OnHub AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router by Google and TP-LINK

Walmart # 554355259

OnHub AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router by Google and TP-LINK

Walmart # 554355259
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  • AC1900 dual-band WiFi speed for lag-free 4K video streaming and online gaming
  • 13 high-performance antennas arranged in an innovative circular design
  • OnHub's app makes setup simple
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    About This Item

  • AC1900 dual-band WiFi speed for lag-free 4K video streaming and online gaming
  • 13 high-performance antennas arranged in an innovative circular design
  • OnHub's app makes setup simple
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    On Hub Router

    Right out of the box this On Hub Google router is ultra modern looking. I love that it stands up my old one was very low to the ground. I believe this new Long and tall router will give out much better signal strength. There are 13 high- performance Wi-Fi antennas in this router. It was very easy to attach to my computer. You just had to download the app free from Apple store and follow the instructions. The ring around the top flashes different colors to let you know your connection process. Blue means OnHub is ready for setup. Teal means OnHub is on and Active. Amber means something is wrong and to check the Google On app for details. I love that the password is on the bottom of the OnHub so I will never lose or forget it! Inside the box is of course the OnHub it comes in two colors blue and black. Two Ethernet cables,one power adapter, a setup guide. OnHub is designed to last,even as the way we use features and the hardware supports devices of today and tomorrow. I really like my Onhub, it is pricey but it will be the last router you will ever need to buy so it is worth it.
    See it in action!
    OnHub UnboxedOnHub On !

    Worth Every Penny Router

    Received OnHub AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router by Google and TP-LINK through the Wal Mart Spark Reviewer Program. This item is great and highly recommended. I am currently a customer of AT&T U-verse. When my cellphone is connected to the Wifi, certain apps such as Facebook and Instagram take forever to load. Since I had hooked up this router, I do not have an issue with either app. As a matter of fact, this router is much faster than the AT&T U-verse. I now no longer have to waste my data because with just U-verse, I would disconnect from the Wifi. In addition, when loading videos to YouTube, it takes forever with the U-verse Wifi. Since I am now connected with this router, uploading a video to YouTube goes so much faster. The setup for this product is so easy. The size of this router is GREAT. It can be placed anywhere and I love the lights. Although certain lights can be bad, the fact that the different colors lets you know if something could be wrong. Downloading the app to my iPhone was easy and simple and a piece of cake as well. This router is worth every penny and if you are thinking about it, purchase it!

    OnHub, Great Wi Fi Coverage

    The Google OnHub router comes in an attractive box and well protects the router inside the box. The box includes the router. The Power adapter and cord, Two ethernet cables, And a quick start card. Before I plugged the router in. I have an android phone. I went to Google play and downloaded the Google On App. You need the App to set up the router. The app has easy to follow screens on your phone for setting up the router in no time. The only problem I have with the app is. It labels all 10 of my devices as unknown device. So it's hard to identify what device you want to sent more bandwidth to. I connected the router to a TP-Link modem. I placed the modem and the OnHub router in an open area. The router is round and cylinder shaped. The outside is dark blue color. The outside casing of the router twists off like a perscription pill bottle cap. On the inside of the cap. There is a clear piece of plastic make sure you remove the plastic film over the cooling fins. The router is air cooled. At the bottom of the OnHub is one power cord jack, A USB 3.0 slot, And two Gigabit Ethernet slots. There's a sticker covering the ports on the bottom of the router indicating how to connect the ports. The OnHub only has one port to connect a wired device such as a computer. Most routers have four ethernet ports for connecting other wired devices. It looks like the Google OnHub is a totally Wi Fi way to go with this router. I looked some of the spec's This router has an IPG8064 dual core processor. 4 Gigabits of e-MMC flash memory for updates. 1 Gigabit of DDR3L Ram and 8 Megabits NOR flash. The router has the insides of a computer. And from Google it probably has a modified Chrome OS. This is my guess. The router has thirteen antena's placed around the top of the inside. 6, 2.4 gig and 6, 5 gig and 1 antena that constantly monitors for better connections. This router has a wide range of connections ranging from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11a/n/ac. The USB 3.0 seems to be a mystery. The only things I could see it being used for is to replace the the software should it become corrupted Via a flash drive or for a USB keyboard for entering Dev Mode on the router. The router is Bluetooth and Weave ready and 802.15.4. There's also no flashing lights on the router. The router has an LED glow ring at the top of the router That changes color from teal connected to amber a non connected color. That can be reconnected from the On App. The On App doesn't offer a lot of setting for the computer geek. It offers a way for people to get online without a lot of tech issues. Witch works out good for me. All I want is an easy way to get online and stay online. Witch the OnHub router seems to do well. After I got the router set up. It took a download that lasted around fifteen minutes. The OnHub router has a strong signal throughout my house. I live in a two story house. My old router needed a Wi Fi signal booster. I don't need anymore. All my devices work fine without the range extender now. The Onhub Is suppose to take updates that handles today's Wi Fi needs and tomorrows Wi Fi needs. We'll see in time as the router evolves with updates. The Google OnHub router meets all of my Wi Fi needs for toady's Wi Fi needs. I looking forward to getting years of service.
    Google TP-Link OnHub Router
    OnHub UnboxedOnHub In Action

