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great product but bad shipment

Customer review by dapthegreat1978

3.0 stars 12/7/2013 by dapthegreat1978
by dapthegreat1978
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Verified purchaser
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I am very disappointed with the damage this product received while in route to me.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Just ok...

Customer review by Princesskami2001

3.0 stars 10/14/2015 by Princesskami2001
by Princesskami2001

I have been using Crest Complete Whitening + Scope with Sugar Shield for about a week now. It is a gel type tooth paste. The flavor is minty freshed stripe. When brushing my teeth, the toothpaste didn't feel too strong. What I mean is, when using my previous toothpaste by Crest, my mouth and tongue would get that really minty sting feeling. With this toothpaste it kind of just feels like I'm brushing with a watered down mouth wash. Within a couple of minutes, the taste is not in my mouth which is good I guess if you wanted to eat or drink something right away. It does leave your mouth feeling clean. I am glad to get this toothpaste right before Halloween because It has a sugar shield which is supposed to strengthen areas weakened by sugar. It also claims to target weak spots preventing further damage. I will continue to use this product until I run out but will probably purchase another type of toothpaste from Crest when I run out. Thank you Bzzagent for the opportunity to try out this product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Oakley, CA
Received free product:Yes
It should be called the complete package!

Customer review by raynelle21

5.0 stars 11/2/2015 by raynelle21
by raynelle21

I have been using Crest sugar shield toothpaste, since it came in. At first its like any good toothpaste. It did its job, and it has whitening and scope in it, which is always a plus. The only thing I was concerned with, was my tooth sensitivity. I typically use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, so I was a big nervous going into this. Well, after using it for awhile, I noticed my teeth were not hurting like they typically do, when I eat sweets, hot, cold. Then I got to thinking.... my teeth must be sensitive to sugar, because ever since I started using the toothpaste, it gradually started making a difference, with sensitivities. So now we have a toothpaste from a trusted brand. A toothpaste with whitening and scope, and lets add in the sugar shield, which helped my sensitive teeth! Like I said in the title, this toothpaste really is the complete package!! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Mc Kees Rocks, PA
Received free product:Yes
Sickening flavor

Customer review by heathermccue

1.0 stars 10/8/2015 by heathermccue
by heathermccue

I was so excited to receive my free Crest toothpaste with sugar shield from Bzz Agent because I eat a TON of the sweet stuff! Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass this on to someone else. I squeezed the normal amount on my toothbrush and noticed the beautiful color and pleasant smell. That's where the good stopped. While I was brushing I noticed how awful it tasted and I was, in my mind, instantly transformed ..... to my dentist's office. This toothpaste tastes just like the sickening mint fluoride rinse I have to undergo at the dentist that makes my nearly vomit every time. I thought perhaps it would go away after brushing and rinsing. Nope!! About a half hour later the taste was still horrible, my daughter remarked on the unfresh smell left over, and I had to brush with my old toothpaste (Sensodyne) to get rid of the taste so I could sleep. Not at all a good fit for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

La Quinta, CA
Received free product:Yes
Happy minty fresh Mom

Customer review by JennFielder

5.0 stars 11/14/2015 by JennFielder
by JennFielder

I recently received Crest Complete with Sugar Shield Whitening Scope toothpaste from Bzzagent for my family to try. Prior to this use, we have used Crest products but not on a regular basis. I am happy to say that it is now My families daily toothpaste. During the Holiday season we consume a lot of sugar and so I want maximum protection for my children's teeth and I have found that in this product. My children have all gone to the dentist recently and the dentist said their teeth are looking better and I strongly believe it is due to this toothpaste. I love how it leaves our mouth feeling minty fresh and super clean. I would highly recommend this product to everybody. My children are smiling a lot more because they have more confidence due to healthier teeth. Not only can we feel a difference in our mouths, other people are noticing a difference in our smile [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Spring Creek, NV
Received free product:Yes
Crest with Sugar Shield - Big Time Minty Flavor

