This season’s hottest beauty trends are courageous cat eyes, luscious
lips and bold brows. So rock the runway every day by recreating the
most sought-after looks straight off the catwalks of Milan. Pick your
favorite look or combine all three with these easy steps.

Courageous cat eyes

Sketch to perfect

Begin your cat eye by sketching your line first with a pencil liner
before applying the liquid liner. This will allow for longer wear and
more precise application. Apply Milani’s Liquid Eye in Black as close to the lash line as possible, making the line thinner as it nears the inner corner of the eye.

Line and define

To achieve that crisp, clean look, trace over your sketched line with
Milani’s Eye Tech Extreme in Blackest Black. Use the side of the
applicator, rather than the tip, for a smoother application. If your
hand feels unsteady, rest your pinky finger on your cheek for extra

A wing thing

Add lift and drama to your eyes by extending the ends for that iconic
cat eye look. To create the perfect angle, flip the pen around so that
the tip is facing outward. Align the pen tip so it extends your lash
line towards the end of your brow, and pull the tip through to the
center of your eyelid. Continue to trace over the line until desired
intensity and shape is achieved.

Glamorous lashes
Layer on a few coats of Milani’s Grandissimo Lashes
in Black to add drama and intensity to your eyes. Start at the base of
the lash line, and wiggle the brush back and forth as you move up the
lashes. This will help to build volume and create lift at the base of
the lashes while also adding length. The rich black finish is the
perfect final touch to this look.

Pro tip: A new angle

The most challenging part of a cat eye is making sure the angles are
even on both sides. Align your pencil with the side of your nose and
angle it towards the end of your brow. Draw a dot, and use that to guide
the direction of your angle.

Make it bold

Eye opener
Awaken the eyes in one step with a soft shimmer that’s sure to make your
eyes stand out. Start by using a flat eye shadow brush and gently sweep
Milani’s Runway Eyes
in Beach Sand across the lid, starting from the inner corner and
working outward. The natural tone and pearl finish will give a glow and
brighten the eyes.

Dramatic eyes
For extra-intense lashes, place the brush on top of the lashes, and
twirl the wand backwards to lift and separate the lashes. This will
create a defined lash effect, making them look longer and more dramatic.

Statement brows
Your brows set the mood of your face, add warmth, and frame and enrich
the eyes. Milani’s Brow Fix Kit is your one stop shop to a perfect
brow. Use the lighter shade of brown to fill in the entire brow, moving
the slanted applicator in the direction of hair growth. Apply the darker
shade of brown to bump up and define the front, arch and tip of the
brow. Apply the Hi-Lite shade at the brow bone, starting at the arch and
blending down and out to add dimension and lift to the brow bone.

Luscious lips

Perfect pout
For luscious red lips, start by defining the lip line using Milani’s
Color Statement Lipliner in True Red. You can line slightly outside the
natural lip line for a fuller lip or slightly inside for a more subdued
look. Fill in the lips with Milani’s Color Statement Lipstick in Best Red. Top it off with Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Red My Lips to really make that pout pop.

Pro tip: Lips that last
For a longer lasting lip look, fill in the lips with lipliner
before applying your lipstick. This will create a long-wearing barrier
for better adherence of your lipstick. To create a matte effect, add lip
liner on top of the lipstick.