Party Game Pie Face Toy Children Pie Face Game Assembled Board Family Toys Games Fun Toy

Walmart # 554352076

Party Game Pie Face Toy Children Pie Face Game Assembled Board Family Toys Games Fun Toy

Walmart # 554352076
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  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Hilarious Pie Face game might just splat you in the face
  • Includes I pie thrower, 1 throwing arm, 2 handles, chin rest, splash guard mask, spinner and sponge.
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About This Item

  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Hilarious Pie Face game might just splat you in the face
  • Includes I pie thrower, 1 throwing arm, 2 handles, chin rest, splash guard mask, spinner and sponge.
Customer Reviews
4.7 out of 5 Stars
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Perfect for parties, get-togethers, BBQs, b-days!

Pie Face is such a fun game to play at parties, get-togethers, BBQs, baby showers, birthdays, camping, or any just-for-fun for a good laugh (or if you just want an excuse to eat whipped cream)! The moment we got this, we opened it. Assembly is super-easy, whether with or without instructions. It's quite random when the handle throws the "pie", but we determined it's anywhere between 5 and 9 most of the time. With that said, if you want to avoid getting "pie-faced", I suggest going on the very first turn if you can! It comes with a sponge that you can wet with some water, so if you don't readily have whipped cream in the fridge, you can still play this with the sponge-substitute. If you have whipped cream, which I suggest you use, it is super fun and exciting! Every time you turn the side dials, the hand even lifts a little, just for scare. It's appropriate for almost all ages, whether you're 5 or 75 (but probably not under 5). Our husky dog even joined in the fun (viewable in pictures) and got pie-faced twice, much to her joy because it means she can eat whipped cream! I didn't feel the pie-facing was random enough though. Cleaning can also be a pain, but it's worth it. If you're looking for a good laugh, get this; it's one of the best quick games you'll play!
Dog-friendly, if your dog likes whipped cream.
Pie Face Game contents.My husky LOVES this game!

Fun game!

I just received the Pie Face Game in the mail recently and it surprisingly is a really fun game. When I first got it, I was not too sure of what to expect but it is a pretty fun simple game. It comes with the board where your face sits in, the stand, the slap hand, the chin rest, a sponge, two turn knobs, and a mini spinning board. The object of the game is get the sponge wet or some whipped cream set up on the slap hand and then the youngest person gets to spin first. Once the arrow lands on a number that’s when you need to put your face in the board with the big hole. Next you take the number that you landed on and turn the knobs that many times. The slap hand could pop up and hit you in the face with the whipped cream or wet sponge, which ever one you decided to play with. The game builds anticipation because you never know when the slap hand will let go and hit you. If you get lucky and it does not hit you, it’s the next person’s turn. Bottom line, it’s a cute game but can get messy really fast!
Pie Face GamePie Face Game

So much fun for the whole family!

The pie face game is unbelievably a blast to play! Everything snaps together easily, and directions are easy to understand. I played this game with my 3yr old and we both loved it. We used the included sponge since we didn't have whip cream. The first time he got hit with the sponge was absolutely hilarious! After that it was so much more fun! My first time getting hit with it he laughed and laughed and, so did I!!! Then we played with my older children. I honestly have to say, everyone loves this game! Even my teenager got in on the fun after seeing how much fun we were having! I'm making a trip to the grocery store to get the whip cream very soon! We all can't wait to play this pie face game again. I have recommended this game to everyone I know and we are taking it to our family thanksgiving dinner too! I think the best part of the game is the anticipation to see if you will get pie faced next! And then laughing with the person who does get pie faced next! Overall, awesome, "clean" fun for the whole family! Definitely 5 stars and highly recommend!!!

Blast of fun with loads of laughs and anticipation

Out of the box there is some assembly required extremely simple to put together and requires no batteries to get going. It comes with the board, the stand, the slap hand, the chin rest, a sponge, two turn knobs, and a mini spinning board. Simple game play you spin to see how many click's you can make and the more you make the more points you can get or you can do less for less points. The hand is random there's no set pattern or amounts of clicks it takes so that's great. The suspense and everyone's face expressions bring loads of laughs and fun for all ages making this a great game for family gatherings. It comes with a wet sponge, but you can buy whipped cream to play, however the more time that goes on the whipped cream will melt and drip and run down. The hand does come flying up fast, but it defiantly doesn't hurt any. The kids were crazy excited to try this game and it may seem silly or to simply, but it brings so many laughs along with anticipation all around the table. Defiantly a great game for creating some remember-able fun times with family and friends.
PackageParts to assemble

Super Silly!

