Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Walmart # 555332452

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Walmart # 555332452
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<p>Take aim with the HyperFire blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate speed! It's the fastest motorized Nerf dart blaster, unleashing 5 darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto targets! With its 25-dart drum, this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster brings impressive firepower to the battle. It fires darts up 90 feet (27 meters). Press the acceleration button, pull the trigger, and let the rapid-fire action begin! Comes with 25 Elite darts.</p> <p>Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.</p>

About This Item

  • Fires up to 5 darts per second with fresh batteries
  • Includes blaster, 25-dart drum, 25 darts, and instructions.
  • Ages 8 and up.
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Light and easy to aim, carries enough darts to play, shoots 5 darts per second , feels like I'm involved. Very fast and good distance .


I love how the Nerf gun was automatic and was fast

Superfast Action

Awesome blaster. Shoots super fast but does take a while to load.

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is a pretty accurate and quick-firing gun. I’ve experienced guns that shoot faster, but they operate much louder, giving away your ability to perform a stealth attack. The gun is also pretty light and holds quite a bit of ammunition before requiring you to reload. The automatic firing action is also a plus. The two complaints I have about the gun is the number of batteries it takes to operate and the velocity at which the darts shoot from the gun. The batteries are not that big of an issue considering the upside gained from the motorized automatic firing action. The velocity at which this gun shoots is a bit disappointing though. I DO NOT condone of shooting people, animals, etc. but I am almost certain that you could shoot a toddler with this gun and they would not cry. Overall, I believe this is a solid gun for those looking for a quick firing gun. However, if you are looking for a gun that “packs a punch”, you may want to consider another product. I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review.

amazing automatic blaster!

I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review. I've till date only owned the manual nerfs. This was my first automatic nerf and I'm totally impressed. I was initially surprised at how many batteries this thing takes; but once i had them installed and used the blaster - i realized why! When you turn this on, it literally sounds like an aircraft is about to take off (in a good way); then I clicked the trigger and ay caramba.... this thing started firing the darts at the rate of a dart/second (almost). I could aim pretty well with this thingy and had a range of roughly 80ish feet. This nerf is completely worth it and I don’t think I’ll be going back to the manual nerfs anymore. If you plan to play one on one, I would highly recommend buying the safety gear and a few extra darts.

Extremely fun blaster to unload your darts!

They really weren't kidding when they advertised this as the "fastest nerf blaster" to date. Compare this and the Rapidstrike, the Hyperfire would be an automatic winner. On the downside, the Hyperfire is a wee bit expensive compare to the Rapidstrike. Also, it uses 4 D sized batteries compared to the Rapidstrike's 4 C sized batteries. So if you're willing to spend a bit more money for a great blaster, I would highly recommend this. If not, stick with a Rapidstrike.

Average dart velocity: 72 FPS stock

Walmart exclusive, competitor to the Nerf Rapidstrike. Most people will undoubtedly compare this to Nerf/ Hasbro's famed Rapidstrike blaster, and with the automatic fire, it is easy to see why. The Hyperfire has cool design cues reminiscent of some fantasy video games and real life firearms. Most kids should find this easy to hold, I would imagine, because the thumb hole handle grip is on the small side, but adults with large hands may find it awkward and uncomfortable, a con. The acceleration trigger is conveniently placed directly behind the magazine trigger, a plus. The blaster is heavier but at least somewhat balanced due to the 4 D batteries (not included) being located in the back of the blaster in the shoulder stock area, which has a nice cheek-rest. Looking at the only tactical rail on the blaster, it is apparent that the attachment point is small and almost guarantees that you will need to take off the attachment before you can fix a jam because it is so close to the jam door. If it is of any concern, there are several sling mounts on the blaster. The Hyperfire is compatible with any standard-sized Nerf Elite Darts (blue, green, white, orange, and decorated Rebelle darts) and magazine/drum-fed Nerf "clip system" darts. The Hyperfire boasts the highest Dart Per Second (DPS) rating of 5. That means for every second at peak rev, you shot 5 darts, and that also means that you have pretty much emptied your entire 25 dart drum by the time it takes the average person to finish reading to the end of this sentence. I have tested this blaster, and yes, is fit's Drac's (a Nerf blaster guru) pre-release description of it being a "dart-hose." But how does it achieve this? My examination of the dart-feeding mechanism yields that it is a conveyor belt under the jam door. Literally, it is IN the jam access door. This suggests that as the belt turns, short tabs on the belt snag the darts and push them towards the flywheels. Upon contact with the flywheels the dart is propelled, which Bobololo (another Nerf blaster Guru) has indicated that the Hyperfire makes use of canted (angle) flywheels, which uses slightly off-angle flywheels to put a spin on the darts. This spin is perfect for the stock setup, but for modders who want to use higher voltage/amperage batteries it may be a challenge. There are several reasons why modding this blaster will not be easy, but I will keep things simple with 3 of the more prominent reasons: 1.) the conveyor belt design feeding mechanism is ineffective at a higher speed RPM (rotations per minute) than what it was designed to operate at and may also need extensions on it's tiny tab arms or "nubs" that only scrape at the top of the base of the darts. Also, it will eventually need to be replaced (it is made of mortal rubber after all, and time will inevitably cause it to become brittle and break) and the availability of replacement parts will be doubtful unless there is an aftermarket company that will be willing to make them. 2.) the canted flywheels spin the dart and the Elite Nerf dart design tends to spin out of control at higher RPM, interrupting the stability of flight, resulting in inaccurate and shorter distances. 3.) the internals have surprisingly little to no space to do anything in the more important places (like the acceleration/rev trigger) despite being a bulky blaster with a lot of space in unimportant areas (like the lower front grip). Finally, like Coop (yet another Nerf blaster guru), I have a ProChrono Digital chronograph which I used to measure the dart velocity of each shot. The average Feet Per Second (FPS) of the Hyperfire's shots at peak rev was 72 FPS. The FPS of each dart at maximum DPS would naturally be weaker, that is, in the mid 60 FPS range. Now with a pair of LiPo AA batteries, a pair of dummy spacers, and 4 AA to D Battery adapters I had laying around, I found that the average FPS jumped to 80 FPS at peak rev without any other modifications. All 3 of the aforementioned Nerf gurus have warned of potential jamming issues with the use of old or misshapen darts because of the short nubs on the conveyor-belt feeding mechanism missing the scrawny or thinner dart as a result of being stepped on or overused. From my personal experience, the blaster had not jammed using several different aftermarket darts of varying conditions, but the Hyperfire did stumble a few times during the chronograph testing. In conclusion, I think the Hyperfire lives up to it's Hype, and is a great candidate for Walmart's best exclusive to date. Time and durability will be the ultimate judge of this though, and I will try to update my review if I encounter any problems that I may feel will change my generous 5-star rating.

fast shooter

Gun will empty a 25 round drum in very short order. Fairly accurate considering it is firing a foam bullet. Does all it is advertised.

Fun Nerf Gun

My son loves this HyperFire Blaster! He has a few Nerf guns and this one is his favorite. It was easy to set up right out of the box and he was playing within minutes. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that the gun gets jammed from time to time, and that a bummer. It isn't hard to remove the jam and get firing again, but it seems like once a bullet has been jammed in the gun it always gets jammed and needs to be thrown out.

Bestest Blaster Ever and Fastest

I bought this blaster for my son and he loves it he says he hasn't had any jamming problems with and it's just lovely to see him having Nerf battles with his friends. He is really into and i imagine most kids and adults who like Nerf blasters would totally dig this blaster. I definetly recommend this blaster to anyone who likes Nerf blasters!
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