Wisdoms of the Heart (Paperback)

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Enduring Promises of the Heart (Paperback)
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Enduring Promises of the Heart (Paperback)

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Wisdoms of the Heart (Paperback)

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Religion/Islam - Sufi
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Les 7 Lectures

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Have you ever wondered about the world around you? Have you ever wondered about the reason of your existence? Have you ever wondered about Allah? Have you ever wondered about yourself?

"The one who knows his nafs knows his Lord."

The goal is to know our nafs, to face its reality and to perfect it...

However, if you want to be sure of the right direction, you need to find the person who will know how to help you on this path full of pitfalls. Someone who has walked the path himself and who can tell you about the shortcomings of the nafs, who can tell you about Allah and who can communicate his love for our Creator.

This book is a collection of preaching by our sheikh Sidi Mohamed Fawzi Al Karkari, may Allah sanctify his secret, which will give you a taste of the reality of his science.

"The one who has no Sheikh, Shaytan is his Sheikh."

Wisdoms of the Heart (Paperback)
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Les 7 Lectures

Book Format


Original Languages



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