Ideal Baby by the Makers of Aden + Anais Swaddles, Dreamy

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Ideal Baby by the Makers of Aden + Anais Swaddles, Dreamy

Walmart # 558129821
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Wrap your baby in comfort and softness using Aden Anais Swaddles from Ideal Baby By The Makers Of Aden + Anais. The muslin material is soft and breathable, helping to prevent overheating. They are machine washable and are pre-washed to be ready to use right out of the package. These baby swaddles come in a pack of 3 with dreamy and coordinating designs that match other nursery items and accessories (sold separately). They are oversized so you have plenty of material for swaddling your little one. The muslin swaddles maintain their softness after washing and are also useful as nursing covers, stroller covers, playtime mats, on-the-go-changing pads and more.

About This Item

  • Age Range: birth and up
  • Muslin is extra soft and stays that way wash after wash
  • Oversized to make swaddling easy
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    Wish I discovered these sooner!!

    If you are expecting a baby, have a baby, or are looking for a gift for a baby shower you are going to want to get this muslin swaddle. Trust me. I just had my 5th baby 4 months ago and I can tell you that this is by far the absolute best swaddle blanket I have ever owned. Wish I had them with all my babies. While I was pregnant I had seen the Muslin swaddle blankets but never purchased them because they were a little more pricey than some of the other swaddle or receiving blankets out there. Had I known how magnificent they were I would have purchased them a long time ago. The day after I received this one I went to the Walmart site to purchase a 3 pack only to find they were completely sold out. Guess I wasn't the only one who discovered how useful they are. These Ideal Baby muslin swadlles are more affordable than the classic Aden and Anais swaddles so I was pleased to see that. I am on the notify me list and will be buying more as soon as they are back in stock. These are generously sized at 42X42 inches. I was a little worried that they may be too small to swaddle my now 4 month old, 14 pound baby but there is plenty of material. She outgrew being swaddled in the receiving blankets we used as a newborn so I am glad I found these. The one I reeived is the Cherub which is covered in bright purple stars but there are many styles to choose from. My daughter not only loves being wrapped in this swaddle but loves playing with this swaddle too. She is mesmerized by the bright contrasting colors of the stars and even uses it as a teething blanket. They are very soft, made with 60% muslin cotton, 40% polyester and they get even softer with each wash. They are thin and breathable yet supportive. Because of the material they make absolute perfect swaddle. When you wrap it around your baby it grips quite well and has just enough give to get a nice tight fit yet it's still thin and breathable so you do not have to worry about baby over heating. This will obviously be perfect for those warm summer months but I found it is also great for the winter. In the winter I usually have my baby sleep in warm one piece footed zip up sleepers. We always have the heater on in our house so if I were to swaddle her in the typical thick, warm winter blanket on top of her sleeper she would be way too hot so these work great for the winter months too. The wonderful thing about these swaddle blankets is they are not just great for swaddling but have so many other uses. Because they are so lightweight and breathable they make fabulous nursing covers. I can not tell you how many times I have used a blanket to cover while nursing only to look down and baby is drenched in sweat. They can also be used to over a car seat or stroller to sheild baby from the hot summer sun and other elements without over heating. They also make excellent on the go changing pads, burp cloths, or as a clean surface for tummy time. So many terrific uses and I am sure you will come up with many more. Definitely a must have for the diaper bag plus it doesn't take up much room. With so many unnecessary trendy baby items on the market these days I really appreciate a sensible multitasking baby product. You are going to want to get at least a few of these. Absolutely a must have baby item in my opinion.

    Very Thin

    This is a very thin, muslin swaddle. It even says that it's made of muslin on the product description, but for some reason I thought it was a little bit thicker receiving blanket. I don't know why it is called 'pint size', it's the same size as the other Ideal Baby Muslin Swaddles. It is 42 in X 42 in. It is really very thin, like gauze or thin cheesecloth even. This makes it extremely breathable and lightweight. I could see using this for shade protection, nursing, car or stroller cover. This one has a muted silver star pattern that would go with anything. Nice that it comes prewashed, although this Grandma will wash it again anyway. Very soft. I don't like that it's SO very thin, don't think it would work as a burp cloth, for example. I can already see where some of the threads are shifting and I'm not sure how well it's going last. Overall, it is a good addition to your nursery, but it is not a receiving blanket.

