VTech VM311, Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Full-Color and Automatic Night Vision

Walmart # 552897763

VTech VM311, Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Full-Color and Automatic Night Vision

Walmart # 552897763
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  • High-resolution 2" color LCD monitor
  • 1.9GHz, 1,000' of range
  • Digital transmission
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    About This Item

  • High-resolution 2" color LCD monitor
  • 1.9GHz, 1,000' of range
  • Digital transmission
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    Baby monitor from the past

    The VTech VM311 baby monitor was designed with the technology of yesterday. The menu system features pixelated icons that are difficult to decipher. The microphone does not pick up well and cuts out often. How can a baby monitor not have reliable audio? The talk-back intercom did more harm than soothing to our child. He did not appreciate the DMV-like speakerphone audio quality. The base is difficult to position and does not offer any height adjustment. You’ll need to have a place that is above your crib in order to get a clear picture of what is going on. It would be nice if there was some sort of clip or gripping arm to attach it to the crib. The screen reminds me of the early Nokia cell phones where you play snake on the small little screen. The image is blurry but it will give you enough details to make a guess as to what is going on. The night vision does a decent job of illuminating the room with the infrared LEDs. The battery life of the video monitor is not that great. We had to plug it in every three to four hours to keep the battery charged.
    can't adjust heightfuzzy screen

    Decent for the Price

    This is a pretty decent video/audio monitor. We tested it at a house situated on a hill and the range reached from the top of the hill to the bottom (about five flights, through two walls). It cut out some, but that was reasonable. The battery life is obviously better if you turn off the video, and I though the battery life was fine. Monitors I'm familiar with really aren't meant to be used long term without being plugged in anyway. The monitor is on the small side, but it works. I agree that the angle is a little tight and the picture quality is a little poor. It also doesn't pan and only slightly tilts. All of these features are usually on more expensive models though So I think for the price this is a very decent model.

    Not just for kids

    We use this to monitor our chicken coop and it works fantastic. We can leave the sound on in case any predators are lurking we will be able to hear and see. The night vision is a big plus. I'd say our house is about 100' from the coop and it never cuts out. The camera can be adjusted in many positions so you can sit it anywhere you need and the receiver can be clipped to your side or it will sit near you. The battery charge will last all day so no need to worry about leaving it plugged in.

    Good baby monitor for a great price

    I received this VTech baby monitor to review and for the most part I'm giving it positive marks. This is a very functional monitor for the budget-conscious parent who could use a remote camera without the features of more expensive units. Some of the features I like: 1) Two way audio allows you to hear what's happening in the remote room and your baby can hear your voice when wanted. 2) Zoom, allows a close up view of the subject. 3) Ease of setup, just install the battery in parent unit and plug it in to charge. It's basically ready to go. 4) Good adjustable audio. 5) Good range in our 1700sq. ft. home. 6) IR is decent in total darkness. 7) Image quality, while not great, it is quite acceptable. 8) Expandable, allows additional cameras to be paired with parent unit. Some of the qualities I find not so great: A) Parent unit screen size is 2" which is very small. B) Non-standard rechargeable batteries make for replacement much more difficult. C) Narrow field of view makes initial placement of monitor critical. D) Battery life is very short, approximately 3 hours unplugged. E) Battery charge time is very long, 12 hours once the low battery indicator has come on. F) No parent belt clip, although you can attach a lanyard or similar clip to the hard plastic loop on top. G) Status indicators, (battery/reception/units paired), on parent unit are tiny. H) Fixed positioning baby unit, you cannot move it remotely. This monitor works as it should and although the image quality is not sharp, and the screen size is small, the bottom line is, for the parents who need a baby monitor in this price range, this unit should suffice just fine.
    Parent unit image of crib daylight timeframeBaby monitor remote camera

