Paw Patrol, Paw Patroller

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Paw Patrol, Paw Patroller

Walmart # 554287529
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  • Toddlers can transport three Paw Patrol vehicles inside, or display six vehicles when opened up!
  • Comes with Ryder and his ATV vehicle
  • Features authentic sound effects and working elevator that takes vehicles up to Ryder’s command center!
  • The Paw Patroller is made for Paw Patrol Fans ages 3+. 3 LR44 batteries included.
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About This Item

  • Toddlers can transport three Paw Patrol vehicles inside, or display six vehicles when opened up!
  • Comes with Ryder and his ATV vehicle
  • Features authentic sound effects and working elevator that takes vehicles up to Ryder’s command center!
  • The Paw Patroller is made for Paw Patrol Fans ages 3+. 3 LR44 batteries included.
Customer Reviews
4.4 out of 5 Stars
1-10 of 362 reviews

Go On a Roll in a Big Way with the Paw Patroller

Let me start off by saying we are huge Paw Patrol fans here. My son also loves cars, trucks, and prettty much any type of vehicle so this was perfect for him and needless to say he loves it. The age recommendation is for ages 3 and up. I have a 4 yr old boy, and 2 girls ages 5 and 6 who all play with the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller. It is mainly my 4 year son's but would make a great toy for any of those ages or in between. When I first saw the box I initially thought that more characters and vehicles were included but on the side of the box it does say only Ryder and his ATV are included. Set up was easy. There is a sheet of stickers that you attach and instructions that tell you where to put them. They do stick very well so make sure you get them placed nice and straight and exactly where you want them the first time because they do not come off easily. Unfortunately I made the mistake of placing one on upside down and had a very hard time trying to get it off without damaging the sticker. There are 2 extra stickers but they don't tell you where they go so we just left them off for now. The only other thing you need to do is attach the 2 seats in the cab which simply click right into place and you are ready to roll. The Paw Patroller is huge!! Really a nice big size and to take full advantage of your Paw patroller you will probably want to purchase at least a few of the additional character and vehicle pieces. We will definitely be adding to our collection. In the front cab 4 pups can drive and ride. The roof of the cab opens up and there are 2 seats and 2 spots behind them where your little charcters can sit while on the go. The entire rear portion opens up to a fully functional command center and even has a working elevator that is controlled by a lever which brings the vehicles from the lower level to the top level. 6 vehicles can be displayed inside the Paw Patroller so there is plenty of room for all your Paw Patrol pals. It has 3 vehicle spots on the top level, one of which is Skye's own landing pad for her chopper, and 3 on the bottom. Although only 3 can be stored when the Paw Patroller is closed. It makes really cool authentic sound effects which can be activated by pressing a button inside the Patroller on the top level or from the outside by pressing the large Paw Shield. It makes the typical beeping sound a large truck makes when driving in reverse, a honking horn sound, an engine starting up sound, and a couple others. The rear tail gate comes down to make a ramp for the vehicles to drive onto the back and the side panel also comes down to form a ramp. The only issue we have had is the rear tailgate does not stay up very well. It keeps falling down as my son pushes the Patroller throughout the house. We have had the Patroller for about 2 weeks now and it is definitley my sons favorite toy. He plays with it a few hours a day at least. It is well constructed and a very nice size. If the tail gate would not keep falling I would have given it 5 stars but still a great toy. It would make a great birthday or holiday present and because of it's size really has that "Wow" factor to make any little Paw Patrol fan a very happy child.
Close up view of The Paw Patroller
Paw Oatroller closedPaw Patroller open

My son loves it

Full disclosure: I received this product through the Spark Review program. My son, who is four years old, absolutely loves this toy. It really keeps his attention with many ways to play. It is a bit big, but I do love that it is also storage for the additional toys that can be purchased separately. The truck is very well constructed, we've had it almost two weeks and nothing has broken off. The sounds keep him interested, he will play with it for hours. The seats in the cab can be switched around so he can pretend that one of the animals is driving. My son can fold it up and put it away with ease. I do wish it had the stickers already on it, but they were not difficult to apply. The stickers are big and have not come off. Ryder is a bit hard to get on and off of his ATV, also the lift in the truck is hard to stay up. You have to listen and feel for a click. Even with those minor things I would recommend this for anyone with a Paw Patrol fan.

