BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Advanced Cordless Portable Spot and Carpet Cleaner, 2054

Walmart # 564145287

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Advanced Cordless Portable Spot and Carpet Cleaner, 2054

Walmart # 564145287
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Product highlights

  • Cordless — up to 15-minute run time
  • Remove pet stains anywhere, anytime
  • Sprays, suctions, cleans and dries in one step
  • Highlights
  • Cordless — up to 15-minute run time
  • Remove pet stains anywhere, anytime
  • Sprays, suctions, cleans and dries in one step
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    About This Item

  • Cordless — up to 15-minute run time
  • Remove pet stains anywhere, anytime
  • Sprays, suctions, cleans and dries in one step
  • Features
    Recommended Surface
    Multi Surface, Carpet, Multi-Surface
    Manufacturer Part Number
    Assembled Product Weight
    4.6 lb
    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
    5.50 x 16.50 x 7.00 Inches
    Customer Reviews
    4.1 out of 5 Stars
    1-10 of 84 reviews

    Convenient, Easily Stowable, and Works Great!!

    I love my dogs but they occasionally will have an accident that requires clean up. The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is the perfect tool for the job. The only set up required is to charge the battery four hours and fill the reservoir with cleaning solution. Once that is done the Pet Stain Eraser is ready to go to work. The instructions are clean and to the point and the unit is very easy to operate. I tested the unit on a stain on a chair cushion and the results were great! I simply treated the area with the solution, used the attached scrub brush on the unit, then sucked up the solution from the fabric. It was that simple. I was amazed and frankly disgusted by how filthy the water was in the tank after it had been sucked up from the fabric. Because it was so dirty I did a second treatment of solution but I did not use the brush. After cleaning the chair I cleaned the Pet Stain Eraser per the instructions. It was quick and simple! You can see in the before and after pictures how well it did cleaning the fabric on the chair. I am very impressed and would highly recommend this to everyone whether you are a pet owner or not!
    Before cleaningAfter!

    Great for small stains

    I received the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Portable Spot Cleaner for free through the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program. Having a family with 2 dogs and 2 year old twins and 30+ year old carpeting, I was truly excited to try out this product. I have had big bulky full size card pet cleaners in the past that were a pain to drag out for a small Kool-Aid spill. The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Portable Spot Cleaner is the perfect size for these small spills. The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Portable Spot Cleaner comes ready to use out of the box. It just needed to be charged for 4 hours before use. 3 blue lights show when cleaner is ready to use. Just add the cleaning solution and that is all the setup that is needed. I just squeezed the trigger to pretreat the old stain and let it set for 5 minutes. I then used the attached brush to scrub the stain and pulled the Bissell Portable Spot Cleaner at an angle towards myself to lift the stain. I had to keep going over the spot to lift all the solution out of the carpet. (I ended up using an old towel, stepping on it to get all the moisture out). I tried the spot cleaner on a stain that has been in my carpet FOREVER. As you can see in my pictures, the stain is gone. The clean up of the unit itself is extremely easy. Just lift off the dirty solution container and rinse out. I also took off and rinsed the front shield. I can't wait to try on my car seats!
    Old stainAll gone

    Cleans Great

    I was looking forward to using Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Spot Cleaner, for I have a few cats in my home. Anything that could make my life easier in cleaning I am willing to try. The first two things that was notice was it portable and cordless. Second it is not too large so I was willing to try this on cat tress, my bed and carpets. First I cleaned in front of my mirror sliding doors in the bedroom, it running time was/is fifteen (15) minutes on a 4 hours charge time. One top of this cleaner is three bars to tell you how much power you have left. Fifteen (15) minutes is good but I wish it ran a little longer. This Pet Stain Cleaner is a powerful little thing, very easy to use. This is going to be great for corners and edges. I will be planning to do the edges around my whole carpet before using the larger Bissell carpet cleaner. The great thing is no cord to move as you clean, for the cords always get in the way. It does spraying, scrubbing suction up spots and spills. This pet stain eraser comes with a Ready-To-Use Formula, no mixing with water, it is ready to use. Good at cleaning all stains not just pets. You can use for coffee, juice, soda, tomato sauce, and makeup stains are just some of the examples. You can use in your car. Great for cleaning up accidents that happen in bed with young children. The cleaning of the Bissell Pet Stain Erase is very easy too, all major parts can be remover to wash. The weight is very light so handling is easy. Has a 2-year warrant. Plus Bissell is known company that I have other products form this company that I am very happy with using. The rice is great for it saves you so much money in the long run.
    After CleaningBefore Cleaning

