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Party Piñatas, Rainbow With Clouds Pinata Party Game

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Happy Day Rainbow Pinata - Party Decor - 1 Piece
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Happy Day Rainbow Pinata - Party Decor - 1 Piece

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Party Piñatas, Rainbow With Clouds Pinata Party Game

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The rainbow pinata is perfect for any party or get-together. The bright and colorful rainbow has fun white and fluffy clouds on each end. All your guests will be amazed by the handcrafted piece. Vibrant pinatas such as this one can be filled with confetti or candy -- either way your kids will love it! 

Your kids will be amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of every pinata. Because La La handcrafts each pinata, no two are alike. You can see the craftsmanship and care taken with every detail. You're guaranteed to send the other parents home jealous by having a quality handmade piece at your party, go ahead and tell them you made it… we won't tell.

La La Rainbow Pinata, Individually Hand Crafted with Traditional Techniques

  • Pinata in fun rainbow shape with hole for filling with treats
  • Perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, corporate parties, and anything that warrants a celebration
  • Handmade in Mexico using an authentic age-old method
  • Pinata stick and candy sold separately


Party Ideas:

  • Use the rainbow pinata as the perfect centerpiece for any birthday party
  • Get colored tissue paper, scissors and hot glue and decorate tables, plates, and anything else to liven up your party with a traditional pinata look
  • Have small gift bags with candy ready in case one of the children doesn't get any candy
  • The best way to break a pinata is with the La La piñata party stick, available online or in stores


How to play Kids' Pinata Party Game:

  1. To play the pinata game, hang the pinata in its designated place and have the guests stand in a single file line three meters away.
  2. Traditionally, to play the pinata game you blindfold the first child in line, gently spin them around three times, and give them a wooden stick so they can hit the pinata.
  3. If the children are preschoolers, the option of blindfolding can be dropped and you can just spin each child around and give them the opportunity to hit the pinata.
  4. Give each child the opportunity to hit the pinata at least twice.
  5. As each guest tries to hit the pinata, it is extremely important to make sure everyone is standing at least five meters away from the guest with the stick.
  6. In addition, when the pinata is broken, make sure the guest has completely stopped swinging the wooden stick before letting everyone gather the toys and candy.
  7. Have fun watching everyone gather the fallen treats!


Creative ideas for LaLa Pinata Fillers:

Christmas candy, mini bouncy balls, fun-sized candy bars, erasers, pencils, plastic toy rings, mini bags of cookies, mini bags of crackers, boxes of raisins or cranberries, yo-yo's, spinning tops, stickers

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Customer ratings & reviews

  • 5 out of 5 stars review
    The Birthday cakes is colorful but I don't like the three tier layout it is also spacious inside this review was collected as part of a promotion ,"and the opinions are my own "
  • 5 out of 5 stars review

    Super fun

    I love this joyful piñata, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. I enjoy celebrating all the different cultures and nothing could be better than a rainbow shaped piñata for this occasion. So super excited and I am sure all the kids in my family will have a blast getting the candy out of it. It is really big so that's a plus for everyone. What a great product. This review was collected as part of a promotion, and the opinions are my own.
  • 5 out of 5 stars review

    Rainbow Pinata Recommended

    This rainbow pinata is so cute! The attention to detail is what makes this a quality product. The different colors that make up the rainbow are well adhered and the tissue paper clouds are a great attention to detail. The opening for candy is near the top and is not big enough to fit full sized candy but is perfect for bite sized pieces. Definitely recommend. This review was collected as part of a promotion and the opinions are my own.
  • 4 out of 5 stars review

    Fun All occasion Pinata

    The Layla Rainbow with clouds Piñata is well constructed and the rainbow part is really cute! The white part with the smiley face I guess is supposed to be clouds is a bit cheap looking in my opinion. I like that it could be used for lots of different themed Occasions. It Is a large Piñata so know it will take a lots of candy to fill it. And the hole to stuff the candy in is kinda small. I had to rip it a little to make the hole bigger so it wouldn't take so long to put candy in. Also so bigger Candy will fit. At first I was surprised that is cost almost $15 but after taking a a closer look it is really well made and is worth the price. This review was collected as part of a promotion, and the opinions are my own.
  • 4 out of 5 stars review

    Brought a smile to my daughters face!

    I think its a lot of peoples unrealized dream- to have a cardboard animal full of candy that is just waiting to be burst open with the enthusiastic energy mainly found in young children but whom lack just enough coordination to keep the fun lasting a bit longer. My daughter was so excited when I told her I was getting a piñata. She made plans immediately for when she wanted to use it. To my surprise, she wasnt even the most excited about the candy. She just wanted to break the piñata open (should I be concerned?? :)) This rainbow piñata is adorable. Granted it does look a little on the cheap side, and there couldve been more effort put into the smiley face clouds (my daughters favorite part), this certainly gets the job done. Its inexpensi...

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