Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven, Black/Polished Stainless (TSSTTVMNDG)

Walmart # 001598495

Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven, Black/Polished Stainless (TSSTTVMNDG)

Walmart # 001598495
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Complete your kitchen with the Oster Large Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven. It's a handy addition to any culinary space. Because this stainless steel toaster oven is both compact and powerful, it's an especially good choice for small kitchens or kitchenettes. Use this digital toaster oven in a dorm, studio, break room or anywhere you need a highly functional appliance that's ready to complete a multitude of cooking tasks. The large interior of this digital toaster oven can hold up to a 13" x 9" pan. It features convection technology to evenly distribute heat so that food heats faster. Its functions include bake, broil, toast, pizza, defrost and warm settings, so it can complete many tasks. For convenient operation, the oven comes with a manual/digital control panel. Its dual adjustable racks allow you to cook two layers of thin foods, such as personal pizzas, as well as larger items.

About This Item

  • Large interior; up to a 13" x 9" pan
  • Convection technology for even, thorough cooking
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Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Part Number
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
20.00 x 16.00 x 14.00 Inches
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Eureka! I finally found one works like it should!

I've been on a quest since November 2010 to find a convection toaster oven that works like it should. So far I've tried four others and none of them worked like they should. I've gone through 2 Black & Decker ovens, a GE, and the last one was a Hamilton Beach. Now this one works like its supposed to. It's easy to set the cooking time and temperature on it. The presets for CONVECTION BAKE and BAKE is 350 degrees and 30 minutes. It has a preset for PIZZA that is 400 degrees for 20 minutes. A DEFROST setting is for 150 degrees for 30 minutes. It also has a preset for WARM 30 minutes but the book doesn't say what the preset temp is for that and it doesn't show in the display. After testing it I found that it gets too and holds at 175 degrees. The best aspect with this thing is that it actually gets to, and holds within ten degrees, the temperature that its set for! This is the only one out of the five that I have tried that will get to the temperature that its set for, and hold it within 100 degrees of that setting. Most of the ones that I've tried were off from 100 to 150 degrees, or more, of what they are set for. When using the convection setting it is nice and quiet. The Hamilton Beach that I tried last, the fan was so loud I could hear it running in the other room. This one is so quiet that I can barely hear it running while standing right in front of it. The other thing that I really like with this one is the inside light. It comes on automatically when you press the start button and it shuts off when the timer runs out. You can also turn it on and off with its own button. Its plenty bright enough to see how done what ever is cooking in it is and is something that the other toaster ovens should have. The ovens door closes tight and seems to seal pretty good and the rack inside fits tight enough in its groove that it can be pulled out a few inches without tilting down making it easier to take out what ever your cooking. There's only a couple of things that I don't particularly care for. One is that the power cord sticks out of the bottom of the oven instead of the back or side. Its no big deal but it makes it a bit awkward keeping it out of the way when moving the oven. The other thing is the crumb tray fell out of it first time I went to set it on the counter and landed edge wise on my bare foot. Again, no big deal really, but it sure did hurt! Over all, I do believe that this one is a keeper! At least till Oster makes one with a rotisserie in it. I thought I had added that a 9"x13" cake pan, without handles, just fits inside. I uploaded pictures showing one inside of my oven. The actual size is 9 5/8" x 13 5/8", the 9"x13" is the inside. I also have a nice 2 1/2qt casserole deep dish with lid that just fits nice in it too. The other thing I forgot to add is that it heats up pretty quick too. Some of the others that I had would take 10 or 15 minutes to get up to 350 to 375 degrees. This one takes about 5 to 6 minutes to get up to 375 and a couple more to make 400. It takes about 6 to 8 minutes to heat up and lightly toast a pan of Honey Buns. At 350 they will be hot and a little soft, at 400 they will start getting a little crunchy on the edges and the frosting turning to caramel. Some of the smaller toaster ovens will toast faster and the bigger ones take a lot longer of course. Any who, I'm very happy with this one, it all depends on how long it will last. The toast cycle works pretty good too. But, you have to remember that this was designed to be a convection oven first that can also do toast. Not a toaster, that can also be used as an oven. Several people have complained about toaster ovens burning their bagels and such. One guy complained that his toaster oven almost burned down his kitchen when the bagel caught on fire inside the toaster oven, while he was off in another room doing something. In the book it tells you not to leave it unattended while using the toast cycle. You have to remember that with a normal toaster, when it gets to the end of its cycle the toast pops up, removing it from the heat. When using the toaster oven to make toast, when it gets to the end of the toast cycle it shuts off. But YOU have to remove the toast from the oven or it will continue to toast until the oven cools down enough to stop toasting or you come along and remove the toast. They guy that almost burned down his kitchen with a flaming Bagel while he was off in another room doing something else, just couldn't grasp this concept. I timed mine when toasting some whole wheat buns for Sloppy Joe's. It took 3 and half minutes for the buns to start to toast. Once they first started to toast it only took 30 seconds for them to get a nice golden brown and I had to remove them. Like I said, remember that this was made to be an oven first, that can also be used to make toast. I've been using this oven for a year and a half now. I always use a good oven thermometer and I've found that mine consistently runs 15 to 25 degrees higher that what its set for. When set at 375 it holds its temperature at 390 to 400. Set it at 425 and it holds it at 440 to 450. And that is the closest that I have ever seen any oven hold a temperature. Counter top oven or fancy built in oven.
With 9"x13" cake panWith 9"x13" cake pan

