RCA UHF/VHF/Digital Indoor Antenna

Walmart # 550355694

RCA UHF/VHF/Digital Indoor Antenna

Walmart # 550355694
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  • HDTV compatible
  • Adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles extend up to 36" to improve reception of channels 2-13
  • UHF loop for improved reception of channels 14-69
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  • HDTV compatible
  • Adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles extend up to 36" to improve reception of channels 2-13
  • UHF loop for improved reception of channels 14-69
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    This is the one you want

    Walmart sells at least three RCA indoor antennas that appear to be the same. I ordered this one, which was supposed to be model ANT112R, but I received ANT112F. Either way, the one you want has 3' (three foot) antennas. I have a model with 18" (eighteen inch) antennas too. Neither require power and looks straight out of the 1960s. Both work better than any powered (amplified) or non-powered indoor antenna that I know of, at least in its price range. They are very cheap, nothing special. The major drawbacks are that you have to fiddle with it in order to make it work sometimes (which varies with the weather), AND the base is tiny, so it might fall over easy or under certain antenna position. With this second one, I gladly disconnected my powered (amplified) antenna and immediately got a much better reception. I live in a major suburb of the Kansas City area and receive over 30 channels clearly. Some of these channels were previously unwatchable with the more expensive amplified antenna.

    Have Patience and a Gentle Touch

    So I gave this antenna 4 out of 5 stars for two reason. 1st: it does work well but you need to play around with the best positioning both for where to put it and the "ears" (the dipoles- rods) positioning. I found that if I placed the unit on one side of my tv and did a channel scan it didn't pick up the same channels as it did if I placed it on the other side of my tv. So my advice is to play around with it and do more than a couple of channel scans to see where you will get the best signals. 2nd reason: the "ears" are fragile. Just screwing them into the base unit one of mine broke off. If you move them with too much pressure you are likely to break them off. On the plus side, this is a cheap unit that works just as well as some of the more expensive units. The picture is very clear and looks great. With this unit I receive the same amount of channels I was getting with my very basic cable subscription (except Discovery channel). The only difference is now there is no cable bill.

    Excellent Product & At A Low Price!

    Was very, very skeptical at first about this antenna. I thought, "For $11, I'll try it but I may have to bring it back." (even made a separate transaction just for the antenna in case I had to bring it back). Boy was I wrong! I went home and assembled the dipoles & integrated loop. The loop does take a little effort to put in place though. Once I assembled it, I plugged the antenna cable plug into my TV, did an autoscan & Voilà!!! I picked up 12 channels from this antenna. Some of you may be thinking, "Just twelve?" but this television is a bedroom television (meaning, I only watch it at bedtime & in the morning while I get dressed for work) & I stay in an apartment duplex with a metal roof. If you want an inexpensive antenna to catch a FEW channels with, this is it!!! I live in the metro Lafayette, LA area and was not able to catch KLFY TV 10 (10-1) but was able to catch all the other local stations. Maybe down the line, I may get an amplifier but for now I am VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE! Would DEFINITELY recommend!!!


    I have this little guy connected to my 24" 1080p HDTV. I purchased my HDTV to use only for a Monitor.I figured that I would spend less on a Refurbished HDTV with the larger screen size plus 1080p than i would spend on just a Computer monitor of the same size without speakers. Anyway..My 40" living room HDTV went on the blink and was left without Television programs so i thought i would give this antenna a try...Boy, does this little guy bring in the signal.I live in an upstairs apartment and have my computer and tv monitor way back in the opposite side of where the tv signals are coming from. i placed the antenna right on the dining room table right next to the tv and computer. Turned the tv on, did the channel scan and have all the over the air channels again.I did not even need to adjust the rabbit ears or anything. if you have cable or satellite of course you will still get more channels and all but for the price, the clarity of hd and how simple it was to connect,for over the air broadcasts, This antenna is Fantastic"

    I got tired........

    My monthly cable bill was out of control. It was as though I was paying a second car note. I got tired of all the fees, (fees that they sneak in there if you are not paying close attention to your bill), taxes, additional monthly fee for the boxes and the list goes on and on. I purchased this antenna one Saturday and placed it in my bedroom, close to the window and positioned it high. It not only picked up all the regular channels, but quite a few cable stations, and the cable stations that I am now picking up were not even included in the cable package that I had, go figure. This antenna picks up 32 stations even though I am surrounded by foliage. I was finally able to get rid of cable and I couldn't be happier. I am purchasing one for my Mom because she is on a fixed income and would like to get rid of her cable as well.

