Get your money when you need it — cash your check at your local Walmart store.

Load your cash on your Walmart MoneyCard for extra convenience. Get your Card online and pay no issuance fee.

In Stores


  • No registration required
  • Get your cash immediately
  • Load your money on a Walmart MoneyCard for extra convenience (reload fee is waived)

Options and price

  • For checks up to and including $1000: max. $3.00*
  • For checks over $1000 up to and including $5000: $6.00*

Payment methods

  • Cash
  • Walmart MoneyCard (reload fee is waived)

What you can cash

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Tax checks
  • Cashiers' checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • 401 (k), retirement disbursement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders that were purchased at Walmart

Cashing limit

  • $5,000 ($7,500 from Jan-Apr)

How to cash checks

*Max fee of $3 for checks up to $1,000. Fee is $6 for checks greater than $1,000. Subject to applicable law. Check Cashing is limited to preprinted and other checks authorized by Walmart policy. Walmart will charge a $3 fee for each card cashing transaction. This fee is in addition to any fee(s) charged by the issuer of the card and will be deducted from the value on the card. Entry of a PIN number is required. Card cashing transactions are limited to $1,000 per transaction. Other limits set by the card issuer may apply. Card cashing limited to government, tax, and payroll cards. Licensed by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. Authorized check casher under MA General Laws Chapter 169A, license number 903778. Not available in NY, NJ.