fun and learning toy

This truck is so much fun. My grandson loves Paw Patrol and trucks so this is a perfect combination for him. He will spend many hours with it while indoors for the winter and then on the deck in the spring. It is an indoor/outdoor toy that boys can use to make “things” happen so he can make the rescue. He has a great imagination and can make many rescues. It has room for other cars to be hauled and has an ATV with it. I haven’t yet, but I look forward to getting him the other Paw Patrol cars available for this truck. It seems to be built well and will hold up after many rescues. You can tell if a toy is just “put together” or built for a child to rough it up a bit. It was well packaged and even difficult to remove from it’s packing. But, this is a Plus for the manufacturer. It makes noises like a vehicle which is a must for little boys. It seems like he never gets tired of pushing it across the floor. This makes HIM the HERO which is the height of their imagination. This truck provides that opportunity to stretch a boy’s imagination in a good way by rescuing/helping others. I think any little boy would appreciate this toy.

Very large with minimum extras but a huge hit

Overall, this is a huge truck with very minimum bells and whistles, but my two youngest boys love it. For the price point, I would have liked to get more (at least one more vehicle and character). It comes with Ryder and his ATV ($15 value), but it has the space to hold three Paw Patrol vehicles inside when closed and can display six vehicles when open. Each additional vehicle w/character cost around $12. In addition, the back ramp piece keeps popping off and I have to put it back on. It comes with a sheet of stickers to stick inside the truck (including two that do not have specific places they go). I have a feeling my son will pull them off eventually thus making the truck look even more plain. I obviously would have preferred them to be painted on or something else. On the plus side, this thing is pretty much ready out the box (snap 2 seats in and stick on the stickers). It is also pretty well made. My two youngest boys (ages four and seven) are rough on toys sometimes. They have stood/sit on it while closed several times and rammed it into a wall.
Truck closedTruck open

Great for Paw patrol fans!

In review of the Paw Patrol Cruiser this product is like a semi-truck that flips open and you are able to drive the Paw Patrol cars (sold separately) into it. There is a ramp on the back (that you attach) to allow the smaller cars to “drive up” into this vehicle. This cruiser comes with one character, Rider and his ATV. There is one functioning button that makes truck engine sounds and horn sounds. My little 3 year old loves the elevator feature the most. You can load a car on it and take it to the top level. There is simply a lever that you pull up. Please note that this car takes those little round flat batteries (not the traditional AAA), but mine was loaded with batteries right out of the box. This cruise is larger than I expected it to be. It measures about 25 inches long. It is made of heavy plastic that makes it pretty durable. The front cabin has two seats that the little people could sit in and you could pull the cruiser around. I do think my son doesn’t pull it around as much as he just rolls cars into it. I would probably guess we are going to have to buy the additional mid-size cars to use with this. It comes with the one vehicle, but having multiple cars to play with would make it even better in my opinion. I thought the sounds were good and not overly noisy. The cruiser only had two things to install and about 10 stickers to put on. So easy to set up!
truck bed closedTruck with bed open

This one is a winner.

You would normally think this is a “toy” for toddler boys, but actually my toddler grand-daughter really enjoyed playing with this truck, because it allows her to manipulate the “elevator”. She enjoys making gadgets move. It helps that she loves the TV show Paw Patrol, but the great thing about the Paw Patrol 8-wheeler is that it opens up and has a pop-out stand that holds up the platform for the ATV to be "worked on" inside. That’s the tricky part for her, is understanding that she has to push in the bottom flap to close the panel on top of the truck so it lays flat when she closes it up, unless there’s something she’s missing? Other than that, she’s really enjoying everything else about it. Basically, they take an ordinary truck and transforms it into a platform for make believe. She really enjoys how the front of the truck folds down also and that she can put the main character in the driver's seat. His hands are already in grip mold so he can hold onto the motorbike once he's placed onto the seat. About the only that would have been nice, is having more of the dog characters included, but I'm hoping they are sold separately? I would guess it would have cost them more if they were included. As for the inside, they include facade stickers for the "owner" to design the walls inside the truck by themselves. It also has a good amount of sound effects that come from a couple of buttons on the inside of the truck. She loves pushing buttons, too, so that's what makes this one a winner!
paw patroltransforming paw patrol

Wish it included more!