    Awesome router!

    This is a great router. It is very stylish. It looks very nice. It came in a very nice box that my daughter had to have. The instructions were very simple to follow. I did have to call my service provider, because I was having a little trouble on my end. It works great! It is made to be out in the open, which gives you the best signal. It has an OnHub app that made the setup easy and gives help when needed. The app downloaded easily on my iphone. It comes with the router, power supply and 2 cables. It works great in our rv. It has a dual-band WiFi speed for videos and games. The dual-core processor easily handles simultaneous connections. The router has high-performance antennas arranged in an circular design that provides WiFi coverage in more directions in my home. The antenna design and smart software work to constantly improve my WiFi connection. It updates itself with the latest features and security upgrades. I can prioritize my favorite device to send more bandwidth where it matters most. It has a USB 3.0 port for sharing files, photos, music and video across my network. The OnHub AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router has a built-in speaker.

    Attractive Router Which Works Very Well

    When UPS brought this package to my door and it was a delightful surprise. This On Hub Router is something I have never seen before. It's very attractive and you can proudly display it because it looks like a nice room accessory. But does it work better than a regular router? Well, I was almost hesitant to open the box because it’s something so new to me. I have installed routers before, but nothing like this and nothing so attractive. Even the box it comes in looks very classy – it’s a smooth, aqua box and it has as ribbon tab with which to open it, something like a big jewelry box. The On-Hub is very elegant and pleasing to the eye. The outer skin has a velvety texture, only not as plush and the top of it looks like something which would play music, but it doesn’t. The cover comes off by twisting then pulling it off the router. In the box there are also two Ethernet cables, a rather large adapter, and a card which explains the colors that appear as a light on the outer rim of the router when it’s operational. First I pugged in the Ethernet cable to the router which plugs into the modem, and then plugged in the adapter. When everything was set up, I downloaded the Google App from the Play Store. This is a free app available for either an Android phone or an I-phone. The app downloaded to my Android phone just fine. As soon as it was downloaded, it started searching for the On-Hub router. It walks you through the set-up. Keep the phone close to the router during this process so they can communicate with each other. Set up was easy and the On-Hub router lets you know what is happening with it with the lights on the rim. For instance, if there is an amber light on, that means something is wrong and to retry the last action. When the phone and the router are in sync, the router makes musical noises as it goes through its processes, which I thought was very interesting. I felt as if I were working with a futuristic piece of equipment. Now, as far as the word "Wireless" in the name, there is no difference is between the On-Hub Wireless router and other routers because the On-Hub requires an Ethernet cable and an adapter with plug in, so that does not make the router wireless. But just like other routers, it doesn’t require any other connection, for instance, with a Wi-Fi equipped computer or smart phone. So the term “Wireless” is just part of the name. How powerful is it? Does it project a strong signal? The answer to that is that it works like a good router for my purposes. I was curious if it would transmit a signal to my RV which is parked next to my house so I took my laptop out there. I was so thrilled when the On-Hub router actually sent a signal through several rooms, the wall of the house and into my fiberglass –walled RV. That took a pretty strong signal and it worked very well. This router can do more and is supposed to be stronger than the usual router and it has automatic updates. Its round design can reach more devices as it sends signals in a circular pattern. The app keeps track of how many devices are on-line. I'm sure there are other features for this router which will become evident with use, and I believe they will add more features to it in the future. This is not only a sophisticated looking piece of equipment, it works very well for a router. It’s almost too easy to set up and install thanks to the app. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good-looking, differently shaped router.
    Cover fits well after cables are installed.It has a USB port