    Rather disappointing

    I received this monitor free in exchange for my review on the product. I have to say I was rather disappointed in the quality and coverage in the vtech digital baby monitor. First off you need to mount it over the crib to get a picture (okay I get that), next you need to find the right angle and this step was the hardest as it didn't go left to right.... Only up or down. So you couldn't tilt the monitor to the side, you had to figure out how to mount it that way. The picture didn't turn out any vibrant colors like shown. The picture posted is of a brown tiger and you can't really tell it's brown at all. The battery life doesn't even last one night and the parent monitor doesn't have a clip to put on pants or shirt. Overall, save your money and upgrade to the higher models if you can.
    TigerWhat's included
    Bratlyn - Give our support team a call @ 1-800-595-9511. We want you to be happy with your monitor. Thanks!

    A really good quality baby monitor

    VTech Safe&Sound VM311 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Full-Color and Automatic Night Vision, 1 Parent Unit, White/Silver This monitor was very easy to set up. You can basically take it out of the box and go. It’s that simple. There is no complicated assembly issues or long directions to follow. This model is very user friendly. The picture quality on this monitor is excellent, and images come across in color, crisp and clear. I love that the head can be moved up or down to adjust for the angle you need to place it at for a good visual. You can speak through this monitor, so that you can comfort your baby, remind your school ager, or in general give your child the comfort of an answer or your voice if you’re in another part of your home. There is no belt clip for the parent side of this unit, however there is a kickstand. Whatever you’re doing you can just set the monitor near you and continue keeping your hands busy. I have not found the lack of a clip to be an issue at all. We only keep our unit running for a couple of hours at a time. These units do plug in, so we haven’t had any issue with battery life. I have no doubt that if I wanted to use the monitor for hours rather than short bursts of time periods that I would just plug it in and give it a place to set rather than trying to run it off batteries. I do not know if it would last all night or not.

    Still on the fence with this one

    I chose this monitor to be able to see what goes on in my animal rescue room. At first I wasn't particularly impressed with it. I haven't used any other monitors to compare the quality to; and after setting it up, I didn't think that this model was all that great. It has some short comings as far as I'm concerned, but since I've had time to use it and get used to it, I've upgraded my opinion of it. Good points to mention is setup, closeup video and sound. Setup was very simple - insert battery, plug in and charge. The menu is easy, very few options to look at, again, very simple. It will monitor up to 4 cameras. Picture quality is good if the camera is close but that limits a good viewing area. Picks up colors perfectly. Good lighting and positioning high or on wall gives a better range. But if placed on the wall you don't have an option to swing sideways, only up or down. And then you have to hope that's it's at the best angle for lighting and for night vision because you don't want to move this camera around. It's too much of a pain to get it back to an optimal position. I like the pan left to right, up and down but dislike only being able to do it in the zoom mode. But zoom works good, and it's just a matter of getting used to using it. Night vision is nothing to brag about, but it works ok. Good sound and reception, no problems there. Battery life is not good, didn't run long on battery only. It would be nice if I could clip it on and carry it around, but the battery life is too short to worry about that anyway. I've decided I may as well just keep it plugged in a regular resting place. At least I won't lose it around the house everyday! The biggest negative for me is that I'm still having problems with the sound sensitivity range or something. At times, the unit starts beeping very loudly and I can't figure out how to shut it up or what is wrong. Poor babies, when I say loud I mean LOUD! Nothing like monitoring a sleeping baby only to scare it awake by the screaming unit down the hall! Until I figure it out, use and options will be limited for me. I believe it's a 3 star but I would bump it up to 4 if VTech will disable that blaring bleep. Mixed thoughts on it at this moment, even though I checked that I wouldn't recommend. Honestly, I still haven't formed a complete opinion of whether I would recommend or not.
    See video of setup and monitoring
    VTech Safe & Sound VM311 Full Color Video and Audio Monitor