Customer review by KingGirl83

4.0 stars 10/8/2015 by KingGirl83
by KingGirl83

I was really intrigued by Crest Complete with Sugar Shield because it advertises that it strengthens teeth weakened by the effects of sugar. Plus it has scope in the tooth paste so I knew it would be a great breath freshener. After the first use my teeth felt very clean but almost like they had a coating... Maybe this is the shield they are referring too??? I really liked how fresh it made my mouth feel, but I have to say early in the am it can be a little strong for me. Its a great tooth paste, but I would have to also say by day 5 the few sensitive teeth I have where really sensitive. Maybe this will be my night time tooth paste and I will use my sensitive toothpaste in the am. I will be giving this tube to my husband to try too since he drinks pop all the time and doesn't have sensitive teeth. We shall see what the longer term effects are with him... : ) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Lawrenceburg, KY
Received free product:Yes
Crest Complete with Sugar Shield

Customer review by soeurwatt

2.0 stars 11/6/2015 by soeurwatt
by soeurwatt

This is a hard one for me to judge. How can I know if it is actually protecting my teeth? It certainly has a lot of fluoride so I suppose that is what they consider to be their "shield". Personally I don't like the term "sugar shield", it instantly makes me think of sugar and it certainly tastes very sweet - no wonder considering the first ingredient is sorbitol, a man made sweetener. Also, I think the sorbitol contributed to the fact that every time I used this toothpaste I woke up with a scuzzy feeling on my teeth - yuck! I get this with some other toothpastes but not when I brush only with water. It also has whitener in it which I tend to stay away from due to sensitive teeth. But other than that, it has a nice minty taste, smooth on the teeth, etc. Toothpaste is one of those personal preference things. So give it a try and decide for yourself. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

East Killingly, CT
Received free product:Yes
Crest Complete-ly Gets Me

Customer review by thunderbadgers

4.0 stars 10/8/2015 by thunderbadgers
by thunderbadgers

I have a serious, serious sweet tooth (pun!) and have inherited weak tooth enamel from both of my parents, so I'm pretty sure this toothpaste was made specifically for me. Hey thanks, Crest! I've used this toothpaste exactly once so far, and my first impressions are positive. I don't consider myself a toothpaste expert or anything, but I like my teeth-brushing experience to at least be pleasant. Crest Complete with Sugar Shield has provided me with that experience! Here's why: - The box has these wavy holographic lines over the blue bits of the front of the box that look cool. Good first impression: I like wavy holographic things. - I received the Minty Fresh Stripe flavor, and I like it. The mintiness wasn't burny, but after brushing my mouth definitely still felt minty fresh. - I'm also an avid coffee drinker, so I'm all about the "gentle whitening" properties of this toothpaste. I can't speak for how effective it is having only used it once, however. I have no idea how a toothpaste is able to strengthen areas of teeth made weak by sugar consumption, but I'm intrigued by the idea. I'm excited about anything that helps prevent unplanned trips to the dentist! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Wickliffe, OH
Received free product:Yes
Crest toothpaste

Customer review by Drgnfly77

4.0 stars 10/8/2015 by Drgnfly77
by Drgnfly77

I received the Crest complete whitening plus scope toothpaste. It is the minty fresh strip flavor. When buying toothpaste my biggest concern is protecting my teeth from future cavities. The first bonus to this toothpaste is it protects against cavities while leaving your breath smelling like you just used mouthwash too. The second bonus is you only need a pea size amount on your toothbrush. The only downfall I have found is you really should NOT go over the pea sized amount. The first time i used it I loaded my toothbrush, like I usually do, and it was too overpowering. It's was like when you leave mouthwash in too long and it almost burns. So in this case less is more. It did leave my breath super fresh. The best way I can describe this toothpaste is crest has turned mouthwash into toothpaste. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Ogden, UT
Received free product:Yes
Squeaky clean toothpaste for the entire family!

Customer review by Lizanak

5.0 stars 10/12/2015 by Lizanak
by Lizanak

When I received this toothpaste I couldn't wait to try it. I'm really picky when it comes to toothpaste because I feel some don't do the proper job. Crest definitely met and exceeded my expectations! After using it, I felt my mouth was cleaner then any toothpaste I've ever used. It kept my teeth feeling clean and my breath fresh for quite a while. It makes me feel like I just had a cleaning at the dentist. The flavor was great and very easy on the taste buds (not too minty, just right). My daughter even liked it which says a lot because she is used to the non minty kids tooth pastes. She always say the mint burns but not with this toothpaste. We have been using this toothpaste for about a week now and everyone is still very happy with it! I'm so glad we were able to try out this toothpaste! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

New Lenox, IL
Received free product:Yes
Read this ONLY if you want a nice healthy, clean & fresh smile!