Love this little toaster oven!!!

I absolutely love this toaster oven! I use it at least once a day , but usually more. Ive only needed to use my large oven once since ive had this! I got rid of microwave for health reasons and love using this for heating up leftovers, cooking and baking! Only complaints i have is, I wish the wire rack was a little more heavy duty like ive seen in some other toaster ovens. I use a lot of glass baking dishes, which are heavy, and my rack has a slight sag in it already. Other complaint is that the chrome like finish on the handle shows finger prints etc very easily. Otherwise, love this oven and would buy it again! Love the digital features and super quick heat up! I also love how i can save lots of time with the convection bake! They also have changed the appearance a little from the pictures and even the box it comes in, but I think the changes make it look much nicer!

Oster oven this.

Love this oven, there is a small learning curve when first using this oven, but I'm glad I made this purchase. Doing toast takes longer than a toaster, but you can easily do 6 at a time. A pork loin was done perfectly. This model is would recommend.

Disappointed.....Thought I had found the one :(

Researched toaster ovens in my price range and features. This was Consumers Report "Best Buy" model pick. But when I started using it I encountered some issues with it. The main issue is that the removable crumb tray does not seal completely to retain the heat (see photo below, you can see the oven light through the crumb tray). When I preheated the oven to bake, after 15 min the oven was very hot outside and that's when I notice a lot of the heat being released from the crumb tray gap. The other issues are that the keypad buttons are not touch sensitive so you have to press very hard causing the oven to slide back every time. The words on the digital display that come up in red are very tiny. Last, it has no independent timer function, it can only be used when baking. I had one on my last toaster oven (different brand) and it came in very handy. Sadly returning it and going back to my research for a more functioning toaster.
Wow! Quite an inconvenience indeed. Our toaster ovens are designed to provide a great cooking experience for our consumers, and this just will not do. I would be more than happy to help resolve this for you. Please contact Oster customer service at (800) 334-0759, and allow us to restore your faith back into our brand. Thanks!

Awesome Love!! 8 yrs& going ,strong power house

I bought this oven in March 2010 , It is very heavily used I mean daily for years .I cook Meatloaf, Chicken( low carb) , Cookies, Toast,Biscuits, cornbread , I use The convection to make Tator tots I just put a lil bit of olive oil on the pan cook for 30 min ( I like mine crispy ) and go about my Business,they come out Tasting fried, chicken Wings.Besides That Covection cooking is my preferred method,You don’t need those airFryers ( That I too almost bought ,lol) I am just a mom of 3 and. Chef .I’m not special but I know what I’m talking about Folks ! This thing is awesome .. Cleaning is a pain so try and stay on top of it , the crumb tray is hard to keep clean I put aluminum foil on it . It does get hot so watch ur kids and your self lol .. it’s not nosiy , dosent really heat the kitchen up unless ur space is very small and your cooking for hours , saves $$$ on your bill versus using your big stove . Just makes cooking easier

Well worth the investment...

