Smart TVs (also called Internet-connected TVs) take online entertainment to an exciting new level — adding access to online movies, pictures, videos, music, sports, news, social networking and much more. Of course, you can still access traditional TV sources, like broadcast and cable.

Internet TV delivers:

  • Instant access to movies
  • Internet TV apps for sharing photos, music, videos and more
  • Social networking through sites like Facebook & Twitter
  • Dashboard: Most smart TVs feature a customizable dashboard, providing easy access to all your content and apps

All-you-can-watch TV

Smart TVs deliver a world of virtually unlimited entertainment options, straight to your living room. You’re just a click away from streaming video from services like VUDU, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more. You can also watch exclusive live events, like baseball with

Save money & time

Smart TVs can help you spend less on rising gas prices by eliminating trips to the video store. Plus, no more late fees. And with the amazing assortment of movies and entertainment available, your family movie night is more enjoyable (and affordable) than going to the theater.

Popular apps & social networking

  • Easily connect to family and friends on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter
  • Get apps on your TV just like on your smartphone. Play games, read the news, chat with friends — interact your way
  • Not all smart TVs come with the same apps. However, most apps that don’t come preloaded are easy to download to your device

2 ways to get connected

  1. Internet-connected TV that connects to your home network via a wired or wireless connection
  2. Use your current TV with a digital media device, like VUDU Spark streaming stick or an internet-enabled Blu-ray DVD player, that connects to your existing home network

3 things you need to experience Internet-connected TV:

  • Internet-connected TV or digital media device (not both)
  • Fast Internet service, like DSL, cable or satellite
  • Internet connection: wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) devices with built-in wired connections can accommodate a wireless by using a Wi-Fi dongle

Smart TV glossary: Terms to know

Internet-connected TV – device that connects to the Internet over a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Can access and display a wide variety of online content

Internet TV apps – the software applications that enable access to functions like movie rental/purchase services photo and video-sharing services, social media sites and more

Wi-Fi – shorthand for wireless networks

Wi-Fi dongle – a small, removable device that can be attached to a TV or computer (usually via a USB port) to connect to a Wi-Fi network

HDMI cable – carries both digital audio and video (at resolutions up to 1080p) in a single cable. Provides highest-quality connections between your TV and smart device

Wireless router – a device that provides a home or business with a wireless network. Connects to the Internet through DSL, cable or satellite

Streaming media player – a set-top box or streaming player that streams Web content and movies