Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop

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Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop

Walmart # 555661136
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<p>Design &amp; Drill Power Tool Workshopit's overflowing with creative possibilities. This deluxe activity center offers oodles of creative play time for busy hands. Tools and bolts invite children to explore colors, shapes, and counting as they build fine motor skills. The power drill and jumbo power screwdriver are designed to be used with the interchangeable bits, while the hand wrench and screwdriver allow kids to play manually. Includes: 100 bolts in 5 colors, 20 Fun Bolts in 5 shapes and colors, 2 bits, power drill (requires 3 AA batteries, not included), power screwdriver (requires 3 AA batteries, not included), wrench and hand screwdriver, carrying case with built-in, removable activity board, and activity guide with 19 patterns for kids to follow.</p> <p><br /></p> <p></p>

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  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • Builds motor skills
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    Great set for little boys

    6 y.o. can't play enough with it. Good for hand-eye coordination with the drilling, screwing, plus we use it to count and colors too. It's nice to have a toy that my child can operate totally independently Pros: The case plus the tools is large and quite heavy. A bit too heavy for a child under 3 The tools fit in the case very snugly. Have to help my little one take them out sometimes but not a big deal. Cons: There is one main compartment which holds many of the pieces which is covered by a lid or hatch. It is impossible to get all of the pieces in there to lay flat so the door could close There is another compartment under the white board which all of the pieces screw into. I should start out by saying that the toy will not close while any of the pieces are screwed into the white board, so you have to remove all of the pieces before closing the toy. The drill came only working in reverse This is a great toy but they need to redo the carrying case. I would recommend this set but without the carrying case which is sold at
    drill set and accessoriesdrill set with accessories


    The Educational Insights Design and Drill Power Tool Workshop is one of the best toys I have ever seen. It's a fun & entertaining toy. First off I want to say I really appreciate toys that come with shortage cases, it makes it so much easier to keep the toy all together, organized and less likely to loose pieces. In the set you get a large carrying case that holds everything & I mean everything. Set comes with 100 regular bolts in several colors, 20 fun shaped bolts, 2 different kids of bits, wrench, hand screwdriver, power screwdriver, power drill and an activity book with design patterns. This is not one of those toys once you get it out you can't get it back into the case. Case was planned very well & all the pieces fit perfectly back into it. Case also secures shut. There is a special place for everything within the case. Case is heavy duty & well made, and on the heavy side. It is difficult for my 3 year old to carry. The power screwdriver and power drill each need 3 AA batteries- website & box do not say that you need to buy these separate, but you do- they are not included. The power screwdriver and power drill both have off/on, forward, and reverse settings. You turn them on the forward setting to drill the bolt into the board and then switch to the reverse to remove it. There are 2 bits (Phillips & flat head) which work on power screwdriver, power drill, and hand screwdriver. They are interchangeable. The activity book with designs in it makes this toy even more fun because your child can pick out a design to do and the book shows them what color bolts they need to use and where to put them to make that design. The set comes with 5 different colored bolts so you can pretty much make any design you want. Your child can also make up their own designs. Since this set comes with power screwdriver, power drill, and the hand screwdriver more than one child can play with this at a time. I have 2 boys and they have a lot of fun playing with it together. This set seems like it will last a long time and a child will want to play with it for many years. Would be good for boys & girls. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!
    Having FunSet with case open

    O.K. for very young kids but over priced.

    This design and drill kit is really best for big toddlers that have enough manual dexterity to hold things. My 3 year old grand daughter and 5 year old grand son have played with it a few times, screwing the pieces into the board to make basic designs, but then it devolved into filling all the holes up. It comes with a drill, power screw driver and a hand driver that fit the same bits, The power units turn very slowly, so it wasn't long before they just started screwing the pieces in by hand. After tiring of the simplistic design pieces and board, they started using the drill and screwdriver on each other or anything else they could find, but again this didn't last long and it took them longer to pick up all the pieces and put it back in the case than they spent playing with it. At 45 dollars, it would almost be better to throw the money in the wind. I cannot recommend this kit for anything, but to take up space, like I said before maybe a big toddler would play with it, but I doubt it would get played with long enough to be worth much. It takes 3 double A batteries for each power unit (6 total) not included.

