really nice. Even after i used my flat iron! I realized that this shampoo is meant to prep your hair really nicely before you do anything to it. Usually after a shower i blow dry my hair (it's wavy) then i straighten it and it feels kinda thick and odd. Also All that heat sort of melted away the sent of my shampoo that i had just used. So this product is amazing when it comes to preparing your hair, styling your hair, the look of your hair, and lastly it also kept my hair straighter for a longer time!!!

Do not ever buy this set.

Customer review by Bubby

1.0 stars 10/18/2009 by Bubby
by Bubby

I have wasted a ton of money on products to reduce frizz and make my hair smooth and soft. I have super thick, coarse, typical Indian hair, and I thought this would work. Turns out that it was just another product that didn't work. My hair was still frizzy as always. The only pro is that it had a really nice scent, although a bit strong. The bottom line: don't waste money in cheap drugstore stuff if you REALLY want to improve the overall look and feel of your hair, especially if it's thick. I learned that the hard way. Pricier things are worth every penny. This was like 3 bucks and you get what you pay for.

It wore out for me!

Customer review by Gretchen

4.0 stars 1/26/2009 by Gretchen
by Gretchen

I've been using HE products for 10 years but been using this product ever since it came out - can't remember how long, a year??? But anyway, I have naturally wavy and thick hair. I'm in the midwest where it gets pretty humid in the summer. I've always had to use my straightener after blow drying. It did work really well in the fall/winter. Recently, it didn't do its job so I'm having to straighten it everyday!! I love the smell as well. Now, I'm trying out the Long Term Relationship product and its working quite well so far. I'm assuming Dangerously Straight is not working for me anymore :(

Kansas City
Doesn't Do What It Claims!

Customer review by Gabby

2.0 stars 11/30/2008 by Gabby
by Gabby

My hair is stick straight, but I cut it, and now it's all kinky and wavy and I hate that. So I went out and bought the shampoo and conditioner then went home and hopped in the shower. It smells amazing, but that doesn't cover for it's poor performance. My hair wasn't much straighter, which what I was hoping for. I was pleased that it made my hair at the top, which I love, but it gave a lot of poofy, kinky, coarse body at the bottom. Overall, I do not recommend these products. I use them every once and awhile to restore the flat at the top, but I much prefer Hello Hydration.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Customer review by Sandi

2.0 stars 12/23/2009 by Sandi
by Sandi

I bought this product a while ago and I will never EVER go back to it. I have naturally straight, thick dark brown hair. When I first started using it, it was okay i guess. But then after a while, it made my hair feel like it was in a shell or something. It made my hair stiff and caused a ton of breakage. The only thing I really liked about it was the great smell. This product makes hair like mine as I stated above ^, and very flat. So please, don't waste your precious hair & money. I recently stopped using Herbal Essences and switched to Pantene! Oh man! I LOVE Pantene!

Total waste of money

Customer review by iLoveElectricity

2.0 stars 10/25/2008 by iLoveElectricity
by iLoveElectricity

This is a review from a 2007-year use. If you have curly hair, this is NOT the collection for you. I tried to make my hair straight in 2007, but it just made it in even worse condition. My hair looked really poofy after straightening it. After awhile, I just had to stop straightening it because it was so dry. But as far as cleanliness goes, it cleans pretty well. I recommend this for people with straight hair but want to keep it straight. People should know that a straight-hair product will NOT straighten your hair! Trust me, I learned all this the hard way!

1-20 of 118 total reviews
1-20 of 118 reviews