Eastsport Mesh Backpack 2-Pack Bundle

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About this bundle

Carry around daily essentials with this Eastsport 17.5" Mesh Backpack. Whether it is books for class, personal items or food for a group of people, this item can get the job done. This Eastport backpack has a dome-shaped mesh compartment that offers ample space. It also comes with two compartments and two side pockets to store extra personal items like makeup, gum or mints and cell phones. The 17.5" backpack weighs less than a pound and promises reliable performance and hassle-free maintenance. Thanks to the lightweight black mesh, you can easily see items on the inside. This Eastport backpack is durable.
Eastsport 17.5" Mesh Dome Backpack:
  • Dome shape
  • Mesh backpack
  • Eastport backpack is lightweight
  • 2 compartments
  • 2 side pockets