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Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon - Black

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Meet the new, ultimate ride-share stroller, Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon. This new riding experience provides extended use by accommodating 1 or 2 kids up to 5 years old. The Pivot Xplore easily transforms from a stroller to a wagon by flipping the handle. This gives parents the ability to push as a stroller, or pull as a wagon. Get even more versatility with the toddler seat and car seat adapter(sold separately). Pile all your stuff in and ride on out!
  • Push or pull, decide on the fly. It’s easy to adapt your ride with a flip of the handle
  • All-terrain wheels give you the freedom to go from pavement to beach and beyond
  • Canopies with UPF 50+ help shield your child from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Spacious Storage: Easy access basket to hold all your child care essentials. Rotates in to the wagon when only one child is seated
  • Storage inside and out keeps everything you need within arm’s reach –from water bottles to diaper bags
  • Included child tray makes it easy for two passengers to share snacks, toys, and giggles
  • Fits up to two children comfortably ages 6 months to 5 years
  • Each seat holds a child up to 55 lbs., 120 lbs. total with storage
  • Stow and go easily with a compact fold
  • 3-point safety straps to keep your little wigglers from escaping
  • 3-position telescoping handle adjusts to allow parents to find their most comfortable position
  • Flip flop-friendly brakes
  • 27” wide –fits through most standard width doors with ease


Maximum Weight
55 lbs
Stroller Style
Double & Triple Strollers

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Top mentions

Perfect for an active mom with two little kids!

I was given this stroller wagon to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and this thing is amazing! It is a super comfortable ride for my two kiddos and is very easy to push or pull anywhere. I broke down a quick pros/cons list and will give a more detailed review below.


-Turns/moves really easily and isn't going to tip over if you're unbalanced on rough terrain. -Comfortable and separate seating for the kids.

-Safety buckles to clip kids in who tend to try and jump out at every fun thing they come across. Or for the early sitters.

-Benefit of going from wagon to stroller mode with the parent handle super quickly depending on the terrain or environment you're in.

-Comfortable to push/pull for 6' and 6'3” parents with the option of extending the parent handle!

-Venting on sides for air circulation by feet and back helps keep kids cool.

-Option of removing and adding in the dividing snack/kid cup holder to help divide the kids and give them their own place to set their things. Or remove and use space to help store more things if the kids don't mind having a diaper bag sitting on their feet.

-Love being able to move the storage basket to either end of the stroller depending on if you're in wagon or stroller mode.

-The shade screen option on either side for both kids is easy for them to put up and down as needed and an awesome feature to keep kids cool and out of the sun.

-Extra water bottle or key/phone pockets for mom and dad a plus.


-35/40 Minutes to set up.

-Not super clear directions on certain parts when putting it together.

-Storage basket provided but it's not tons of storage. You can throw in the necessities or some light things (Recommended nothing over 10lbs) but it's not a huge space. (We used it for a few diapers, package of wipes, and some snacks).

-If you do any kind of speed more than a brisk walk in stroller mode the front wheels start to shake and won't run smoothly at all. (I discovered this when I was running late to a play date at the park and thought I'd jog the rest of the way-not an option)

-More heavy/bulky like a stroller when packing up and storing in car vs taking a fold-up wagon with you.

I have two kids, an almost 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old who are 25 and 28lbs and both are tall for their age. Other than the occasional foot fights in the middle, because that's what siblings do, they were both comfortable and loved riding in it. It's also a comfortable option for parents as well. As I mentioned above, my husband and I are both fairly tall and the extendable handle came in handy.

We took this wagon everywhere and we're constantly getting compliments and questions about it from other parents. I will say I'm happy my diaper bag is a backpack so I was hands free to push/pull this wagon since their isn't space to put the diaper bag in it without putting it on my kids laps or feet (which they would not have even if I begged them!) And when we went to the pool and had a small cooler, 4 large towels, two floaties and the diaper bag, we were carrying a lot of it separately. When normally with our old canvas fold up wagon I'd just pile it all up on one side and make my kids squish in next to each other on the other side so I wouldn't have to carry much myself. But for normal day trips to the park, farmers market, town festivals, soccer games, neighborhood walks, etc., this is the best option out there for comfort and ease and a smooth ride for all!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with two small children for your day to day use. I'm actually super bummed that my kids will be above the 55lb weight limit next summer and we won't be able to continue using it. But for this summer, it has been an amazing option for us!

Really is all terrain!

Wow. This stroller/wagon combo is perfect when you have 2 kids on the go. We have taken it on family walks, shopping, local theme park, and to Tiger World (animal conservation center).

While shopping provided some difficulties going through stores it moved so easily and we will continue to use it out and about. It really can handle all terrain - boring flat ground, bumpy gravel, uneven pavement, dirt, and grass - we tried them all and are excited to take it on our next beach trip. This is by far one of the best features. A stroller we can use to easily and not fight while out as a family.

When we needed a change we were able to switch from stroller to wagon very quickly. Both kids love getting to face each other with a tray for snacks and drinks in the middle. Plus getting in and out was easy for the 4 year old which is very important.