    Easy to use and easy to clean

    So, my review is based on spot cleaning and not really using it as a pet stain cleaner, since I've only used it for spot cleaning the carpets and haven't been able to test on pet stains. As far as the machine goes, here are some of the pros. I like that the machine is pretty compact, assembled in the box, and easy to use. Very easy to take the pieces apart to fill and clean when needed. The unit is small and not very heavy so it would be very easy to use for almost everyone, including the elderly, or children. It does have pretty good suction for being such a small device, and I believe you wouldn't have an issue using whatever cleaning solution you wanted. As for the cons, why is the scrubber located where it Is? It makes no sense, as it doesn't allow you to use suction as easily as you should be able to while having the machine at a downward angle. The scrubbers are manual only, they do not spin. I feel this would have been a great upgrade, if they spun and were put at a different angle. They are removable for easy cleaning. The solution sprayer runs out extremely quickly. If you have a very small area that would be ok, but don't expect to be able to saturate too much, or too too big of an area. Overall the machine is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to handle.

    Great spot cleaner!

    I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program for my fair and honest review. For the great things about this BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Portable Spot Cleaner: It's only about 16 inches long so doesn't take up much space. I plan to keep it charged so I can grab it for those small spills or when my cat makes a mess that doesn't need my large Bissell shampooer brought out for large areas. The instructions are very easy to read and understand. The cleaner weighs 5 pounds so is easy on the hands and arms. There's scrub brushes on the bottom that are stiff enough where they won't wear out easily. The Bissell shampoo smells clean and fresh as most of the Bissell products do. The shampoo reservoir is easy to fill. The reservoir that collects the dirty water on the bottom of the shampooer is easy to remove, empty and clean. You can easily see the dirty water being collected while pressing down on the front of the shampooer onto the carpet. All of the parts come apart for easy cleaning after use. The not-so-great things: It takes 4 hours to fully charge the shampooer and lasts only about 20 minutes. However if you are only spot cleaning that shouldn't be a problem. I cleaned 5 spots on my carpet in about 4 minutes. I pretreated those spots using the shampooer first. Then cleaned the area. The 2nd thing that I didn't like so much is that you have to tilt and press the shampooer against the carpet. It felt a bit awkward to me, but I don't know how else they could have designed the shampooer to pick up the dirty water. I can see myself using this shampooer at least once a week. We're messy! Other than these 2 minor things, it's a great shampooer, not just for pet stains, and I would definitely recommend it.
    Bottom of the Shampooer w/brushesSide view showing Charge Port on Top

    Okay Portable Cleaner

    First off, I would recommend this cleaner. It does what it is supposed to do, which is spot clean stains. However, the tank is very small, so the solution runs out very quick. You can clean 3-4 spots for every tank fill of solution. For jobs a little bigger than spots, I wouldn't recommend it. It would take a lot of solution and a lot of time. The bigger machines would do a better and quicker job. I like it, and I did order it for cleaning spots, so no complaint there. If you want a spot cleaner, you won't go wrong with this.

    Could use some improvement.

    I have pets in my home and my car quite frequently and even though I like this product it could definitely use some improvement. Pros, Cons and TIPS below. Pros: -Lightweight and portable with sleek design. -Very easy to open the front and fill with solution. Emptying the dirty water tank and cleaning the bristle brush was surprisingly easy as well. -It has a lithium-ion powered battery and the Bissell cleaning solutions state they're "Pet and Family safe". -The spots I cleaned did in fact become cleaner and had a fresh aroma. Cons: -You need to plug it in for 4 hours to charge and that might be a nuisance if one of your animals recently sprayed on the furniture and you need it cleaned in a hurry. -On the side there's a label that reads "Charging port door will slide out of the way when charging adapter is inserted". I tried to push the adapter into this hole for about 2 minutes until I realized I was pushing too "gently". The hole doesn't really "slide" out of the way you have to forcefully push the adapter into the hole. Which I thought would break it but apparently I was wrong. -This product comes with an 8 ounce cleaning solution made by Bissell which is fine however while reading through the directions it specifically tells you the only cleaning solutions you should use are products made by Bissell and right below that information in the user guide it also advises that any other cleaning solution could cause all kinds of damage to the product itself and it also voids the warranty. So if you normally clean with homemade products you will not be able to use those with this device. With that being said, I researched to see how much these Bissell solutions cost on their own and it appears they range from $8 to $20 depending on where you buy. TIPS: *Make sure it's fully charged because it only lasts about 15-20 mins of constant cleaning. *Turn ON device to spray, then Turn OFF device to use the scrubbing brush, then Turn ON device again to suck up the water. *BE CAREFUL turning the device back ON to suck up the excess water because if you don't hold the handle right you will end up spraying even more cleaning solution to an already clean spot! *Try to spray solution sparingly! Even though I DID this I still managed to use the whole 8oz bottle on only one (bottom part of the seat) in my car where my pup normally sits when we travel, half a floor mat (pic included) and one small - medium sized puppy spray spot on my carpet. All in all it really is a SPOT cleaner. If you're going to use it randomly for spots then this product is a good idea. Anything more than that will get pretty expensive just from buying the solution alone.

