Dash Diet for Dummies (Paperback)

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Dash Diet for Dummies (Paperback)

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Get on track to lower your blood pressure in just two weeks!

Almost half of all adults in the United States have high blood pressure--but many of us are not aware of it. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, has serious health implications. It is classified as a leading cause of premature death by the World Health Organization, contributing to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure, and even dementia. While medications are often necessary to keep blood pressure in the safe zone, a judicious dietary and lifestyle overhaul will greatly help manage your blood pressure and your overall heart health.

Written in an easy-to-follow, friendly style by three heart and nutrition experts, DASH Diet For Dummies shows you how increasing fiber, vitamins, and minerals, along with reducing your sodium intake when needed, can lower your blood pressure in just two weeks! Ranked the #1 Best Diet for Healthy Eating as well as #2 Best Diets Overall by U.S. News & World Report, the DASH Diet is specifically aimed at relieving hypertension and is endorsed by the American Heart Association, The National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute, and the Mayo Clinic--and is also proven to be effective against conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and more.

  • Improve heart health with lower blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Lose weight
  • Follow simple, tasty recipes

So, don't let hypertension scare you. Along with good medical care, the DASH diet makes lowering your blood pressure achievable - and tasty! By following the straightforward meal plans and trying out our favorite recipes in DASH Diet for Dummies, you'll set yourself on the fast, proven journey to better blood pressure - and be on your way to a healthy and heart-smart future!

Dash Diet for Dummies (Paperback)
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  • 5 out of 5 stars review

    waited too long for basically, nothing

    i waited a month for this to arrive..haven't read, don't much care..ordered end of december!! a month later i have already gone to web, and made my diet changes..will donate book, it looks like a good book, so rated it aside from horrible delivery time wasted...