Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles (14 Pieces)

Walmart # 554312803

Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles (14 Pieces)

Walmart # 554312803
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  • 14-Pieces
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Hand wash only
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  • 14-Pieces
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Hand wash only
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    About This Item

  • 14-Pieces
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Hand wash only
  • Model
    Accessories Included
    1 x Block, 1 x Bread Knife, 1 x Chef Knife, 1 x Nakiri Knife, 1 x Paring Knife, 1 x Scissors, 1 x Sharpening Steel, 6 x Steak Knives, 1 x Utility Knife
    Stainless Steel
    Red Rosewood
    Block Sets
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Assembled Product Weight
    9.09 lb
    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
    8.19 x 5.98 x 14.40 Inches
    Customer Reviews
    4.3 out of 5 Stars
    1-10 of 136 reviews

    Attractive and functional knife set

    Is it a complete all-in-one set? Not quite. Most exciting to me are the poultry shears! These are a great addition to a knife block, and now I can cut up whole chickens with ease. The Nakiri knife is basically a narrower butcher knife, and since I don’t butcher any meats, I think the Nakiri is more practical as it’s good for cheese, leafy veggie and herb chopping. The utility knife is a bit short. It’s too close in size to the paring and steak knives. I've included a photo of the utility knife from my previous knife set next to this one, and that one is even a bit small, but larger than this one. The set lacks one key knife- a filet knife. The knives are inserted into the block sideways and it doesn't feel natural to grab them this way, but maybe I will adjust in time? Overall, it's a great set for poultry, veg, cheese, bread, cooked meat chops and fruit cutting, but not fileting or heavy butchering. It looks beautiful, and is a quality build. The knives feel balanced in hand and cut well. Depending on the knives you need most, it could be the perfect set for you. PS. Walmart has a pic on this listing of 4 identical short and wide knives that have serrated tips. Those are NOT in this set! One of the 6 steak knives is included in the last pic with the paring and utility knives.
    Nice poultry shearsSmall uitility knife compared to my old

    quality set of knives

    The Pioneer Woman knife set is a very well made set of knives, sharpener and kichen shears. The blades are sturdy with a good cutting edge. The steak knives are easy to handle and have a serrated edge. One of the bigger knives has a serrated edge while the others are smooth and may be sharpened with the tool included. I have used the knives to cut raw vegetables. fruits and both raw and cooked meats. each did an excellent job- cutting cleanly with ease. The scissors are very strong and I feel like they will hold up to heavy use. The cutlery block is heavy so it would be hard to knock over and the wood has avery attractive finish. The only reason I did not give this product a 5 star rating is because of the cleaning. you are to wipe the blade clean with sudsy water , rinse and dry immediately. I laid one down in the sink while I was finishing my food prep and durung that time I ran water several times in the sink with the knife there. When I did get around to cleaning up, I found that the wood finish on the handle had lost its sheen. It afected the looks slightly but not the quality of the blade. I would recommend this with a caution to be careful in cleaning to retain the patina of the wood handles.
    knives in block5 utility knives and 4 0f 6 steak knives

    Very Sturdy and Attractive Set!

    We were thrilled to receive this Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife set with Rosewood Handles the other day. As soon as it arrived we opened it and hand washed all the knives and dried them so we could start trying them out. First let me start out by saying once you see this set all together in person you will fall in love with the looks of the rich Rosewood handles and stained holding block to match. The knives themselves are well balanced in your hand and gives you a very comfortable and sure grip on each. The wood handles are very solid and smooth to the touch. The blades on the knives are a very strong stainless steel, not the type that bends on you. We have had knife sets in the past with blades so thin they would bend sideways when trying to cut a roast. The handles are riveted to the blade so no chance of the blade coming loose from the handle These come pre-sharpened and each knife has a tip guard on it when it arrives which is a nice feature, no need to start sharpening them first. Please refer to the item description above for the complete list of included knives, I won't waste your time posting them here. Our first try was on a tomato, I used the 5" utility knife and it sliced through the tomato perfectly! I was able to get very thin slices if I tried as well as nice thick ones with no mess or "squishing" of the tomato. We had a pork roast that night so we where able to try out the 8" chef knife and oh how it cut with ease. Again I was able to cut almost paper thin slices if needed as well as thicker with no problems at all. I think the thing that impressed us the most was the pair of shears included. They are not like so many other sets come with that look like scissors, these look and feel like pruning shears! We haven't tried but I can just about guarantee that you could cut through a chicken with no problems what so ever. I would really have to recommend this set to anyone needing a set for the first time, a replacement set or to give as a gift. The only thing about this that would be a negative is it comes in a basic plain brown box with some printing on the sides, but your not buying it for the box.
    Nice assortment of larger knivesVery attractive color and finish

    Every cook needs these knives in his/her kitchen.