    Great Router on the Cutting Edge

    The onhub is one nifty router. The packaging was very nice and all of the cables were neatly rolled off on the bottom. Setting up the router was a breeze. I simply had to twist off the outer shell, connect the ethernet cord to my modem, and retwist on the outer shell. Upon downloading the app (It's called Google On in case you're searching for it in the Apple Store), it will help you sync to the onhub and set everything up including wireless network name and password. The app is available for both Android and iOS and you do need to have the app to manage and set up your onhub. The onhub router itself looks really nice. It has a sleek feel to it and comes across as being high-end. The cables are under the outer shell and allows for a cleaner look. The only drawback is that there is only one ethernet slot to plug something into, but I guess the assumption is that future devices would all connect to the onhub wirelessly, so there really is no need for any additional hard-line plug ins. There are some basic speakers with the onhub which allows for it to make some noise during setup, but other than that, there really is no need for the speaker / sound feature on the onhub. As a router, it works very well. I've found the range to be sufficiently strong to reach my entire house (as compared to my older router from 3+ years ago requiring extenders). To date, I've connected several devices to the onhub (2 printers, 2 PCs, 2 laptops, 2 phones, 1 tablet, 1 scale, 1 wireless camera etc...) and what's nice is that it allows for the automated prioritization of the devices in terms of granting the devices that require more bandwidth better access. All said, the onhub looks great, is easy to set up, has great signal strength, and will theoretically automatically update as Google releases additional features. Do know that you'll still need a modem (it's not an all in one), so it does require some additional wires / devices connected to it to be functional. Overall, a great product that I'm really happy about.

    Ridiculously Easy to use

    This is a "router of the future" for sure, and I would recommend it to any non-techy user as an easy install and solid performer. The simple to use app makes things so easy that anyone could set it up with ease. I would say that "You will see faster internet" is a true marketing statement. Be aware that you must set it up with an Android device like a phone or tablet but will wirelessly connect to any computer once set. Usually setting up a router for me involves about an hour of cursing incoherently at everything in sight. The on hub and this app were so easy I set up and connected while watching a 15 minute TV show with friends and feeding the dogs, no one even noticed I switched routers. It was so fast and easy! As Usual Google found a way to make technology mingle with People. This system (Onhub and the Google On app) are built so beautifully together that they almost make you want to buy this router purely because it looks high tech but is so simple with fantastic signal strength and AMAZING (not just good) performance all around!! Having said all that this next section is for interested geeks.. The APP could use more enhancement & many advanced config options added. Although the device itself is robust and reliable, there are severe limitations in configuration options. For example, you cannot set separate SSIDs for 2.4Ghz v.s 5Ghz. OnHub lists most devices as 'Unnamed device' and also does so for hardwired devices. You cannot permanently prioritize connected devices as far as bandwidth allocation. Cannot force IP address range (e.g. 192.168.123.x) to be allowed xxMbps, but surprisingly, I have noticed better performance even with the automated bandwidth allocation, than without. Was able to stream video upstairs and play x-box in basement both with full signal at same time.
    sleek style glow ring shows useGoogle On app easy to use.

