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  • Use Google Home to shop millions of Walmart items – with just your voice!
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  • Use Google Home to shop millions of Walmart items – with just your voice!
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    Google making hardware is a beautiful thing.

    Amazing product. The accuracy recognizing what I say is extremely good. Been using it mostly for news and music in the morning, and to impress friends when they come. Want to set up some iot lights that I can use voice control on but they're too expensive at the moment. If you have a chrome cast you'll never have to search for videos again because you can just find them with your voice and it integrates flawlessly. The speaker is surprisingly very robust. Only negative for me is having to say "hey Google" every time. It's not as smooth as saying a name like Alexa.

    Google Home is a great product for the family

    I’ve had my Google Home for about 3 weeks and have been very happy with it. Setup was a breeze and could have been done by anybody. // Pros / Difference from Echo: - #1 major difference. Google Home can handle different grammatical structures and syntax for the same question. Simple example: What is the capital of Norway? = Which city is the capital of Norway? = What is the Norwegian capital? I find this really good for family and friends because -- unlike with Alexa / Echo -- we don’t have to learn how to exactly verbalize every “skill”. Google Home allows us to speak naturally without us having to learn its own language. - The above ability combined with Google Home’s awareness of context helps it with some complicated questions like: Me: OK Google. What is that song from the Lion King? > Google Home: The songs are Circle of Life and … > Me: OK Google. Play it please > Google Home: Sure. Playing Circle of Life. = Wow. Note that I didn’t even mention the song. - #2 major difference is multi-room audio!! I’ve got two Google Home devices and two Chromecast Audio devices ($35 each) in my home, and I labeled the group as “Entire Home”. So I can say: OK Google. Play Arianna Grande in Entire Home. Echo is unable to do this (yet?). - The “Good morning” / “My day” feature is really neat on Google Home. It tells me in one pass about the weather, traffic to work, my appointments, and rounds up with news from my favorite sources. - Works flawlessly with Chromecast devices. Example: OK Google. Play a funny cat video from YouTube on the Living Room Chromecast > Then Google plays it on Chromecast, which triggers my living room TV to show the video - There are some customizable bases that are better suited to your home decor. However, these are a little pricey for fabric and metal. Nonetheless, Google Home is very soft and unassuming in its design whereas Echo feels very industrial to me personally. // Pros / Similarities with Amazon Echo: - The far-field mics work well and can pick up voices from across the room without having to yell. - The speaker quality is very good. - Works well with Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc. But Google Home doesn’t work with Amazon Music (yet?). - Connected Home - Works well with Philips Hue lightbulbs and Nest Thermostat. I haven’t tested out other brands like LifX, Wemo, etc. I do think Echo has more connected home applications because it’s been in the market longer, but I don’t use those other services at this time. - Set reminders, timers, get recipes, get directions, call an Uber - There are lots of IFTTT (third party app -- try it out!) routines that can be built. - The Google Home app is very easy to use. // Minor Cons - You do have to say “OK Google” to prompt the device. However, this is no different than saying “Alexa” for Echo. The Pro I seen in this is related to privacy -- I don’t want the device to respond to anything my family is talking about unless we specifically want to interact with it. - Only the top of the Google Home device has a light indicator to show when it’s listening. So if you’ve got this on your kitchen counter and you’re seated on your couch (at a lower height), you may not see the lights. Echo overcomes this with the light ring around the device. - The Google Home device can’t be used as a speakerphone or be used to make phone calls. - Saying OK Google also triggers my phone. I’d like the ability to choose the device with which I want to interact. // Major Cons: - There can only be one user profile! So I can get a run down of my day, but my girlfriend can’t get hers; we can only hear my services but not hers. To be fair, this isn’t that different from Echo, but it is a little annoying. This seems like the next step for both Google and Amazon. Overall, I think Google Home is an excellent product, and I look forward to seeing more services being made available.