Customer review by leeannkaylee

5.0 stars 10/11/2015 by leeannkaylee
by leeannkaylee

And I just happen to think you do want a nice healthy and fresh smile! I know I do! I love being able to smile eat to ear and flash my pearly whites courtesy of Crest Complete with Sugar Shield! This toothpaste is where it's at! First things first- this toothpaste helps strengthen teeth from the nasty role sugar plays on our teeth. As we all know, sugar is included in almost everything we eat and drink on a daily basis! The next defense this toothpaste provides is that it helps freshen your breath by killing millions of germs that are lurking in your mouth! After using this toothpaste you can best believe that your mouth will feel AMAZING! #Gotitfree Go to to get a money saving coupon! I have only got good results since I started using Crest Complete with Sugar Shield! Fresh breath, and teeth that are no longer weakened from that dirty dog sugar! #BzzAgent thanks again for keeping me out of the land of "summer" teeth- some are here, some are there :) loving this beautiful white smile!! Once again Crest proves that I can rest assured they will help take care of my teeth! This is one of the most important things I look for when purchasing a toothpaste, and I am sure you do too! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Lakeland, FL
Received free product:Yes
Minty Fresh

Customer review by Bubbles459

3.0 stars 10/8/2015 by Bubbles459
by Bubbles459

The Crest Complete with Sugar Shield arrived much faster then any other package I have received, so that was pretty cool. As soon as I opened the envelope I could instantly smell the minty toothpaste. It smells very good! The box was a little damaged but no big deal. Upon taking the toothpaste out and unscrewing the lid, I did notice that there was no seal under the cap which to me was a little odd. Everything has a seal on it. It made me a little disturbed to even try to the toothpaste after knowing that there was no seal on it. However, I worked up the courage to go ahead and use it. I love the taste of it, it reminds me of a minty gum. It bubbles up just enough not too much, not too little. I put a pea size drop on my toothbrush. After brushing, my mouth felt awesome! I know it smelled minty fresh, my mouth didn't get dry after, and my teeth felt so smooth and shiny like I had just had them cleaned. I even accidentally missed my afternoon brushing because my teeth still felt so clean and smooth from brushing in the morning. My teeth are very prone to cavities, so I'm hoping the sugar Shield helps with my cavity issue. If the toothpaste would have had a seal on it, I would have rated it a 5. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

McMinnville, OR
Received free product:Yes
Cavity Crusader

Customer review by vgengler

5.0 stars 11/4/2015 by vgengler
by vgengler

Crest Complete with Sugar Shield not only strengthens areas weakened by daily sugar sneak attacks, it also kills millions of bad breath germs, and is the perfect choice for kids with braces!! My son just had his braces put on 2 days before the Crest Complete with Sugar Shield Buzzkit arrived and I couldn't have been more excited!! Most kids don't want to spend a lot of time brushing their teeth but having braces changes your brushing routine and with braces comes a list of do's and don'ts. So if my son wants to eat some of the things on the don't list then he has to do some extra brushing and having him use Crest Complete with Sugar Shield gave this mom the extra confidence in knowing his teeth would not only be clean, but would be protected against sugary sneak attacks. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Spring Valley, IL
Received free product:Yes
Crest Whitening+Scope with Sugar Shield

Customer review by aking52984

5.0 stars 10/8/2015 by aking52984
by aking52984

I think this Crest was made for me! I have weak enamel and a total love of candies which makes it that much harder for toothpastes to really keep up! When I brushed my teeth in the morning with the Crest Complete Whitening + Scope, I could still feel the smooth coating of it way past lunch time. That was amazing for me considering most toothpastes normally seem to wear off sometime before noon. I don't know about you but when I brush my teeth, I'm more or less hoping to just keep fresh breath. Big fear of mine is walking up to someone and saying hello, only to notice them cringe away from me due to my morning breath! Horrifying!! The scope in the toothpaste gave me that tingly oh so clean feeling, giving me total confidence that bad breath was OUT!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Plattsmouth, NE
Received free product:Yes
Finally a Toothpaste to help repel Sugar!

