Lumicharge RC-1612-356-AL-BLK Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With USB And Universal Phone Charger (High-Gloss Black)

Model: RC-1612-356-AL-BLK
Walmart # 576849886

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Multifunctional LED lamp; dimmable; motion-sensing night light; charges most cell phones; Lightning, USB Type-C, and micro USB charging dock; USB port; daylight saving time
Check out the incredibly stylish high-gloss black LumiCharge RC-1612-356-AL-BLK Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB and Universal Phone Charger! Declutter your desk space with elegant lighting with this desk lamp and charge any phone at the same time. This is a full, multifunctional lamp that blends with your home and office decor with multiple brightness and color options.

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Received this desk lamp as a member of the Spark Reviewer Program. It is sleek, lightweight and very bright. This lamp does everything: motion sensor, temperature indicator, charging station, alarm clock and calendar. This would a great gift for the graduates in your life or a senior who needs some seriously bright light by which to read or sew or whatever.

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  • Multifunctional LED Lamp With Universal Phone Dock
  • 3 Color Modes And Multiple Brightness Levels
  • Dimmable Display Shows Date, Time And Temperature
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Motion Sensing Night-Light Turns On When Detecting Motion In The Dark
  • Charges Any Phone (lightning, USB-C And Micro USB)-No Cables Required
  • Extra USB Port
  • Wide-Angle Light Arms Rotate Up To 300 DEG
  • Daylight Saving Time Programmed In Display
  • Includes Power Adapter With Cord
  • High-Gloss Black
  • Check out the incredibly stylish high-gloss black LumiCharge RC-1612-356-AL-BLK Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB and Universal Phone Charger! Declutter your desk space with elegant lighting with this desk lamp and charge any phone at the same time. This is a full, multifunctional lamp that blends with your home and office decor with multiple brightness and color options.



    Customer Reviews

    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    2 stars
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    Most Helpful Review
    Great desk lamp that does more !
    Received this desk lamp as a member of the Spark Reviewer Program. It is sleek, lightweight and very bright. This lamp does everything: motion sensor, temperature indicator, charging station, alarm clock and calendar. This would a great gift for the graduates in your life or a senior who needs some seriously bright light by which to read or sew or whatever.
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    Nifty / Modern Looking and Functional Lamp

    This desk lamp is a great lamp that has multi functions and a sleek design / look. I like how the light folds out and also has a phone charger (for the standard iphone lightning port, as well as micro USB etc...) There's a light / motion sensor to help it turn off / on if needed, and on the arm that holds up the light, it shows the date and time and temperature. There's also a dimmer on the light. I think that the date / time automatically synchronizes to your phone, so that's super handy too. All in all, this light is packed with nifty little features, allow for a functional and clean desk, and is something that I'm regularly using.

    Lumicharge All in One Lamp

    I received the Lumicharge All in One LED Desk Lamp from Spark Reviewer in exchange for my honest opinion.

    I put this desk in my son's room and he instantly fell in love with this lamp. It's small enough to not take up a lot of space. Its flexible. You can move it different ways. There is 3 different lights and you can dim the lights or heighten the lights. There is a motion sensor on the lamp so that you dont have to hunt for the lamp in the dark. It also has a charging station built into the lamp. This is the perfect lamp for any office or college student. Inwould definitely recommend it.

    Feature-packed Lamp

    The LumiCharge lamp and charging station has been extremely helpful for our setup. We placed it on the table next to our bed so it serves as a nightstand light, desk lamp and phone charger. I like how I am able to control the brightness and temperature of the light by touching the base of the lamp. Unfortunately, this means I cannot place any items in that area. The charging station has an interesting design to it. You spin the dial to switch between the three available charging heads. It is able to snugly hold my phone in place. If I had a thicker case, it probably would not fit. I appreciate how they also incorporated a USB plug on the back of the lamp, this allows me to charge my phone and look at it the same time. There is a motion sensor to turn on the light, but since it is next to my bed I decided to turn off this feature. I am glad they included a way to disable it. There is a clock and temperature display too. The swivel control on the light is very nice, I am able to point it in whatever direction I want. Overall, I would recommend this lamp to anyone looking for a versatile light with many unique features.