    The Google Home Makes Life More Convenient

    The Google Home is a well built voice activated speaker that sounds pretty good and is useful for many things, specifically the Google Home is quite useful for setting alarms and timers, and I have been getting up in the morning more consistently than I had been before I received my Google Home. The Google Home is able to play at volume levels that are plenty sufficient for most situations. If you choose to buy a Google home, after connecting it to your internet connection, then it is best to download the Google Home app for Android or Apple, then locate and optimize all the settings to get the best experience using the Google Home. In the settings there is a setting called Accessibility, it allows you to turn on the option to play an audible sound, which indicates when you should speak your verbal request. This means that after you say OK GOOGLE, you will then hear an audible beep, so you will know exactly when to speak your request, without this Accessibility sound option turned on, it is necessary to be looking at the Google Home device when saying OK GOOGLE, so that you can see the lights on the top of the Google Home light up, of which the lights indicates that you should then speak your request. It is basically easier to say OK GOOGLE and hear an audible beep indicating when to speak your request, than it is to say OK GOOGLE and have to be looking at the device to see the visual indicator to know when to speak your request. The Google Home app has the option to add your home address, which is necessary for the Google Assistant to provide your weather requests, as the Google Home needs to know the location of the weather that you are desiring. The Google Home app allows you to set a desired music playback source, and also allows you to create a list of your desired news sources, allowing you to customize the news that you can hear playing through the Google Home. Newer versions of the Android operating system have the built in options of allowing the Google Assistant to be always listening, so that you can say OK GOOGLE, and then you can make a verbal request, the same way that the Google Home does, but using the Google Home device is a much better experience. The two microphones on the Google Home pick up your voice noticeably better than the microphone on a smart phone. The Google Chrome web browser has apps and extensions that can be installed, which add interactivity with your Google Home device. Do a Google search for Chrome Web Store, and it will bring up the website where you can search for and install the available Google Apps and Extensions. The Google Keep app for Google Chrome, allows you to create a shopping list that can be used with the Google Home Assistant, just create a shopping list in the Google Keep app, then ask the Google Home Assistant: What is my shopping list, then the Assistant will verbally remind you of all the things on your shopping list. The Google Keep app can be downloaded for Android or Apple and can be installed on your smart phone, allowing you to create shopping lists the same way. The Google Calendar extension for Google Chrome, allows you to quickly add calendar entries, then you can ask the Google Home Assistant: What is on my calendar, and the Assistant will verbally remind you of your calendar events. The Google Cast extension for Google Chrome, allows you to see which song Pandora is playing, this extension allows you to pause music playback and also adjust the volume level, all of this from the Google Chrome browser. Below is a list of verbal requests that the Google Home can be used for: What time is it Set an alarm for 7 am, Set a timer for 30 minutes (Multiple timers and alarms can be set) Stop alarm, Stop timer, Stop all timers, Stop all alarms What is today’s weather (Your local weather will be read if your address has been set) What is the weather in Ventura, California (Any city and state can be requested) What is the humidity (Your local humidity will be read if your address has been set) Is Wal-Mart open, Is Best Buy open, Is Jack in the box open, etc.. What is on my calendar (Calendar events must be added first in Google Calendar) Add orange juice to my shopping list, Add bananas to my shopping list, etc.. What is my shopping list Play music, Pause music (Music will play from your chosen default music source) Play Google Play music (Use this if Pandora is default music source) Play Pandora music (Use this if Google Play Music is default music source) Play news, Pause news (News will play from your chosen list of news sources) Turn up the volume, Turn down the volume Volume level 4, Volume level 6, Volume level 3, etc.. (Volume levels 1 - 10) What is the volume The Google Home voice activated smart speaker, allows adding Philips Hue lighting control, it is necessary to synchronize the Google Home device with the Philips Hue bridge, this synchronizing is done in the settings of the Google Home app on an Android or Apple device, once this is setup, all of the following can be said to control Philips Hue lighting. Turn lights on 10 percent, Turn lights on 50 percent, Turn lights light blue (Daylight), Turn lights white (Warm white), Turn lights red (Great for movie lighting, or night lights), Dim lights, Turn lights on 100 percent, Turn lights off. The Google Home has a really nice power supply, which has a silicone strap that wraps around the cord. A quality power supply always adds to making an electronic device have a luxury feel to it. My overall opinion of the Google Home Assistant, is that owning and using the Google Home has made life more convenient.

