Shark ION ROBOT RV700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Easy Scheduling Remote

Walmart # 564508507

Shark ION ROBOT RV700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Easy Scheduling Remote

Walmart # 564508507
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Product highlights

  • Ease of a Robot. Performance of a Shark.™
  • Easy optional scheduling with remote control
  • Smart Sensor Navigation avoids traps and overcomes obstacles
  • Self-cleaning brushroll captures short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery
  • Easy-to-use BotBoundary™  strips create no-go areas for your robot
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The market leaders in upright vacuums* have made a robot. The Shark ION ROBOT is the perfect solution for everyday upkeep. It features: A self-cleaning brushroll that captures short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens to prevent everyday buildup in your home. Smart Sensor Navigation seamlessly navigates floors and carpets while proximity sensors assess and adapt to surrounding obstacles. Dual spinning side brushes pull in debris from edges and corners. An easy-to-use remote for setting a recurring cleaning schedule.

About This Item

  • Ease of a Robot. Performance of a Shark.™
  • Easy optional scheduling with remote control
  • Smart Sensor Navigation avoids traps and overcomes obstacles
  • Self-cleaning brushroll captures short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery
  • Easy-to-use BotBoundary™  strips create no-go areas for your robot
Cordless, Remote Controlled, Scheduled Operation
Assembled Product Weight
10.5 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
12.60 x 12.60 x 2.60 Inches
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This Robotic Vacuum is so awesome!

First off the bat I have to say I am very impressed with this vacuum. We have hardwood floors and I like that it doesn't scratch or leave any marks on the floor. It can go over rugs but I do pick up the throw rugs. It was very easy to put together and hook it up to the charging unit as all you do is plug that in. I don't have it set up to start automatically on a timer, but click clean when I want to run it. It must have a timer as after about an hour, which is enough time to do the whole room, it returns to the dock by itself. If you have furniture I would watch it as once in awhile it has gotten stuck under our recliner and you do have to pick up any wires as that does get stuck in the wheels. It isn't completely quiet while running but not noisy to irritate. I like the amount of noise as this way I know if it is stuck or running smoothly. It did a great job of picking up dust and hairs on the floor. You do need to clean the brushes at the end as my long hair got twisted in them but its very easy to clean. I think its fun and easy to operate. My husband also gives it the thumbs up as this way he doesn't have to vacuum any longer. Definitely recommend this as a great birthday/Christmas gift.
Doing it's thing.So easy and effortless.

My New Best Friend!

I always wanted a robotic vacuum and now I have the Shark ION RV700 Robot and am so happy I do. This robot even comes with a remote control and you can set it to clean whenever you want. It comes with a lithium ion battery that gives you over an hour of cleaning. I charged the battery up all the way the first time and ran it totally out so it would get a complete charge. When the battery is running low, the robot automatically returns to the docking station. What could be easier! You can also send it back to the docking station with the remote. I had a little trouble with the remote but only because I didn't know that I had to have the vacuum on button on to program it. This robot has little brushes that you insert and helps to get along the edges of your walls. You do have to be careful that it doesn't get stuck under furniture. Mine got stuck under the couch and I could hear it but couldn't find it. The Shark robot comes with boundary strips that you can put where you don't want the robot to go or you can just put an obstacle there. The only complaint would be that you have to empty the dust bin often in the beginning because it is kind of small. However, since you can program the robot to clean often, you can keep up on the dirt and dust and the bin won't get so full. Since I'm not doing any of the work, I don't mind stopping to empty the bin! This robot is very good at maneuvering around furniture. Overall, I would highly recommend the Shark Ion Robot. I just love it!
On the docking station.Doing it's job.


I've always wondered how these Robotic vacuums really worked. The reviews I read on these vacuums were very good. I have two houses, one outside of Kansas City, Mo. in the country, and one at the Lake of the Ozarks. I tried the Robotic at the lake home where I mainly have tile floors. It really worked good, particularly getting under the king-size bed where it's hard to clean. I was very impressed. I have a low area rug on tile in the family room, and it swept right up on it. I do not feel the Robotic vacuum can get deep soil out, but did great on the surface. Unfortunately, both of my homes have a lot of furniture, and I felt I had to follow it around to make sure it didn't get caught up. My daughter-in-law has a much more spacious house than we do; so I took the vacuum to her house as she's always wanted to try one out. She has mostly hardwood floors; her dining room has a low-pile area rug under kitchen table, and a medium high shag rug in family room. The vacuum went right onto them. I think the shag rug would wear down the battery rather quickly. But it did great, and she was very impressed with the vacuum and was looking forward to using it; therefore, I gifted it to her, and she was elated. I would most definitely have kept it if I wasn't closed in with more furniture and little open space. Therefore, I will continue to use my other Shark vacuums; and my daughter-in-law will thoroughly enjoy using the Robotic vacuum in her house. Was so pleased to get this Robotic vacuum and try it out. It is very capable and definitely gets dirt and dog hair up (we have 5 rescue dogs, 1 rescue cat, and 1 rescue Cockatoo; and my daughter-in-law has two dogs. Lots of animal hair which this little whirley bird did great cleaning up off the floor. The vacuum is very easy to empty. When the battery starts getting too low, it will dock itself on the charging station which you keep plugged. I highly recommend this vacuum!!