    I never knew such a thing existed in the marketplace. This is amazing! I am always

    interchanging my lamp light with my charger, and with my laptop charger. This

    neat light provides not only light but charges my phone!

    It was very easy to setup and plug right in. It has a charging bay for Apple and

    Android Phones! There is also a motion activated nightlight that is so convenient

    It comes on when my 2 year old wakes up at night and gets in the bed with us.

    It helps her see.

    Wow!!...the coolest desk lamp ever.

    I received this item from the Spark Reviewer program and was asked to provide an unbiased review. The LumiCharge V1.1 All In One LED Desk Lamp and Universal Phone Charging Station is a very well-designed and sophisticated desk lamp. This is the most impressive work light that I have ever used. This lamp is packed with features. First, the modern style and design is very eye appealing. The base has a smooth, glossy finish with five functions using touch to operate(no physical buttons). The lighting arm is multi-directional, covering almost any angle. The light is powered on/off by touching the base. The lamp has three light modes(soft white, bright white, incandescent) controlled by touching the base. The base also has up/down touch dimmer buttons to control the brightness. The lamp is very bright at the highest setting. Second, a built in UNIVERSAL charging base….extremely cool. The base has a dial that you can turn to rotate between three connection types(USB-C, Lightning/Apple, Micro-USB). I had no issues charging my Galaxy with the case on the phone. Third, the lighting arm has a LCD display that shows the time, month/date, day and room temperature…the brightness of the display is also controlled by a touch button on the base. The display has several features including an alarm and timer. Fourth, the white bulb at the bottom of the base is a motion-controlled night light…it detects movement when it's dark and provides light. This feature can be a little annoying…but, it can be turned off with a switch on the back of the arm. Fifth, the lamp has an extra USB port on the back of the base that can be used other devices. This lamp is cool…I'm probably forgetting something. I am very impressed with the LumiCharge All In One Desk Lamp. I would definitely recommend this lamp to anyone seeking a well-designed, stylish and feature packed desk lamp for the home or office.

    Awesome light and amazingly versatile!

    This light is great! It offers three different “temperatures” of light and also dimming settings for the main light and also the display. The display shows date and time and also allows setting of alarms and reminders. In the rear of the light there is a USB port that allows charging and also there is a selectable docking port for three different styles of cherging connectors for phones. This is a great light for all types of work!

    Love EVERYTHING about this LED Light!

    I actually have an older model of this light (by LumiCharge) which I use on my piano to read music by and I love it. I looked into getting another for my desk in my home office/bedroom last year and decided against it for one reason: the night light. I read the reviews and noticed a lot of comments that there was no way to disable the night light function, and I just did not need or want that on a light on my desk. But this newest model of the LumiCharge light not only has a night light you can DISABLE, but it charges my phone at my desk without running an extra charging cable over my desk, so bonus points to me for waiting a year! Plus it's got all the other neat stuff that, when I first opened the box (see picture 1) frightened me just a little bit because I'm not that tech savvy. Just do NOT like to see a lot of instruction pages, although small, for something that I thought should be simple. But really, I plugged it in and the digital clock was already set to the correct time, time zone, date and temperature. Well, okay, then! All I did was disable the night light by flipping the switch on the back to "off." Easy. Then I flipped the phone charger door opened and dialed the knob to find which of the three adapters fit my Android. Again, easy. And the buttons on the base of the unit are user-friendly ("intuitive, the kids call it). "M" is mode, so you can pick a bright office-white light; press it again for a more subtle, bluish-tinted light (I call it the "nightclub" light); or press once more for the reading or "pink" light that I'm sure is called something else by the manufacturer, but I call it the nighttime relaxing light. I've used all three, depending on what I'm doing, and love them all, and there is an up and down button at the end of the row of buttons for ten strengths for each. The only other button is in the middle, and that controls the blue-lit middle section on the "stem" or "neck" of the light fixture, that shows the time, date, day of the week and indoor temperature, which I just LOVE, because I've been telling my husband it's hotter in this room than any other, and now I've proven it scientifically (and you have three intensity choices for that, too, or off completely). Those things are easy to change with the buttons underneath the displayed digital settings, and following the instruction booklet is actually also user-friendly (time zone, for instance), so if I can figure it out, I know you can. The one on my piano has served me very well (have not had to replace the bulb and it's on every day), and I'm sure this one will do the same. LOVE these lamps; you won't be sorry if you buy one, I'm sure.

