Throughout the year, many sports fans get together with family and friends to enjoy sporting events on the largest possible televisions their living rooms will allow. Learn how to bring the big game into your home with the ultimate home theater setup. Here’s your go-to guide to giving each fan the best seat in your house.

The plugged-in players

The all-star roster for any home theater includes these electronics that put your living room right in the middle of the action.

Vizio smart tv with streaming apps

  • 4K UHDTV. Investing in a large 4K ultra high definition TV will greatly enhance your game watching experience — even if the game isn’t broadcast in 4K quality, the TV will upscale the picture to make it clearer and sharper than ever before.
  • DVR. Create your own instant replays as you rewind the day’s highlights. Add your own commentary, and be sure to use the DVR’s many functions for guests who may have missed the action.
  • Surround sound. Create an audio experience that’s sure to work sports fanatics into a frenzy. You’ll hear every penalty and play with the home-audio immersion of a surround sound system. And, their rise in popularity means you can find them at a reasonable value.
  • Multiple screens. Most big sporting events and tournaments now are using more second-screen experiences to enhance the way fans interact with the game. Using tablets or smartphones, fans can get real-time replays, check player stats, and immerse themselves in the games like never before.

Check out home theater systems to get an all-inclusive package that fits your budget.

The offensive line

Home theater for watching sports

From the bench to the bleachers, guests’ comfort should be a priority, too. Sub in these players to score extra points with the home crowd.

  • Multiple rooms. With so many games to choose from, set up a few areas with chairs and tables so that every guest can watch their favorite team. An extra bonus: This can help keep people moving and interacting with one another.
  • Seating and pillows. Bring in seating options and oversized pillows from rooms that aren’t being used. From recliners and couches to Adirondack chairs, experiment with different height levels of seats, so no one has an obstructed view. Use the pillows as cushions when guests gather around the TV.
  • Bites and beverages. Make sure your fellow sports fans also have plenty to snack and sip on throughout the day — you may even want to consider investing in a compact refrigerator.

Now, get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

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