Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Piece Bedroom Set, Soft White

Walmart #: 6J01B5D2JH7O
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About this bundle

Transform your room with this beautiful Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Piece Bedroom Set. This bundle comes complete with a headboard, night stand, armoire and dressor to complete your bedroom look. The contemporary soft white bedroom set has metal runners on all of the drawers, so they open and shut smoothly. Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Piece Bedroom Set, Soft White:
  • Shoal Creek Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard, Model 411205
  • Shoal Creek Night Stand in Soft White, Model 411200
  • Shoal Creek Armoire in Soft White, Model 411202
  • Shoal Creek Dresser in Soft White, Model 411201
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