    4 stars because alarm

    This lamp is amazing! I didn't even know these existed, but I received it for an unbiased review. This is the perfect bedside table lamp and charger. I am very excited about it. I love so many things about this lamp, but there are a few teeny things that I dislike or am unsure about. Where do I even start... this lamp/charger has so many features. To understand how to use them all I had to read the user manual- which is concise and well written. I am attaching a picture of part of it in this review. It lists a lot of the lamp's features. This Smart LED lamp is powered by plugging the cord into a wall outlet, but you can get a battery for it as well. The cord is removable from the base. Mine didn't come with a battery, but it takes a CR2032 battery which you can get somewhere like Lowe's (that I know of) or online. I read the manual in order to see everything this does and how to use it. The LED light is on the top of the adjustable body under a cover and it can be pressed down, pulled all the way up to be straight up and down, or turned slightly sideways. When you adjust the body head you need to hold down the base because the lamp head feels a little delicate and it is recommended to do so. The LED light is very bright. This could be easily used for reading in a dark room and the brightness is adjustable. On the bottom of the lamp the top of the base is touch sensitive and has functions like the on/off function. Once you touch that the light turns on and you can touch the M for the light hue to change from soft white, to white, to yellow. The middle function changes the brightness of the clock display screen. The up and down functions turn the light brightness up and down and there are 10 levels of brightness. You can either tap the arrows for each variation or you can long press up or down for the light brightness to change quickly, yet smoothly. The motion sensor light is too cool. There's a small switch on the back on the lamp that you can turn to on or off to have options to use or not use the motion sensor. It is very sensitive. I love it for when I have to get up in the night, but it's sensitivity makes it turn on when I flop around the bed throughout the night because I sleep right beside it. It is a bright motion light too. I love how the back of the base has a USB slot AND the front of this lamp has a built in charger as well. It has a charging wheel meaning you can turn the front wheel and 3 different chargers are available. These can be used for either apple iPhones (not the first/old versions), Samsung, or google (Type C and micro USB) phones. The whole lamp body can pivot and turn to all sides (front to back). The LED display is really nice, showing the time (can set to 12h or 24h), date, day of the week, and temperature (can set to either F or C). The display functions are my least favorite things about this lamp. I read the directions more than once and besides setting the main display, I can't figure out how to set the alarm and all the other functions it has. It doesn't seem like mine works like the directions explain. I'm not too worried about it though because I have an alarm clock. I'm sure I could research more or keep trying to fiddle with it, but after trying for atleast 20 minutes I decided to continue to use my old alarm for now. My iPhone fits well and easily into the front charging port and the flap holds my iPhone up. The charger doesn't seem to be a fast charger, unlike iPad chargers- but it charges normally. The lamp is lightweight, yet sturdy. Overall, I would definitely recommend this awesome lamp/charger; however, I would research more if you are looking for an easy to use alarm clock as well. It says it can be used so many ways, but I didn't have luck figuring it out. FYI the box I received my lamp in shows what I received on one side and a wireless charging lamp on the other. This could be easily confused if buying it in a store, I can see me grabbing the box thinking I was getting the wireless charging lamp and not what this actually is. There is small diagram on the top flap of the box showing 3 lamps and a filled in dot beside the one I received, but I'm sure I would be confused looking at this box in a store.

    Neat little lamp

    This lamp is great. I enjoy having the different color lights on it. Specially after a long day and my eyes are tired. The charging station work well with android and apple. My only gripe is it leaves finger prints on the base when pushing tje buttons.

    Cool product

    I really like this lamp except for the fact that the way the charger portion of the base is made is too small for anything in a case to be charged. The rotating charger ports is unique but they should have made the slot bigger to allow for a phone in a case. The lamp itself works great and I love the clock and temperate on the stem. There is a motion sensor setting which allows you to turn it on at night so if you pass by the light it turns on the smaller motion light at the base. You can change the color of the lamp to three different shades and it has a dimmer which allows you to make the light brighter or not. You can change the brightness of the clock too. There is a USB hub on the back of the lamp so that is a great addition to help let you charge something with a cord that won't fit the charging dock.

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