    A workshop for all ages

    The Educational Insights Design and Drill Power Tool Workshop is a self contained unit that allows children to express themselves and simulate construction in a countless variety of ways. Containing several tools, dozens of components such as bolts, screws and nuts and a grid to put pieces together with, this set is one that is sure to be a hit with young children, especially boys, for years to come. Going into specifics, it is no exaggeration to say this is one workshop with a lot to offer. There are over 100 bolts in five colors (traditional shapes), 20 bolts in different shapes and colors (fun shapes), each with their own compartment in the workshop’s square carrying case. Additionally, there are two electronic tools with interchangeable bits that are great for improving hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The inside board of the toolset can be removed or used in the self contained unit, set on a table and enjoyed by a group of children. One important thing to note- while this set is extremely diverse in the shapes and sizes of components, parents should be very cautious with young children under 3, as many of these pieces are quite small and could easily be swallowed by unaware children. Also, the interchangeable heads do not secure very tightly, and could be swallowed as well by young children. Thus, I would conclude this set is more appropriate for children from 4-5 and above than toddlers due to safety concerns. Overall, this set is a very exciting and unique creation that with proper supervision and with the proper child can be enjoyed in a miriad of ways for years to come. A good tip for parents- the set requires three double-A batteries to operate the tools, and they are not included with the set. I’d advise getting these beforehand, as when I opened the set up for my son, finding out it required batteries and not having any on hand led to some notable disappointment. Concluding, I grade this set 4 stars out of 5.
    Inside of the caseThe tools in their container

    being like daddy

    Ravanne has really enjoyed this set. It has provided hours of fun and when she is not playing it her little sister is. It will last these two and be ready for their baby sister when she is. The set comes with a power drill and powerful screwdriver. The tools and bolts teach the children colors, shapes and all so helps then with counting skills. And best of all works on their motor skills. Both the power drill and the screwdriver have interchangeable bits, just like daddies tools do. They love that. And Mom loves the storage box that it comes with. It stores everything neatly. Drawback is it is hard to get the power tools out of the box Give them a screw driver (regular and Phillips) and that adds to their fun What is great it comes with two power tools so they can play together at the same time if they want to. At about 3 ½ pounds it is not to heavy for the little ones to pick it up and carry it to grandma’s house so she can join in on the fun Age 3 and up is a great age to get children’s minds geared up and this tool sets give a leg up for when the day comes to use the real things.
    Ravanne having fun 2Ravanne having fun 1


    I have to give this a 5 star review because there are so many designs to drill and do :-) I got this for my 5 year old great nephew when he comes over to visit. It may help him to want to come over more now :-) I am almost 60 and had fun making this smiley face with 5 assorted colors and shapes in purple (my favorite), green, orange, red, and blue. It comes with a big bag of assorted bolts under white board with holes, and another 2 smaller bags in compartment, next to tools (about 125 total). This is especially helpful for the lil ones (and older ones who forgot :-), to know their colors, and shapes, to fine motor skills. You will need a real philips screwdriver, and 6 AAA batteries-3 for power drill and 3 for power screwdriver. It says to not use rechargeable batteries, but since that is all we have, it worked just fine. Not sure why they would say not to-maybe it is so we will spend more money buying the disposable kind? If you don't have any batteries, there are a manual wrench, and screwdriver included. The instruction booklet has several patterns to help younger ones develop matching skills and counting number of blank holes on board. I wish they would of had one of these when my son was younger. Back then all they had was the wood, or plastic hammer and tools, all done with manual labor. Definitely a great learning toy for the young.

    Great drill kit for kids

    I love this Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop kit. It comes with a sturdy carry case with storage. 100 classic bolts in 5 colors, 20 zany fun bolts, hand wrench, hand screwdriver, reversible power screwdriver, power fill, 2 drill bits and activity board. It is for ages 3 plus, comes with an instruction manual with 19 patterns. the 3 AA batteries is not included. I have a 2 year old grandson and he was able to play with this with my help. The patterns are very easy to follow. My grandson being so young he just wanted to play with the bolts and not make the patterns but he can grow into that.

    Fun for kids!