    ideal baby 3 Pack Muslin Swaddles by aden + anais

    This is a review for the ideal baby 3 muslin swaddles by the makers of aden + anais. They come 3 to a pack, they are prewashed and they each measure 42 by 42 inches. The swaddles are made out of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. The swaddles are so soft. I love how light and airy they are. It states on the package that they soften more with each wash. They are already very soft so I can't wait to feel the super softness of them after they are washed a few times. These swaddles have so many different uses. You can use them for their main use which is to swaddle your precious baby in. There is even a 4 step illustration on the back of the package that demonstrates how to swaddle your baby up in the swaddle blanket. You can also use the swaddle blankets when you have tummy time with your baby, as a cover over the baby's stroller, as a nursing cover, a changing table cover, or even as a burp cloth. The fabric has muslin which has a fine open weave. It is breathable which allows your baby not to get overheated, and it is soft and durable which all babies need and all parents want. The swaddles are also oversized which makes the swaddling process that much easier to accomplish. I love the style and softness of the swaddle blankets so I am going to use mine as a backing for a quilt. I do not have any little ones so the quilt backing will work out perfect for me. I can't wait to feel the softness when I use it on my quilt. The colors are a perfect shade of purple so it can be used on just about any style of a quilt!! I give the swaddles 5 stars for their quality, softness, style, and versatility. They are awesome in so many ways. They would make a wonderful baby shower gift or for someone who likes to sew. Enjoy!!!

    Bigger & thinner than other swaddles but nice

    I received this swaddle for my grand-baby and I've used it quite a bit already and I have 5 children of my own and I have always used a receiving blanket to swaddle my baby's and from using this swaddle I like it. I t might be a bit on the thin side but it's huge so there's more fabric to work with for breastfeeding, covering the baby's car-seat, stroller, bassinet even laying the baby/child on the floor on his/her tummy as for me I use this a lot for a burp cloth and use this at changing station in public restrooms and on the in home changing table. The thinness of the swaddles is the only problem I have but it's not too big of a deal to be honest because after folding it in a triangle it's thicker and the material is soft and silky feels really nice on the skin. The packaging does come with step by step instructions for all the newbies out there. Breathable fabric, has a good amount of stretch on the material, swaddling is pretty easy with this swaddle Size is a 42 x 42 pre-washed swaddle. I have washed this over 8 times and the softness is still there hasn't changed a bit. Love the blue star print very cute.


    I was surprised by how THIN this swaddle blanket is, and I have to admit that at first I was upset about it because it looked cheap. That was such a wrong conclusion because the thinness of the blanket is what makes it great! Your baby will not overheat while being swaddled and that had been an issue for my baby. I would swaddle him and he would get all sweaty because the blanket was just too much. This blanket is perfect! A great size, too! Vibrant colors! When I say its a great size, it is so comfortably big that it can even be used as a makeshift nursing cover if you want! It's great as a lightweight blanket for the car seat as well (even in summer to protect from the sun!!) The uses of this blanket are so many and its mainly because of the lighweight nature of it! If this blanket were heavy then you would be very limited in what you can do with it. I am going out right now and buying more! I want at least 3, but would love to have 5 or 6 of these blankets! You will not regret buying this.


    This swaddle is so soft and breathable. It gets softer with each washing. The package that it comes in has all folding directions along with pictures. It's very easy to understand the technique of folding. The 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric breathes so baby doesn't overheat and keeps body temperature steady while sleeping. This is very desirable in a swaddle. The generous size of 42 x 42 makes swaddling easy, along with other uses. It can be used as a floor cover for tummy time, burp cloth, nursing cover, changing table cover and stroller cover. I would recommend this product.

