Dead Island - Game of the Year for PlayStation 3

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Dead Island - Game of the Year for PlayStation 3

Walmart # 563177976
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Dead Island a zombie slasher at a bargain price!!

GOOD- Fun weapons to upgrade and customize with multiple mods Lots of missions, side quests and open zombie killing RPG elements in skill trees for 4 different characters Easy to pick up and play-little learning to play Cons- Graphics are now slightly dated Everyone has a south african or australia sounding accent At times it just feels brutal- zombies can chase you relentlessly attacking without getting tired while you have a stamina bar that depletes fast meaning you have to jump to a car or ladder just to "catch your breathe" while it does cause a constantly intense/suspenseful environment sometimes just seems brutally relentless. Overall-the game new is cheap right now, if you are on the ps3 and looking for some games to play for fun to tide you over until you can afford a ps4.. this is a game that would be considered for under $20.00

The Price.

I already had this game before, but then they released this addition. I got it for $10.00, so I was pretty happy about that. I recommend getting it either way on sale or regular. Because the regular addition is usually right around the same price, so it doesn't hurt to pay the extra to get the bonuses. As far as game play and so on, it is a decent game it was sort of meant for the online play, but I highly suggest one person. Playing online you easily get separated and lost in a quest, unless you plan on playing with friends or with headsets. Graphics are good, can be glitchy from time to time, but nothing major.

Promising but gets boring and tedius quickly

I liked the concept for the game but it didn't satisfy. Towards the beginning you have to run for some maintenance room but the game never shows or explain where it is once you get to the hall way. The player is immediately swarmed and within 30 seconds dead if no door is found. You have no weapons and can only use your fists which takes stamina so after a few swings your dead. You can run away cause as soon as they hit you your slowed and trapped. I suppose after this segment you get some weapon but you cant use it for long anyway cause it'll break. I'm pretty sure crow bars can still be deadly even after 20x times what would have made sense and be realistic is if the vehicles had gas instead of some magically crumbling crow bar or lead pipe. Unlike Left4Dead and dead rising which usually almost always gives the player a fighting chance unless on uber diff this game does not leading to unnecessary frustration and annoyance.

Great co-op game

Got this for $10 and it was well worth it. Youtube some videos on it if you are unsure. For $10 you can't go wrong.

love zombies

great game! comes with awesome extras

Honest review to help the undecided decide...

-my review is positives,negatives, the reasons to play it, and about what one does actually playing the game. All the things I want to know if I am unsure about a game. Have patience and read fast. Great deal and I didn't play it for months. It sat behind epic blockbuster games. Then I wanted to see tropical locations with sunshine. A vacation setting ALWAYS makes me happy vs a filthy location. --now the game- starts off basic borderline boring. But it's basic fetch missions or equip this/that weapons etc to teach the player. The reviewer who said "impossibly hard" IGNORE HIM" PAC man would push his limits. --this game held me in its grip for 3 straight months! THREE!!! Only fallout-3,borderlands-2,and pretty much the greats only keep us glued. This game has flaws, but not in the FUN category. ~~~BEST FEATURE~ random legendary rare weapons. If you're level 26 then the weapon is 26 etc. and you get weapons everywhere. The biggest fan attraction to this game is=Rare weapon farming and doing weapon runs across the whole map. This is what kept me addicted to this game. Every friend who has completed or put time in = loves the game cause it's rewarding. Far cry-3 was amazing and another island tropical paradise game I loved, but it got stale and respective later. For a year I've been wanting to finish it but haven't. Dead island had me finish it twice with 2 of the 4 characters. ----the skills you get when you level up are RPG like. Similar to borderlands and and any game that has 80 skills and only 60 skill points so you have to chose you're layout carefully. Batman games had you getting all the skills. This way is better IMO. ---the voice acting is AWFUL. some of the worst in game. The gangsta is so annoying. Even the rapper and thugs will dislike his stupid attitude. -the story has no epic twist besides the virus and military spin that we've all seen it and heard it b4. --the sSIDE STORIES/QUEST balance this out. We all know games like this we love the side quest. We covet the experience and weapons and loot and interesting. There's some funny stuff people were doing when all heck breaks loose. Like a dude handcuffed in bed. People stuck in silly outfits when they changed LOL, and their story or situations. I loved it.... ~~no clipping or frame rate issues. And that's with 40 zombies on screen. This woulda killed the game IMO. --good fast travel system. --best of all>>>VERY INTERESTING VARIETY IN EACH OF 4 playable characters. -a tank,Melee/blunt weapon powerhouse Sam-B --Firearms guns--surprisingly the worst character. Guns are average in this game. Don't pick her.. -these last two are awesome --THROWABLES! The jock dude--THROWABLES are solo much fun because of 1 skill= BOOMERANG. YUP THE WEAPON RETURNS TO YOURE HANDS 8 out of 10 times. And the stick in the zombie most other times. Losing weapons is rare. They have light effects on me or something. He also gets boost when drunk. The creep gets all toast turby but he kills everyone. I tried and mastered this skill and it's one of the reasons you'll love this game. --lastly the samerai girl from Asia. She uses swords and bladed weapons. She becomes the beheader and the easiest to play. She's also the overall best. The jock who throws weapons is more fun and my main choice but she is fast and back stabs. She's the stealth like ninja of the game. --this game allows all weapons to be used by all. Everyone will shoot guns and use a hammer or sword. They made weapons wear down and you're not always near a repair bench. At least they don't per a break. I hate that. But when you're main weapons of you're class are toast, you'll break out your other weapons you are carrying as loot to sell. Thus= forced skills balance=brilliant. --so I gave negatives and a lot of positives. This game is one the greats for this generation of game systems IMO. And I look forward to dying Light. (They're sequel of sorts )) the same team from dead island. Btw- dead island riptide was a whole different team inside the same company. That's probably why it was meh. --if you play this game- accept a 1 hour of beginning and intro into the open world. Minor compared to the 5 hours it took me in crisis 3 to get freedom and fun. --an open world zombie game set in a tropical paradise vacation resort. The game delivers thenfunwe'd expect in a tropical,zombie open world. --it's not a A blockbuster category game, so if measured against farcry3,tombRaider and bio shock,and dis honored it will be insulted and hated on=duh... But if it competes in the B category against titles like Left4Dead, Rage,Dead risings,Lost planets,wolfenstein, it holds it's own. Btw. I own and love all games I mentioned and I reviewed all my popular games. BECAUSE I WANT YOU TONGET THE SAME ENJOYMENT I DID. BUY it.. mcsipp <psn


Comes with lots of extras at a price I can finally afford.
Great game and great price

Zombies Zombies and more Zombies :)

I got this as a gift to my husband for his birthday. Once he opened it and put the disc in the player he was hooked! He loves it, says it's constant action and zombies galore! These are the kind of games he enjoys playing, he's 56 & disabled so when he feels he needs time in his chair, he sticks one of these kind of games in the platform and off he goes, it makes him happy and that's my main concern! I recommend this game to anyone 16 & over only because of the colorful language and detailed explosions.

Impossible to play on your own

I'm not sure why this got's horrible!! Multiplayer you might have a chance, but it's annoyingly hard by yourself.
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