    Simple setup; Very fast streaming; High signals

    Setup is extremely simple, but you have to have an android or iphone device. You can configure and troubleshoot the device through the connected phone/google account, but there's not a lot of configuration you can do. Most notably is the fact that you can't set the DHCP address assignment range, but it is on a different subnet (192.168.86.*) from most routers anyway. You can technically connect it to an existing wired router, but it might cause conflicts if the addresses overlap. The signal strength is very high throughout the house compared to the linksys router we were using. It uses 2.4ghz and 5.ghz bands, but the SSID is the same so you can't tell which one your devices it is connecting to. Itt claims it will switch channels automatically based on congestion and apparently doing this might cause the connection to drop briefly, but we don't have enough overlapping network traffic here to see that. I used a wifi analyzer on my phone to see the channels and signal strength to verify this. You can only change some of the settings on it when the device is not connected to the internet, which increases security (because you have to physically unplug it and be near it with your phone). To attach the phone to it initially, the phone app listens to an audio signal from the device to authenticate. It seems very responsive in comparison to my old router, but I haven't had the occasion to transfer any huge files over my wireless network. Streaming high quality video is well within its capabilities. It doesn't have any wired ports, so you'd still need a wired switch on your network if you want to attach non-wireless computers. Overall, as a tech savvy person, I highly recommend this router.
    Right out the boxThe modem and its cover

    WoW! So simple, So small and yet so powerful!

    This arrived last week but it took me a few days to get up the nerve to set it up. I was worried once I disconnected everything I would not be able to get our internet back up and be the most hated person in the house. But after a night of trying to stream a movie and seeing the "Buffering" more times then I can count I decided to go for it and hope for the best. Taking it out of the box the first thing you notice is it is very sleek and cool looking. Unlike other routers this one is round and stands up. It is about 7-8" tall and about 4-5" round. It looks very nice sitting out in the open on a desk. The On Hub was super easy to setup. Simply download the On App to your phone/tablet and plug one of the Ethernet cables from the modem to the On hub then plug it in to the power outlet. Once its on you will need to go into your network settings and click the setup to put the password in. The password is on the bottom of the On Hub so you wont lose it. It took me about 5 minutes total to set this up. I did have a few issues with the software on my ipad to customize it but as soon as I downloaded the app to my iPhone everything worked great and I was able to make a new name and password with no problem. My favorite feature is it allows you to make a new network name and a password you choose which is much easier then having to keep the password written down or running back and fourth to the router for it. So you can name your network "My Network" or "Joes network" and use a easy password like the the dogs name or whatever is easiest for you to remember rather then have a password like Sjpq34y7 that is impossible to remember. Another great advantage to this is you can make a separate log in for guests so you can keep your password private. The only downside and its not a big problem is You may need is a switch box if your like me and have more then one item to plug into your router. I have a base station for my home security cameras and a wireless cloud hard drive I had to disconnect until I get one. However this is not a reason not to buy this On Hub. These boxes are very inexpensive costing between $9 and $20 on average and just plug in. This allows you to add as many RJ45 connections you need. This is just something to keep in mind so you can order one when your order this hub if you need one. As for speed, This router blew my old router out of the water. Actually my old router is a Netgear router I had rented from Charter cable and they tell me its the best out there...I must disagree with them. So besides paying $5 a month for it I had to use the range extenders and power pass-through in order to get any signal in my back rooms. While both worked well for the laptop and tablets they were a bit of a hassle to use for some other items and they used up all my available outlets not only in this room but in the other rooms where the bases were also. Now I just have a wireless signal and no extra wires or equipment plugged in all over the house. With the router from Charter the back rooms got a about 3 mbps on a good day, With the On Hub I am getting 60 mbps! Charter had told me it was something in my house/walls blocking the signal to the back rooms and that only way I would be able to get a good signal in those rooms was to run a cable and hardwire everything. They were wrong, I just needed a awesome router like the On Hub. I HIGHLY recommend this router. Its easy to setup, looks nice and works great!

    You Need a Android phone to set it up!

    Heard and read excellent reviews for this router. Bought it from my local Walmart store and was very happy with it when i got home. I read how ' easy it is to set up' Before i opened it, i went online with my present router to read more about the router. I found out the following, which i copied and pasted below. It appears one needs a smartphone to set up the Router. Say what? Very difficult to set it up this router if you do not have a smartphone! Good thing i didnt open the Router as i dont like returning items i opened. Back to the store it goes tomorrow. "Step 1: Get the app" Download the Google On app on your Android or iOS device. Open the app, review the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Privacy Settings, then tap Continue. Sign into your Google Account. Follow the setup steps in the app. PS here is the item. My cat wanted to get wanted to get in on the photo
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