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1-20 of 564 reviews
Doesn't last long

Customer review by ariadiscordia

1.0 stars 2/27/2011 by ariadiscordia
by ariadiscordia

I've used this printer for about a year now. I am constantly having to buy new ink cartridges. I do a fair amount of printing, but nothing out of the ordinary. I do not print a lot of photos at all. I mostly print receipts from paying my bills, or other important forms. I, like other customers here, do not understand why the blacks do not come with the multipack. I'm already paying a boat load of money for the 3 colors, and they seriously can't put the blacks in the same box?! Yes, the printer itself is excellent, it really is. But I can't recommend buying it unless you just have money lying around to waste on the ink. I have definitely never gotten 300 pages out of it before having to buy new ink. But out of all this, what really concerns me is that HP isn't listening to their customers here. I've sent an email, and surely they read their own feedback from time to time. But there's been no change. I will not buy another HP printer, simply because the ink is too expensive. Which is a real shame, because the printer is great.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by BrittL214532

5.0 stars 9/12/2011 by BrittL214532
by BrittL214532

As a full time college student I go through a lot of ink, both color and black (mainly because I am always printing homework, assignments, papers, etc- I typically go through 2 cases of paper a semester), and this combo package works the best for me and is always much cheaper than buying both cartridges separately. HP ink also, in my opinion, has a better saturation point when printing - the colors come out more clean and crisp as compared to refills (which never last long or bleed and run terribly) or "generic" cartridges. Another thing that I have found is that after some adjustments to my printer and computer settings, I can make my factory HP ink cartridges last a lot longer too. Either way... best deal you can get, if your like me and looking to save you cant go wrong with the combo. I would recommend anyone requiring 60 HP ink cartridges to buy this combo set... I've been doing so over a year now and have never looked back since.

Spring, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Where Is the Color Ink Going?

Customer review by SallyDinTN

1.0 stars 11/29/2010 by SallyDinTN
by SallyDinTN

I bought my HP Photosmart Premium in March of 2010 after reading a good review from Consumer Reports. I rarely ever print anything in color and I have never printed a photo since the test photo I printed during the initial setup of my printer. I print almost everything using the fast draft, black ink/grayscale only settings. However, even though I print almost everything in black ink only, the levels of all of the color inks march equally and steadily lower and lower! This happened both with the original color cartridges that came with the printer and with the Combo Packs I have bought to replace them. So far, I have had to buy a new color Combo Pack about every 2 months, even though I rarely ever actually use any color ink to print anything! Why is this happening? Where is the color ink going? This stuff is way too expensive to be disappearing into thin air!

Memphis, TN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Not a good value.

Customer review by Katlady42

1.0 stars 7/3/2010 by Katlady42
by Katlady42

Why do you not include a black ink cartridge in this 'value pack'? Years ago,when I had another HP printer,a value pack WAS a VALUE pack, and included ALL colors-including black-you needed when you ran out of ink,so you could change all ink at the same time and start fresh-without going bankrupt! They also lasted a LOT longer than these do. I'm a 68 year old Grandma who prints and saves articles of interest I read online-once or twice a week. I rarely print photos because I can save them to my picture program online from my disc.I discarded my previous printer-an Epson-because it 'drank ink like an alcoholic' and sounded like a train! These cartridges are TOO SMALL-I don't think it's the printer, which I LOVE. I'm considering trying refill cartridges, because I'm retired and on a fixed income; I can't afford these dinky things!

Kendallville, Indiana
Would recommend to a friend? No
Not the savings it was supposed to be

Customer review by xenodochous

1.0 stars 7/17/2012 by xenodochous
by xenodochous

I have been extremely disappointed at the performance of the hp ink cartridges. This combo-pack format is supposed to be a savings. Fiddlesticks!!! I have had to purchase single magenta and cyan cartridges since the original install of all 3 from the combo. I don't know if these were old products that were repackaged in one of the non-USA countries listed, or if they just dried considerably in the transport process, but if this yield was even 250 pages each, that may be stretching it. Please explain where the savings is to occur. Even with new ink, the few photos printed did not have the vivid colors the install sample revealed. We've printed very few photos since but yet have nothing left in the photo black cartridge. I had much better output from my old Dell 4-in-1 printer & ink.

Raleigh, NC
Would recommend to a friend? No
Ink Cartridges for Premium Touch

Customer review by RichardS

4.0 stars 10/26/2010 by RichardS
by RichardS

I have the HP Photosmart Premium Touch, and I think that the printer is very cool. I like the Smart Screen, and I think that feature makes setting up the different functions quite easy. Like most of the reviewers, I have a gripe with the ink cartridges, although I've found that you get quite a few more pages printed after the "Low on Ink" warning comes on. However, one thing that no one else has mentioned, is that when you ask for replacement recommendations, one of the recommendations is for XL cartridges. Unless you use a very big hammer, the XL cartridges do not fit in the ink carriage. I think that HP should revise it's replacement recommendations for the Premium Touch ink cartridges. Finally, I too think that the black ink cartridge should be included in the Combo Pack.