Customer review by Ladyd3838

5.0 stars 11/8/2015 by Ladyd3838
by Ladyd3838

I am so excited about this new toothpaste that I got a free sample of from Bzz Agent! First of all it is made by one of the leading toothpaste makers Crest, and my 8 YO dislikes any whitening toothpaste, she says they burn her mouth. Not this one and I can have confidence that her teeth are provided with extra protection with this new sugar shield and she now does not rush or skip toothpaste all together because she enjoys the taste of this new Crest Complete with Sugar Shield and scope mouthwash. I always watch her intake of sugar anyway but this gives me that extra peace of mind knowing that Crest Complete with Sugar Shield now helps shield against sugar clinging to her teeth to create cavities! #GotItFree #spookysugarshield #BzzAgent [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Lincolnton, NC
Received free product:Yes
Crest Complete with sugar shield

Customer review by duneridagirl

5.0 stars 10/15/2015 by duneridagirl
by duneridagirl

I think this product that I received as a free sample to try and share with my family has been a great trial and will definitely be looking for it at my next purchase. I enjoy the fresh minty flavor and foaming clean that doesn't over power or burn. It leaves a lasting fresh feeling in my mouth and even my kids pick it up first every time they brush without any fights to get it done. They're last cleaning there were no cavities and the dentist recommend they continue with what they're doing. I definitely recommend this toothpaste for people who don't appreciate aggressive toothpaste that burns or overpowers and for those who have a difficult child who has a hard time with toothpaste they can't seem to keep in their mouth. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Ludington, MI
Received free product:Yes
The purpose is amazing, the experience was not as great for me.

Customer review by JLouMac

3.0 stars 10/14/2015 by JLouMac
by JLouMac

The idea of protecting my teeth from sugar for hours after I've brushed my teeth is wonderful. My issue is how do I know it is? I have been using the new Crest toothpaste for about two weeks and have not noticed a difference from my regular brand. One thing I believe causes me to dislike this product is that it doesn't feel as thick as my regular toothpaste. The Crest seems to almost fall of my toothbrush and gets runny in my mouth while brushing my teeth. It doesn't adhere to my teeth as well as some other pastes or gels that I've used in the past. The taste is very favorable and my children like using the Crest. We will continue to use it and I am excited to see how our checkups will be in December at the dentist! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Morris, OK
Received free product:Yes
Crest Complete Whitening + Scope with Sugar Shield (minty fresh striped)

Customer review by Ruthiegirl85

4.0 stars 10/8/2015 by Ruthiegirl85
by Ruthiegirl85

First off im a toothpaste snob, im extremely picky when it comes to toothpaste. I brush my teeth multiple times a day because i like fresh breath. With Crest Complete Whitening + Scope with Sugar Shield I felt like my whole mouth was fresh not just my teeth but my tongue as well for a long time. Im now just brushing to get food i ate away. not just because i think my old toothpaste wasnt keeping my mouth fresh enough. I love sugary treats and snacks so this was a perfect toothpaste for me, because it looks to have more fluoride than my other toothpaste and that is what will protect my teeth! And it also whitens surface stains, and tastes good too, Its just making me happy right now and its only been 6 days! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Berwyn, IL
Received free product:Yes
Minty clean

Customer review by 4Sunshines

4.0 stars 10/8/2015 by 4Sunshines
by 4Sunshines

This is a great toothpaste. Not so spicy that kids can't use it but not mild so it doesn't feel like your brushing your teeth with paste. My kids are prone to bad teeth, regardless of how much brushing and flossing we do. So if there is a toothpaste that can repel sugar and keep cavities at bay, I'm all in! Plus the scope is perfect. Sometimes even after you brush your teeth your breath can still smell, but having a burst of mouthwash smelling breath is great! AND it helps whiten teeth...not sure if this is good for the kids, but if I leave it my bathroom and they use it, I'm sure it will be alright--ill look into that and keep you posted. Keep it coming crest! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Received free product:Yes
Sugar Shield my favorite yet!

Customer review by dolphingirl91479

4.0 stars 11/6/2015 by dolphingirl91479
by dolphingirl91479

Crest Complete with Sugar Shield is by far my favorite toothpaste. I love the great mint taste, the long lasting fresh breath, and the most important thing protection from sugars! All foods and drinks have some type of sugar in them. Which cause long terms effects, like cavities! No one likes going to the dentist to hear you have cavities. So try Crest Complete with Sugar Shield! It helps protect you and will make that dentists visit a lot nicer! This is also great for kids too! What kid doesn't like sugar? Protect yourself and your entire family. I did, and we all love everything about Crest Complete with Sugar Shield! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Sophia, NC
Received free product:Yes
1-20 of 2690 total reviews
1-20 of 2690 reviews