    Super Cute Muslin Swaddling Cloth

    I already LOVE this product! It's slightly bigger than our other swaddling blankets, which is nice so that you have more fabric to work with. It;'s very soft and light, but not too sheer. The instructions on the package tell you how to properly swaddle your baby, which is helpful for first-time parents. It's also really cute with it's little grey stars, which are perfect for a baby girl or boy! This can also be used as a nursing cover up if you have those little straps to clip onto a blanket. I'm excited about using it in this way because I tend to be very warm so it will be great to have something to cover me that won't make me and the baby too hot. It can also be a changing table cover or burp cloth if you fold it over a couple of times. When I washed and dried it according to the care tag directions, it kept its shape and didn't fray (which I've heard is a common concern with muslin blankets). I don't know if this will be the case after years of washing, but I plan on using it for a long time! All in all this is a very versatile blanket that's soft and seems durable! I will probably be picking up a few more of these at some point.

    Great for 4 Legged Furry Babies Too!

    I received the Ideal Baby Muslin Swaddle in exchange for giving a review. This Baby Wrap is 42” x 42” pre-washed 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is obviously being sold for babies as the maker shows the following uses on their packaging- a swaddle/wrap, a blanket for play time, a nursing cover, a burp cloth or as a changing table cover. They describe the fabric as breathable which “allows better airflow so baby doesn't get overheated” and they say that the more you wash it, the softer it gets. It is machine washable and you can Tumble dry low. The design has little blue stars on a white ground (which is labeled for a baby boy) and even before it was washed it felt quite soft (and it truly does get softer after each wash). I have been using for my 4-legged furry baby (see picture) My little one sleeps on a folded blanket which she manages to get dirty quite quickly one way or another. I saw this swaddle blanket and had an idea. Now when she tracks dirt/kitty sand or spits up, etc. I simply rinse off and pop in the wash with whatever is going and its good to go! Its also the perfect size for scooping her up to put in her carrier to take to the vets. So I'm very pleased with this swaddle blanket and when they say it “can be used in so many ways” they have no idea just how many!

    Swaddle Blanket made the way they should be!!

    I ordered these swaddle blankets because my daughter's third child is due in a couple of weeks, but I was skeptical when I saw the description, mainly because of the word "muslin." I am pretty familiar with muslin and never known it to be soft enough to swaddle a baby, so I admit I was skeptical. Even when I looked at the package when it arrived, the material appeared not only scratchy, but thin, too! Now, the thin part is actually one of the reasons I wanted to try these, because having been through two children myself and lots of nieces, nephews and grands now, I have found that most swaddle blankets are incredibly thick, TOO thick in my opinion, and tend to be way too much for a tiny baby to handle. On top of that, using a swaddle blanket as a hanging "tent" or "net" over a stroller or other baby carrier can be downright suffocating because of the thickness of swaddle and receiving blankets on the market today. Most first-time mothers make the understandable mistake of OVER-protecting their baby from "cold" conditions when outside, and really, the baby is probably dressed warmly enough and adding a thick blanket just traps unbreathable air inside the compartment... not that it approaches dangerous, but I've always understood that babies need fresh, breathable air and that thinner blankets for swaddling and tenting work best. So after opening these blankets, I discovered they are indeed very, very soft -- don't know how this company did it, but they are incredibly soft and have a comfortable feel. And yes, you CAN almost see through them, but that's great! That means the baby won't start sweating when you swaddle him/her and will actually be comfortable. It also means when my daughter uses one of these blankets over the top of the stroller, baby Carlie will still be able to get fresh air but won't get direct sunlight or wind hitting her new skin. Perfect! So glad this company decided to go with the thinner, breathable material for these swaddling blankets!

    Super soft swaddle blanket

    This ideal baby muslin wrap is so soft and comfy I love it. I absolutely love how extra large it is so you wrap up babies of all sizes snugly and secure so they have that in the womb feel. I have tried to use those receiving baby blankets to use as a swaddle and they are not large enough and my babies always unwrap themselves. And these blankets are great and the size is great. You can also use it as a light blanket on warm days or as a security blanket for your little one. They are light weight and very soft. Being so super light these easily fold up and you can fit them anywhere and do not take up much room in your diaper bag or purse or anything else. My babies also like to snuggle with these and suck on them and just take their little hands and rub and feel the blanket in their fingers. My design was cute little blue stars which was cute. I myself sometimes have a hard time wrapping or swaddling my babies but I think that is mainly just I do not wrap them very well because this wrap is the perfect size. I remember the hospital telling me to wrap them like a burrito and so I always repeat that saying when I wrap them up. I would definitely recommend this wrap!
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