    No stain is too tough for this little bad boy!

    Cats are notorious for getting into trouble, even when you think there’s no trouble to be found, and my three clumsy little ninjas are no exception. Accidents happen, spills are inevitable, and figuring out new ways to “spot treat” stains has become a daily chore around here. So when I had the chance to test and review the new Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Portable Carpet Cleaner as part of Walmart’s Spark Reviewer Program, I literally jumped at the chance! Let me first state that this is a handy device to have. It’s relatively small and easy to carry, and it’s cordless so you can pretty much use it anywhere stains appear - furniture, carpets, stairs, even in your car or SUV! The lithium-powered battery lasts for about 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to eradicate most stains. Just make sure you turn it off when you’re not using it to conserve battery life. The Bissell comes with a small bottle of ready-to-use cleaning solution that doesn’t require you to mix it with water. Simply remove the tank, pour in the liquid cleaner, pop the tank back in, and you’re good to go! All you gotta do is spray the solution on the stain you’re trying to remove, use the built in bristles to scrub and lift the stain out, then siphon the dirty water away via the powerful suction feature. Pretty neat, huh? Mud, vomit, urine, feces, blood, grass stains, grape juice, red wine, tomato sauce, food grease and vegetable oil, drinks like coffee, cola, and tea, motor oil, etc. No stain is too tough for this little bad boy! And my three little furballs? Well, they’re acting like clumsy ninja kitties. But at least now I can invite people into my house without feeling embarrassed over unsightly stains. Thanks for the helping hand, Bissell!


    I ordered the BISSELL PET STAIN ERASER for spots on my carpets and floors . usually caused by my grandchildren or cat. The spots from the grandchildren are pretty easy to remove things like popcicle or ice cream and sometimes sweet drinks. The suction on the BISSELL PET STAIN ERASER will just suck up the wet spots with the powerful rechargeable motor As the instructions state BEFORE 1st use, charge , plugged into an outlet for 7 hours. I like that you can press the trigger and spray water or cleaner that is included (as a free sample ) on the sticky spots. I also like the scrubbing action when using the brushes. I like that it has a dirty water tank. Just empty and you are. ready for the next spill. I did order the cleaner for quick clean up during the night when my 14 year old cat gets sick. I found the motor a little to noisy but powerful, for a 3:00AM clean up. Cleaning up with a paper towel during the wee hours of the morning was quieter During the day it is. ok but, tossing a paper towel took less time than cleaning the machine at 3:00AM after a sick cat. I did find after the cat was sick cleaning the spot with the BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser did a very good job.
    Carpet looks like new !

    Very handy and works great on stains!

    This is a very handy tool to have for not just pet stains, but ANY stains!! I got this because my 15 year old dog is having a few more accidents these days, if we cant get her to the yard on time. Also a few weeks ago she threw up a few times. Each time its a hassle for me to soak up the urine and then put in the pet stain cleaner and then soak it up all over again. the nature's miracle works fine and usually doesn't leave a stain behind. BUT this awesome machine takes it to the next level. I can do the entire clean up way faster then using paper towels. Also, it really works on stains. I tried it on a 5 year old ink stain to see what this could do. Please see the attached pictures. After one application, the ink stain was some what faded. I waited, reapplied, and tried again - voila, the stain was gone! Pictures say a 1000 words - so take a look! The first one is the dark stain, then the second one is the faded stain from first application. Final one is the brand new look! Bottom line - I would use this for any stain on rugs/ furniture etc. I've already ordered the refill for the vaccum. I am always going to keep it handy!
    Stain, first application, stain gone after second application
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