    For this review, I picked an item that every kitchen should have. It is a beautiful and sturdy cutlery set of knives. This particular set can be found in "The Pioneer Woman" kitchenware line at Walmart. The set I chose has the beautiful Rosewood handles along with a solid wooden block designed to hold each specific knife. There are other handle colors, if you do not want the wooden handles. The wooden knife block displays "The Pioneer Woman" emblem, engraved in a handsome script. This block holds a Chef, Bread, Utility, Paring, Nakiri, and set of 6 Steak knives. There is also a pair of meat Scissors and one Sharpening Steel. Each one of these has the emblem on them as well. All of the knives are made from stainless steel and all have three rivets. The rivets are the visible metal rounds that lie flush in the knife's handle. These play an important role in the knife's performance. The rivets fasten the metal blade (that extends) through the handle. This type of fastening helps the knife's sturdiness, stability, and balance when in use. The handles are well designed, to be user friendly and also provide comfort for the hand when cutting, chopping, or slicing meats, vegetables, or other food for cooking. To insure your cutlery set remains in excellent condition you follow these tips. Always keep your blades sharpened to make your food prep easier and safer for the user. The knives should be safely wiped clean with a soapy cloth then rinsed. Do not wash these knives in a dishwasher or leave them soaking in water. Every once in a while, polish your knives with a non-abrasive metal cleanser. This will keep them looking new as time goes on. Lastly, be sure to use the beautifully designed cutlery block for their storage. This will help to maintain the knives and the blades. It also prevents direct contact with the blade. The Pioneer Woman Rustic Cutlery Set should be a must for your kitchen. It is beautiful and has a knife for every imaginable use you could need in the kitchen. The wooden block has a specific place for each type of knife it holds. No more searching for a particular knife or taking up drawer space. All of the knives are right on your counter top, safely stored in a wooden block that also encourages safe handling of such sharp tools. I recommend this Pioneer Woman product to anyone who loves to cook and likes having kitchen knives to use just like a professional Chef.
    This Cutlery Set includes a multipurpose Chef's knife for chopping, slicing, a Bread knife to cut bread & not crush it, an everyday Utility knife to cut meat /sandwiches, A Paring knife to peel fruit or veggies, 6 sharp knives to (continued to next photo)cut steak or other tough food @ the table, Scissors to make cutting easy, a Nakiri knife to chop veggies all the way through with ease, a Sharpening steel to sharpen the knives and a wooden block to hold each specific knife in place until usage.

    Love them!

    For a while now, I’ve been looking into updating my knives set. I’ve lost some, broken others, and it has become a huge mix-and-(not) match set. I’ve heard awesome things about Pioneer Woman and I had been interested in trying out her products but hadn’t until now. I figured the best way to try her products was to go bold and get her knives first. Knives can be a make-or-break deal for any brand. I was super excited when I got them yesterday. The Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles (14 Pieces) Rosewood looks beautiful! First thing I did was to read all the pamphlets and insert that came with it. I learned how to care for my set to make them look beautiful for a long time. I learned about the Pioneer Woman herself. I quickly set up me new set and was ready for dinner. The shape of the knives’ handles were perfect for our hands. The blades were pretty sharp right off the box, but the instructions said to sharpen them. I used to sharpener that came with the set. It was very easy to use. They are holding their sharpness pretty well so far. I would have liked it is somewhere in the package, an explanation of what each knife is designed for would have been included. Also would have liked maybe a crash course on knife safety and how to hold the knives. Each knife set I’ve had has had different looking knives and shears and a quick “here’s how to get the best out of our set” could have been helpful. Still, I love this set. It is elegant and very well made.
    Beautiful rosewood set.Very well made handles

    A cutlery set you would be proud to own

    What a great opportunity to try and use the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles. We have always wanted to see how well these set of knives perform compare to our vintage knife set at home. I called our old knives vintage because they have been reliable for years. We have friends who own “The Pioneer Woman” Cutlery Sets and they swore by it that it was one of the best knife set they have purchased. So when the opportunity of using and trying the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles came; we couldn’t help but put away our old knives and use these knives to try for a week. We wanted to see it for ourselves. The 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles comes complete. What I like about this compared to our old vintage set is that these came with a honing knife. I like the idea of owning a complete set of knives with ways to maintain the edge of your knife. Often enough, when you use a very sharp knife blade, the blade has the tendency to kink – this is where the honing knife comes in handy to straighten the knife blade so cutting would be precise. The honing knife is part of the set so that is a great plus for me. Another thing that surprised me about the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles is how the 8” Chef knife is balanced. Out of curiosity, I placed the 8” Chef knife on my finger and the knife is equally weighted. Not only that the 8” Chef knife is comfortable to hold but it is also easier to use and cut. I can really thank Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman”, for a great set of knives. I am now a believer! Unfortunately, the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles did not come with a manual. The first thing I look for is the user manual or some kind of proper care instructions. It did not bother me that the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles did not have one because I have owned cutlery set for years and I know exactly what knives I’m getting. I also know how to use and properly care for all my knives. To me, not seeing an instruction or care manual is not a big deal. And to those who worry, the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles are made of rust-resistant stainless steel so no worries about the knives rusting or staining – these knives are made to last. However, for those who are new to owning a cutlery set, the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles comes with a “Welcome Note from Ree Drummond” and listed all the website addresses to find information about The Pioneer Woman cookware, dinnerware, and kitchenware. There is nothing to worry about owning the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles. “The Pioneer Woman” got all that covered. Now that we have tried it and understand why so many of our friends swore by this cutlery set, I believe the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles is a great buy. This is a cutlery set that you would be proud to own. I highly recommend the 14 Pc. Pioneer Woman Rustic Knife Block Set with Rosewood Handles to all – home cooks or aspiring chefs. Try it and it will make a believer out of you.
    The complete setNicely balanced and easy to hold