    Better then the more expensive indoor antenna!!!

    I was very surprise to see how small it was and wonder how great it will really work considering the size of it, but i'm pleasently surprise!!!! Works better then the more expensive ones I have connected to the other tv's in the apartment!!! Yes that's apartment!!!! Where i've had such bad reception with the other antenna that i've wanted to throw the tv out the window!!! I dont have cable and until purchasing this antenna was just about to break down and get it because I was so fustrated with the picture quality, but now i'm saving my $80 a month and getting a couple more for my other tv's. Now just remember one thing though, I didnt know that you had to get a specific type of antenna depending on where you live. There's a website out there where you put in your adress and it tells you what to look for in an antenna that will work for you. Hope all you need is this one because you cant bet the price : )!!! P.S. By the way my other (now trash), more expensive antenna's WHERE on the list under antenna's that WOULD work for me and I also got it at Walmart.

    Great Buy and 52 channels baby!!!

    I believe in the "you get what you pay for" so i have to admit i was a bit skeptical about buying this cheap antenna. I was actually looking to buy a more expensive one but after reading the reviews on this specific model and also due to the WalMart return policy i decided to try it out. After all if it didn't work i could just bring it back and get any other model. My wife and i decided to ditch cable/satellite company to save money so we were left with our Sharp Flat screen and no reception. I installed this antenna (15 sec installation BTW) to the TV, put the antenna in front of a window, turn on TV and auto scan channels. Our TV picked up 52 channels!! Its really around 22-25 channels since most of them are repeated (HD and Non HD) but still i really expected this little antenna to only pick up maybe 5-7 channels so we got more than we expected. There may be 2-3 channels where the reception is on and off but i am going to add a reception amplifier and that should solve the problem and maybe pick up a few more channels. We get now ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX New, PBS, Univision and many other channels in HD.. We do live close to the Mexico border so we also pick up channels from Mexico. Not bad at all for $10 bucks spent.

    Got TV?

    We do now! We live about twenty miles from the nearest local station -- lots of trees, a few low hills. I wasn't sure this simple set of bunny-ears-antennae would cut it, but I plugged it into the TV, ran the station search, and we now have about eight channels of which we watch one (PBS, which was what I wanted anyway) with crystal clear picture and good sound. Positioning is key, of course, and if the antenna is not in quite the right orientation, the TV skips or goes out momentarily (which was a touch unnerving the first time it happened -- the last time I used bunny ears, if you didn't have them set right, the reception might be a little snowy, but it wouldn't skip like a toddler's DVD). Still, for $4, I'm well-pleased. A quick note: I found this online first but saw that they also sold it in stores, so I just figured I'd swing by and pick it up there. $10 in store; $4 online. Even I can do that math.

    It WORKS!!!

    I have bought from Walmart all my life, but I think this is my first review on their website because I think this Antenna worked as a magic. For $10 im getting total of 30 Channels, out of which 10 are full HD. Only advice I have for people looking for Antenna (because I read and re read all the reviews before making my selection) that research online if your location will get any reception there are many websites out there and then buy this Antenna. Don't buy anything fancy because this Antenna will do the job!! I almost bought a $60 Antenna thinking I may get more but after reading review I decided to give this a try and I couldn't believe my eyes. I even took pictures and sent it to my friends of its crystal clear HD quality.
    I recently moved to a new place & no longer have a satellite hook up, so I tried an old rabbit ear antenna & got 3 stations with snowy reception. Bummer! I then read the reviews on this model, along with others. Based mostly on the reviews & the quite reasonable price, I bought this model. Wow! It brought in 29 channels with the best digital quality and picture that I have ever had & beats the non-hdtv satellite & cable hook ups I have had in the past! Very clear reception & most things I now watch almost look like they are in 3-D! (This coming from a Baby Boomer, who used to wear those blue & red 3-D glasses at the movies in the late 1950's! Ha! Ha!) I highly recommend this antenna to anyone! It was easy to assemble and is fantastic.
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