Ziploc Container Variety Bundle

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About this bundle

This set of two Ziploc Fresh Shield Rectangle Containers is ideal for storing leftovers, preserving perishables, keeping baked goods fresh and reheating food. They are even versatile enough to hold non-food items. These Ziploc Food Containers & Lids come in a convenient 2 ct and features snap-on blue lids that provide a secure seal to lock in food's freshness and keep out air. Measuring marks are included in the interior of these Ziploc storage containers to help with measuring correct portions. These Ziploc storage containers are BPA-free for safe storage, and the textured outer surface makes them easy to grip. These BPA-free storage containers can be used in the microwave oven and the freezer. Ziploc food containers also are dishwasher safe for convenience and easy re-use. These containers are clear, allowing you to see what is in each rectangular container.

The Ziploc food containers are designed as a disposable option but are sturdy enough to be re-used. Each container can also be used for crafts, toys and other storage needs.

Ziploc Fresh Shield Rectangle Containers & Lids:
  • Marks for measuring and pouring
  • Added texture for easy gripping
  • Safe for: microwave, freezer, dishwasher
  • Perfect for: food storage and leftovers, baked goods for friends, crafts
  • Always been BPA free
  • Microwave and reuse Ziploc brand containers without worry
  • 2 Count package

Included in this bundle

Ziploc Twist'n Loc Round Container Small 2 Cup, 3 count

4.5 stars ratings
Ziploc brand Twist ’n Loc Containers block out air and lock in freshness.