Eastsport Mesh or Clear Backpack 2-Pack Bundle, Your Choice

Walmart #: 4COZ93WWQB5C

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About this bundle

The Eastsport Backpacks are a practical way to carry all your daily essentials. compartment offers ample space to carry all your needs. These 17.5 Inch backpacks have two compartments. It weighs less than a pound and promises reliable performance and hassle-free maintenance. It's so convenient that you can comfortably carry it anywhere you go. Thanks to the see-through styles on these lightweight backpacks you can easily see all your items inside. Its straps can adjust quickly making it simple to adjust to your growing child. Available in a variety of colors, the item is a good go-to when you need to carry things comfortably between classes or en-route to work. Zipping pockets make it easy to store things and prevent them from spilling out during use. Roomy size gives you plenty of space for many different items.
Eastsport Backpack:
  • Mesh or Clear Backpacks
  • Lightweight
  • Two compartments
  • Assorted colors/li>
  • Roomy 17.5" backpack