Kill for Me (2013)
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Kill for Me (2013)

R 94 minutes
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A riveting roller coaster of suspense and twists is set in motion when two college girls become roommates and they make a pack to protect each other at all costs.
Genres Drama, Suspense
Director Michael Greenspan
Starring Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Torrance Coombs, Donal Logue View More
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In this psychological thriller, a needy young woman finds fulfillment by trying to literally become her successful roommate.

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An elderly religious fanatic, whose son was killed in an auto wreck several years ago, kidnaps her dead son's former fiancee and keeps her locked up in the basement in order to cleanse the girl's soul, making it fit to be reunited with her son in heaven.

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A serial killer befriends innocent women before making them his victims. He meets Felicia, an Irish girl who has come to England in search of her boyfriend, and draws her in with his kindly manner. Little does she realize the danger she's in.

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Released after twelve years in an asylum, a youg woman is reunited with her family and friends, but soon begins to realize that the strange and gruesome evens that led to her commital may not have been so imaginary after all.

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In this exciting supernatural thriller, Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer play a seemingly happily married couple who uncover a terrible secret...a secret so disturbing it threatens to destroy them. When Claire Spencer begins seeing ghostly images and hearing mysterious voices in their home, her husband Norman suspects it's just her imagination - until the images turn real. Now, together they must uncover the truth, confront their worst fears and find "what lies beneath"...with twisting and te

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A long-buried family secret comes back to haunt the present, and a sorority ceremony becomes a real hell night for Kelly Fairchild (Daphne Zuniga of One Tree Hill and Melrose Place). But when Kelly and her three girlfriends play one final prank by breaking into the department store owned by Kelly's stepfather, an initiation into a real nightmare of terror begins! lu Gulager (Return of the Living Dead) and Vera Miles (Psycho) co-star in this '80s horror favorite.

Genres   Horror
Director   Larry Stewart
Starring   Vera Miles, Clu Gulager, Daphne Zuniga, James Read
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Movie Summary

A riveting roller coaster of suspense and twists is set in motion when two college girls become roommates and they make a pack to protect each other at all costs.
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Movie Details

Genres Drama, Suspense
Director Michael Greenspan
Starring Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Torrance Coombs, Donal Logue, Ryan Robbins
Studio Name Sony Pictures
Release Date 2013
VUDU Release Date 02/14/2013
Rating About Ratings
Running Time 94 minutes
Language English
Audio Tracks SD/Enhanced Widescreen, Dolby Digital Plus

Format Details

Standard Definition (SD) SD/ Enhanced Widescreen, Dolby Digital Plus
Full HD (HDX) HDX/ Enhanced Widescreen, Dolby Digital Plus

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