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Safety 1st RIVA™ Ultra Lightweight Travel System Stroller with onBoard35™ FLX infant car seat , Black Tie

Walmart # 567880435

Safety 1st RIVA™ Ultra Lightweight Travel System Stroller with onBoard35™ FLX infant car seat , Black Tie

Walmart # 567880435
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About This Item

  • Give your child a better fit, from 4-35 pounds
  • Rigorously crash and side-impact tested to exceed safety standards
  • Side impact protection with deep side walls and energy absorbing foam
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe seat pad
  • Adjustable base for the right fit to your car
  • LATCH equipped and airplane ready
  • Ultra lightweight design, weighs only 7.5 lbs.
  • QuickClick® connect for stroller allows you to securely attach the car seat to your stroller with one simple click
  • Super lightweight stroller weighs less than 18 lbs.
  • Fast and easy one-hand Lift-to-fold™, self-standing and compact
  • The only easy-to-clean, zip off machine wash and dry stroller fabrics
  • Generous multi-position SPF 50+ sun canopy with no wake peek-a-boo window
  • High impact stroller frame made from recycled materials
  • Manufactured in the USA with domestic and global parts
  • 2 dual use parent cupholders/cell phone stands (dishwasher top rack safe)
  • Pivoting and removable child tray with snack/cup holder (dishwasher top rack safe)
  • Roomy basket and flip-flop friendly brakes
  • RIVA™ Lightweight Travel System features:
  • Super lightweight stroller made with high impact co-polymer materials weighs less than 18 lbs.
  • Roomy basket and flip-flop friendly brakes
  • onBoard™35 FLX Infant Car Seat features:
  • Stay-in-car base with adjustable recline foot and level indicator
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WOW car seat and ok stroller

My baby does NOT like car seats, making even a 10 min ride a drama. So when we got the Safety 1st car seat, I was so happy that we now can take long rides! The car seat has enough cushion which in our case was THE problem. It also has raised sides for side impact protection, so the baby looks like in a cocoon!The car seat is not bulky compared to our old car seat, and at first I was wondering HOW will we be able to use it with growing baby. Now that my baby grew a little, I see that the car seat has plenty of room to grow. I can not think of any negative comments about this car seat. Maybe that's why it's recommended by Car Seats For The Littles. As for the stroller, although it looks great, I see some unsafe negatives unfortunately. First and foremost, after using it every day for the last 6 weeks, I still can't (for the life of me) properly click car seat onto the stroller. Which means that the said car seat is prone to falling from the stroller because it's not secured at all. I never had anything like that with Gracos. Second, the knobs that are supposed to hold the car seat on the stroller frame are a hazard --- a baby / toddler could accidentally bump into those sharp edges and get serious lacerations. As for me, once we are done with this bucket car seat, I'm planning on putting a ducktape cusion on and around those knobs. Third, if you are ever going to go up or down some stairs with the stroller, be aware that the green brake pedals are waaaay too long and will be scratching the steps. Once, while going up the steps, both brakes got engaged and of course then the wheels would not turn. And finally my forth point -- once you open the box, make sure you oil the wheels (they squeak otherwise!) and the folding mechanism because without some WD-40 this stroller is a serious stiff! Now, the nice things about this stroller. It is made in USA! It IS lightweight and super easy to maneuver, even with the car seat on it. The basket is rather small (compared to Graco) but we learned to just run with it. Folding it REALLY is a breeze as long as you oil the folding mechanism. It took me a couple of days to figure out how does unfolding work but I got it now! Canopy is okay, and the peeking window on the canopy is lacking something to hold it open. But with the help of clothes pins we mastered that too (see pics). Very good feature is that you can unzip the whole seat padding to wash and then easily zip it all back together. I also love the color -- paired up with a little of bright green, and we have ourselves a sharp look!