    This thing is pretty cool

    It's pretty much like having the power of the internet, without having to type. You just ask...

    Google Home is fun

    I ordered this because I had seen it advertised and thought it would be fun and could be helpful too! I have a lot to learn yet but I have used it for music and playing games! You can ask it anything of course! This is the future and it is already here in my house! I think everyone should have a Google Home.!

    Google Home VERSUS Amazon's Echo!

    I think that Amazon's ECHO (Alexa) need a bit of competition; however, Alexa is leaving the rest of them behind. Until Google "catch up" with as many APPS as Amazon & partners are offering I'm afraid "Google Home" is going to be left behind. Amazon's ECHO (Alexa) debued a few years ago...and already is in a CLASS by itself. Alexa can control residential lights, thermostats, lock & unlock doors to the residence, set burgular alarm, turn on the (water) irrigation sprinklers, turn your vehicle on (get it all warmed up for you during cold harsh weather...defrost the windows), she will let you know if you are low on fuel, oil and break fluid! She can even order pizza or a uber ride for you! lol She can place orders on Amazon for you (especially repeat orders such as computer essentilas-like printer ink. She can also make a "TO DO" list for you, a grocery list, a events calendar, etc. Alexa can help children with homework, she reads books and play numereous mind games & music. She has a GREAT, VAST RESOURCE that she utilizes. She GROWS every day; therefore, she is ALWAYS up on current events & data!!! She gives the forecast for the day "or" an entire week. She's quite accurate with the weather (haven't made a mistake with me yet)! ;-D She can give you transportation schedules for "local" buses, BART, etc. Alexa can book entertainment venues for you (such as StubHub, etc.), reserve the tickets, etc. let you know what's going on in entertainment industry or whats showing at the theater/cinema. She also knows what is happening in your territory-specials events, galas, plays, shows, tours, festivals, art exhibits, musicals, ballet, etc. She also keep you "updated" with sports, current & past events. She's current with political & world NEWS. She has an APP that allows her to recite requested recipes, etc. (This APP is growing daily). She is also an alarm, and has a "reminder" timer! You'll never be LATE for events, picking up the kiddies from soccer practice AND you'll never burn that cake again! :-D Yeah, ALEXA is WOWESOME. Google has a lot to catch up to! ;-D If they get the software engineers and people that just love making APPS, then "Google Home" will give Amazon Alexa (ECHO) a challenge. I'm sure both products utilize Far-Field VOICE RECOGNITION (this allow the units to accept voice commands from across the room). The speakers on ECHO are so superior. I can hardly believe the "sound" that comes from this 9-inch product. Amazon has also released their "portable" version of ECHO, it's call "ECHO TAP" tap the button on the front and she can do everything that the "home stationed" ECHO (ALEXA) can do. Amazon's "ECHO TAP" is great for people on the go! It is shorter and is protected with a sling (rubber) casing (cost extra, a lot of assorted colors to chose from, there is also a "travel" pouch available). Amazon's ECHO TAP utilizes (both) WI-FI & charges on a small disc (very cool looking). It last about 12 hrs. on a single charge. You can also "charge" with your USB port on laptaps, etc. Additionally, Amazon has another fine product call, "ECHO DOT"! Dot is smaller and can be hooked up to "any" sound/stereo system(TV ???)...and it will actually allow the system to receive VOICE COMMANDS. Pretty cool. It is 1/3 the size of Amazon's Echo, (which by the way is the perfect height & size...9-inches X 3-inches diameter, weigh about 37 oz., cost $179.99, but you can get it for $149. Amazon promotion period). AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS PURCHASE WAS ONLY $99.00 (But, I think that ended a couple of years ago). Amazon was offering "ECHO" for the special debut retail price to get the "buzz" going for their product at the time. I'm not sure if GOOGLE HOME promoted their product in such a manner. But, I must say that the $129.00 PRICE POINT is not to bad, "if" GOOGLE HOME offers a zillion APPS to make it work like Amazon's ECHO (Alexa). Hum.... Amazon's ECHO, Amazon's TAP & Amazon's DOT is here to stay, i.e. until we get our ROBOTS & Jet Packs! ;-D Then they will become ancient...a thing of the past! LOL *P.S. My family & I enjoy GOOGLE BRAND products, as well; therefore, we are looking forward to seeing what they do with "GOOGLE HOME" in the future (2017-2018). This is going to be a lot of FUN...let the race far Amazon's ECHO (ALEXA) is in the lead!