Twin Cities
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by DOTE

5.0 stars 1/16/2012 by DOTE

With the economic crunch, I decided to "shop" for a better price on replacement ink cartridges for my HP Photosmart C4640 printer. What a mistake! It cost me twice as much as it should have because I had to replace the "bargain" cartridges. My first inclination of disaster (and I should have cancelled my order at this time) was when the provider informed me that there was a backorder on my order. This was after I contacted them to find out what the delay of a week was all about. Downhill from there - cartridges were incompatible although I provided all the necessary info to insure the correct ones would be sent. Long story short, I ordered HP cartridges @ just about the same cost as the phony ones and of course, no problem with compatibility. Lesson learned!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
HP 564 Ink

Customer review by vamadhatter

2.0 stars 8/8/2010 by vamadhatter
by vamadhatter

I just put a new Cyan ink cartridge in my HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web all-in-one printer. I printed 8 photos and a message popped up that Cyan ink was low!! Yes only EIGHT photos. From HP Website: Specifications Cartridge yield: approx. 300 color pages each cartridge (actual yield depends on printer and specific use Really?? 300? I have NEVER gotten close to this number printing photos. And since I do print a lot of photos (including photos for scrapbooking), I run through these cartridges like they are water. My pictures are always 4x6 which is less space to print on compared to a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. You would think printing a photo would use less ink. The fact that the Black is not included in the combo pack is absurd. Obviously you cannot print without the black so HP has you hook line and sinker. I had a HP Photosmart 8720 that printed beautifully. My husband bought me this printer for Christmas and although the pictures are nice, I really do not like this machine. I will never use the fax, touch screen, scanner or copier. I have a little wireless Cannon that I do all of that on and guess what? I hardly ever have to replace the ink in it!! It does print nice photos, but the quality is not as nice as the HP.

Richmond, VA
Would recommend to a friend? No
I can't believe I am out of ink already

Customer review by ambii2000

3.0 stars 10/20/2010 by ambii2000
by ambii2000

Wow, I just put a new cartridge in today that I got at an office store. Made by HP. The color was out after 100 copies. It was only a brochure with very small photos. It is ink -- not Gold. The plastic it comes in should be clear so we know how much we are getting. Maybe if HP thinks of that and uses it as a marketing pitch they will have a monopoly. Then the customers would not feel robbed. . . just a thought. The paper I used was substandard, navigator platinum for advanced color printing, but I don't like it. I am ordering better paper. But don't think that is the play here. I should not have gotten that low that fast, I've been doing this for a while. Dose this stuff evaporate over time? Is there a shelf life on it?

Dunn, NC
Would recommend to a friend? No
More expensive than we would like, but...

Customer review by HPOwner2

3.0 stars 12/2/2010 by HPOwner2
by HPOwner2

I concur the perceived value of liquid ink products, in my experience, always leaves something to be desired in the consumer mind. Sometimes it seems like all printers, regardless of brand, eat liquid ink cartridges. My HP printer, of course, is excellent. What many people are missing is part of the statement in the specifications "•Cartridge yield: approx. 300 color pages each cartridge (actual yield depends on printer and specific use)." I use only the economical printing option and I do not print photos. I can print nearly 200 pages. In the economical printing format, the printed copy is more than adequate for most daily printing. It is significantly better than the "fast draft" option of days gone by. My only problem is despite my best efforts I have yet to find the option to make "economical printing" my default option. Sometimes I forget to change the option and I get the full on printing format. Honestly, I only print things so I can highlight and scrawl notes on the paper or to submit to one department or another for processing. Most things do not need triple ink archival quality printing. If I didn't forget to fix the option sometimes, I imagine I would be significantly closer to the 300 pages HP cites. Do not expect 300 archive quality photos!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Ink not worth the price!

Customer review by dj2010

2.0 stars 9/22/2010 by dj2010
by dj2010

I "used" to do a lot of my own printing. Since I purchased my 6380 model and different type of ink cartridges, I decided it was cheaper to have my pictures printed by a store. I love the prints that this printer produces, but these cartridges have NEVER printed the amount the box claims they are supposed to! If people are going to continue buying and printing themselves, HP is going to need to increase the amount of prints "the original" cartridges will "actually" print for the same price. Not add another higher priced cartridge that won't print that stated amount either. I would recomment the printer because it does a beautiful job, but the ink is too expensive for just a few pictures!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Value? Not Even Close

Customer review by DennyC10853

1.0 stars 12/26/2010 by DennyC10853
by DennyC10853

These cartridges do not print the advertised number of pages, not even close, not even using the economy print setting. Plus the so called Premium printer that these go in to has broken down twice already and I think it's going bad again. I wish someone would come up with a chip resetter for the smart chip in these so they could be refilled. I have a Epson printer and I refill the cartridges at least twice but I have a smart chip resetter for Epson cartridges and I can do it with that one. I use the Epson much more than this HP. I use the HP mostly just for the fax and scanner functions. If I used it to print all the time I'd go broke!