This is so nice

I received this Safety First Riva Lightweight Travel System in exchange for my honest review from the spark reviewer program. This system is so gorgeous in all black, a lint roller will need to be handy, but it is so sleek in the black tie. The assembly was so easy I over looked the strap that says lift to fold. There is two instruction booklets included, be sure to locate both, one is for installing the base and it was very useful. I love that the cover can be removed for easy cleaning, the cup/phone holders for the adult, to the tray for the child, this is a very nice system. This system should last for a long time as well. It accommodates basically a premee, and it is so convenient to just pop the seat off the base, pop it on the stroller and never wake your baby. And the wheels glide so smooth, it made it feel even more luxurious. I think it is a very good value as well, all three items for an affordable price. I would certainly recommend this baby travel system to others, it is a luxurious item for an affordable price.

Sleek ultra lightweight design

When I first received my Riva stroller I was happy to see the words "made in the U.S.A". Once I opened the box and realized there wasn't hardly any setup required I was even more pleased! This stroller carseat combo really is ultra lightweight compared to other strollers like it. I love the ease of taking the carseat out of the car and inserting it into the stroller. I could see this really handy for traveling on a plane. We took it to the mall and let me tell you the ease of opening it up with one hand was awesome! Other great features are dual cup holders (they do have to be removed each time you fold the stroller down). Another great feature missing from some other strollers is the room on the bottom. PLENTY! The only con is that the seat does not fold completely down for a good nap. But other than that no complaints here. Would definitely recommend this stroller to anyone in the market looking for a sleek lightweight stroller combo.

Safe and Convenient

The Riva Ultra Lightweight Travel System is a pretty slick set up. I wish I could have had this when my daughter was a baby. I got this for my nephew. It's a great set up for a new mom. It's lightweight, so pretty much any mom will be able to carry it or fold it up and store it. It's super easy to fold up. Just grab the strap in the stroller seat that says, "pull here to fold", and it literally folds up as you pick up on it. The car seat section also locks into place easily. It should fit babies from new born to maybe a year or more, depending on how big your baby is. The stroller will fit kids up to maybe 2 years or more, again, depending on the size of your child. My daughter and my nephew are monstrous in size for their ages, so they grow out of everything much faster than the average kids. Anyway, the car seat will lock into the stroller by simply pulling up on the handle on the back of the car seat and setting it into place and releasing. It's a very safe and secure system. Both the stroller and the car seat have a 5 point harness. That's not something you typically would give much thought to. But in a car seat, that's a safety feature that can mean the difference between life or death in a crash for your child. The 5 point harness keeps the shoulders, torso and waste in a secure position in the event of a crash while the crotch strap keeps the child from sliding out from under the upper straps. Of course a proper child seat, including this one, is rear facing so that in the event of a crash the most vulnerable part of a baby, the neck, won't sustain major injury like a front facing seat could result in. This system comes with a base that you can leave in your car which you can also easily drop the car seat into. The base works with the latch system that comes equipped in the back seats of most newer cars. I say most, because some sports cars don't have that feature. The latch system is far safer and more secure than a standard seat belt being strapped through the back of a car seat. Although, if you can use the latch system in addition to the seat belt, then you should do that as opposed to either method alone. The in car base is adjustable, making it easier to fit your baby comfortably in a variety of cars. Once folded up the stroller becomes pretty compact. It can be stored in most cars back seats or trunks. The stroller itself, in addition to the car seat, provide a full coverage canopy for your child with an SPF50 rating that keeps your child safe from harmful UV rays. Something many parents don't give much thought to when walking with their kids. Babies suffer from sun burn far easier than your average adult, so that's something that should be taken seriously. The stroller has 2 cup holders on the back for mom or dad and there is also a child tray with a single cup holder. There is a storage area underneath the stroller for holding all the essential stuff you'll need when on the go with your child, diapers and all that good stuff. The rear wheels have locking foot levers to keep the stroller in place when you need it. All the fabrics between both the child seat and the stroller are removable and machine washable. All things considered this is a pretty sweet setup. It's extremely convenient for any new parent. It's lightweight, fast and easy to fold up, drop in or store away and most importantly, it's very well designed with a focus on safety. My sister was very happy with the Riva Travel System and so was I. I can highly recommend it for any new parent or for anyone looking for a gift idea for a baby shower. This price is a little high, but when your childs life is at stake, it's not wise to cheap out on the safety gear.