    Google Home has a long way to catch up to Alexa.

    Google Home has a long way to catch up to Alexa. I have been using Alexa for a year now and also echo dot. I use Android on my phone so I thought I would give Google Home a try and if it worked out OK I would get rid of Alexa. Big mistake. I'm glad for Walmart's return policy since I was very displeased with the Google product. I imagine in the future they will catch up to Alexa but no where near what Alexa can do now. Another thing, the Alexa voice is so much more soothing to hear and listen to. I like the fact that I can send messages to my wife's phone or have Alexa call her without searching for my phone. Alexa tells me when I have a shipment coming from Amazon. I know Google Home is linked to Walmart. Even when I set an alarm or timer, Google has a horrible ringing sound where as Alexa has a nice pleasant chime. I asked Google to do several things and it usually says sorry, I cannot do that yet. I will stick with my Alexa for now and wait a couple of years for Google to try and catch up. Until then, I took the Google Home and minis back to the store.

    Still waiting for some needed updates

    So far my Google Home (GH) experience has been a little of a let-down. Only one Google account can be set up for now which means that shared calendar information is not handled by GH. I share a calendar with my wife and hers is the primary calendar used for family planning. GH does not list any events created on her calendar, only my primary calendar. I also wish I could force it to recognize a certain route to my work. It often provides travel times for alternate routes which are not good options for me. GH also only allows one shopping list so you cannot currently set up a shopping list for several different stores. I do like how it integrates with Chromecast Audio. You can set up speaker groups which is nice. As for the GH itself, speaker quality is decent. It lacks highs but handles bass sufficiently for the size of the unit. For now it is just a novelty. Without added updates, its value to me will be limited.

    Amazon echo blows this away. I have both.

    I never seen Google deliver a product that wasn't great until now. I have Google for everything (including cell phone service on project Fi). I had high expectations for this device. The speaker quality and volume is only half of the echo. Both have a shopping list (this is the only thing Google slightly does better). The playing of music is where Google me their biggest corporate mistake EVER! And specifically playing random music (e.g. "hey Google play..."). The echo will do this for free on most songs or of you have Amazon prime, almost any song. Google will not play any random songs (yes it back has Pandora), unless you pay for YouTube red. Yes YouTube is free on any device (including an Apple iPhone), but on the Google home, you have to pay!!! Maybe Google will change this on the future but for now Amazon is the big winner when it comes to these little in home devices.

    Very Good, with Only a Few Hiccups

    I really like the Google Home. If you've thought about buying one, I would recommend it. (I've never tried the Alexa, but I've heard GH is better. The price is definitely better.) There were a few hiccups, however. First, I had to buy a new wifi router because my old one was too old or inefficient; I'm not sure what the problem was, but I couldn't get the GH to connect to it. I bought a new Belkin (for about $60) and now everything works fine. Second, the GH right now is more of a novelty than anything else. It answers questions (briefly) and plays music. It can do other things, but at the moment that's all I do with it. However I really like the technology, and I'm sure that in the future all appliances (TVs, computers, microwaves, etc.) will be able to tie into the GH. This will enable you to say, "Hey Google, preheat the oven to 350." At the moment such tech doesn't exist--or I don't have it--but I'm sure it will become more common (just like wifi is now almost universal). I know that it can do some things like that, but I don't have the tech set up to enable it to do so.
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