Burton, MI
Would recommend to a friend? No
Stuck in the Middle

Customer review by littlebit

2.0 stars 9/16/2010 by littlebit
by littlebit

I purchased the printer because of the statement I would get 300 photos from the ink. So far I've never come close to that number. I tried the x series and the return was about the same...waste of money! I am not happy with the quality of the photos...I own an F4200, the quality and color are far superior and the ink lasted just as long. It's extremely frustrateing to be in the middle of printing out the photos and have the out of ink flash on. I take a lot of travel photos and can never get through one set without replacing the cartridges. I also agree with everyone else, regarding, including the black ink....whats up with that?

Taylorsville, GA
Would recommend to a friend? No
OK-Could Be Much Better

Customer review by Dwranny

3.0 stars 5/26/2012 by Dwranny
by Dwranny

I have had other HP Combo ink packages in the past. It is unrealistic that the black ink, that is so obviously essential, is missing from the pack!! The fact that the printer using these cartridges needs a total of FOUR of them is no joke! The combo does not come in the XL size, and icould be a better deal if it was. The cost is not cheap-in the long run. Considering the printer I have is a multifunction one, much ink will be needed and understandable. However, not having the benefit of a TRUE combo (all required inks) pack, better pricing, and available sizes on this pack ultimately means more money and less savings overall.

Chicago, IL
Would recommend to a friend? No
Value INK - Does not print 200 pages

Customer review by Nina

3.0 stars 1/6/2011 by Nina
by Nina

This is a value pack, so you get what you pay for. I like the convenience of having black and color in one pack, I like how quickly I get it in the mail, and I like the coupons or discounts it comes with. That is why I gave it some stars. The problem is I barely printed 100 pages and both my color and black ran out. When I read 200 pages, I'm thinking 200 full pages of print, they must not mean full pages of printing but little printing here and there on each page. There is no way you will get 200 full pages of print out of these cartridges. So make sure you order more to have on hand if you plan on doing a lot of printing.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
print more copies

Customer review by xtelguy

3.0 stars 7/29/2011 by xtelguy
by xtelguy

I had same problem with short ink cartridge life, especially color cartridges. The following will help a lot......I usually don't need color so now in setup I specify black ink only, and use the "fast/econ setting (which is still good) unless I really need the quality, and buy the xl size. The xl black lasts about as long as earlier models. If you don't set to black ink only, the color ink is used even when colors are not noticable in print. Now I print lots of pages and color ink hardly moves. This includes the black photo cartridge. Of course when printing photos the ink always goes fast.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I agree with the rest

Customer review by imwyogal

2.0 stars 8/29/2010 by imwyogal
by imwyogal

I am on a medical disability so I have a fixed income that is already stretched thin. I take photos of wildflowers so there is a lot of intense colors in the background as well as the subject. This cartridges don't even come near to what they say they will do and they are much more expensive than other HP printers that I have had. Like others I have had HP printers for many years. My Office Jet 85xii was a workhorse when I was teaching and in my business. I was sad when it had to be retired and I hoped to find another printer that was as good. Sadly I have not found this one to be as good.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Ink Usage.........AARRGGHH!!!

Customer review by SallyM

2.0 stars 1/7/2011 by SallyM
by SallyM

I wish I had never bought this printer. The quality and ease of printing are great but the ink usage is ridiculous. Out of necessity, I had to resort to using the refurbished ink cartridges. I have found that you cannot pay any attention to the ink remaining scale, and this is frustrating. I simply do not change ink cartridges until the color stops printing. This may not be good for the printer but it would be cheaper to buy another printer which is more conservative with ink. If you don't mind dishing out big bucks for ink, you should be happy with this printer. Otherwise, forget it.

Would recommend to a friend? No
I agree -- add photo black

Customer review by Raindeary

1.0 stars 8/5/2010 by Raindeary
by Raindeary

It makes no sense to me that there is no photo black in the color ink combo pack. And I agree that these inks are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and that the cartridges are indeed DINKY. I'm 60 and not a grandma yet, and I've used HP printers for decades. This is my first one that has color, and it will be the last one. The printer itself is awesome. The ink situation stinks. I'm used to putting in a black cartridge and printing for a couple of years before needing another one. Now it's every couple of months. When I have a bigger project to print, it's back to the workhorse Laserjet 1320.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Drinks the ink

Customer review by Maloners

2.0 stars 4/14/2011 by Maloners
by Maloners

I have been using HP printers since the first color dot matrix came out and have always loved them. The Photosmart Plus that I currently have prints beautifully and I love that it is WiFi, but the cost of the ink is OUTRAGEOUS and I have never gotten the number of prints that the package claims. My last Photosmart 5120 used the 02 series of ink and I was very pleased with the number of prints I received. I never would have gotten rid of that printer if I knew then what I know now. If the printer you are considering uses the 564 series of ink cartridges..... RUN AWAY....

Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 564 total reviews
1-20 of 564 reviews