Great stroller car seat combo

I love this! It is amazing, and so easy to use for new babies. I have used it for a newborn and a 1 year old and it's been wonderful. It's a light weight stroller and a very nice heavy duty carseat. Black in color, perfect for those with little ones. I have tried similar ones and nothing compares to this brand of stroller carseat combo set. It's easy to take with you when you go somewhere. Stroller folds up quickly. Carseat has the thing that you can leave in the car and buckle it in. Just have to put the carseat in and go. So much easier than many other's. I would recommend checking this brand of stroller carseat combo' s out. They are definitely worth the money. I did receive this product for free for being a spark reviewer.

Better than expected

I honestly did not expect for this product to be so true to it's title. It is very lightweight and I LOVE that bout the stroller. I have had a few strollers in the past and they are so heavy and hard for me to put away in the trunk. This stroller is lightweight and easy to fold every time, so convenient for any mommy. I love the product.


This set is so amazing. Normally i drive from place to place but had to take the bus one day this week and may i say this was the best stroller for the job. I was able to pick my daughter up with one arm and use my free hand to pull string and fold. Omg if this is not the most lightweight/ coolest stroller. I highly recommend to moms with extra large strollers that takes alot of energy to push or moms with back problems like myself that hate carrying bulky strollers up and down stairs.i love it and so does my daughter also tge cup holders are deep and cool has a slot that allows you to place sell phone without it falling while still being able to read texts and make calls. Tiers go over bumps easy and so much more. We love our new stroller.

Handy car seat once you get the hang of it!

All around sturdy heavy duty stroller and car seat! The instructions are a bit hard to follow. First snap in the tray into the stroller, then snap in the car seat. The car seat does not snap in without the tray. Also had a hard time figuring out how to lengthen the car seat straps until we discovered that the long dangling strap at the front of the car seat is used for adjusting the length of the straps!

Travel System

RIVA Ulta Lightweight travel system is pretty amazing. It is lightweight as the name says, only 18 pounds. You can close it with one hand, and with a baby, when do you ever have more than one hand? I love that you can take the fabric off and wash it. And a key thing about this part is, it actually goes back on easily! Who hasn't taken something off thinking oh this is nice and struggled to get it back one? It isn't a problem with this stroller. You can use the car seat alone, the stroller alone, or them together as a combo. It also has a canopy with a no wake peek-a-boo window. It has a parent use cup holder or cell phone stand. That can go in the dishwasher for cleaning. I'm all about easy cleaning. The box says flip-flop friendly brakes, which I laughed at.. but I don't wear flip flops, the brakes are easy to use tho. The car seat holds a child 4-35 pounds. It has a machine washable seat pad. The base stays in the car. The combination of the 2 was nice, and knowing that I will get many years of use out of it gives a good value. I also like that it's made in the USA, (yes, using domestic and global parts), and frame is made from recycled material.

Safe Baby

We received this this Safety 1st RIVA Ultra Lightweight Travel System Stroller, Black Tie from the Walmart Spark reviewer Program. The Stroller is lightweight and easy to fold and unfold. It folds down to easily fit in a trunk of a car. The Stroller is well made and the baby is comfy and secure riding in it. The sunscreen keeps harmful rays from hitting the babies skin. We really like the Stroller. The car seat is also easy to use and secures the baby well. The car seat was designed by Pediatricians so we feel confident it is going to keep baby safe in the event of a car accident. It is easy to remove the seat from the base that stays in the car. When off the base the set is a baby carrier. Transfer from car to stroller is quick. I recommend this Safety !st Riva Ultra Lightweight Travel System, Black Tie. To get a Stroller, Baby Carrier, and a good car Seat all together is economical and makes life a little easier. Thanks for reading this review.
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