I received the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller through the Spark Reviewer program and so far I haven't been as impressed as I'd hoped. When I opened the box and pulled out the contents, I was a little disappointed. Based on the pictures on the box and all the characters you see on it, I was expecting much more to be inside than what was included. Especially considering the price point, it doesn't seem like you get much at all. The Paw Patroller is big, so the box is big, but that's literally all that's inside. You also get a Ryder figurine and an ATV which are attached to the outside of the box. In reality, you're getting what you're seeing, so don't be deceived by the size of the box or all the characters on it. Well, you also get a sticker sheet for the Patroller, but that doesn't really count. I was really bummed that it didn't come with any of the dogs. The dogs are my nephew's favorite and he's the one who primarily plays with the Paw Patroller. You can buy the dogs separately though, which of course could be annoying if you already paid over $50 for the Patroller. My nephew does seem to enjoy it though, as it is his favorite show. It's big so he loves that and likes adding all kinds of extra toys in it because they fit. The Patroller also makes noises which he enjoys playing over and over. If we had all the characters, I'm sure we could utilize the toy to its full potential and it'd be enjoyable for me to play with my nephew, but for now, it's not that exciting.

Big truck, but few accessories

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller is a huge truck! I have an 18 month old, so I don’t think he will really appreciate this until he is a tad older, but I know he is still going to have fun pushing it around. The patroller came assembled, all in one piece, except for the stickers had to be added. I went by the direction guide and added the stickers where they were supposed to be placed. I had two stickers left and I am still unsure where they are supposed to go. Maybe just wherever you choose? The pictures I posted are before and after the stickers were attached (except for one sticker on the flap behind the driver and passenger seat). Both seats came separate, but they were easy to add onto the patroller. I was a little confused on which went on each side, but I don’t really think it matters. This patroller has a lot of fun flaps and compartments. I love how it closes up completely and can also be opened up to play on. I actually had to read the directions on how to open it because I didn’t want to snap anything forcing it. All you do is turn the paw print to the side and it opens easily. It comes with Ryder and his ATV, but can hold other vehicles as well. It would be nice if it came with more accessories, but they can be bought separately. Ryder and his ATV are great little figurines, made well and look realistic. There is an elevator on the patroller (grey with a red handle) that can manually be moved up and down and it will stay at the top position without being held. To keep the elevator at the top it does take a bit of force to click it in place. I think this toy would be fun for any child, even those who don’t watch the show. Again, I do wish it came with more accessories.
Before stickersAfter stickers

Bigger Than Expected...

My kids (ages 5 and almost 3) absolutely LOVE their Paw Patrol Paw Patroller. This Paw Patroller only comes with the BIG Paw Patroller Truck and "Ryder" on a toy ATV. Ryder can be removed from the ATV to sit in the Paw Patroller. Over the past year, they have slowly accumulated all the smaller $5 Paw Patrol Cars (which are not included, but go great with this set). They now have a smaller Ryder, Marshall (the Fire-pup), Rubble (the Construction-pup), Rocky (the Recycle-pup), Skye (the Pilot-pup), Zuma (the lifeguard-pup), Chase (the Police/Spy-pup), and Everest (the Ice/Snow-pup). We have yet to obtain "Robo-pup" but will definitely be getting it soon. This truck is a LOT bigger than I expected. It is about 28 inches long and stands about 7 inches high. It has stickers that come included but I had to wait until later that night to apply them with how excited our kids were to play with this. It also has a button on the outside as well as on the inside that makes various sounds/noises. It has an elevator to go up to the second level in the truck and has not one, but two ramps to push the cars into. Overall, I would have to say my kids LOVE this toy and will have fun with it for quite some time.
Paw Patroller in PackagingPaw Patroller

Bigger than expected! Looks like fun!

Got this for my 3 year old son for Christmas. I opened it to check it out. It is MUCH bigger than I expected. Usually these toys are small and cheaply made, but this is neither! It's big and seems pretty durable! It comes with the truck/trailer, Ryder, Ryder's car, a sticker sheet, and instructions. There's an area for Ryder to call the pups (with a push of a button), there's room for 4 figures to sit in the front of the truck, and there is a lift in the truck to go to the command center. The cars can enter through the back of the truck or the side. It looks pretty cool! I cant wait for my son to open it on Christmas!!!
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