Out of My Ashes, I Will Rise!

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Out of My Ashes, I Will Rise!

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Salem Publishing Solutions
Salem Publishing Solutions

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Wanda D. Kidd is an Author, Evangelist, Seminarian and Facilitator with a passionate message of empowerment for life! She enlightens the heart and illuminates the mind with powerful messages of truth in self-evaluation, accountability, spiritual authority and the renewal of the mind. These provoking messages ultimately lead open hearts to healing, deliverance and life change. This reading is a riveting and powerful work that not only ignites the minds of the readers bringing them to a place of empowerment, but it also brings them to healing, restoration, wholeness and newness. The revelation knowledge of Jesus' mission statement is unfolded: "...I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." No matter where the challenges of life have positioned you at this time, you do not have to stay there! This book invites you to rise up out of your ashes, take back your life, move forward and be made whole in every area of your life! The question is...Are you ready for a life change?
Out of My Ashes, I Will Rise! (Hardcover)
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