We love this new game, it is super easy to play, great for all ages, and best of all it is just good fun! Right out of the box there is a small amount of assembly required, but nothing hard, and there is no need for batteries, the only thing you need to add is the whip cream, any kind that you like and you are ready to play. There are rules to the actual game if you choose to play that way and keep track of points to see who wins, but we just chose to play the easy way and spin the wheel to see what number you get and turn the handle that amount and wait to see who gets hit first. It is so much fun, the anticipation is what makes this game great because you never know when it will hit, with every turn of the handles you hear a "click" sound and the longer it takes the more you start to laugh just waiting for it. Just to note in case it is hard to tell, the actual "hand" does not hit you in the face, only the whipped cream, the hand stops about an inch or so from your face. As far as the clean up it is pretty easy, everything just wipes clean with a damp cloth, including the face plate and spinner which are made of a glossy plastic. This is a great game, check out my video below to see it in action!

Hillariously Fun Pie Face Game!

received this item from the Walmart Spark Review Program for no compensation - just an honest review. What a fun game for the whole family. I swear this game had it out for me – as I was pied each and every turn I took. But lets back up – assembly is pretty easy – just push 2 handles into the size of the game device, insert the face shield mask with cut out, insert the chin rest, and finally the pie throwing arm (seems like this should have the concave cupped part going towards your face – but it doesn’t, also – the hand differs from the picture on the box). Then – either use the supplied sponge with water soaking it or apply a dab of whipped cream – and you’re ready to play. Each player spins the dial to see how many clicks to take on their turn. If you spin a 3 – click the handles 3 times by rotating the handle, corresponding to the number you just spun on the dial. Hillarity, fun, and laughter will ensue! Guaranteed to take the grump off of any face playing or even watching! My 9 & 11 year old sons couldn’t get enough of this game. Just supply your own whipped cream and you’re ready to play! Fun for just about any age 4 and up!! Overall – I highly recommend this fun family game. It might get tedious after awhile – but you will have fun with it before that. The pie throwing device seemed completely random too – you never know when it’ll go off! The rules of the game state the one who scores 25 points wins (you get 1 point for each click without being pied) but we didn’t play that way
Ready to Splat!Pie Splat!

Family fun for all ages

After reading the reviews on this game I knew I had to have it for family gatherings. Since the children of the house are too young for this game, we adults decided to give it a try. The game is easily assembled. Some reviewers stated the hand is on backwards but that is not the case. Some stated that the face itself falls off of the stand but we did not have that problem at all. The face snaps under the chin rest to snugly hold it in place. Once assembled you have to decide if you are going to be daring and use whipped cream or play it safer with the included sponge that you soak in water. We did both. The object of the game is to turn the spinner and crank the handle that many times. If you succeed without getting "PieFaced" you earn double the points of the spin. You can choose to spin half the times on the spinner but you just earn one point for each turn. First person to reach 25 wins. We did not play the game that way-we were too busy laughing and watching the faces of those turning the handle. I believe the anticipation of getting hit in the face with whipped cream makes for some hilarious facial expressions. The age group of those that played was from 31-57. We laughed so much we cried! We used the sponge too and it is also funny but the whipped cream is hilarious. I am sure anyone 5 and older will have fun with this game. After awhile it gets boring but by adding new people to the group the laughs start all over again.
Got creamed every time it was his turn.In anticipation of being "PieFaced"

Tons of Fun!

This game is so much fun. It can be put together very easy and quickly, but you do need to buy or have whip cream available. Because of course that makes the game way better. It is really easy to play - all you do is spin the spinner, and whatever number it lands on that how many times you turn the handle. It is basically by luck, so no matter what age you are, the chances are the same. This makes it fun for the entire family. While the game is lots of fun, it is pretty thin plastic and with lots of play i don't expect it to be long lasting. But in the mean time, we are having a blast!

This is a family game that’s loads of fun.

Assembly of the game is very easy you just push the two handles into the sides of the main game device, then insert the face cut out insert the chin rest then into the game device and finally the pie throwing arm goes on. The arm shown on the box does not look like the one in the box and initially seems to be upside when you install it but it’s not and it works fine. This can be a fun game for the whole family to play together, if you don’t mind getting messy, or you can have a great laugh watch the kids play. You start the game by wetting the supplied sponge and place that on the hand or use whip cream, I recommend the whip cream. Then going in order from youngest to oldest you spin the spinner and whatever number the spinner lands on you must place your chin on the chin rest turn the handles for that many clicks. If you don’t get pie faced then you earn 2X the number you spun in point and the first one to 25 point wins the game. My 3 kids loved playing it and loved watching them smile and have fun. The pie throwing device was completely random you never knew when it was going to go off. Even though it was completely random it seemed the youngest just could get a break and ended up getting hit almost every time but I don’t think she cared too much as she licked the whip cream off of her face. After a while the fun will die down but it great for kids who don’t mind getting messy and like to compete to see who will get to 25 points first.
My son got pie facedGame set up and ready to play

Good Messy Fun!

My kids love this game. I think it's fun too. It's really something the whole family can get involved in. My only complaint is that it's a little on the small side. I like that a wet sponge can be used instead of whip cream. The whip cream only really dabs your nose. I'd love a bigger one tailored for adults as well. Lots of good messy fun to be had with this product. In the box: Game parts that need assembly and no manual. Instructions are on outside of box. A carry case and pipe cleaner would be a great edition but alas, are not included.
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