Reefer Madness (Tell Your Children) - [In Color] (1936)
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Reefer Madness (Tell Your Children) - [In Color] (1936)

PG 65 minutes
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First released in 1938 as a propaganda film meant to scare America's youth away from drugs, Reefer Madness has now become a quintessential cult classic! Watch innocent teens partake of the "demon weed" only to find that one puff plunges them into a hilari… View More
Genres Drama
Director Louis J. Gasnier
Starring Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles, Dave O'Brien View More

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Movie Summary

First released in 1938 as a propaganda film meant to scare America's youth away from drugs, Reefer Madness has now become a quintessential cult classic! Watch innocent teens partake of the "demon weed" only to find that one puff plunges them into a hilarious web of muder, sex, lunacy and jazz music! Reefer Madness has been beautifully restored and is presented in color!
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Movie Details

Genres Drama
Director Louis J. Gasnier
Starring Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles, Dave O'Brien, Thelma White, Carleton G. Young, Joe Forte, Harry Jr. Harvey, Warren McCollum
Studio Name Legend3D, Inc.
Release Date 1936
VUDU Release Date 10/12/2012
Rating PG About Ratings
Running Time 65 minutes
Language English
Audio Tracks SD/Full Frame, Dolby Digital

Format Details

Standard Definition (SD) SD/ Full Frame, Dolby Digital

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