While I do wish there was a traditional cup holder I understand why there is not and know a bottle holder is on the side. The only feature this is missing is something to put in the base of s little one wants to take a nap. We have put bags, blankets, and even a lunchbox to fill the gap for nap time.

Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for the amazing Evenflo stroller to test. We are so excited to continue to have daily adventures with it!

The best set of wheels!

We have had just about every type of stroller (single, double, front and back, side by side, umbrella) and none have rode as wonderfully as this! The wheels move freely on pretty much any terrain. The wagon can be pushed or pulled easily. The seat belts extend a good amount to accommodate for a bigger child. There is a large basket in the back to store essentials. Our four year old was impressed with her own snack tray and cup holder! As you can see below, our six year old took it out for a stroll with no trouble. We can't wait to take it on all of our upcoming adventures!

Great for the beach

I'd gotten used to being laden down with all the gear. With four people in the family, that means a ton of snacks, backup outfits, hats, randomly found precious rocks and feathers, my husband's sunglasses (really babe?), and the all important water bottles. When the weeSpring Parent Panel sent me this stroller wagon to try, I was excited to test out the storage capacity, the ability to carry two kids, and the sun shields. The wagon was easy to put together, it took about 10 minutes to assemble by following the instructions. I've used it for the last few weeks, with daily trips to the beach, visits to parks, as well as an exhausting theme park excursion. Overall it was great, my main criticism is that it wasn't completely intuitive how to unfold without the help of a second person, after watching a video online, I learned you could press the handle down to open it pretty easily. Definitely watch a video if you find yourself stuck! The wagon can hold a *ton* of stuff for the beach. I was carrying a kid, a cooler, a big beach bag, two boogie boards, two umbrellas, sand toys, and a couple of chairs. It's a champ. The handle flips around so you can pull the stroller like a wagon, and the wheels worked great on both the compact wet sand as well as the loose dry sand which is usually much more difficult to cross. I love the design of this wagon, it looks great and it has so many clever features and thoughtful touches like the basket which turns inside out if you want it placed inside or outside the wagon. My kids love to ride inside, and with the dedicated foot well, barely even fight! The reversible canopies protect against UV light, I love the extra protection because re-applying sunscreen can be inconvenient and as much as I try to keep hats on heads, there comes a point at which everyone is exhausted and I'm too beaten down to fight the good fight. I can just pull up the canopies and everyone is protected, conflict is avoided and everyone is happy. I recommend the stroller as it allowed us to easily venture farther than usual, we were able to take our girls to visit a natural tide pool that was a good 2-3 mile hike from any access point. It was a magical experience, and the Pivot Xplore allowed us to head out on a whim, knowing that we could easily cart them back when they were too tired to walk.

Favorite ride of my kids!! And me :)

Easy to assemble.

My two kids love it, its very convenient to take a ride with both of them since my older kid doesnt fit on a stroller anymore. Its a fun way to carry them. They enjoy rides as they feel more kind of free than the regular stroller. The youngest climbs inside the wagon with no problem.

The handle can adapt either to push or pull and has 3 different lenghts. It becames handy since im a short one and my husband is taller.

I like the way you can just fold it the same way as a stroller. Sometimes I just cant seem to get it stand up still. But i can make it fit in the van with my other stroller.

Wheels seem to travel well on many terrains. I just find difficult when passing through a step since it has no foot bar and cant lift the front wheels when you are pushing it.

I like a lot the design of it with its pockets, cup holder and basket, which gives me some room for extra stuff. Makes it better than other wagons ive seen. I also think its more comfortable because of the foot basket for them to sit with more rested legs, but seems inconvenient when they want to lay down.

But overall I definately recommend it!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Excellent wagon with

Overall, I really like the Xplore Stroller/Wagon. It has many positives and my kids love riding in it. After using it in several settings, I am impressed with its versatility compared to other gear on the market. We went on pavement, dirt, dense grass and sand. It did really well on all surfaces except really loose sand- but seriously, what on the market would push easily on that? It even went over the large bump between the road and our driveway. Every other stroller we own (even the very expensive Uppababy) gets stuck on this bump. The wagon handled it nicely. My kids were initially very excited about riding in it and after one trip they continued to be enthusiastic about using the wagon. Here's why they liked it:

1. They could move the shade umbrellas to their liking

2. They sit facing each other so they can talk

3. The snack tray- they love it

4. Just having a lap belt allows them more freedom of movement and they can turn around and look at things 360. Other strollers really confine movement (for safety, yes! But it does decrease your child's enjoyment)

The stroller/wagon is relatively easy to put together. I'm only 5'1'' and I could put the whole thing together without help from my husband. The hardest part was actually attaching the shade umbrellas. It was the longest part of the assembly and it seemed like they did not want to slide on the track so I really had to push.