    Cutlery Set

    So I agree with a lot of others about the rough handles, and I just rubbed olive oil on them, let set for a while and wiped with a paper towel......the wood soaks it up and gets rid of that "rough" feel, that I can't stand !!! The steak knives seem to be the worst. It also gives them their color back so they match the block !!! I love the big chopping knife and the smaller paring knives and super love you get the knife sharpener included so I can keep them nice and sharp. I'm sure their are better sets out there......but I haven't found any I'm truely happy with !!! And I've spent upwards of $200. Anyway I like the look and feel of them !!! Just a little olive oil bath and your good to go !!!

    Great replacement set

    It took several minutes just to remove the packaging as it was in two heavy duty boxes. The knives were in a third box with each item in a slim card stock holder and plastic. The wood handles of the cutlery and the wood block are made of red rosewood. Although the wood handles on the cutlery appeared somewhat dried out and faded a light coating of food grade mineral oil or olive oil will brighten them. Since there was little left of my 40 year old cutlery set (somehow over the years pieces have disappeared) I was pleased to receive this 14 piece set free from the Walmart Spark Review Program. It is well made and is comfortable in my hand during use. The knives are very sharp! I searched the knives, the print on the outside of the boxes and the literature and could not find out what metal is used in the blades, bolster and tang - must be stainless steel. It is emphasized not to put them in the dishwasher or allow them to soak and to dry immediately and return to the cutlery block. The one item that stands out for me is the scissors in that it has a small clasp on the end to keep them shut when not in use.

    Beautiful Knife Set

    The Pioneer Woman Rosewood Knife Set color is very stunning and beautiful. It arrived by FedEx I was a little disappointed the driver left the box right in front of the door, not behind the column where most packages are placed. The knife set was double boxed for shipping, every item well packed inside the box. Each knife blade tip is covered with a small plastic cup to prevent damage and placed in a cardboard sleeve. The butcher block is nice and heavy, well made of solid wood and the color matches the knife handles. The blades are triple riveted, forged with high construction carbon stainless steel that has a smooth finish. The knife set has every type of knife I would ever need. The handle grips don't slip when using and has a very well balanced feel. The scissors are a little heavy for me and will take some time to get use to the design, made different then most kitchen scissors. The knives are not as sharp as my older Farberware that I've had for almost 20 years, but seems to do the job with ease and hope will last as long. The nice thing about this set it comes with a knife sharpener. Like any nice quality knife set, be sure to follow the care instructions. Hand wash don't use in your dishwasher or leave in water to soak, never use harsh abrasives to clean. Always make sure they are dry using a soft cloth before placing in the butcher block. The beauty and style of the knife set would compliment any kitchen whether it is country or modern. They would make a great gift, for someone who likes to cook.

    Not the quality I expected

    I was beyond excited for this set, as I already had many other PW items. The first thing I noticed when taking them out of the box is that the block and the wood of the knife handles are not the same color. The wood on the knife handles are also not finished... They are raw wood!! I've had them less than a month and some are already splintering in my hands. I have hand washed all of the knifes to try and keep the wood in the best condition I could. Also, the utility knife feels like like it has a defect and is going to com apart in my hand, the rivets are not tight at all. I am extremely disappointed in this purchase. I do not have the receipt anymore so unfortunately I am stuck with these knifes that do not seem like they will have a very long life span. The scissors are a nice touch but the are not very easy to use due to a stiff spring that keeps the scissors in the open position. The sharpness of the knifes are amazing. That is the only good thing I have to say about them! :(
    Dear Disappointed, We are sincerely sorry that you're not happy with the cutlery set you recently purchased. Its understandable that you didn't keep your receipt, our customer service team are here to help you with replacements if you can't return them to Walmart. Please contact them
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