    awesome baby monitor

    wow what a great little monitor I love this little monitor and use it all the time I just have the one camera that came with it but you can view a total of four cams on one monitor it is great for every day life if your in the kitchen cooking or in the living room dusting you can keep an eye on your baby and even tots you can carry the monitor anywhere you go room to room or outside this thing works great so far its not lost its signal even went outside to my detach garage and still works great picture and sound quality is very nice just turn the volume all the way up slip it in your pocket if your baby cry or your tot laugh you can hear them easily just take it out of your pocket and you can look and see what is happening in the room also love the feather that you can here your child but they cant here you until you press the talk button and then your baby can here your voice and to me that's awesome you can be out side like I mention or in the far end of the house and if your baby cry you can talk to them so they can be reinsure you are on your way and will be there soon or if your baby is not resting good and your very busy and cant get there for a few more minutes you can sing them a lullaby some times with babies and tots just hearing your voice mom or dads is enough to help them get to sleep and help them feel secure and I could go on and on with good things to say about this monitor and cam with all said this is an awesome baby monitor and do recommend buy one if you have a baby or a tot a couple of things I must add that I don't like the monitor comes with a rechargeable battery that lasted about two hours before you have to charge the cam its self does not it has to be plug in all the time if the power goes off the cam does not work other than that I have no problems with it in the package you get the monitor, and the cam, the recharge battery for the monitor and two adapters for the cam and monitor and at a very good price

    VTech Baby Monitor

    This monitor has been great for me. At times I care for my 2 year old grandson overnights. It used to be that when I went to check on him at night, he would pop his head up and start crying. I don't know if he heard me or just sensed me, but it happened often. After I received this, it didn't happen anymore. When I got it it was very easy to set up. Just plug it in, turn it on and go. The hand set is small, about the size of a cell phone so I can keep it right with me. I can watch him all the time and I don't disturb him. And with the sound, I can hear when he makes any noise. I'm really glad I have this, and I think my grandson is resting better when I don't wake him up when I check on him.Works great, easy set up.
    VTech Baby MonitorVTech Baby Monitor

    Not your bells and whistles monitor but will work

    I tried for a week to make this monitor work for us but sadly I could not. I will go over the pros for this monitor and let you make your own decisions as to whether to purchase or not. Pros: It is expandable up to 4 units Its in color It has good audio and sound You can zoom in and out Cons: It has a short cord It is rather difficult to maneuver and arrange the camera Color quality is not great When I first got it out of the box I could not wait to try it. It is a very sleek looking little monitor and I was looking forward to better picture quality. However, the moment I noticed how short the cord was I knew I was going to have problems. We have our current monitor placed on the wall opposite the crib to be able to get a full picture of our son while he sleeps. This cord was too short and since the monitor itself can only be maneuvered forwards or backwards it was impossible to mount it on the wall in a position that would make it possible to see the whole crib. When you have a toddler that moves around a lot while he sleeps you know this is a problem because when you only are able to get half of the picture that means you cannot see all of your child and, when you can't see all of your child then you are essentially defeating your purpose of having a monitor in the first place. Mounting it closer to the crib again would not provide us with a full picture of the crib and put the cord way too close to him. We just felt closer was not safer we did not want to run the risk of him pulling it out because little hands will get into just about anything they can reach so this was a no go. My son would have pulled this out in heartbeat. The color quality we were surprised to see was not better than our current monitor in fact our older monitor had much better color quality. Sadly, we have decided not to use it since it really did not afford us better adjustment, color quality or comfort. The battery will go a full 4 hours without being plugged in but I do not recommend it not being plugged in all night or it will die. The sound quality was good and the talk works great however there are many other monitors on the market today that work much better or just the same and don't have these hang ups. The one plus to this monitor that is that it is expandable to 4 units however, as our babies grow and the more mobile they become it makes this monitor obsolete for lack of adjustment power the fact that it can zoom in and out is not helpful if you cannot see the whole picture. I cannot imagine it in a play room setting without being able to be moved left and right just forward and back, just can't see it working. For us in the long run for our needs it was just not what we were needing.
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