Great Vacuum does the job while I do other things

The Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum is easy to assemble and setup for charging is a breeze as well. Great Vacuum for keeping floors clean. My Son (Teenager!) loves it, he holds the chore of vacuuming and this is the perfect new 'toy' for him to accomplish his chore without breaking a sweat. It even comes with a Remote Control! But there are some flaws that could be fixed and the Shark ION Robot Vacuum would be even better. Let's start with the Flaws: It takes forever to find the docking/charging station. You'd think when you press 'dock' the Robot Vacuum aims straight for the charge station, but nope, it'll circle around and around or even go the opposite direction and will only find the charge-station when it's within 3 feet of it. When it comes to vacuuming, sometimes it seems the Shark Robot keeps going over the same spot quite a few times while missing others. So you'll have to nudge it a bit to go the other direction. Speaking of which, when it's stuck by furniture or some other obstacle, you'd think it'll do a 180 and just go the other way, but it just keeps turning a bit, goes for a foot and then turns back to go to the same obstacle again. I had the Vacuum Robot stuck in front of my Dresser for about 10 minutes just going back and forth, instead of like I said, just do a 180 turn and head the other way. There is no indicator when the dirt-compartment is full, nor does the Shark Robot shut itself off when the dirt-compartment is full, it just keeps going until the battery is exhausted. So, because it will just go on and on the compartment overflows and then you'll have dust spilling out from where it's supposed to go in. The 2 little spin-brushes at the front that are supposed to push debris toward the inside to be sucked up usually do just that, but a lot of times, especially on hardwood or flat carpets it'll just fling it about and then either pick it up later when it goes vacuuming over where the debris landed, or unfortunately sometimes, not at all. I'm not sure if this is because the longer bristles are the way the are. Also, it takes quite some time to vacuum an entire room, so this Shark ION Robot Vacuum is not for a quick cleaning with the exception of 'Spot' Cleaning, which literally just cleans a particular spot. The Remote is nice to have, but programming it was not so efficient. There's also no way to cancel any scheduled cleaning that I could figure out and the instructions only list how to edit a scheduled cleaning. So I ended up popping the batteries out of the Remote to clear it and just re-entered the current day & time when I put them back in. But it does have tons of Pros: Even though it's a bit tricky to work the Remote, since you can program the Shark ION Robot vacuum to clean a room or rooms if they're easily connected via hallway while you're either at work or doing something else it does save time over actually having to haul a traditional vacuum around. Just need to make sure the rooms don't have any obstacles that could potentially wreck the Robot Vacuum. While it is not completely silent, it is a lot quieter than my traditional vacuum, so our Doggie is less scared. I love the fact that the Center-brush comes completely out for cleaning off hair, etc. And I also like that instead of just shutting off when faced with an obstacle it'll just keep turning until it finds a clear path, may take a while, see flaws about not doing a 180. The Robot Vacuum does go over small obstacles, such as trim between hardwood & carpet, or it even rolled over my foot. The package came with what they call 'Bot-Strips' which can be placed around areas you don't wish the Shark ION Robot to vacuum. If by accident something does get sucked up, not to worry, since this is a bag-less Vacuum and the Dirt compartment is kind of clear on one side, you can easily dig out something that shouldn't be discarded before dumping the dust/debris into the trash. Overall, I would recommend this Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum for the fact alone that it will easily go under Beds, Dressers with Feet, etc. where you can never reach easily with a traditional vacuum. And even though the Robot takes quite some time to finish an entire room, it is a big time-saver for me, because this Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum can be programmed to do the work while I'm otherwise engaged. And like I said, my Teenage-Son loves it, he 'plays' with it like it's one of his R/C Cars, except this one gets the floors clean, big bonus. I also like the fact that it can be charged directly with the Cable instead of having to use the dock charging station. You'll still need a traditional vacuum to get cobwebs from corners, the ceiling and clean the stairs, but I'd definitely buy this Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum again if the need arises, because it does give me more free time to do other things while the Shark ION Robot vacuums by itself.
Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum, still in boxShark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum, charging in dock