I was in the market for a new toaster oven as my B&D's top element burned out. I read many reviews for the Oster, liked the look and it is also a best buy from Consumer Reports. I have used it everyday since receiving and some days mutiple times. You do have to watch the temp setting as it does seem to cook hotter then recommend temp for your cooking instructions. But a little adjusting is not problem...cause nothing is perfect. Toaster works great...start on setting 1 and adjust from there as that gives a pretty good toast. Convection works great and the defrost is wonderful as another customer previously mentioned. I do have concerns about the handle as it is a rather cheap material...and the outside does get hot as all toaster ovens seem to do...so just be careful. The inside light does come on with every setting, I just turn it off unless needed. Overall I am very happy and yes not heating up the whole house is nice...I broiled some sirloin last night and they came out perfect.

Auto Shutoff

I just received my unit yesterday, although I have several years experience with this model. Where I used to live we had this model and I loved it! Having moved, I wasn't able to take it with me so I got myself a new one. This oven is very good on temperature and I love the fact that this oven will shutoff with the timer. In case you are busy doing something else and you don't hear the timer go off, you will be confident in knowing that your food isn't burning! Love this toaster oven!! Highly recommend!

I like it!

I think the oven has a few flaws, but for the price and the things I do like about it...I feel it was well worth purchasing! The flaws: It does not fit a large pizza. It sometimes smokes (especially when I first got it-much better now.) A lot of pans/cookware do not fit in the oven. I'm hoping I can find a muffin tin small enough to fit. The bottom rack seems like of useless unless I can find pans small enough (The oven comes with one pan, not two.) I think taking out the top pan is a little dangerous as the rack doesn't slide out. The positives: It was cheap! I don't have a traditional oven that works, so this now gives me the freedom to make so many more things! It looks really nice, and is super easy to clean. I love that it's digital. It heats up right away, no pre-heating needed. It is super convenient and hassle free. I was super frustrated when I first bought it. It smoked like crazy, but in the end...I think I was just using it wrong. Give it a couple days and I think you'll be super glad you bought it!

Too big for just a toaster oven....

If you're looking to replace a toaster oven....this will do the job but it is a large piece of metal and takes up plenty of counter space. This oven is better suited for multi-purpose cooking in place of your stove's oven. It will hold baking pans, casseroles, and many slices of bread for toasting but because of its size it takes longer to toast than a smaller oven like the DeLonghi or Cuisinart. Unlike the Cuisinart, the crumb tray is easy to access for cleaning but the top metal surface scratches easily so don't slide anything even slightly abrasive along the top and the wire rack is flimsy but seems to support heavy pans without bending. If you simply want to toast something or bake a few potatoes this is not the machine for you. If you want a multi functional electric counter oven with convection this will do the job. I believe I shoulda' just bought a toaster! Delivery was lightening fast and the machine arrived in perfect condition.

The best toaster oven I've ever owned

I've had many toaster ovens, but this is the best I've owned. When my ten year old Black & Decker died, I got another Black & Decker. Two months later, the door fell off. I tried an expensive Kitchen Aid, but that one died totally after a year. I never owned a Oster product before, but I am so glad I bought this one. It toasts evenly and beautifully; I'm seeing the best toast ever made in a toaster oven. I bought it so I wouldn't have to heat up my entire kitchen using my big oven, and this toaster oven has filled the bill! I've baked casseroles, muffins, a pie - foods I never before baked in a toaster oven. And the convection bake is excellent in baking in a shorter time. One of my favorite features is the crumb collecting pan. It slides out UNDER the door; you don't have to pull it out through the door at an angle and lose most of the crumbs back in to the oven. This one pulls straight out and is SO easy to clean. Even the pie drippings cleaned off easily. And it looks good on the counter. I would definitely recommend.
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