From my perspective, here are the pros of the stroller/wagon

1. Versatile! Can go on most surfaces, carry 2 kids or stuff

2. Relatively easy to assemble

3. Is well constructed and has a nice, smooth ride

4. Offers awesome shade umbrellas with UPF 50 that can be moved around to match the sun angle

5. Has lots of mesh fabric on bottom and sides for airflow

6. Kids are facing each other allowing conversation and have freedom of movement

7. Offers a nice alternative to other 2 kid strollers on the market

Ok, so here are some cons

1. It is VERY heavy. Being a small person, I will not/cannot lift this wagon into a vehicle.

2. When it is folded down it does not lock into a folded position so you have to be careful how you handle it. When my husband was putting it into our vehicle I wanted to come apart and unfold.

3. The manufacturer says it fits kids 6M- 5 years, but I found 5 years to be a stretch. My 2 yr old fits great. My 5 yr old has to hunch down to fit under the shade umbrellas and put her knees to the side to not hit the snack tray. She's 50% percentile, so I would say it's best for 4yr old kids max.

4. The seats are nicely padded, but if you live in a hot climate this is not a plus. When it's 90+ outside, having a nice cushy seat just makes you twice as hot. Maybe offering a mesh seat option would be nice?

5. There is no large storage compartment

6. You have to remove the snack tray for both children to exit from the folded seat (ok, I'm being really picky)

I think this stroller/wagon is great for being outdoors and exploring (hence the name)- going around the neighborhood or to the park. It is NOT great for running errands and getting in and out of the car frequently. Overall, it's a really nice product and would serve as a nice compliment to a more basic folding stroller. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

We LOVED using the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon, thanks to the folks at weeSpring Parent Panel. Using it for neighborhood walks was a breeze because each of the kiddos had plenty of space to himself, unlike in our side-by-side double stroller. The flexibility of the adjustable handlebar was AMAZING while doing touristy urban trips with the littles. My favorite feature of this stroller wagon has to be all of the storage space- along with pockets for snacks, drinks, and toys, there is a tray that goes between the seats AND a fold-out storage basket on the back of it!!

The larger wheels were great for bumps in the sidewalks and maneuvering ramps. The only downside of the Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon was that my 6'5" husband had an uncomfortable time trying to push it when the handle was in "stroller mode." If it extended just a liiiiiiiittle bit further, it would have been PERFECT.

One of the best!

We received the Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon from the weeSpring Parent Panel! The wagon is hands down one of the best on the market. My daughter does not like to sit in the stroller and she absolutely loves the wagon. We just returned home from family vacation in Ireland. Super easy to transport in the airport and the car. Folds down super easy and pretty flat as well. The only thing missing would be a travel strap to keep everything together. The wagon handled all sorts of terrain superbly. Everything from grass to road to rocks. All in all we absolutely love the wagon and it made traveling abroad with a toddler a breeze.

Kid Approved Stroller Wagon

I received this stroller wagon from the weeSpring Parent Panel and I was super excited about it. There a just somethings that an all-terrain wagon and stroller could really come in handy for. So far we have really liked it. I was a little worried about how my kids would do facing each other and having to share a foot space but they have surprised me on how well they have gotten along when we use the wagon. They love riding in it. Its perfect for outings like the zoo or just on walks were they both can see out so clearly and nothing is blocking their view. The seats are very comfortable and both have straps for the kids. And the personal snack tray and cup holders were a really nice touch! The stroller-wagon is very sturdy and has everything you could want. The tires are great going through the grass, though I would probably recommend pulling not pushing if you are going through tougher terrain. That is one thing we noticed was going over curbs or uneven cement the front wheels get caught if you are in the stroller position. But when it is in the wagon style it is a really smooth ride. The transition from stroller to wagon couldn't be any easier. The only thing I wish it had was a way to keep the handle from falling down when you have it in wagon mode. I guess just put it back as a stroller but otherwise, it just goes straight down to the ground. It is heavy. I was a little surprised at that and its a little bulky so getting in and out of the car isn't as easy as our double stroller but for some outings, it would be worth it. I love having it set up in our garage and we are good to go on walks and the kids think it is the best. If you are looking for a wagon, your kids will love this one.

Awesome wagon!

This thing is so cool! Plenty of room for two kiddos, easy to push and maneuver, and I love the reversible canopies.

It took a couple tries to figure out how to fold it but once you get it, it's pretty easy. Definitely a little heavy but it's not something you'll be carrying a lot. I can tell it's going to handle the crummy sidewalks in my town really well, and be great for off-roading on the beach, on gravel trails, and grass. Super excited to use this all summer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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by johnikquaMarch 23, 2020

1. No, it does not have a rain cover.
by CommunityAnswer
2. At this time the Pivot Xplore Wagon does not have a rain cover.
by Evenflo_ParentLink
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Last answer: March 24, 2020

by johnikquaMarch 23, 2020

1. No, this doesn't have a plastic rain cover.
by CommunityAnswer
2. At this time the Pivot Xplore Wagon does not have a rain cover and once has not been tested with it.
by Evenflo_ParentLink
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by johnikquaMarch 23, 2020

1. No, it does not have a rain cover.
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