Has Limits

I couldn't wait to get this and try it! I have wanted one for quite a while. It was packaged nicely. The start up guide made set up fairly easy. You plug the docking station into the wall and let it charge. When the robot gets low on battery it will return itself to the docking station. I must admit it is quite amusing to watch!! Overall I felt the machine was sturdy. The brushes don't seem like they would last very long to me. The buttons are all easy to understand. When fully charged it runs about 1 hour. The reason I am giving it 3 stars is due to its limits. This would be good for laminate or hard wood floors but is not good for carpet. We have short carpet and although it did pick up dust over the course of the hour, (See pic), it doesn't do a deep cleaning like my regular upright Shark vaccuum. In the kitchen where there is laminate it did a fairly good job. It didn't do in the corners much at all. If you are looking for something to do a light dusting of your floors this is good. Be very careful too as everything on the floor has to be picked up. It sucked up cords that were right under my couch. I had an electric blanket laying on the floor where I didn't think it would reach and it ran over it and got stuck on top of the blanket. It even ran over the controls for the blanket and turned it on!!! Just want to warn you that you have to pick every single thing up. It does come with a strip that you can place in a doorway to keep the robot from going into that room. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to a friend just because it is so expensive and doesn't do the job a regular vaccuum does.
Dust after 1 hour

Shark RV700

What a deal..I got $35 off, just to sign up for Walmart CC..I am a senior, 76 years and if I can operate this unit with No problems, anybody can! It is actually a lot of fun to watch it navigate 2700 sq.ft.!! We clean one room at a time..since you only have 1 hour of battery life, before re docking for a full charge! Use your boundry strips or close doors to keep in same room for full charge and go to next room!! VERY IMPORTANT!! Clean the waste bin out as you finish each room!!! Clean the filter also YOU are really going to be surprised at all the "gunk" this little unit will pick up in one room!!! I have central vac and a Shark upright..needless to say we have not been cleaning on regular basis..Now we clean each room at least 2 times before moving to next room..We use this "bot" several times a DAY..Everyday..

I like it, works well for me.

The Shark Ion Robot cleans pretty well for what it is but you shouldn't expect this little guy to rival a traditional vacuum cleaner. On any given cleaning it will probably leave some dirt on the floor but because it cleans as often as you want, overall the floors will stay cleaner than if you use a traditional vac once in a while. I like that this unit seems to learn the environment and bumps into walls and furniture much less after it's cleaned a few times. I have hard wood and tiles throughout most of a 1 BR apt and one fringed Persian rug in the living room. The vac climbs over room transitions most of the time but does get stuck occasionally. It goes from floor to rug without a problem and does not get tangled up in the fringes. It does however get stuck some times when it mounts the rug from a corner. It sometimes lifts the corner up and gets hung up on it. Overall it doesn't get stuck much and operates very smoothly. I have a cat that sheds hair constantly which is why I bought the vac. It does a very good job of PRACTICALLY eliminating the hair problem. Overall I like the unit and have recommended it to others.

Another Great Product from Shark Floor Systems

First of all the Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum has some wonderful features that I found to be very helpful. The set up of your Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum is really simple and easy. Some of the tools you will receive in your package. You will get a docking station to charge your the Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum and a wall charger to keep your Shark ION ROBOT™ 700 Robotic Vacuum charged while not in use. One of the features is the Shark ION does has not cords that would get tangled. This is totally cordless! The cleaning power is amazing, it picks up the dust and debris. Some of the features that I found to be a benefit of cleaning my floors is the ability to know that I can program it from a remote control! If you do not want your Shark Ion going in places you put the Bot Boundary Strip in it way. The Shark ION does not cross over the boundary strips! The ION comes with a dust cup and a filter. So many wonderful features come with the Shark ION ROBOT™. The Manual is easy to read. This is a great cleaning tool for home, I can go about my other task while it cleans my floors!
Received it several days ago. Set it up and tried it out yesterday. Was very pleased with it so far. I have pets and it seemed to be able to handle the hair/fur very well. AND it did not scare them. I have not tried to program it yet but with the support you said you would give, should not be a problem. It ran for over an hour and had plenty of battery left. It cleaned 2 large rooms and a small one. Debris tray was pretty full, but was easy to empty and clean filter. It was so cute when I pushed the dock button, finding its way back home.

Egor on the job

I liked the ease of setting my new Shark rev 700 up. It dose a thoughal job picking up depris from the floor (hardwood) as.well as my throw rug. It is a delight watching (Egor) running from one room to another very entertaining. It is a wonderful appliance to have I am in a wheel chair and it gets into places that I cannot. It is making life easier. The hardest thing is prepping the home moving electrical cords and just making the spaces assable for the robot to get into so it can do its job. Best purchase that I have made.
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