    We got this toy for my grandson for Christmas. He plays with it every day, and his 2 year old sister plays with it whenever she can get her hands on it. The storage area on the inside holds the fancy bolts, and there are about 100 regular bolts hidden beneath the white board that are in a baggie.. The storage area holds all of the bolts.. The kids really enjoy using it but we find it was hard to get the tools out and the carrying case by himself as it is a very large case, and does have some weight to it. It's pretty heavy and wouldn't be good for a young child to carry around. My grandkids love this. They've played with it at length. They play with this every single day and we were worried that the power screwdriver had broken, but it turns out they had used it so much the batteries had worn out. My 3 year old grandson, calls it his "work bench". Great fun, and the kids can't play enough with it. Good for hand-eye coordination, with the drilling, screwing, plus we use it to count and colors too. Great that it puts away together, not very easily, but still what an amazing fun toy!! Came with a drill, and a hand wrench and hand screwdriver and tons of bolts. My grandson loves playing with the drill because it's a lot like his daddy's power tools. The attached picture of my grandson shows him even trying to look just like his dad, with his safety gear on. Too funny! He doesn't seem interested in making any of the pictures right now. He's perfectly content to just screw and unscrew until his heart's content.
    Both kids want to play!
    Just like Dad!

    An educational and interesting toy!!

    The design & drill power tool workshop is an educational and interesting toy that helps your children to develop their imagination and learning how to use tools as same as how tools are used. With this tool workshop, that contains over 125 pieces, they will understand first the function of the power drill, power screwdriver, wrench, screwdriver, bits and for continue investigating the construction world it also come with 100 big bolts in five brilliant colors: orange, green, blue, red, pink, aquamarine, also with 20 fun bolts that are in 5 different shapes and colors: red, orange, green, aquamarine, it has 3 bits of this types phillips, socket and flathead, so your children will experience the opportunity of choose by themselves what to construct and discover how pieces could match with each other, be sure they will spend a reasonable time investigating, learning and watching the differences of every piece, what better!!!. Because it has small pieces this toy is ideal for kids girls or boys from 3 years and up maybe to 10 years or the age they want to continue playing with this. With this workshop the children could play everywhere because it has a beautiful, plastic resistant case where all the pieces are kept, it contains an activity guide with 19 patterns to follow, the 15'' square carrying case with built-in, removable activity board is awesome. The boys and girls could use the power tool workshop at home, in the backyard, park, inside or outside, wherever their parents aloud to transport it, the only precaution is to avoid that power drill and power screwdriver get wet because they are operate with batteries and had and electric system that could be damage with water, other pieces don´t have this problem because are made of plastic
    CaseWorkshop with a lot of tools

    Keep them busy!

    This product is great for kids that want to play with your drills and electric tools. They sound just like the real tools. They work just like the real tools; kids will be able to screw and unscrew using them. If you are working on something pull this kit out and let them work on something all on their own! Here is a summary of my pros and cons: Pros: Lots of pieces - There are TONS of pieces. Now, this may actually be a con to some parents! LOL My best piece of advice is to put half the pieces up from the beginning. Pieces will get lost and shoved under the sofa and other random places, its inevitable. Put some up and replenish with the stash as the others disappear. Removable Board- I like that the board can be taken out of the case and placed on a counter, table, or wherever is most convenient. Its nice that she can play in her room and come show me what she did by just bringing the board to me in lieu or picking up the entire thing storage case. Drill Bits - The "drill bits" can be used on both the electric screwdriver/ drill and on the handheld screwdriver. This is great in the event the batteries run out. Multi-use screws and bolts- All of the bolts and screws can be used with either drill bit shape. That was so great to find out. I could see that kids would get frustrated easily if they were trying to match up which screws or bolts could be used with which drill bit. Cons: Heavy- That case is heavy. I have a 4 year old girl and it was pretty heavy to her. Maybe its not as heavy for the boys? Closing the Case- Closing the case is somewhat difficult, for kids, if you keep all the parts in. Battery Installation: The battery installation for the electric screwdriver isn't the easiest to install. Special Note: Batteries do not come with the set. You must install the batteries before use and both the drill and electric screw driver use 3 AA batteries.
    Removable board with both bits in the same fun bolt piece.Close up.
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